Facebook Data Mining

By “what is is” with asistente rosa barrio.
(Article updated El 9 de febrero de 2014.)

05.14.12 Hola. In this video-article, “what is is” talks about people and their Facebook craze/addiction and this video-article is about Facebook’s Data Mining. Does anyone care about that? We think one should:
The Best Reporting on Facebook and Your Privacy.

The European Commission does:

European Commission cracks down on Facebook data mining.

And Matthew Vickery, a Seattle Resident, cares about it:

Matthew Vickery, Seattle Resident, Sues Facebook for Data Mining.

Does anyone care that Facebook supports CISPA?

All About CISPA, the Bill that Wants to Erode Your Online Privacy
“It boils down to this: companies like Facebook and Microsoft are supporting CISPA because it’s beneficial for them.”

Why are many people so seemingly addicted (read: The Facebook Culture) to a company that is worth as much as USD $96 billion?

The Social Network Giant’s Double Standards: Fascist Facebook?

Who Owns Facebook?

A company that is worth as much as USD $96 billion. But that’s not enough dinero/money for them. This is their latest greed-fest scheme:

Facebook tests ‘pay to promote post’ tool.

One would not want to be without that, would they!…to make the wealthy even wealthier at the expense of the 99%! Do people not realize that anything they do on Facebook is making more money for the 1% owners of that data-mining corporatist company? Many people are also quite addicted to their toys/gadgets, including their texting addiction, although a recent article (Facebook said responsible for killing text messaging) suggests that texting may be on the decline although we’ve seen no sign of it being in decline, just the opposite. These gadgets/toys and people’s addiction to them serve as a distraction for the masses. Of course, The Ministry of Propaganda (also known as the corporate media networks) help indoctrinate their viewers that one must be on Facebook or Twitter (pronounced Tweet-er as in sending a tweet, not Twit-er as some people erroneously pronounce it. People don’t send twits, they send tweets, so it’s Tweet-er. Remember their logo is a bird. Birds don’t twit they tweet). You might find these articles interesting:

Facebook releases report on requests from governments for information on users

Ex-Facebook Employee Says Zuckerberg Used To Treat Sexual Harassment Like A Joke

Sick of Hearing About Facebook’s IPO? You’re Not Alone

U.S. Facebook users skeptical of site’s privacy, longevity.

Facebook Lobbies Washington to “Like” Spying on Users.

When Facebook goes public, expect a massive increase in data mining to beat Google

Facebook Co-Founder Saverin Gives Up U.S. Citizenship Before IPO

Zuckerbergs Social Network Revenue Doubles

How your Facebook status could put you out of work

Facebook and the Degradation of Personhood

Spying and Propaganda Using Facebook and Twitter

A California Poppy near the pink barrio

A California Poppy near the pink barrio

I read comments about Facebook from time-to-time and I don’t recall ever reading a positive comment about Facebook, because I look for them. From the comments I’ve read, 100% say they can’t stand it and can’t wait for Facebook to crash and go out of business. There was a poll on Yahoo on 05.14.12 asking, “Do you plan on buying shares of Facebook?” At the time I saw the poll, 822 people had responded. Results: 74% said Absolutely Not. 26% said Definitely.

Facebook – to invest, or not to invest?

Also in this video, “what is is” talks about another topic and that being about Obama making the statement that he is now supposedly for same-gender marriage…but not really. Obama is supposedly for same-gender marriage in the states where same-gender marriage is legal. Is anyone confused by the newspeak? Then Romney—not to be outdone by Obama—said he’s for gay adoption, but not for gay marriage. Okay. But then he backed away from it in “Obama style” by saying that he was only recognizing that states allow same-sex adoption.

Romney backs away from supporting same-sex adoption.

Then, it came out that Mr Change We Can Believe In was really pushed (they used the word “hastened”) to make his statement that he’s supposedly for same-gender marriage. Why? Because Biden had already come out in favour of same-gender marriage and Biden felt this was a mistake on his part, so he apologized to “Mr Change We Can Believe In.” You can read about that here:

Obama campaign tries to capitalize on marriage issue

“WASHINGTON — Vice President Joe Biden apologized to President Barack Obama for hastening him into an endorsement of same-sex marriage, several people briefed on the exchange said Thursday, even as the White House sought to capitalize on Obama’s long-awaited expression of support….Biden expressed regret for a statement endorsing same-sex marriage that went considerably further than the president’s views on the matter and scrambled the White House’s calculation for confronting the charged social issue.”

In our opinion, the whole thing is purely politically motivated because it’s an election year. It took Obama until an election year to conveniently “evolve.” He hasn’t “evolved” on reversing the Bush policies he has continued and expanded upon. Unfortunately but not unexpectedly, lots of gullible people are falling for this and gushing over Mr Change. Of course they’re ignoring (or don’t even know…that’s probably more like it) that most of Mr Change’s policies are to the right of Bush. There are two words to describe those who are falling for this: Gullible Sheep. Chau.—rosa barrio

“The NSA Is Lying”: U.S. Government Has Copies of Most of Your Emails Says NSA Whistleblower:


On the topic of data mining, it looks like we’ve definitely entered the Age of Spying:
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