Dra Nancy Álvarez

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10.24.12 Update to this article:
El 24 de octubre de 2012. In this article, I wrote about Tere Marín being the new host of Casos de Familia. It looks like she’s now gone too. As of this week, Casos de Familia is no longer listed on Univisión’s schedule. The program is still listed on Galavisión’s schedule, but I don’t receive that network so I don’t know if they are old programs or new ones. I’m now getting the sense that Casos de Familia was not doing well to begin with and that’s why Venevisión would not give Judith Grace the salary increase she asked for. The show must have died in the ratings after Venevisión brought on Tere Marín as the new host. I continued to watch the show, but I preferred Judith Grace as host. I have not read one positive comment from anyone about Tere Marín’s hosting of the program.

And here’s another update about La Dra Nancy Álvarez that I wrote previously:

Hola. La Dra Nancy Álvarez is no longer host of ‘¿Quién tiene la razón?’ She was replaced weeks ago and from reading message forums (including Univisión’s message forum), most people are not happy with this decision, not that Univisión cares! I haven’t read one comment that supports replacing Álvarez. ‘¿Quién tiene la razón?’ is produced by Venevisión International. Did Univisión tell Venevisión to replace her? I suspect so. I stopped watching her show after I wrote the article below (dated 04.13.12). Her show was originally based in Miami and then when they upgraded the show to a new LED set she was recording the show in Nueva York/New York with a new (paid?) audience. After I read that she had been replaced recently, I watched part of one of her most recent shows and that show was recorded back in her old Miami set with some minor changes, and not the same audience. Maybe she asked to be moved back to Miami. I read that the network wanted to replace her for some time. Then the promo for her replacement’s show looked like it was being recorded back in the newer Nueva York LED set. And there had been some changes with her three assistants who sit on the set across from her. Univisión is getting rid of people (firing them) right and left, so to speak.

Around the same time la Dra Álvarez was replaced, Judith Grace was fired from her show (Casos de Familia) without notice and she was replaced by one of her friends, I read. (Are they still friends?) I had thought that Univisión was pleased with her, but I guess not. And there’s more noticias about that here: ¡Y la sustituyen por su amiga, Tere Marín! I get the feeling that there is no such thing as “job security” at Univisión. One can be there one day and gone the next. Anyone else get the same feeling? Here’s the original article I wrote:

04.13.12 Hola. Oh-yes-why-not! At the rate things are going in this 1984 world where willful-ignorance is a good thing and a neocon warmonger is given a Nobel Peace Prize within the last 3 years, why wouldn’t la Dra Nancy Álvarez think that gays choose to be gay?

For those who don’t know of Dra Álvarez (sexóloga, psicóloga, y presentadora de ‘¿Quién tiene la razón?’) and who she is, she’s a sexologist, psychologist, and host of ‘Who is right?’ on TeleFutura (owned by Univisión). Her programme is produced by Venevisión of Venezuela. In a recent interview, Dra Nancy Álvarez said that gays choose to be gay. I didn’t know that la Doctora held to that thinking and apparently many other people didn’t know she does either, because many people are angry—including GLAAD (the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)—at her ignorance that she speaks with such authority and with such omnipotence. Well she’s ignorant on this topic regardless of how many degrees she has behind her name. Her thinking on this topic is rather right-wing/conservative which leaves me wondering whether she too has joined the herd in becoming more right-wing. That does seem to be the direction most things are going all over the world. Can’t get there fast enough. Even major cities known for being “progressive” in the past here in the Estados Unidos/U.S. have recently joined the downward-spiral and are becoming more “conservative,” and repressive and with that comes hate for anyone not just like them (meaning the “conservatives”).

I was under the impression that la Dra Álvarez was an ally of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (GLBTQ) “community.” That is what’s said about her. But after she said the following in the interview, one would have to question just how much of an ally she is. She said:

“…that gays identify with their sexual orientation from their parents as a result of “something [that] we did wrong.”

She said that in a response to a statement from cantante/singer Ricky Martin. He said that gays are born into their sexual orientation and of course that’s the case. He was responding to a question asked on the show ‘Aqui y Ahora,’ (“Here and Now”) on Univisión after a segment discussing sexual orientation and that nonsense called “conversion therapy”.

Let me stop for a moment and ask: As for “conversion therapy,” why is it that it’s always gay people (GLBTQ people) who must supposedly change to “straight,” as if “straight” is some model sexual orientation and the sexual orientation to be desired. I have an idea: Why not use this so-called “conversion therapy” on “straight” people—yes, let’s run them through it—and see how well it works on them to “convert” them into gay people. I know why “straight” is seen as the model sexual orientation and that’s due to societal religious bigotry and societal prejudice which are programmed into the masses/people. When a child is born, the child is a “clean slate” and free of prejudice and bigotry. Then later, all of that nasty prejudice is later programmed into the child by prejudiced and bigoted adults, and then you have one more prejudiced person on the planet spewing their hate.

And then there’s this:

“Alvarez, who bills herself as a sexologist and a doctor, has previously said that she was concerned about gay parents and the effects they may have on their kids.” (Advocate.com March 06, 2012)

Ricky Martin then responded to her ignorance. But I would like to ask la Doctora: As much hatred and prejudice (add ignorance) as there is for GLBTQ people in this sick society, why would anyone choose to be gay, Dra Álvarez? Do you have an all-knowing, omnipotent answer for that too?

Yes, this mujer/woman is a piece of work and I wouldn’t call her a supporter of the GLBTQ “community,” someone holding her views. What kind of support is this when la Doctora thinks the person’s sexuality is because of something the parents did wrong and she’s also concerned about gay parents and the effects they may have on their children?

There is much research showing that Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgender and Queer people (GLBTQ) do not choose their sexual orientation, just like a “straight” person doesn’t decide one day in his/her life, “hey, I think I will be ‘straight’. I’ll be attracted to the other gender.” I get so tired of this argument and this prejudice. And really, if considerable research did show that gays choose to be gay, what difference would it make anyway? Would that make things any more positive for GLBTQ people?

Many people have been programmed with the simplistic prejudice that:

gay = bad, straight = good
And it’s that black and white in their prejudiced-programmed mind.

I have read comments on message forums on occasion where someone asks if a particular cantante/singer or actor is gay. The response is often something like this: “No, he’s too caliente/hot to be gay. He has women all over him.” (As if that makes a difference! That’s very naive and shows the person’s prejudice and ignorance), or “No, he’s married and has children.” (That doesn’t mean anything either. A lot of people are married and have children and they are gay, lesbian or bisexual and some later get a divorce and “come out of the closet,” which is something they should have done before they went through the charade of getting married and having children).

Dra Álvarez has turned me off, I can tell you that. I no longer see her as I did before she revealed what she really thinks and who she really is.

To my knowledge, ¿Quién tiene la razón? is shown on Español language televisión networks internationally. If her show disappears from TeleFutura in the afternoon, I won’t be upset. Ciao.—rosa barrio

And for the GLBTQ skateboarder chicos/chicas: