David Pakman’s “girlfriend.” What’s HIS name?

Maybe HIS name is Riley. A name that is used for both genders to confuse things even more.

Hola a todos. When I first saw David (pronounced: Dah-veed) online on AdTube, I asked mi amigo (who was watching David), “Who’s that Queer boy?”  Mi amigo told me, and said “That’s how I read him too and I’ve thought that about him from the beginning but, you know, the guy has never said anything about his personal life; he keeps that hush-hush.”  Hmmmmm.  Really? Then I heard David speak without knowing it was him, and I again asked mi amigo, “Who’s that Queer boy?”  He told me, “It’s David Pakman.”  Ah hah. Him again.

Then mi amigo told me that David has been asked many times about his sexuality and he said in an interview, “I don’t find (any) men attractive.”  Whoa, dude!   That’s a bit extreme, don’t you think?  In my opinion, you just outed yourself without knowing it by making such an extreme statement.  As if to say, “Please believe me that I’m heterosexual and I will go so far as to say that I don’t find men attractive to try to convince you of that, that I’m heterosexual.” 

The reason I say that is that some/many heterosexual men find other men attractive in a platonic sense.  It’s not that they want to have sex with the guy or are even thinking of anything sexual.  But as one human being to another, many men find other men attractive just as they find some guys unattractive.  Females are the same way.  Females can find other women attractive, but that doesn’t mean the female is a lesbian.  It’s a human being thing. Not a sexual-attraction thing.

I’ve worked with many married straight guys and on occasion I would hear them say about another hetero couple, “Yeah, he’s very attractive and she’s a model type.  They make a cute couple.”  The guy didn’t say, “She’s hot, but I didn’t look at him at all because I’m heterosexual and hetero guys do not look at other guys in fact they shield their eyes from them with their hands to avoid looking at them, so I can’t tell you what her husband looks like at all. NO HOMO here dude.”  

On a recent programme, David was promoting some corporate product and he went out of his way to mention his “girlfriend.”  I asked:  What’s HIS name and what about your policy of never talking about your personal life?  So if it involves a girl to give the impression you’re heterosexual, then it’s okay to talk about your private life?  Should the audience expect to hear more about this alleged girl or girlfriend, assuming she even exists to begin with!  Or was that just talk to send the message that “I’m straight?”  The thing is, some/many gay guys refer to their partner or boyfriends as “my girlfriend” who is really a guy.  It’s a type of gay camp.  I know one Queer couple in their 30s and one of the guys refers to his partner as “Nancy,” as in “Nancyboy.” So maybe that’s what David was doing. Yes, I’m sure. Aren’t you? But who would know that if you’re not gay? Nevertheless, David is adamant about the public believing that he’s heterosexual.  He’s seems desperate to make people think he’s heterosexual. Good luck convincing your audience of that, David! Considering all the time he spends on AdTube and his work for that, this supposed “girlfriend” doesn’t see much at all of him.  And when and if she does — assuming there is a “girlfriend” — he’s too tired to do anything with her.

Assuming there is a “girlfriend,” maybe she’s the type of “girlfriend” like the Chancellor of Austria has.  Yes, Sebastian Kurz has been questioned about his sexuality many times as well, and just because he has a former teacher serving as his “girlfriend” that doesn’t seem to matter.  People see right through that.  Someone wrote that Sebastian was a regular at gay sex parties, something he did not deny.  He just said that it had nothing to do with anything in his role as Chancellor.  With Sebastian, his girlfriend is his “cover” to give the appearance that he’s hetero.  Just because a guy is seen walking with a chick and holding hands doesn’t mean anything. Other than he’s trying to give off some heterosexual image to the public that “I have a girl.” Who cares! Either that, or the chick walking with him is so needy and insecure that she needs her hand held crossing the street like she’s a little child. Guys like this are very insecure with themselves and their sexuality.

David could be bi and not gay, but that’s not how I read him and my gaydar is pretty damn reliable.

The thing is, the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement worked decades for David to behave in this closeted way.  Extremely ironic. And therefore, it would appear that the Movement accomplished damn little if one uses David and Sebastian as their poster boys.  It’s interesting they both came along during the height of the Movement.  They’re both about the same age, mid-thirties.

And from what we’ve seen, it also seems that the Millennial generation is quite closeted and homophobic, with few exceptions to that. How did that happen? Quite ironic since, again, they came along during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. What hate did their parents brainwash into them to cause this, one wonders? What happened to them to cause them to feel such shame over their sexuality? Mi amigo has seen this over and over on AdTube. He’ll be watching a video from a Millennial guy and it’s obvious to both of us that the guy is Queer. Then there’s the wedding ring on the left hand fourth finger, and the guy feels the need to assure viewers that he’s heterosexual by mentioning his wife or his girlfriend — in some cases she comes out so they can make-out briefly for the audience to assure everyone that they’re watching a heterosexual guy — and they leave children’s toys around and in camera view. The Perfect Heterosexual Family, you know! (roll eyes). One wonders when David will start leaving kid’s toys around in camera view? I don’t mean to give him any ideas.

The fact is: There are thousands of gay guys around the world married to women and with kids. They’re called closet cases. They know they’re gay, but they live a heterosexual life, in some cases to please their homophobic parents. The world is not as heterosexual as some people claim it to be. You probably know some people like I’m talking about. The guy is really gay but has a wife and kids. So when ignorant people say, “There are very few gay people in the world” they have no idea what they’re talking about because many of the perceived heterosexual couples (either the guy or the girl or in some cases, both) are gay and in the closet, living a heterosexual life with kids.

David is Latino and some ugly anti-ethnic people harass him because of his ethnicity, which is most unfortunate.  Although he looks like a White guy; he’s a White Latino. He does seem to have run away from his Latino background because he was born in América. He was born in South América (América de Sur) specifically, in Buenos Aires, Argentina where the language is español.  Yet he pronounces his name as if it were an English name.  It should be pronounced Dah-veed, not Day-vid.  He and his family moved to North América when he was 5, which I suppose some people will use as the excuse, justification for him changing his name into English by saying, “he only lived in Argentina a short time.”  Well, nevertheless he’s Latino.

I do agree with David on one thing.  He made some negative comment about “all those letters” when he was rattling off that ludicrous “LGBT” shit that one sees everywhere.  As I’ve said many times:  Dump the alphabet soup letters and use the word Queer.

Maybe David could interview Sebastian and others like him on his programme.  They might find a special rapport between each other. Of course David wouldn’t find Sebastian attractive — even though he is; he’s a very handsome guy although he doesn’t seem to know it — because Dah-veed doesn’t find men attractive remember? But I wasn’t suggesting anything other than strictly business of course between them.  Wink, wink.  Chau.—el barrio rosa

Update: 10 January 2022: I saw a video title from David today.  I didn’t watch the video because I presumed I’d be annoyed by another fake straight guy (David) who I have read as gay since Day One going on about his alleged girlfriend.  The title of David’s video was that his girlfriend got COVID but he didn’t.  My first thought was:  Well, you can’t get COVID from a pussy fleshlight, presuming that’s what he means by his “GF.”  But upon reflection, since I read him as gay, he would have the butt fleshlight.  David certainly wants everyone to think he’s straight which is the typical behaviour of closet cases. He seems to spend all waking hours on his show so there would be no time for a girlfriend or a boyfriend, but especially a GF.  They demand much of the guy’s attention and time, and money.  But a butt fleshlight doesn’t complain.  It’s just there when you need it, but it can’t get COVID, so I think David’s title is clickbait as well as his desperate attempt for everyone to believe that he’s heterosexual, when really, who cares? And I thought he didn’t like talking about his personal life on his show? He does when it has to do with some (imaginary?/fictitious?/non-existent?) girlfriend. The guy has issues. Also, isn’t David all about strictly following COVID protocols? If there were some GF and because “she” is with him, wouldn’t she be all about strictly following the same protocols as well? If so, how would she have gotten COVID? Oh I know some fully-vaccinated people are being infected with the Omicron variant, but aren’t they the idiots who don’t wear a mask half the time and solely rely on the vaccination/booster to protect them like I see where I live? Or wear their mask below their nose? (roll eyes). I have a stupid relative like that. She said, “I’ll just take the chance” when asked why she’s so lax on mask-wearing. She wasn’t aware — and doesn’t care — that the newer variant is getting around the vaccine/booster. If she were better informed and had seen what I’ve seen in intensive care units of medical centres, she wouldn’t be so flippant with her “I’ll take the chance” rubbish. But there are many people just like her, and many other gay guys just like David. YT seems to be full of Millennial closet cases pretending to be straight with a wife and kids. What is it about that age group that they feel that they can’t be who they really are (queer)?

Update: 13 January 2022: Upon reflection, I think David’s girlfriend is most likely a butt plug, a dildo or a prostate massage toy. Above I had said it would be a butt fleshlight since he’s queer, according to my extremely reliable gaydar. But having a butt fleshlight would mean that he’s a top and I don’t see that being the case either. Nah, the guy is most assuredly a bottom boy. So his “girlfriend” would be a butt plug, dildo or a prostate massage toy, and he couldn’t get COVID from any of those either. And none of those sexual toys would complain about all the hours he spends on his shows and not on “her” as most real girlfriends would. Sex toys are there when he wants to use them.