Gay Conversion Sites: An Echo Chamber for Homophobia

“Anytime you get messed up with a female, expect a horrible mess.”—a straight friend of mine who has said many times that he wished he were gay.

Hola a todos. The gay conversion sites are an exercise in group-think, intense psycho-babble and intense breeder/straight-brainwashing. They’re trying to talk themselves into being straight. They’re like a cult. Someone wrote, “How is everyone’s path to going straight?” Some of them write, “I’m finding girls more attractive” as if they’re desperately trying to force themselves to find girls attractive. As if they’re trying to force a change in their Queer sexuality. One guy wrote, “I’m usually only distracted by guys at the gym and then I immediately change my thoughts to focusing on girls, so I’m no longer distracted by guys. And since society favours heterosexual intercourse, that makes me want to be straight and only think about pussy.” (roll eyes)

We have a lot of sexually fucked up people in our world.

If one in any way publicly — meaning in the chat room — challenge a member of the cult, expect to be BANNED within the next 2-3 days. They demand group-think and cheer-leading for the lies told about how many girls some guy has supposedly fucked for the first time (and preferably cum in). These guys have likely never been near a smelly pussy other than when they were born, assuming their mother had a vaginal delivery!

These are mostly fantasy sites and guys come on these sites and say anything (literally), sometimes contradicting what they’ve said previously. Such as this guy who wrote that he only watches lesbian porn so that he doesn’t have to see the picture of a dick, fearing that he could backslide into being gay. (Oh dear, you wouldn’t want that!) Then a week or so later the same guy asked the administrator if there was a place on the site for exchanging dick pics?! Dick pics? But I thought you feared seeing dick pics a week or so ago because you didn’t want to backslide into being gay? Yes, they write out their fantasies about pounding pussy while pretending it’s all real and other guys respond with, “Way to go, bro” and “smash that pussy” as they try to act like Mr Macho “Real Man” Straight Jock. Another guy said he wanted to make a video of him fucking a girl for the first time but he had to wait until his body was jock-perfect to do so. Well, clearly the picture of the perfect jock that he used for his profile was not him. Whose picture is he using for his profile? Another liar.

Other than from a position of gay-shame and self-hatred — get some credible psychotherapy gay boys from a Queer therapist — I can’t understand why any gay guy would want to be straight. Do they never listen to “testimonials” from straight guys about how horrible their life is with “the wife” and kids? If you want to look like an aged guy when you’re 50 or 60, get “the wife” and kids. It will age you tremendously. I’ve seen that with the straight couples in my neighbourhood. Whenever I see a couple having a dysfunction on the streets of San Francisco it’s always “him and her.” And she can be whingeing about something as harmless as “you didn’t charge my phone!” I’d tell her: Charge your own damn phone, bitch. Do I look like your slave? Do we understand each other? Fuck off. Breeders have a divorce rate of well over 50% in the non-United States and why do you think that guys are often calling “the wife” to tell her: I’ll be late at the office tonight, dear. Don’t wait up.” That’s to avoid going home and being with her, even to get smelly pussy.

It’s one thing to get smelly pussy and tits — which can take up to 2 hours or more just to get pussy considering females have all of this protocol that they demand from the guy — but then after the 2-hour sex session you still have to put up with the rest of her and her whinging, moaning and complaining for another 22 more hours. This happens each day. What sane, reasonable and rationale guy wants that? So “getting pussy” is a lot more complicated than you think. It requires your whole life, dedicated to Ms self-entitled and self-absorbed Bitch, with few exceptions to that.

During the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, I never heard any gay guy say that he wished he were straight. But these days, it’s another story with 24/7 societal breeder brainwashing and heteronormative brainwashing everywhere you look.

As I’ve written before, there are two anti-gay, non-religious-based, gay-conversion sites online that I know of for wallowing in homophobia and in some cases The Male Patriarchy mindset (“him and her” where the woman knows her place). These are very conservative sites. You get to these sites by invitation only. I’m on both sites as an observer, but am very turned off by them and I never say a word on either. I know not to. The newer site came about because a large group of guys from the first site left in hostility and disgust with the owner of the site. They left and started their own (syrupy) site where lockstep agreement is required per the site’s “rules.” They couldn’t stand the owner of the other site. I can’t either. Is there any topic that he’s not a self-appointed expert on including medical topics? I found that one can gently factually correct his ignorance on Tuesday, but on Wednesday he’s back to repeating the ignorance. These days, he not on his own site that often — maybe he realises he’s killed it — but when he does he usually trolls someone who has made a rare comment in the public chat room. He serves as a self-appointed authority and the resident troll which seems to alienate the few guys still on there to the point where no one says a word, presumably because they’re afraid to. I’ve seen how guys disappear (banned) if they do say anything that challenges the homophobic status quo of the sites, or challenges anything really. Both sites want an unspoken “we all agree” lovey-dovey echo chamber. “I agree” are two words that one sees the most of on these sites followed by “lol, hehehehe and hahahahaha.”

This article is about the site that has the word ‘Hub’ as part of its title. That’s the newer site. And homophobia is especially welcome on that site. For example, one person’s screen name is Homophobe Lover. He’s not banned but the guy challenging him is banned. That’s typical of these gay conversion cults. I saw where one guy disappeared after he referred to some of the guys on there as “thin-skinned, delicate and fragile and…I thought we were all adults here.” He got banned for that. The truth hurts doesn’t it? One of the moderators wrote:

“I’m so happy we have this safe place.”—moderator “JackTheDayAway” (another syrupy sally)

Translation: “This safe place” means a place where people will blindly accept anything you say without question, and will make no judgments what-so-ever of anything you say. “This safe place” means you are free to say whatever you want including lying, fictional stories, fantasies and more lies without anyone challenging a word of it. Again, blind group-think. Just like a cult. No critical thinking skills allowed. Questioning a person in the most harmless way is considered attacking the person, which ends in a “Warning!” Followed by BANNED.

A brief aside: But that’s the same shit that partisans do. I remember being accused of “you’re attacking Obama” when I was merely citing his record and what he had said. With the “Democratic” Party Cultists, when anyone cited Obama’s record, they called it an “attack on Obama.” Nobody was “attacking” Obama by reading his record. They just didn’t want to hear or see his record. They wanted everyone blindly in lockstep adoration of Mr Hope and Change We Can Believe In Obama, no matter what his record said or what he said. Very cult-like.

The moderators are all guys, I think — it’s hard to tell because of their screen names — but they act like drippy-pussy females with their syrupy comments and as one moderator wrote, “I’m so happy we were able to have this discussion and get along in this safe place” and other syrupy words along that line. The same drippy-pussy moderator writes to guys, “Do whatever makes you happy.” (roll eyes). Why do moderators feel they must act like parents talking to children? Where did that syrupy sally moderator come from and others just like him on there? They seem to want the “Hub” site to have the atmosphere of a “wholesome” (I can’t stand that word) tupperware party where everyone is lovey-dovey, most are homophobic and there’s not a problem in the world. Most of the commenters end their comments with “hahahahaha” or “hehehehe” or “lol.” It’s just one big immature augh-fest. These are some of the most immature people you will find anywhere. I think most are Millenneals, based on their profiles. Well, that explains a lot. But the overwhelming number of guys who are registered on the ‘Hub’ site are never on there. I guess they got turned off by it. The number of guys who are usually on there is roughly 10 or less out of roughly 250 total.

*The impression one gets is that you’re not supposed to have an opinion on anything — or at least that you express openly — because it might offend some delicate person and then you have to quickly backtrack and write, “just my opinion, no judgments” and timidly disappear for awhile. They require that one’s mind be a blank slate. I’ve never seen such a bunch of mealy-mouthed, timid, syrupy, wet doilies without a backbone on any other site. The gay conversion crowd is one socially fucked up bunch of people. I can confirm that. I can say that based on my experience observing them. Other than the (lecturing) moderators on their power trip, everyone else seems afraid of their own fucking shadow. What an useless bunch of people, with few exceptions to that. Society’s trash describes most of them.

The other day I read a comment on the ‘Hub’ site and I was going to privately tell the guy who wrote it that I appreciated what he wrote, but I see he’s already been banned. He had responded to this so-called jock who claimed to “smash a pussy after every gym visit” and he wrote that each time he does “I cum in her and it makes the gay in me gradually go away.” (roll eyes) Ugh. Obviously another homophobic, gay-shame, self-hating Queer boy wishing he were straight. The guy I was going to thank wrote in response sarcastically: You only smash one pussy after the gym, dude? I smash at least 12 pussies at my gym, although my gym is closed. Where are you in the era of COVID-19 where gyms are open? (Implying it was all another lie). I cum in all pussies too because I like to see a lot of unwanted kids around and it also helps promote the stereotype of the stupid jock. That’s me.” He was BANNED for that!! Nothing happened to the liar. Yes, you’re banned if you tell the truth — the truth hurts doesn’t it? — or question anything homophobic. One cannot challenge anything that some asshole says. The asshole will not be banned. The person challenging the asshole will be banned. That seems ass backwards to me, but this is the Century of Insanity where hate, prejudice, bigotry and homophobia are thriving. And that’s the type of trash that run these sites. One of the moderators told another jerk to be careful about hooking up with chicks in the era of COVID-19. He wrote: Thank you for your opinion. The moderator didn’t give an opinion but rather medical facts. The moderator then almost apologetically backtracked into syrupy mode which is the standard on there and said, “Oh, no judgements here, have fun” — he had to quickly say that so that he wouldn’t be banned by the owner of the site — and some other syrupy backtracking. No one has a backbone on that site. They’re like a bunch of syrupy bent-over wet doilies.

But that’s the way these sites work. Anyone is allowed to write anything homophobic, anti-queer and some rather hateful stuff. For example, One guy’s screen name is Homophobe Lover. But the person who questions them with facts is banned, with few exceptions. And the thing is, the guy who questioned Mr Jock was banned. His comments were so tame that they could have been read over National Public Radio without any censors. He wasn’t hostile, he used no sex language or anything. He just referred to some of the guys — naming no one in particular — of being thin-skinned, fragile and delicate. What’s wrong with that? Well, apparently those words hit home and the syrupy sallies couldn’t handle the truth. BANNED. And these jerks pretend to be “real men” who allegedly fuck pussy? Ha!

That’s why I call these sites an echo chamber for homophobia. Also, lockstep agreement with the moderator is required otherwise a warning is given and one is accused to being “argumentative” when really the commenter was merely expressing his opinions — which differ from that of the moderator — delicately challenging the moderator. That’s not allowed either. Again, an echo chamber is required.

I suppose you could say that the good thing about these sites is that in the big scheme of things they attract very few guys worldwide. Most of the registered guys are supposedly turned off by the sites after they visit it a few times (if that) that they never go back.

Even if someone thinks they might be interested in females as a kink fetish, why does it nearly always have to be based in homophobia, gay-shame, self-hate and anti-gay thinking? Even if homophobia itself is a kink fetish for some guys — and they are the opposite in person, in their real life — why do these sites have to be an echo chamber of one-thought, no disagreeing (or rarely) and in the case of the newer site, like a syrupy love-fest with constant cheering for some guy’s lies and made-up stories about how many girls he’s allegedly fucked, cumming in and “fucking the gay away” nonsense?

This reminds me of the bi guys — or guys claiming to be bi — who feel they must live with a female rather than with a guy (a boyfriend or male partner). Instead, Mr Bi Guy lives with a female so that he appears to be “straight” and “normal.” More internalised homophobia.

I’ve also found that most of the guys on these sites have absolutely no social skills what-so-ever. They can’t talk. I used to contact some guys privately just to see what their head trip was (without saying that) and we rarely got beyond the “Hello” stage. A guy contacted me privately the other day. He wrote, “Hey.” I responded with something short and asked him if he’d been on the site long. He wrote back, “No.” Dead pan response. I’m so glad he elaborated! [sarcasm intended] So I wrote back, “What are your interests?” His response: No response. That was the end of our conversation. No social skills. I thought: Why the fuck did you contact me if you didn’t want to talk? And that is so typical on these sites. Why did he contact me if he had no interest in talking or doesn’t have social skills for talking?

It’s too bad that no one has started a site similar to these sites where homophobia is not allowed and where people can challenge other people’s lies and thinking without being banned. That would be a new concept. But, no, such a site does not exist to my knowledge. Chau.—el barrio rosa