Difundir la paz

Spread Peace

El 9 de Agosto de 2012. Hola. Recently I was on a website based in the Estados Unidos/U.S. where one can buy things of various kinds (with designs and slogans/sayings on them), and while on that website I see that the #1 things being sold are: childish, immature, U.S. nationalism pretending to be “patriotic” (i.e. faux patriotism), U.S. flag-waving and add in some John Wayne bully tough-guy stuff in the name of U.S. “patriotism,” and just plain ignorant pro-war slogans as well as right-wing slogans combining religion and politics. I looked at the items with this stuff on it and asked: Who would buy this la basura? Supposedly people are buying it since on this particular website those are the #1 selling items. I don’t think this is an isolated situation either. I suspect it’s rather common and this does not speak at all well for the Estados Unidos/U.S. No wonder we’re in the dismal state we’re in! But who would buy that stuff?

Are items of peace a #1 seller? Hell, no. The sheep aren’t interested in peace and it’s my opinion that it’s sheep who are buying this faux-patriotic, U.S. nationalistic, tough-guy bully U.S. propaganda stuff plastered all over items in a cookie-cutter manner. On the same site, I also saw some items being sold by a supposedly popular seller and some of those items clearly involved animal cruelty. Ugh. Someone is making money off of being cruel to animals. This country is a piece of work.

After all that, I needed a break. I decided to visit a sane store. I had enough of the insanity stores so I went to DeanJohnsonArt’s sane store. In the previous paragraph I wrote, “Are items of peace a #1 seller? Hell, no.” Well let’s change that.

On this page are some items of peace from Dean Johnson’s store. He has some lovely things. Even for those items in his store not having the word “paz” or “peace” on the item, you can customize the item and put “paz” or “peace” (or whatever language you want to use) on the item for free. There are 3 more items from his store at the bottom of this page with a link to his store. Considering Dean Johnson has over 700 original design items in his store, there’s quite a selection. I should say that with his store each item is created individually. So let’s spread some paz/peace on the clothes we wear and other items. While other people are spreading mindless U.S. flag-waving, faux-patriotism, redneck mentality ignorant slogans, and some animal cruelty thrown in, we at pink barrio and our readers can show that we support paz as well as the 99%, which is what pink barrio is about. Gracias. Chau.—rosa barrio

Below are original design items from DeanJohnsonArt: