Do you believe that the Führer ever had COVID-19?

I don’t. It was just another one of his stunts, intended to mock the pandemic and for him to appear “invincible” to his cultists. What about the people around him? Did they test positive for COVID? That’s probably a lie too to feed into his lie — has anyone seen legitimate proof of anyone’s test results? — because we’ve heard no follow-up about them.

The disreputable White House doctor — who holds no credibility at this point — says that his Führer has tested negative for COVID-19, but he (his “doctor”) didn’t indicate the dates of the test, so he may have been referring to tests from months ago.

The Führer now claims to feel “so powerful.” (roll eyes). He is so infantile. The teenagers who live across the street from me are far more mature than the Führer will ever be. But I suspect if he were tackled and thrown to the ground, the Führer wouldn’t feel “so powerful.” His big ass would have trouble getting back up on his feet. That would probably take a few minutes to haul all of that back up. Let’s see him walk the golf course (which is his church on Sunday) rather than sitting his big ass in a golf cart and having him hauled around. He’s so unhealthy, obese and out-of-shape, he wouldn’t get to the first hole.

Regardless of polling numbers, unfortunately, I don’t see this nut going anywhere. And I think this COVID stunt that he or someone cooked up to “play”/lie to the public with was intended to feed his excessively narcissistic personality and his terribly fragile ego, in part, because none of the script has followed the way COVID works according to credible medical experts. The Führer claims to be an exception to it all. That’s what he wants his cult to believe and on cue that’s what they will indeed believe. Chau.—el barrio rosa