Does anyone care about anything Queer any more?

Not that I see. Even most Queers don’t seem to care anymore about anything. Well, when you’re back in the closet I suppose you wouldn’t care. And it would appear that most Queers went back in the closet when gay marriage backfired and Queers were ordered to “assimilate.” Ugh. Today (March 2021), the interest in Queer topics seems/is as dead as the Queer Rights Movement, which died when gay marriage became legal and ruined everything.

On the odd occasion that there’s some Queer-related topic in the news or I see a Queer-related headline on a “progressive” news site, the number of comments under the article is extremely low. I see no interest in it. Maybe it’s all those mandatory fucking letters (LGBTQ) in the titles of articles that turns people off. I know it turns me off. On the same sites, they can get over 100-200+ comments on other politically-related topics. But not on the occasional Queer articles.

In San Francisco, the former Gay Mecca, the interest seems equally low in anything Queer related.

And of course, whenever any article is written about Queer topics, it’s required that it be written per the revisionist history “LGBT(Q).” The word gay will be in the article somewhere and occasionally the word Queer. But it’s all of these fucking letters which should be replaced with the word Queer. We’re all Queer. Queer is inclusive. All of these letters are extremely divisive. They divide us into little groups, causing infighting among us. Maybe one day the conformist corporatists among us will get a clue and drop the alphabet soup mess and use the word Queer. With the letters, we’re now in the midst of passing through the alphabet twice. There are two Qs in the official nonsense: LGBTQQICAPF2K+. Fucking silly. Just insane. And who is that supposed to be? Is that a bar code or a brand name? Brand LGBT? As Lea DeLaria has said: “By the time you get through all those letters, the parade is over.” You go, girl. Chau.—el barrio rosa