Gay Community being forced out of San Francisco

What’s wrong with San Francisco’s Castro barrio becoming “straight?”

“It’s happening so quickly. It’s like there’s a concerted campaign for heterosexuals to take over the Castro at the fast rate heterosexual couples are increasing in number in the Castro village. Did someone run an ad for heterosexuals to head to the Castro to make out here?”—A Castro Resident (from an e-mail received el 31 de diciembre de 2013).

[Updated el 17 de febrero de 2014]
El 10 de enero de 2014.  Hola.  I appreciate the e-mail from the local resident (quoted above). The Castro is now becoming “straight” very quickly, from what I and others have observed, seemingly more and more so by the day. The GLBTQ populace is being forced out of San Francisco, in part, by Ellis Act evictions, the Politics of Greed on the part of the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their corrupt liars and it’s also being heavily aided by the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex. The techie companies based in San Francisco receive generous corporate welfare from the city. They contribute little or nothing to the city.

As “straights” invade/move into traditionally gay neighbourhoods in the US, gay residents are moving out or being forced out. From what I’ve read this is happening in many US cities (three examples: San Francisco, West Hollywood (in Los Ángeles County) and Atlanta).

It does seem to depend upon when one is in the Castro as to how it is. For example, I was in the Castro after 3pm on Domingo/Sunday el 5 de enero de 2014 and it was mostly Queer boys which reminded me of the “gay mecca” days. It was nice and surprising considering I had been seeing the opposite of this in recent days and weeks (meaning it’s been mostly “straight”). But around 4.30pm-5.00pm that started to change and I saw mi amigo/my friend a bit later and he said the Castro was mostly “straight” when he was there. In general the barrio is becoming more and more “straight.” And as part of the sanitizing of the Castro to make it like every other place and so-called “Family Friendly” (gag!), the local theatre does these musical “sing alongs” which serve as bait for parents and loads of children to show up. I remember a time not that long ago when some bigots/prejudiced prudes said the gay Castro was not an appropriate place for children. The translation of that: gay = bad. Children should only see “straight” people holding hands and making out.

The other day, I ran into some amigos/amigas of mine. They had been reading pink barrio and some of my articles, and we immediately began talking about this topic as one “straight” couple after the other walked past us locked hand-in-hand in the Castro. To answer the question:  What’s wrong with San Francisco’s Castro becoming “straight?”  Well, how would “straights” feel or like it if Gays/Queers decided to move in, invade, infiltrate, make-out, “suck face,” act like they own the place, and act as if they can’t possibly wait another moment to fuck in the traditionally “straight” barrios of San Francisco such as the Marina, Pacific Heights or North Beach, for example? I suspect many of the locals in those barrios would have a problem with “the gay invasion” of in-your-face Queers infiltrating their barrio to the degree and extent that “straights” are invading the Castro.

And if Queers responded with, “well what about that ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ that you go on about when it’s straights invading the Castro,?” I suspect the reaction from the locals would be a screamed:


The occasional hand-holding that some Queers do might be okay in some barrios of San Francisco, but not all the other behaviour that I and others have seen “straights” do in a very in-your-face-we-are-heterosexual manner in the Castro. And I use the term “in-your-face” because it was “straights” who for years whined, moaned and complained about gays being so “in-your-face” with our sexuality. They didn’t want to see our affection with each other, but their affection with each other is perfectly acceptable no matter where it is, including in local restaurants (where one reviewer recently suggested that a “straight” couple get a room across the street at the motel for an hour instead of doing it in the restaurant). Or how would Asians feel in San Francisco’s Chinatown if Caucasians invaded the predominately Asian barrio and decided to make Chinatown a mainly Caucasian barrio? Or how would they feel in wealthy Pacific Heights (a.k.a. “Specific Whites”) if Asians or Latinos/Hispanos decided to make Pacific Heights a mainly Asian or Latino/Hispano barrio? I suspect none of these groups would be too pleased with that. Or what if the remaining GLBTQ populace in San Francisco decided to move to Walnut Creek (in the East Bay of the Bay Area) and invade and take over homogenized, conservative Walnut Creek in California? I suspect there would be a major redneck opposition to that in Walnut Creek.

Yes, it’s only “peace and love” so to speak in one direction when the “straights” are intent on invading the traditionally gay area in San Francisco and its bars and anything else they can and want to invade.

San Francisco’s distrito de la Misión can tell anyone what it’s like to be invaded. La Misión has been turned upside down with the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex and mostly young, white wealthy residents moving in and taking over, often with complete disrespect for the culture and the Latino/Hispano/Mexicano residents of the barrio. I’ll have someone else tell you all about that here:

Protest against gentrification erupts en el distrito de la Misión

Organisations discuss concerns with rapidly changing distrito de la Misión

El distrito de la Misión: No evictions! Eviction epidemic threatens art culture

Residents rally against displacements

Supervisor Campos calls hearing on housing crisis

Tales of eviction: Another Latino business displaced en el distrito de la Misión
From the article: “The landscape of the district has dramatically changed with the line between the have and have-nots becoming deeper, clearer. There are now 1,826 tech companies in the City and a 30 percent annual growth in tech jobs. Working class families and artists are being pushed out — as are the unique, locally owned shops such as Encantada.”

One site I read said that La Misión had lost 20% of its Latino residents (forced out of the city). I think it’s much more than that by now.

Hijacking “Diversity”

For decades, many people who labeled themselves “liberal” and “progressive” were also for ethnic diversity (including sexual minorities). The right-wing/conservatives couldn’t stand diversity of any kind. They like “being among my own kind” to use their words. Recently on a local message forum someone wrote that they deliberately choose to live in an ethnically-mixed neighbourhood, only to have some right-wing troll respond: “Nonsense, most people like to live among their own kind.” My response: HUMANS ARE THEIR OWN KIND, troll. Now that San Francisco’s Castro is being invaded by “straights” the right-wing/conservatives are suddenly for “diversity.” They are enjoying a Wet Dream Come True. They strongly approve of “straights” invading gay areas and they try to hide their anti-gay feelings/agenda, as they don’t like specifically gay areas. As part of their propaganda and newspeak, they call the “straight” invasion “bringing diversity to the area.” The so-called “diversity” of which they speak and want is “straight” and white. So they have essentially hijacked the word “diversity,” the same word they once deplored. They only want so-called “diversity” when things are changing to the way they want them, meaning: “Straight” and white. As mi amiga said when I told her about this: I’m sure if Blacks were to move into mainly white Marin County (across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco) and called it “bringing diversity to Marin” you’d be able to hear the current residents of Marin screaming all the way into San Francisco.


Damn, are heterosexuals insecure! I’ve never paid any attention to them until they started being “in your face” here in the Castro. Up until the last year or so, I had no idea how insecure heterosexuals are in their so-called “relationships” and/or how insecure they look. That would speak to the over 50% divorce rate in los Estados Unidos/the US/The Cesspool. I may have not even noticed this “straight” invasion/takeover of the Castro if the “straights” didn’t seem so absolutely insecure in their relationships as exhibited by their behaviour in the Castro. My neighbour has also brought this up on occasion. They (“straights”) can’t just walk like other people. There seems to be an unspoken requirement that they must be locked hand-in-hand or arm-in-arm (sometimes with a snarl on their face), which to me and other people looks very insecure. It does not look affectionate or like affection. It looks like a learned and required way of walking. I’ve not seen that behaviour before other than on television or in movies. Maybe that’s where they learn it. It looks as though the two people are very insecure with each other so they feel they must make each other feel more secure by grasping hands or the arm-around-each-other’s-back routine (I don’t think I’ve ever walked with anyone like that and it looks very uncomfortable). Someone might be asking: Well don’t gay couples walk the same way? Only on occasion, but not nearly to this degree. Then when I was proofing this article, mi amigo told me yesterday that he’s been seeing more gay couples starting to walk like the “straights” walk as if they feel they must emulate the “straight” behaviour and do what the “straights” do. Ugh. [roll eyes] I’ve not seen this behaviour before and that’s why it looks so unusual and it’s why I noticed it. Maybe same-gender couples are more secure with themselves and with each other. I’ll occasionally see a gay couple holding hands or walking with locked arms, but it’s most rare to see a gay couple walking with their arm around each other’s back in a cupped shape which is rather common to see with heterosexuals. Why such insecurity heterosexuals? And do you only exhibit this behaviour in the Castro? If so, why? Does some insecure, needy female think that some gay guy is going to run over and steal her guy? Hilarious! Ain’t going to happen muchacha, because no one in the Castro cares whether you have a boyfriend/partner or not! But the way you walk and strut around here arm-in-arm you seem to think that everyone cares who you’re walking with/locked up with. I can assure you that’s not the case…no one cares or gives a fuck! So if that’s why you’re engaging in this insecure-looking learned behaviour, you’re wasting a lot of energy on nothing.


Ugh! What is with these “straight” females that need constant attention from the guy she’s with? I’ve been noticing that too. Well how could you not notice it! I’ve often heard the term, “high maintenance” used in the hetero world and now I have a much better understanding of what that means. Who would put up with THAT? Get some psychotherapy muchacha. Why do you crave constant attention from the guy you’re with? With these “straight” couples I’m seeing it’s not the guy that is all over her, it’s she who is all over him like a magnet. Usually she’s 2-3 feet shorter than he is—that seems to be a requirement with “straight” couples—and stands right up against him looking up at him with limpid eyes and gazing at him with this “puppy dog” look on her face as to say, “please, I beg you, give me attention NOW…I demand it. I’m so fucking needy.” I don’t know how anyone would/could put up with that! A Queer amigo of mine told me that before he came out of the closet and was in the hetero world that it’s programmed into people that the guy must be taller than the female to show dominance over the female. (Jesus fucking christ! What chauvinistic and fucked up thinking. So the feminist movement is absolutely dead based on what I’m seeing around here in what used to be called “Liberal San Francisco.” Yeah, those days are in the past. I swear, we are going backwards as a society as fast as we can in so many ways.) I was waiting for Muni (the bus) the other day and there was a “straight” couple just like what I mentioned above at the bus stop. She was all over him. Of course, it was the ubiquitous, cookie-cutter arrangement where he’s towering 2-3 feet taller than she is so she was looking up at him and he came down to her level and they were making out at the bus stop and then talking with each other with their chins touching each other. I’d never seen that posturing before. It was a bit much. I thought: Get a room somewhere for an hour and be done with it, por favor! But these needy-assed females! Again, I don’t know who would put up with that constant demanding need for attention and affection. It speaks to blatant insecurity and neediness.

An observation: Since I noticed this drastic height difference with “straight” couples, I’ve noticed that most Queer guy couples are about the same height. The same for lesbians couples. Why is there such a height difference with “straight” couples where the muchacho is so much taller than she is? Is that a requirement in the “straight” world where he is supposed to tower over her? It seems to be a requirement since that’s mainly what I see. Clearly the feminist movement is dead by all indications. There is some pretty loco stuff in the “straight” world I can tell you that just from a casual observation! A Queer amigo of mine and I were talking about this. He asked: When the “straight” guy is so much taller than his female partner, how do they line up right when he’s fucking her? If he’s on top of her, her face must be looking at his stomach or chest with the height difference. I told him I would think that’s true. He says the same thing I say: I’ve never given any thought to any of this since both of us have lived mostly in a Queer community where none of this stuff was the case.

Then in the Castro/Upper Market barrio, I walked out of my apartment building on New Year’s Eve and what was the first thing I saw? Yet another “straight” couple hand-in-hand walking by. Why is that unusual? Well again, it used to be very, very rare to see “straight” couples where I live because it was mainly a Queer area/The Gay Mecca. Not anymore. Now, it’s more and more common to see insecure “straight” couples tightly holding hands than to see Queers or Queer couples around where I live. This pisses me and others off. In my case, I could have stayed in the District of Columbia if I wanted to see “straight” couples and if I wanted to live in a “straight” area/”straight” world. But I wanted to live in a gay area (at that time known as “the gay mecca” of San Francisco) so I, like thousands of other people, decided to move 3,000 miles to do that without much dinero/money. It was a major move from one coast to the other and it was a challenge leaving most of one’s possessions as well as dear friends. And now San Francisco is becoming like where I left. I could have stayed where I was in the District. I was in the Castro on New Year’s Eve (2013). It was rather “straight” (couples walking in the required arm-in-arm position that they’ve been trained to do) especially on Market Street near Castro. It looked like “straights” coming to get drunk for New Year’s. Then down at 18th/Castro it more Queer which was good to see, but still quite a few “straight” couples again in the perfunctory arm around each other’s back position. Someone reading this will likely say, “they’re just being affectionate with each other.” No, they’re not. Affection is one thing and I know affection when I see it. This is not affection; this is something else (required, learned behaviour). Mi amigo pointed out that the “straights” have mainly showed up in the last two years since those two sports bars moved in on Market Street in San Francisco, even though one of the sports bars (the one I call “the obnoxious bar”) is supposedly gay. That bar gives no indication that it is a gay bar. They seem to be ashamed of the GLBTQ rainbow flag or feel it’s “too gay” for a supposedly gay sports bar with faux jocks and other wannabee jocks. They only have flags for corporate sports teams and the bar’s own flag on the building.

Then there’s the local Castro gym: Another amigo told me that—what was up until recently known as—his gay gym in the Castro now has at least 5 “straight” couples there. That’s new too. (I thought: The “straights” have the whole world and the gyms of the whole world and now they want this one too.) I asked mi amigo whether they were as obnoxious about it with their heavy make-out scenes as other “straight” couples he’s told me about (making out in the gym). He said no, they are not that type yet, but there has been some of that type there on occasion in the recent past. Then he told a Queer boy that he knows in his gym what he told me (that he’d seen “straight” couples making out in the gym in the recent past and the Queer boy’s response was a pissed off: “In THIS gym? You know, I’m just sick of it, I’m just sick of it. That’s why I stay plugged into my music when I’m here so I don’t have to see it. I’m sick of it!”

The sanitizing of the gay gym in the Castro, and a Castro sex store now focusing on “straight” male-female sex

Coincidentally, I received the following e-mail from a Castro resident while I was writing this article:

“01.08.14 There is a noticeable change in my gym in the Castro. My gym is an independent gym with a mainly gay clientele for a long time. This past week, the rainbow flag gay colors that were part of the gym’s interior were removed and painted over with gray paint. No more rainbow flag colors. Someone finds the rainbow flag colors offensive in the Castro? My partner asked how long before the big rainbow flag flying above Harvey Milk Plaza at Castro and Market comes down? There’s now a hetero ad in the gym for the gym’s exercise program. That’s new. Heteros are pouring in where it used to be just gay men months ago. It’s like there’s a hetero sweep taking place over the Castro. I went up to the sex store near The Edge bar at Collingwood. That store is now heavily promoting hetero sex (male-female) items in their windows. They had been doing this some in the past. Now it’s full on. We’re quickly losing our “gayborhood.”—Reed


I saw another amigo of mine on the sidewalk the other night, it was a Sábado/Saturday night. We stopped and talked awhile. He said he hadn’t been over to the Castro in a long time and he said to me, “I feel like I’m in the Marina.” (The Marina is one of the traditionally “straight” districts of San Francisco). He asked, “where are all these hetero people coming from and why would they come here?” I said: (Sigh), oh don’t get me started on that. He said: Maybe the heteros are swarming to the Castro because of all the gay bars in the Castro. I said: Well, why don’t they just go to the “straight” bars in their neighbourhood? I haven’t heard that they have all closed? And in the Castro, we have the same number of bars we’ve always had pretty much, so if they were coming for the bars why weren’t they over here years ago? He agreed. I added: I suspect what we’re seeing is the “straight” predatory (mainly young and white) techie trash/kids who have invaded San Francisco and who are taking over any and everything they possibly can, many are disrespectful to longtime residents and have a “fuck you!” attitude. I pointed out: There’s not much ethnic diversity with the techie trash. And there seems to be a concerted campaign for “straights” to now fully take over the Castro and this was especially noticeable the evening of el 4 de enero de 2014. The Castro was mainly “straight” even down at 18th/Castro. Then I saw some flyers for an upcoming Tenants’ Convention in the Castro barrio (which is being held tomorrow, el 11 de enero de 2014) to discuss the rabid gentrification taking place, evictions and the displacing of longtime residents as I also addressed in this article: The Techie Trash.


Meanwhile, in order to “fit in” (sheep) with the ever-growing “straight” invasion in the Castro and to become part of the problem, some of the GLBTQ populace are going overboard on trying to be “straight” and to “act straight” (that’s known as being heteronormative…I’ve written about that before: here and here), and they along with the “straights” have done all they can to change the Castro from a gay area or ghetto—and I use the word “ghetto” in a positive sense; even though many people use the term “ghetto” pejoratively—to now being as so-called “Family Friendly” (translation: sanitized) as possible.


When I’ve had the opportunity to ask people if the Chinatown in many cities is an “Asian Ghetto” they start squirming and don’t know how to answer that. Then I ask about the wealthy Ghetto in San Francisco where the bourgeois elite live known as “Specific Whites” (the real name: Pacific Heights). Is that a Ghetto? Same reaction: Squirming. What about Japantown? Or North Beach? More squirming. But a Gay Ghetto is bad, huh? Some people say that, including anti-gay conservatives who deny being anti-gay. The rents in Castro/Upper Market are far from “ghetto” priced I can assure you of that. But the snooty, pretentious and wealthy don’t want a “gay ghetto” here Dahling. No, they want a bougi, wealthy neighbourhood with just pretentious, superficial, shallow snots walking around who think they’re better than others just because of their septic illness called class-ism, and some overpriced, expensive clothing they wear or some “Keeping up with the Jones-es” status-symbol vehicle they drive or some home/”Luxury Designer Condo” Dahling they own. Or as mi amiga says: “When in reality, their ass is no different than anyone else’s.” Yes! Get therapy for your class-ism illness, pretentious snooty snots.


Ironically, as same-gender marriage becomes legal in more places some GLBTQ people seem to be heading back into the closet and pretending to be “straight.” Absolutely loco/a. What exactly was the point in working for same-gender marriage if you/people were going to go back into the closet after it became legal in some places? Doh. There must be something in the water! (Read here and here). Regarding same-gender marriage: I was reading an interview with Lily Tomlin recently (by the way there are three of her videos below showing her skits you might enjoy) who was interviewed and she said that she and Jane (her partner) had only flippantly talked about getting married. She’s not big on the idea because (as with myself), she says when one tries to emulate “straights” one gets on a slippery slope. Well I’m glad you understand that Lily. Most of the GLBTQ populace doesn’t, it seems. And why would any thinking person want to emulate “straights” to begin with? Although again that’s what many gay people in San Francisco and elsewhere are now trying to do here with their obsession with “straights” and “jock” bull shit, watching “The Game” and screaming and grunting at television screens like some loco/a person over some corporate sport teams. It’s as if some of the GLBTQ populace have flipped out, and I mean that.

Then I got an e-mail from mi amiga who wrote that she had just been on Market Street near Castro and noticed the flow of young (mostly white) “straight” couples up and down Market Street and crossing Market Street the evening of el 24 de diciembre. She wondered if they were from the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex that’s taking over San Francisco. (For those who don’t know: The Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex is receiving generous corporate welfare from the city.) “Why all the ‘straight’ couples?,” she said she asked herself. Then she realised they were going or had gone to one of the holiday concerts of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus at the nearby theatre. As she wrote (I’m paraphrasing): I guess they felt the obligation to (as they call it) “Support The Gays” while they (the “straights”) are helping to force/evict/kick out “The Gays” out of the city because of the rampant gentrification from the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex (which seems to be mostly “straight” young and white or Asian), and the outrageous rents/condo prices caused by the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex as well as the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their corrupt liars.

That’s probably true, mi amiga.

Then the next day, I walked around and through the Castro on the afternoon of Navidad. I too saw one “straight” couple after the other, especially on Market Street. It was mostly “straight” on Navidad. During my walk I remembered that one local gay activist said recently that the Castro barrio would be hetero in 10 years? HA! Not even. I suspect very soon the barrio will be mostly “straight” at the rate it’s going.


But I don’t believe all of these supposedly “straight” guys (especially guys) coming over here are “straight” because I look at sex ads to see what people are doing. They’re doing all kinds of things. But what I especially notice: There are constant sex ads on a popular site (initials CL) and those ads read like this: Curious, want first time experience with a guy, bi-curious, want to suck dick, etc. That type of thing. They claim they are “straight” in their ad and often they write that their “girl or chick is out of town.” There’s a run on females being out of town these days based on these ads. I have no doubt that many of the “straight” couples I see in the Castro are really guys too scared to come to the Castro alone and get what they’re looking for (a guy). So instead they drag her along—she’s “not out of town too, muchacho?—as a security blanket because the guy is likely scared about coming to the Castro and meeting a guy for the first time.


A suggestion los muchachos: Leave her at home since you are only dragging her along for “cover” and as some excuse to come to the Castro in the name of “Supporting The Gays” (oh give it a rest!…that’s not why you’re here). Come here alone, by yourself and try to hook up with el muchacho and be done with it. Stop playing these ridiculous games. When I and other Queer people I know came out we didn’t go through all this bull shit that you’re doing. That closet door flew open and that was it. Out we came. No holding hands with the other gender pretending to be something we weren’t and living a lie. It’s damn silly and a waste of time. And it might help if you get some (sex) therapy.

And finally, two e-mails I received asking me questions about this topic:

First Question: “What can be done about this to keep the Castro a gay area?”
My response: Nothing can be done about it. It is what it is. Unfortunately, it’s going to happen regardless of what you or I think. It is the result/consequences of many things:

1. Rampant gentrification in San Francisco which corporate parasitic politicians (and their venture capitalist) have supported to make this a city for the wealthy (but of course they wouldn’t say that.)

2. Tons of evictions in San Francisco and outrageous housing prices/costs (Politics of GREED) which has forced many GLBTQ people out of the city.

3. It’s also a result of The Class-ist, Ageist, Anti-Homeless, Hallowed, Sacrosanct, Sanctimonious, Parasitic and Predatory, Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex (a.k.a. TIC) and their bourgeois elite parasitic corporatist conservative politicians who give the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex corporate welfare, and who don’t give a fuck about the average person who lives here despite empty, sweet words to the contrary. And the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex contributes little or nothing to the city.

4. It’s also the result of corporate greed from the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their corrupt liars, and of course the conservative politician for the barrio (Politician Cocks). Politician Cocks is a class-ist (class-ism is a sickness) and he fully supports gentrification of the Castro, so I would imagine he must be delighted at what’s happening to make San Francisco and the Castro another Marin/Tiburón, which is essentially what is happening as far as the make-up of the city. The city is losing its wonderful ethnic diversity. The new residents seem to be mainly young, white (or Asian) kid, “straight” and heavily into drinking and getting drunk.

Second Question: “What will happen to tourism since San Francisco will no longer be a gay mecca attraction?”
My response: From what I’ve read, losing the GLBTQ identity of the Castro is a mounting concern among the merchants in and around the Castro barrio. As the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex takes over the city in part because of corporate welfare from the city, who would come here to see tech? There’s nothing to see with the techie industry other than your gadget/apps, some office buildings and bourgeois elite “Luxury Designer Condos” Dahling being thrown up as fast as possible—most of them are very cheaply made—throughout the city. I wouldn’t think seeing the parade of double-decker techie shuttles throughout the city and up and down the Peninsula to Silicon Valley would be a tourist attraction of any sort. Your question has been asked by many people and it was a major concern for some of us a couple of years ago. Since then the situation has only gotten worse. I suspect some tourists might come here expecting to see the Castro and San Francisco of the Gay Mecca days. They will receive a major shock and disappointment where instead they will see in-your-face “straight” people. They will see a Castro that is really a fading museum of its former self.
Gracias to you both for your e-mails.

Maybe at some point in the distant future when the GLBTQ populace becomes so angry over some injustice or problem/issue (even though I can’t see that happening any time soon considering what the GLBTQ populace has turned into: corporatised sheep), gays will decide to once again live in a “gay mecca” somewhere similar to the former San Francisco “gay mecca.” But I think it would take something monumental for that to happen because these days it doesn’t seem that GLBTQs care about anything other than grunting at walls of television screens showing corporate sport$ team$ in a bar, drinking as much as you can and getting drunk and bragging about it (I thought people grew out of that? No?), being as mainstream as possible, being corporate (some gay people now brag about, “not being the least bit alternative” which is something I used to never heard from the GLBTQ populace), and of course using other drugs (meTh for ParTying) in addition to the drug alcohol. And at the rate it’s going, I suspect the Castro will be mostly “straight” very, very soon and that’s just the way it is as the gay populace is forced out of San Francisco with thousands of other longtime residents to make way for The Techie Trash.

Someone e-mailed me saying that our infrastructure in San Francisco cannot withstand any more people. The Muni metro (our subway system) is already at full capacity. People are having trouble getting to work in the Financial District because Muni is running one car metro trains during rush hour in the mornings. This conservative mayor and the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex is intent on bringing thousands and thousands more techies to San Francisco to live in all of the these “Luxury Designer Condos” Dahling that are being built as quickly as possible for the super-wealthy. The person asked me for my response.
My response: All of that is true. I can’t wait for the tech bubble to burst. (Here’s The Evidence That The Tech Sector Is In A Massive Bubble
) It can’t happen soon enough, and then we’ll see where all of these pretentious Techie Trash live. I suspect there will be lots and lots of empty “Luxury Designer Condos” Dahling when that happens. Similar to the many empty ghost cities in China from overbuilding. Because there are only so many super-wealthy people around.

For example:

This ’60 Minutes’ Video Of China’s Ghost Cities Is More Surreal Than Anything We’ve Ever Seen.


So maybe we should just forget about this “straight” take over of the Castro—those of us who have a problem with this—since it’s going to happen anyway and there’s nothing that anyone can do about it. At this point, I’m pretty much resigned to it as there is nothing I can do about it, and this may be the last time I write about it because what more is there to say about it? When I see the perfunctory white “straight” couple (she is tall skinny with long brown or blond hair, he is skinny and always taller…they never look like the typical overweight USans) walking as closely together as possible grasping hands or that arms around each other’s back routine, I’ve started looking the other direction with a feeling of resignation. Just ignore them. Some GLBTQ people still living here have talked about leaving San Francisco because it’s very frustrating to see this city being torn apart and drastically changed, but the same GLBTQ people are saying that they don’t know where they would go because this is happening in many other cities. Yes, that’s the problem. Where to go. Another option is to stay out of the Castro—just don’t go there if you don’t have to—if one doesn’t live in the Castro and instead hangout some place else where you don’t expect it to be gay. That way one won’t have to see what they don’t want to see (their area taken over by “straight”) and what will only get worse and worse. I know some gay people who never come to the Castro. I never see them in the Castro. And some GLBTQ people have had a “love/hate” feeling about the Castro for decades.

Then mi amiga/my friend said this:

Well the way things are done around here is if you don’t like something you ban it. (She has a very good point.) She continued: Remember the conservative prudes who didn’t like the few naked guys in the Castro? The prudes said they shouldn’t have to see the few naked guys and they shouldn’t have to turn their head away to not see the few naked guys so they wanted a nudity ban and they got it. We should use that same strategy with the “straights” who are flooding into the Castro. I shouldn’t have to turn my eyes or my head away to not see them and I shouldn’t have to see “straights” and their in-your-face-we-came-to-the-Castro-to-makeout behavior. So I say it’s time for a “Straight Couples” ban and make it city-wide just like the nudity ban. That strategy can work both ways.

Muchas gracias for that, mi amiga. Good luck with that plan. I know you’re only half serious, but I certainly get the point.

Yes, the “straights” clearly want it all, including the Castro. Greedy fucks aren’t they? And if you have a problem with that (as I do), just try to ignore them and think about something pleasant.


And finally, recently a major national US GLBTQ publication did an article about the gayest cities (gay meccas) in The Cesspool/Los Estados Unidos/The US. San Francisco came in #11. That upset some people—living in the past—who apparently don’t know what’s happened to/in San Francisco. It didn’t surprise me that we came in #11. Some people were hating on that publication for how they came up with their list of cities/places. I read many of the comments on sites carrying the article. Several conclusions from the comments I read:

1) I saw no one from San Francisco on the message forums, and one had to be registered or go through FB in order to comment. No gracias!

2) On one forum, out of nearly 200 comments (some people arguing) everyone commenting thinks that San Francisco is the same city it was during the now fading gay mecca days. And as I’ve explained here and in other articles, that’s far from the case. Some people laughed that Oakland CA was on the list. Well, if they would do just a bit of research they would know that many GLBTQ people from San Francisco who have been evicted from their apartment have moved to Oakland where the rents are a little bit cheaper although that may be changing because Oakland is now gentrifying. West Hollywood was mentioned and a resident of WeHo wrote (slightly changed for copyright purposes):

“WEHO (West Hollywood) doesn’t stand a chance anymore. The hetero population is moving in, just like in Atlanta. Now that WEHO has been built up and beautified, here come the heteros. So with it goes the property values, out go the queers to find another place to build. This story has been repeated all over the country.”

By the way, the top 5 gayest cities in the US for 2014:

1. District of Columbia
2. Pasadena CA
3. Seattle WA
4. Cambridge MA
5. Atlanta GA

What the person from WeHo wrote sounded very similar to what’s going on up here in San Francisco. But I was sorry to see the amount of ignorance in the comments and some very nasty people commenting angrily at the publication that came up with the gay cities’ list. All one has to do is a little bit of research to find out what’s going on in places. I knew about WeHo because I had researched WeHo, and what’s going on down there. But I guess it’s easier for some people to remain ignorant and spread ignorance on message forums. That article was also on another corporate media magazine site. Those comments were mostly hateful of GLBTQ people. Chau.—rosa barrio


Interview with Lily Tomlin

What has happened to the GLBTQ populace? This will give you some idea.. They (GLBTQs) have mostly become corporatised sheeple and have done their very best to abandon their radical activism days.

Now enjoy Lily Tomlin:

Lily is imitating a Class-ist Bitch in this video:


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