COVID-19: San Francisco moves to yellow tier. Insanity.

Well, the image for the article I saw about San Francisco moving to the yellow tier — the least-restrictive and the last tier with the purple tier being the worst — showed stupid Millenneals sitting on the grass at Fort Mason all sitting together closely as a group (no social-distancing) and no one wearing a face mask:

This (above) is the image of more insanity. This was the scene on 17 October 2020 that was used as the image for the article about how to do it. How to be successful. “San Francisco can do it” some nut wrote (roll eyes). Yes, move to the most minimal yellow tier while completely ignoring the health guidelines at Fort Mason days earlier. One person walking by that particular group in the picture was wearing a face mask.

Then on 20 October 2020, Mayor London Breed — bending to business pressure most likely — announced The City is moving to the yellow tier in 7 days because, “We done such a good job,” she said. Really? There have been COVID super-spreader house parties in my neighbourhood on recent Friday or Saturday nights with what sounded like 50 or more people attending the parties causing traffic jams on our streets. Bars are closed at this time so some irresponsible Millennial residents — with loud, obnoxious females attending the COVID super-spreader parties — turn their home into an inside bar. And by that image above, it doesn’t look like we’ve done such a good job. We have over 11,000 confirmed COVID cases in The City as of this writing but our population is over 900,000. And that’s 11,000 tested over 7 months since the pandemic began. How many people are infected with COVID and don’t know it because they don’t (yet) have any symptoms and have not been tested? Also, the number of COVID-related deaths are rising in The City (137 as of this writing). At the same time, a massive second wave of COVID infections are spreading across the EU (particularly France) and the UK. So what are we doing in San Francisco? Opening up more. Insanity. I take it Ms Breed didn’t listen to UCSF Medical Center and what Dr Rutherford said that I have at the top of the page here: COVID-19 and the 2020 Holiday Season (Big Dinners, Parties & Halloween): “…it’s not going to be a good idea to get out and mix with people who are not a part of your household.”—Dr. George Rutherford, Professor of Epidemiology at UCSF Medical Center (the University of California – San Francisco). That would also imply that this is not the time to be “less-restrictive” or moving to the yellow/bottom tier.

For the 2020 holidays, the new guidelines say no more than 3 households should get together in one place for holiday get-together, of course with face masks and distancing. But we all know those face masks and distancing will not happen after people start drinking and partying, or don’t believe in COVID to begin with. A relative of mine in her 80s plans to have at least 5 households together at her home per tradition, including a friend from the District of Columbia.

I’ll stick with what Dr Rutherford says as his recommendation is the lowest risk.

The rest of the non-United States is a mess when it comes to COVID-19 infections, and San Francisco is not an isolated little island. Well geographically, The City is almost an island with water on three sides (the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay). But just look at the packed traffic on the Bay Bridge, using one example, and the non-stop traffic there flowing into The City from COVID-19 infected purple, red, and orange areas of the Bay Area with their higher COVID-confirmed infection rates. Some/Many of them are likely infected people — including asymptomatic — coming into the yellow area (San Francisco). Then we have the upcoming 2020 holiday season and most self-absorbed and self-entitled people will ignore the health guidelines and have major get togethers — super-spreader COVID parties — with people outside their immediate household, not caring who gets COVID infected, or continuing to live in denial that “it can’t happen to me; I’m special.”

*Clearly Ms Breed is bending to business pressure. All the hard work we did will be erased because stupid San Francisco opened up too early in the middle of a second wave in the EU. These days with global travel being what it is, what’s in the EU doesn’t stay in the EU or the UK or anywhere else in the world. Stupid people.

Remember when this started in San Francisco, it was from one cruise ship. The authorities in San Francisco were going ape over that and that put us in lock down. San Francisco was one of the first major cities to go into lock down. Now, we have more confirmed cases per day than we did at lockdown, yet we’re now ending lock down. WTF? Insanity. Instead of going ape, they’re now catering to the business industry who really don’t care how many people get infected from coronavirus if they can make some money from stupid people who won’t follow the health guidelines. Many servers who work for restaurants have already said that many customers refuse to wear masks and follow the health guidelines, and they can’t police all of their customers. So this reopening makes no sense. Chau.—el barrio rosa