Dore Alley Street Fair 2019

Hola a todos. Mi amigo/My friend went to the Dore Alley Street Fair as he usually does. Here’s his report in case you missed it:

It was all queer, but apparently most were not from here. He was the only queer boy who got on the metro at Castro Street Station going to the fair, and he was the only queer boy who came back to the Castro on the metro on the return trip. And no one got on the metro at Church Street to go to the fair. So, just like in past years, it appears that no one from The Castro went. That’s how much The Castro has changed.

We guess that the majority of those who attended the fair came from either the East Bay, South Bay or North Bay, or maybe from Los Ángeles? Not sure. He saw two very tanned guys. Maybe they were from Los Ángeles or Palm Springs. Mi amigo said: “They’ve all moved away.” That’s true, either because of eviction or greed (queer couples selling their house at the outrageously overpriced expensive prices one sees in San Francisco today).

During the Gay Mecca decades, The Castro filled up after Dorey Alley and it would be a party atmosphere. Yeah well, that’s no longer the case. The Castro — today it’s the Breeder Mecca — was dead when he got off the metro at Castro Street Station.

He saw two people he knew from the past and talked with them a bit. He also saw some guys from his old gym — unofficially known in The Gay Mecca days as “the gay gym” — and they said hello which surprised him. He told me, “The guys from that gym would never even look at me.”

There was nothing political about the fair. No politics. Not a bit. The overall theme that he kept hearing from people was about the weather and how humid it was. It was smothering. It was a phone zombie fair at the beginning. The phone addicts were there to stare at their phones for hours, and show their phones to each other in a “show and tell” to show each other what they had on their screens. (roll eyes; what shallow people). I guess it didn’t occur to them that they could do that at home. But near the end of the fair, the phones had disappeared. Amazing.

Off topic (small rant): I saw a guy on a booster board riding down a steep street the other night at around 10:30pm glued to his phone. He didn’t seem at all concerned about a vehicle pulling out in front of him because they couldn’t see him since he was wearing dark colours. So there’s no reason to pay attention to anything — including one’s surroundings — except for that precious phone which lights up your face for any mugger to see. And by the time Mr Mugger is done with you, you won’t know what hit you, if you’re still alive! Fucking phone zombies. People walk around San Francisco at any hour of the night staring at their phone. Stupid is in. They act like they’re in the safety of their living room. I guess they’ve never heard that muggings take place in major cities at night especially in dark areas where these phone zombies walk. They deserve what they get if one is that fucking stupid. They walk around here at night like they think San Francisco is the fictional town known as Mayberry. And even if one looks up from that screen glued to their hand, it takes a bit of time for one’s eyes to readjust to see who is approaching or already in front of them. Although these phone zombies don’t seem to care in the least. It’s as if they’ve been brainwashed with this thinking that “My phone will protect me. Just the fact that I’m on a phone will protect me.” Delusional fucks. They don’t make people any more stupid than that, do they?

Now back to the fair: There were no cops. No breeders, so at least one fair in San Francisco is still queer, unlike the Folsom Street Fair. No drunks. But on his way to the fair, there was a breeder couple heavily making out under the large Rainbow Flag at Castro Street Metro Station. There’s such irony in that. Breeder couples really love making out under a Rainbow Flag in San Francisco. It seems to be the thing to do to give a black eye to what little remains of the so-called “queer community” here. But if queers were to do the same underneath a US flag in a conservative town, what do you think the outcome of that would be?

As I said, The Castro is now The Breeder Mecca — where him-tall-dominant and her-short-submissive (Male Patriarchy mentality) make out. It’s no longer a Gay Mecca. Oh, there are a few queers here on the odd occasion (and many/most of them seem to be back in the closet), so it’s nothing like it was.

Mi amigo/My friend said the people at the fair were friendly which surprised him considering how very unfriendly and snotty San Francisco has become. But upon reflection, he said that people were friendly probably because they no longer live in San Francisco, and most of them looked like “Old City” residents (meaning from the decades of the Gay Mecca). So, they’re either living elsewhere in San Francisco or outside The City.

There was a “Fuck Me” booth which he didn’t expect to see at this event. That’s because last year the fair was very sanitised. This year it was not. The “famous” few naked guys were there with their dicks covered. He saw no nudity at all, even though the San Francisco City-wide nudity ban that conservative gay prude Scott Penis originated does not apply to this street fair. And that nudity ban was because of these naked guys (roughly 4 naked guys) in The Castro. Scott Penis and his conservative supporters felt that we needed an extreme City-wide nudity ban because of 4 naked guys walking around on the odd occasion in The Castro. And since that time, The Castro has been dead. Prudish asshole Scott Penis (also known as Mr PrEP) and the conservative merchants who supported him are directly responsible for killing The Castro. Fuck off all of you, you conservative trash (except for Rock Hard, the best sex store in The Castro. RH opposed what the conservative merchant basura did).

That’s about it for the report. Gracias for reading. Chau.—el barrio rosa