Gay and with a chick. Who do you guys think you’re fooling?

Let’s start with television ads. These gay guys we keep seeing who are presented in ads as if they are straight, they could be what known as “straight for pay.” In other words, they’re openly gay guys (actors) trying their best (which isn’t too good) to “look” and “act” straight. Because of their poor acting abilities they don’t convince us that they’re straight. So what we see is a gay guy with a female. The ad is presented to the viewer as if they are a straight guy even though the guy looks “flameingly” like a Queer boy. Or, maybe he’s not “straight for pay” and is another closet case living with a chick. Are you happy guys? You can’t be because you’re lying to yourself and others, probably because of family and peer pressure. Living in the unhealthy closet really ages a guy. He can often be depressed because he’s not with the correct gender per his sexual orientation. He’s gay and should be with a guy, and a part of him likely resents the “her” that he’s with. Last year I asked a guy who told me he was in the closet and living in San Francisco’s former Gay Mecca. I half-way went off on him. I said: So you’re a gay guy living in the closet. Why would you be living in the closet in what used to be a Gay Mecca? Don’t you find that at all ironic? His response: You don’t know what I have to deal with in my life? I cut him off and said: Oh I do indeed know just from that response. It sounds like you have a lot of judgmental prejudiced, bigoted and anti-Queer people in your life and you’re catering to them with your closet-case status because you don’t have the strength to stand up to them and their fucking hate. So instead, you’re helping to promote their hate rather than confronting it head-on.

We had no room for further discussion at that point. It had never dawned on him that he was catering to hate, anti-Queer prejudice and bigotry by remaining in that unhealthy closet.

And mi amigo/my friend and I see these closet cases every day on U-toob. We saw one today. He used to be on the Queer section of a certain website. Well, he disappeared for awhile. Mi amigo saw him today and the guy talked about his fiancée and her dress. WTF? The guy is obviously Queer by his mannerism and his voice. Is his female so much in denial that she can’t pick up on that? What’s wrong with the bitch? Or is he the only guy who would give her the absolute attention she demands? Is he the only guy ever willing to empty his bank account on her? So, it’s the case of another Queer boy having gone back in the closet and succumbing to society’s heteronormative “YOU MUST BE STRAIGHT TO BE NORMAL!” brainwashing. Fuck that shit! There’s nothing I can do about this. But it certainly is frustrating to see Queer boys going back in the closet in droves. He’s the one living a lie. It’s his life he’s ruining. Correction: It’s his life he’s ruining and it’s her life he’s ruining by being deceptive with her and living a lie, and it’s the lives of any children they have. Then some ignorant person will ask: How can a gay guy have sex with a woman? Oh por favor. They do so all the time. There are thousands and thousands of closet cases married to or with females and with children around the world. Pussy is just another fucking hole and the gay guy can be thinking about fucking that hot guy he saw earlier in the day while fucking her. She has no idea what he’s thinking about. I don’t know what gay guys think about when he’s forced to eat that smelly, rank, putrid and slimy pussy. Or when she has a yeast infection or is bleeding? Or maybe the gay boys don’t do that part of “heterosexual sex.” Even some genuine straight guys don’t like to eat pussy. They say “it’s like licking a toilet seat.” Some genuine straight guys say the smell of the female’s anus — especially if she doesn’t shower every day — is enough to turn them off from ever wanting to eat pussy. Yeah, I can understand that.

But back to the television ads, one gets the strong impression that advertisers think that heterosexuality is on the verge of extinction by all the “him and her” couples and “him” having to hold “her” for any pharma ad you see. It’s breeder brainwashing. These ads give the impression that Queer people don’t have a medical problem in the world because all the couples they show for a laxative/bloating, skin rash, prostate supplements, you-name-it is “him and her.” And the camera crew go out of their way to show heterosexuality (hand-holding, him holding her, their two heads together, her hanging on him, him picking up her and twirling her around like she’s a toddler and other nonsense. You wonder: Are they selling this “happy ever after” phony breeder couple or a product? Straight guys (and or gay guys pretending to be straight) do have to put up with a lot of shit just to please that needy, constantly-seeking-attention, whinging bitch. I wouldn’t do it. I don’t have the patience for all of that nonsense. Chau.—el barrio rosa