COVID-19: Wash your hands. What about wash your phone?

Hola a todos. I heard a neighbour tell one of her phone-addicted children to “wash your hands” when they arrived home and were going in the house. I thought: What about wash his phone that he’s glued to day and night? For sometime now and as with many other parents, his phone has been his “baby sitter.” After he washes his hands and they’re clean, he’ll pick up his dirty phone which would have the same germs/viruses on it that were just on his hands. So you’re back to where you started with “dirty” hands.

Mi amigo/My friend asked: Why is nobody talking about this? Are phones spreading COVID-19 and keeping this pandemic going? (I should think so). I said: Hush, you’re not supposed to talk about that. And nobody is talking about this — that I’ve heard or read — because you’re not supposed to talk about the sacrosanct millionaire and billionaire-owned Tech Industrial Complex and their self-appointed “geniuses” (the techies) in any negative way and that their #1 dopamine addiction device (people’s phones) are a major part of the problem in spreading COVID-19 with people’s dirty hands.

But when you think about it, people’s hands are all over their phones constantly so their phones would have the same cooties on it that were/are on their hands. Then after they wash their hands, their hands become instantly re-contaminated by their phone once again. So really, for the phone zombies, washing one’s hands defeats the purpose entirely when they immediately go back to their #1 addiction device in life. One should not want their addition device to be dirty. But it seems that no one has thought of this. Fin.—el barrio rosa