Dalia, la flor de México

El 5 de Octubre de 2012. Hola. There are so many beautiful things about México, including their flor nacional/national flower:
La Dalia (‘dah-lee-a’).

Las Dalias are native to México, Centroamérica (Guatemala), and Colombia in Sudamérica. Also, there’s a small town in México named La Dalia. It’s located in Coahuila de Zaragoza, (one of the 31 estados de México/states of México) in Northern México. La Dalia is also the official flower of San Francisco in the EE.UU (U.S.)

There are about 20 species of Dalias. These flowers can be as short as 12 inches or as tall as 8 feet, which is quite a range. Las Dalias grow where there is no frost. They grow in San Francisco and it’s rare to have frost here. They like well-watered and free-draining soils and plenty of sunlight. The Dalia also has one of the longest bloom seasons of any garden flower.

DeanJohnsonFineArt has some new items featuring Las Dalias, in part because they are especially pretty at this time of year here. So you can check those items out below.

When Dean told me about these new Dalia items, he told me he ran into “what is is” of the pink barrio recording his most recent “Peak Oil Noticias/News Update” video. Dean also told me about his experience photographing las Dalias. It seems that people can’t get out of their vehicles any longer or they would have to walk somewhere. Las Dalias he saw were in a circular area, and rather than getting out of one’s vehicle and looking at them properly so one could actually see them, Dean told me that people were just driving around in circles repeatedly
looking at las Dalias from a distance.

I suppose if people had thought to park somewhere so they could actually see the flowers they would have the problem of having to walk to the flowers and then the added problem of walking back to the vehicle. Oh dear. One can’t do that in this sedentary society. Wouldn’t want to have to walk anywhere.

Then a tour group showed up and the tour guide offered to take pictures for the tour members with Las Dalias. The tour group showed zero interest in the flowers. Nada. Dean said he felt sorry for the tour guide because of the tourists’ reaction and lack of interest. The tourists just stared straight ahead or talked with each other. There must be something in the water in addition to nuclear radiation from Fukushima (which most people seem to have forgotten all about or try to minimize).

So enjoy Las Dalias from DeanJohnsonFineArt below. Dean also said that the people who couldn’t get out of their vehicles missed all the pretty butterflies and bumble bees. Las Dalias (at least in San Francisco) don’t have any smell/aroma to them. The day he went to photograph these was one of the prettiest and warmest days of the year (El 1 de Octubre de 2012) here in San Francisco. Chau.—rosa barrio

Las Dalias Posters from DeanJohnsonFineArt design: