Do you have Pride in your HIV status?

El 16 de junio de 2013. Hola. If you live in San Francisco and ride the Metro, have you noticed the tacky HIV pharmaceutical ads saturated in the Castro Street station? I presume it’s Muni (our public transport system) in connection with SFShame (a.k.a. SFPride) that glued these ugly huge corporate ads all over all sides of the Metro station on the fare gates’ level.

The ads are big corporate ads for a HIV drug, but the ads don’t say that. I had to look up the drug name in order to know what the drug was for. I sort of guessed it was for HIV knowing drug companies and “Pride,” and how drug companies like to exploit people for profits, but no where on these tasteless “Pride” ads does it say what the drug is for. I guess this drug company is trying to be “discreet,” and sanitized in their ads since that seems to be what’s “in” now when it comes to the gay populace these days in their desperate attempt to be accepted by and to become just like the mainstream, corporatized sheeple. These ads I’m talking about are on the walls, the floor, anywhere they can glue an ad. I haven’t seen anyone looking at these ads. Most people coming out of the Metro are looking at a screen in their hand and not paying attention to ads on a wall or on the floor in front of them.

These ads that just went up read: “Bay Area Pride,” “Destination Pride,” “Next Stop Pride,” “Elevate Pride,” “Stand Proud” and “You have arrived at Pride” (newspeak slogans in other words) to promote this HIV drug in the name of “Pride.” You might still be wondering what this is about. The pharmaceutical company that makes this drug is trying to capitalize on the GLBTQueer “Pride” celebration at the end of the month in San Francisco. That’s why the ads are there.

A HIV drug is the way to celebrate GLBTQueer “Pride”? Do “straights” who have HIV celebrate being “straight” with a HIV drug? (Just asking.) It’s a terribly stereotypical ad in my opinion, but I’m not surprised by it. So typical. It’s as pathetic as one of the local bars/restaurants in the Castro barrio inviting people to “Practice your Pride Drinking” at their bar. I saw that promotion yesterday.

So that’s what “Pride” has been reduced to? Drugs. Drinking the drug called alcohol and HIV drugs?

My personal thoughts: One would think gay “pride” would be about celebrating having a partner. I’m not talking about same-gender marriage either since I’m opposed to “The [heterosexually-based] Institution of Marriage” and “wedLOCK” no matter who does it. Why go through that societal-programmed/peer-pressure charade? Over 50% of heterosexual marriages end up in divorce in the Estados Unidos/U.S. so “The Institution of Marriage” must not be all it’s cracked up to be. I also read recently that most “straights” are choosing to not get married these days but rather live together. Meanwhile, the GLBTQueer populace is begging to be allowed to get legally married. Everyone should have the same rights and benefits regardless of their sexual orientation without this conservative baggage of marriage and “wedLOCK.”

Columnist Ted Rall wrote about it here: Gays and Lesbians: Sucked in by the Far Right. What Happened to the Wild, Free Gay Movement of the 1970s?

Some people have already said that they suspect that GLBTQueers will be sorry they ever pushed for marriage, instead of working for (some ideas):

1. Working/pushing for affordable housing in San Francisco and elsewhere for low-moderate income gay people
2. Access to low-cost quality healthcare
3. Working against displacement of many GLBTQueer people from San Francisco and other cities as a result of rampant gentrification and greed of real estate liars/developers and other corporatists (including useless backwater cesspool politicians usually with a D or R next to their name).

So wouldn’t you think that having “pride” in one’s partner would be a better choice than having “pride” in one’s HIV status, or in “practicing your Pride drinking?” There’s a problem with that. What dinero/$$$$$$ is there to be made by having “pride” in one’s partner? There’s much more $$$$$$ to be made by having “pride” in something that involves a corporate pharmaceutical company or a gay bar inviting people in to consume alcohol—which makes dinero for the bar and its booze supplier—and practice your drinking in the name of “Pride.”

But back to the Metro ads:

In conclusion, what this is really about is some big dinero/$$$$$$ from a corporatist drug pharmaceutical company having been given to either Muni and/or SFShame in exchange for putting these tacky ads up. The message to anyone reading them is: “Take our drug, take our drug for your HIV.” I’ve not paid much attention to SFShame since they said that Bradley Manning will not be honoured at SFShame. So I say: Fuck them and their 4-5 hours long corporatist ad charade called a “pride” parade! That’s how I feel about it. The thing has turned into a corporate sham complete with police barricades all along the parade route so people watching the parade cannot join in their own parade if they want to. They have to decide whether they are in the parade or watching it. Ridiculous. I have no use or respect whatsoever for the corporatists who run SFShame. From my research, the Board President of this sham is an Obamabot. [scream!] Well what do you expect! That would make sense. And her messiah (“The Annointed One”/”Mr Constitutional Scholar”) declared Bradley Manning guilty before Manning went to trial. Hopefully very few people will come to their little corporatist D (as in “Democrat”) pro-Establishment party called “Pride” at the end of the month.

Glenn Greenwald: Bradley Manning is off limits at SF Gay Pride parade, but corporate sleaze is embraced. A seemingly trivial controversy reveals quite a bit about pervasive political values

I did read that another muchacho (a former local supervisor) was selected as one of the grand marshals but he told them NO. Right-on! Chau.—rosa barrio


The Conservative Gay Heteronormative Populace

San Francisco was an amazing place!

This video below is about “Our Lord and Saviour Barack Obama.” (I’m not making this up…that’s what this muchacho says in the video and he receives applause for saying that).

Obama Messiah

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