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Orange flowers near the pink barrio

Orange flowers near the pink barrio

05.25.12 Hola. Conflict is a video-article by “what is is.” He expresses his frustration over the Orwellian newspeak that is being used for an attack on Iran. It’s a buildup for yet another attack on another country who has done nothing wrong and the attack will either come under Romney or Obama (also known as “Mr Change We Can Believe In” and Obama’s new marketing slogan for the sheeple’s consumption is “Moving Forward”).
A raven near the pink barrio

A raven near the pink barrio

The attack on Iran could come before the 2012 election to guarantee Obama’s re-election. He would say, “We can not change course now, we can not change presidents now because we are a nation at war. You must re-elect me.” (Sigh.) The Estados Unidos/U.S. can’t mind its own business. They have to go meddling into other people’s business constantly, as per usual in order to steal another country’s natural resources and for Empire building per the Project For the New American Century agenda (PNAC). But they refuse to say any of that, so they need to create a “boogeyman” once again for the public to fall for. The thinking of the Estados Unidos/U.S. that “we should take what we want because we’re the biggest, toughest” and all that nonsense that some people hold to reminds me of bullies on a playground in elementary school. It’s the same mentality and unfortunately many people have never matured past that level. The U.S. also has some of the most willfully-ignorant people on the planet living here and they are proud of their ignorance. Then, “what is is” moves off of that awful topic (which none of us can do anything about as these politicos don’t work for us but rather their corporate owners et al) and he spends some time in the forest. Are the birds having a conflict? Not sure. Hopefully not. Here’s Conflict from “what is is”. Chau.—rosa barrio:

What intelligent, reasonable, rational and sensible person (in their right mind) would attack/drop bombs on this (the Tehran Metro), killing thousands of innocent people?:

Tehran Metro
“Tehran metro is one of the Middle East’s biggest metros.”
Wikipedia: Tehran Metro
Scenes from Tehran’s streets
Tehran Metro Flooded 2012:

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