El Foro Económico Mundial/The World Economic Forum

El Foro Económico Mundial de Latinoamérica


El 8 de abril de 2014. Hola. (The video at the bottom of this page starts to play as soon as this page is loaded). The other night, I was monitoring Noticero Univisión (Univisión is pronounced [spelled phonetically]: Oooo (as in the word “moon”) knee vee zee awn OR said faster: Oooo knee vee sheon(with the accent on the last syllable – ón), which the illiterate hicks at ABC News have never learned to pronounce correctly. Psssst ABC News: The word is español. It’s not inglés/English. You can’t learn just one word of español?). You would want the name of your network pronounced correctly and authentically wouldn’t you ABC News? Well, why don’t you give the same respect to Univisión?

One of the news stories on Noticero Univisión was about the 2014 El Foro Económico Mundial de Latinoamérica/The World Economic Forum held in Panamá.

Question: What is the language of América Central?
Answer: español

Question: What is the language of Panamá?
Answer: español of course, since it’s part of América Central.

Univisión showed the room where the forum was being held and everyone in attendance was facing this big blue wall with the words on it that read:

“World Economic Forum
Panama City”


Does anyone see anything wrong with that? (I know right-wing trolls wouldn’t see anything wrong it, but to intelligent people?)

Why didn’t the wall read:

“El Foro Económico Mundial de Latinoamérica
Ciudad de Panamá”?

Since español is the language of Panamá and not inglés/English.

I did a little research on El Foro Económico Mundial/the “World Economic Forum.”
El Foro Económico Mundial is a Swiss nonprofit foundation. It’s based in Cologny, Geneva.
Now get this: The four national languages of Switzerland are German, French, Italian and Romansh. Do you see English in there anywhere? All but Romansh maintain equal status as “official languages” at the national level within the Federal Administration of the Swiss Confederation.

Yet English is the “Official Language” of this group based in Geneva but English is not one of the four national languages of Switzerland.

Something isn’t right about this. Or is this another case of where The World Bully (The US, los Estados Unidos, The Cesspool, The World’s Policeperson) really runs this organisation and The Show, and insists that their precious English be the “official language” of the group?

By native speakers world-wide, most people on the planet speak Cantonese, followed by español, followed by English, Hindi, Arabic, Português and others in that order. Source: List of languages by number of native speakers

I just found it very odd that for a forum being held en Ciudad de Panamá that the words on the wall would read: “Panama City.” Loco. I also found this most disrespectful to Panamá. And the official language of Panamá is español. We don’t have an official language in The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos/The Empire, although the right-wingnuts/conservatives are rabid about US-English being the “official language.” From my experience, most of them seem to despise any other world language. They’re not the brightest people around.

I’ve noticed frequently that many people who only speak or mumble through US-English like to fuck up other languages and they usually have no respect for other languages. Their only respect is for the very limited language they know (to the extent that they “know” it). So, for example, they leave off accent marks from such words such as Panamá (the third syllable is stressed/accented when spoken properly). Another example, there’s an accent over the “é” for the word México. That word is español, it’s not English, so even when one is writing in English and uses the word “México,” the word should be written as it’s written in español and en México in order to be respectful of español and of México. But most people don’t do that. They try to make it an English word when it’s not. And if one is writing in any other language (ex. German, French) appropriate accents should be used when writing German or French words in an English sentence. Of course US-English speakers would expect “their English words” to be written correctly, no? Absolutely they would with their in-your-face arrogance and bullying about it. They would be screaming about it if something were not correct with their precious English.

At the last meeting of this forum in 2011, these were the people who showed up:

“In 2011, some 250 public figures (heads of state or government, cabinet ministers, ambassadors, heads or senior officials of international organizations) attended the annual meeting, including: Felipe Calderón, Robert B. Zoellick, Álvaro Uribe Vélez, Nicolas Sarkozy, Ban Ki-moon, Angela Merkel, N. Chandrababu Naidu, Ferenc Gyurcsany, François Fillon, Morgan Tsvangirai, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Min Zhu, Paul Kagame, Queen Rania of Jordan, Dmitry Medvedev, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Kevin Rudd, Barney Frank, Kofi Annan, Werner Faymann, Leonel Fernández, Jacob Zuma, Naoto Kan, Jean-Claude Trichet, and Zeng Peiyan.” Source.

Rhetorical Question: So how exactly did English become the “official language” of this group? It wouldn’t surprise me if The World’s Arrogant Bully struck again and made the “English is the Official Language” Declaration From On High. Chau.—rosa barrio

Here’s the video from Univisión (unfortunately with an ad at the beginning):