Do people really donate to political websites? (What idiots!)

“We can’t do it without you.”

Eraser Fund Drive

El 10 de enero de 2014. Hola. I’ve often wondered if people who read political websites really donate to those websites. I wrote about one political site not long ago I called Common Dems. You can read details about that site at that link. They are a front, so to speak, for the misnamed “Democratic” Party in los Estados Unidos/The US/The Cesspool.

Common Dems seems to have fund drives every-other-week, although it’s probably more like every few weeks or maybe less. They had their Fall fund drive recently and then shortly after during the holidays they were begging for dinero/money again this time wrapping their begging in holiday gift language. Their goal is usually $50-75,000.00. They never account for what if anything they take in as to what the dinero goes for. They give the impression they meet their goal which leaves me asking: What suckers would donate to a website that never accounts for any of the dinero they supposedly receive? Some political websites are certainly far more deserving of donations than others.

It’s time for a Fund Drive

We don’t ask for donations here at pink barrio. “what is is” is doing a spoof fund drive as part of his video series. You may remember he used to do the “Peak Oil News Updates” (at that link). He needs a new eraser for his writing board and his lofty goal is US$10.00 (ten US dollars). He didn’t ask me to write this. I’m just doing it on my own initiative. A local San Francisco artist, Dean Johnson Fine Art, has offered to help. If any of the viewers of “what is is” buys an item from Dean Johnson’s online store, Dean Johnson will give pink barrio a little percentage of the sale. So the difference between this spoof Fund Drive that “what is is” is having and the ubiquitous fund drives that Common Dems have, is that in our case you get something tangible for your dinero/money. With Common Dems, you get articles often stolen from another website under the “Creative License” thingy.

So if you’re interested, you can browse through Dean Johnson’s over 4,000 items (all original creations, made individually and en español y en inglés/English) in his store and if you see something you’d like to buy and you do so, we’ll get a percentage of the sale and “what is is” can get a new eraser. Won’t that be cool?! There’s no guilt trip here either like readers of Common Dems get with Common Dem’s tag line, “We can’t do it without you.” [roll eyes] I’d like to ask them: What exactly do you think you’re doing since politically and environmentally speaking, things are getting worse with every passing day.

Here are some links to selected items from Dean’s store. Gracias. Chau.—rosa barrio

Dean Johnson Fine Art Design’s Online Store

Items (by theme):

Edward Snowden for President 2016

Chelsea Manning for Vice President in 2016

Peace/Paz Related Items

Whale Related Items