Felices Fiestas

El 22 de junio de 2013. Hola. You may be thinking it’s early for “Felices Fiestas” and I agree since it’s not yet Día/Noche de Brujas or Día de los Muertos.

However, Dean Johnson Fine Art sent me his new tarjetas de Felices Fiestas the other day and I thought I’d show them to you. I think they’re beautiful. He has many in español and some in inglés. I especially like that the cards in inglés say, “Happy Holidays,” which is inclusive of all of the holidays someone might celebrate.

I rarely assume that anyone agrees with me on anything, but I get the impression that many (if not most) people do assume that anyone they talk with will agree with them. I don’t know why a person would think that unless they know the person. I bring that up because why would someone automatically assume that someone is into the holidays just because they are? There are holidays for people in deciembre/December and throughout enero/January, but those holidays are often neglected by many people.

Anglicans/Episcopalians, Roman Catholics and Lutherans celebrate Los doce días de Navidad (which is from 25 de deciembre through 5 de enero) per the Liturgical Year/Calendar. That’s also why some people have their colored lights on through 5 de enero or beyond. I use mine all year inside. I see no reason to put them in a closet or stick them in a draw the rest of the year.

But most people especially in the Estados Unidos/U.S. seem to follow the Corporate Media Consumerism Calendar so in their mind the holiday is mostly over on 26 de deciembre (when actually it’s just started).

I do want to say this about holiday trees. Environmentally speaking, killing beautiful trees regardless of where they are grown for “tradition” every year is ridiculous, very wasteful and disrespectful of the tree just to hang decorations on it. It’s best to have a living tree or an artificial one that will last years if one must have a tree.

In my opinion, it’s more respectful of others if one does not assume what, if any, holidays people acknowledge. Some atheists celebrate the holiday season but not in a religious way. For most people these days, the religious meaning for La Navidad has long evaporated. These days, it’s mostly a time of greed and consumerism and what one must have, for those who have any dinero. If one wants to give someone something, I think it’s much better and more thoughtful to make people homemade cookies/brownies from high-quality organic ingredients whenever possible (which one buys at a non-corporate, non-chain grocery store, preferably a worker-owned cooperative if you have one near you).

Dean’s holiday cards are blank inside so that you can write your own personalized message. I think that’s an excellent way of doing it and much better than some corporate cookie-cutter impersonal generic message written on the tarjeta/card by some in-house people who don’t even know you or the people you would like to give a card to. When you support Dean Johnson, you’re supporting an independent local artist and he told me he will appreciate your business very much. His holiday cards are all over this page and down below. Check them out. Muchísimas gracias. Chau.—rosa barrio