Estados Unidos is on the right track

The U.S. is on the right track

El 10 de Septiembre de 2012. Hola. Last week in the Estados Unidos/U.S., the corporatist pro-war misnamed “Democratic” Party had their propaganda show/coronation (they call it a convention) in right-wing Carolina del Norte (North Carolina). A most appropriate place for the right-wing “Democratic” Party’s convention. In order to try to be more Republican than the registered Republicans, the “Democratic” Party added as part of their meaningless party platform a mention of the floating cloud being (“God”, I assume they mean the god of the christian faith), and they also added that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. They are obsessed with Israel, you know. One wonders what happened to the supposed separation of church and state in the Estados Unidos?

From what I read about the convention—I had no interest in watching the thing—it was a pathetic display with chants of “U-S-A” faux-patriotism and nationalism from the brainwashed devout faithful (party delegates) of the “Democratic” Religion who were in the convention hall.

I saw a headline that read: “Clinton: Obama has U.S. on the right track.” Apparently Republican Bill Clinton—who charades as a “Democrat” and who is part of the Corporatocracy—had his head up in messiah Obama’s upper colon for most of the time he was at the convention. He served as cheerleader of the devout faithful for Team Obama and their beloved Democratic Religion. This partisan stuff really is a religion (unconditional allegiance/blind support) to the devout faithful convention delegates.

Interesting that Clinton did not say that the U.S. is on the correct track, even though that would also be a lie, and there was no shortage of lies at this convention. Instead, Clinton used the word, “right” track. It is very true that the U.S. is on the “right” track (as in right-wing track). For example:

Another Guantánamo prisoner death highlights Democrats’ hypocrisy
Quoting from the article by Glenn Greenwald: “Indeed, as I documented several months ago, the system of indefinite detention from the start has been central to Obama’s plan for these detainees. Put another way, even if Congress had given Obama everything he wanted, the system that means that death is the only way out for many detainees would have been fully preserved. The excuse-making for Obama – “oh, he tried to close the camp but Congress would not let him” – is simply a deceitful tactic Democrats have concocted to justify their total silence about a grave injustice they once pretended to find so appalling and their raucous swooning for a president who supports it. There is, however, one one significant difference in this regard between Bush’s and Obama’s policies. Whereas Bush preferred to detain people without due process or judicial review, Obama simply kills them.”

I can’t stand either of these toilet scum parties or their hypocritical believers. The Estados Unidios/U.S. is on a right-wing track because “savior” Obama has continued and expanded what right-wing Bush/Cheney/Rove and the “Democratic” and Republican congress put in place, while “savior” Obama pretends to be a Democrat and pretends to be other things that he’s clearly not based on his actions and reprehensible and barbaric policies (I consider droning innocent people around the world barbaric, for example). In reality, Obama is a neocon Republican—that’s being objective—but his devout disciples refuse to acknowledge that. They choose Denial. And I am well aware that most people can’t bear to be objective politically—including the faux “liberals” and faux “progressives” (who are often neither, but rather “Democratic” party shills/hacks and supporting a right-wing party)—because most people have been brainwashed to think only in their tribal D and R partisan indoctrination rut (that “my team is better than your team” nonsense). That rut has gotten us to where we are today. I don’t see that rut changing at all for the positive because most people are not going to change their behavior.

Insanity (regarding voting): Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Chau.—rosa barrio


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