COVID-19 and the current White House occupant

Hola a todos. From what the public has been told, I honestly don’t know what to think or believe about this at this point in time based on one article I read here. What is real and what is a lie?

Yes, you always leave the hospital briefly to greet your cultists — and all people travelling in your motorcade with you will now have to be quarantined! — and you look no differently than you do anytime in that stale navy suit and white shirt. After faking having COVID and with his medical doctors serving as his accomplices (I’d never go to any of them for treatment!), he was released from hospital on 5 October. Can anyone provide legit proof that he tested COVID positive? No. And the WH refuses to say when he last tested negative. Or has he ever been tested? This was a campaign stunt to generate sympathy and more attention for the Village Idiot/Thug. As I said from the beginning, these fake-Christian trash don’t tell the truth about anything, so why would one have believed this stunt? Yet the corporate media and the establishment have had their heads up his upper colon ever since with “speedy recovery” and “get well soon” rubbish. It’s disgusting. According to the medical experts, a patient does not know their condition for 8-9 days after COVID-19 diagnosis. This lie is a genuine hoax. As of 7 October, the WH doctor (who has no credibility at all) says that the Village Idiot is “symptom free” and “stable.” Of course you’re “symptom free” when one is lying about having COVID to begin with! Credible medical doctors say this is not the way COVID works. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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