Gay Conversion Brainwashing

Update:  I think I’ve already talked about this somewhere, but I’m not sure where and that’s this:  The gay conversion brainwashing cult guys like to hate on “gay sex” and they think that all gay guys are into anal sex, which of course is not true at all.  Over the years I’ve known many gay guys who were not into anal.  So the gay conversion cult talk about how disgusting “gay sex” is and how disgusting it is to “eat a guy’s shit hole and the place where a guy poops.”  They say that this is why “gay sex” is more difficult than straight sex because gay guys have to “prepare.”  Well so do the straights.  They need to “prepare.”  Everyone needs to prepare depending upon what kind of sex they’re going to do.  I’ve seen many straight and bi porn videos where the guys will eat a females “shit hole and the place where she poops” to use their language.  Sometimes the guy fucks her in the ass rather than in the pussy because her pussy is too loose, or she’s ovulating and he doesn’t want to risk getting her pregnant and 18+ years of his life dedicated to a kid.  So he fucks her in the ass.  Also, gynecologists say to not eat pussy and then eat ass and then eat pussy again, even though I’ve seen many videos where the guy does that.  The reason gynecologists say that is because of what they call “cross contamination.”  Any bacteria from the woman’s asshole can get into her pussy and cause an infection.  And if a guy is going to have sex with a woman, she needs to “prepare.”  She needs to bathe just like a gay guy or anybody else would do.  I’ve read comments from straight guys saying that they like eating their girl’s pussy but she “smells like shit” down there and it’s a real turnoff to him because the bottom of her pussy is only about 1/4″ away from her asshole.  Some chicks who work at home don’t take a shower every day and this repulses her boyfriend so he starts sniffing around to see how she smells before going down there to eat her out.  Often the guy avoids down there altogether and engages in necking and her tits as much as possible.  Bottom line:  Don’t believe the distorted and willfully-ignorant nonsense from the gay conversion cult about “gay sex.”  Anyone having sex has to make sure they are “clean” regardless of gender, and from my experience with gay guys, they are the cleanest of any people.  If they expect to have anal sex, they usually douche unless they know that the guy they’re getting together with is not into that and prefers that he be “natural” as it’s called.  The same thing the chicks I’ve seen in videos have done.  They’ve obviously douched too.  They’ve even douched their pussy, or some of them have.  So it’s not just gay guys.  It’s anyone.  I hope this helps.  I’m sick of the ignorance that comes from the gay conversion cult.  Also, my experience talking with some of the guys on there was mostly negative.  I found that most had no social skills.  These days, I say nothing to anyone because I know not to.  Quite a few assholes on there.  And if one tries to “fit in” by writing something that is considered “homophobic,” — because that’s expected with the gay conversion cult — there’s no consistency with that.  Some guys can get away with being as homophobic as they want.  While others are reprimanded by other guys for being similarly homophobic.  I don’t understand the double-standard there.  Bottom line:  I think they’re just a bunch of nuts with some kink-fantasy.

So on one of the two gay conversion sites — the one that’s pretty much dead — the big-headed owner of the site showed up and thanked everyone (all 7 people) for making his site a drama-free place over the past months.   Translation:  “Drama-free” = say nothing unless you agree with him; an echo-chamber.  When I read his “drama-free” comment I thought:  What are you talking about?  There’s been nobody on here for  other than about 5-8 guys at one time (out of the registered 54) for months and when they do come on here nobody says anything because they know not to.  He wants an echo-chamber of praise and ass-eating to him and that’s what he gets from a couple of guys.  Either that or nobody says anything.  I know not to say anything on there.  He’s the same nut who said he’s voting for tr*mp even though he thinks the orange thug/the Village Idiot is bad at running the country but he’s doing so to “show the Democrats.”  Ha!  Fuck the Democrats (and the Republicans).  I can’t stand either right-wing cult.  The Democrats don’t even know this guy exists or care what he thinks!  His head is so big from people eating his ass over the years because he thinks he’s such an authority on all matters sexual.  In reality, he’s quite deliberately ignorant.  Some guy corrected something he said and then the next time I was on there he was repeating the disinformation/lie once again.  It’s part of his agenda and what he does.  And anyone that doesn’t do the echo-chamber routine and challenges him he asks them to “can you tone it down?; you seem argumentative.”  Argumentative = giving one’s opinion that differs with his.  Well, one guy was on there.  I recognised his name and he gave the guy what he wanted by saying “You’re most welcome and I support all that you do on here.”  I thought:  Can you stick your head any farther up his upper colon?  But the owner of the site does nothing other than to occasionally show up and troll someone with some snarky comment.  Or, maybe the praise came because the owner of the site wrote that he went onto a gay app and pretended to be a female wanting to give gay guys their first sexual experience with a woman (the gay conversion thing).  Yet previously, the owner of the site has reprimanded other guys for misrepresenting themselves on his site.  Yet that’s the same thing he did on another site.  I guess it’s okay when he does it.  Typical tr*mp supporter.  Mr Hypocrite.  But his site has been silent for weeks.  The site is essentially dead and apparently he likes that because it’s “drama-free” meaning an echo-chamber.  End of Update

One thing I’ve definitely noticed about the small gay conversion minority:  Homophobia and or gay shame is a major part of it.  Making comments that some of the most homophobic straight guys in society — who are really closet cases? — would make is expected.  But the odd thing that I found is that some guys homophobic comments and images are rallied behind (“right on, bro!”), but then if another guy uses the same images or makes similar homophobic statements, for some reason he is trolled and questioned about his homophobia.  When he merely did the same thing that the guy who was praised did.  Damn odd.  There’s this double-standard or hypocrisy.  But then one needs to keep in mind that these are some of the most fucked-up gay guys you’ll find anywhere.  Fortunately, they are a small minority. 

There’s one major thing that the guys who are into or promote gay conversion to “going straight” never talk about and that this:  Supposedly the intent of gay conversion is to “go straight” and to live a straight life.  That means spending your life with a female.  Most females from my experience just as friends are an emotional wreck.  Many straight guys will confirm this.  And the sex part is only a very small part of one’s life and time that one spends with a female.  Therefore, these guys are trying to convert to a straight life just for the sex part, which again is only a very small part of your life with a woman.  Guys:  You have to take the rest of her/all of her just to get the sex part.  Are you ready to empty out your bank account and abandon your hobbies just to please her?  She’ll demand all of your attention.  Here’s my experience with females:   Every time there’s some national or world crisis (such as COVID-19), females are the first to meltdown.  It’s one reason I avoid females, from experience. They become void of logic. They are completely emotional. The tears start, they lose all basis in reality, they become completely emotional-based rather than looking at things rationally, sanely and reasonably. They often don’t even know they’re doing it.  Females also melt down over the smallest and most trivial things. What emotional wrecks females are! Try to explain something to them rationally and reasonably and they’ve put this emotional wall up so they don’t hear you. I’ve seen this over and over with females. They’re often gushing about “love” and “much love” and then in the next breath having an emotional meltdown. Love is a wonderful feeling, but to say it mindlessly in online comments to other people — as females do — that they don’t even know is a bit much. And the guys who are with these females are just as bad. They’ve been “womanised” by her so they too have the same type of emotional meltdown as the woman who controls him. Guys however, from my experience, stay pretty much the same as they always are, with few exceptions to that. It’s one of the major differences between the genders. Some people won’t like what I’ve written here, but the fact is the truth can be painful, can’t it?  After I wrote that, a straight guy sent me this response:

You have me laughing. You certainly don’t mind taking a well-articulate poke into a hornet’s nest. You won’t be receiving any accolades from the gentler (?) gender for THAT comment. Sadly, my experiences compel me to agree with you, although I will confine my agreement to include only US women. I think, or at least I would hope, that women in numerous other societies behave much better, and I think that it’s fair to say that many gender proclivities are shaped by the society in which one lives. Jack Nicholson played a character in which he was a writer of books that mostly appealed to women – romance novels – and in one scene a woman asked him how he knew women so well. “I start with a man”, he replied, “and I take away reason and accountability”. Well said, in my experience. I’m a general contractor, mostly in residential construction, and I’ve had a lot of dealings with both men and women. The worst people whom I’ve worked for have been women, by far. US women. Nice until they’re not nice. Forget trying to reason with them. They follow their emotions like a donkey follows a bale of hay being carried before them. They’re always right, even when they’re dead wrong. Distort the facts, ignore the facts. It’s about control. If one of them ever admitted being mistaken, and apologized, I think that it would be a cold day in hell. No, I’m not bitter, but these people have cost me tens of thousands of dollars, and thankfully I’m not married to one of them. Came close a number of times, then realized that I live in a controlling world, so why take on more control? I vehemently dislike control, in men or women.” 

Me talking now:  I can understand the bi or straight sexual fantasies of “going straight” that some guys have — people have all kinds of fantasies — but I don’t know how any guy could put up with a female longer than to have sex with her, and even that might be a problem.  I mean, who can stand to hear those high-pitched squeals she lets out while having sex that she learned from porn videos.  Put a muffler on it or something.  They’re awful.  By comparison, guys are relatively quiet during sex and they also don’t stink.  Some of the conversion guys will say that a guy has to “prepare” his ass for sex.  Well so does a woman if she’s going to get fucked in the ass or in the pussy.  A woman’s ass is no cleaner than a guy.  In fact, it’s probably “dirtier” since it’s right next to that pussy where something is always coming out of pussy (urine, mucous, blood, slime, cheese-looking mucous and so on), and many straight guys prefer fucking a woman in the ass because her ass is tighter than that (lose) pussy and also there’s no chance of her getting pregnant which can ruin a guy’s life for 18+ years and dealing with Ms Bitch.  So it’s not just gay guys who have to “prepare their ass” as the conversion guys talk about.  Some straight guys refuse to “go down” on their girl because they can’t stand the smell.  There’s the smell of pussy and then there’s the smell from her ass if she doesn’t shower every day.  Other guys have been brainwashed that you’re supposed to like that stench from pussy because “real men” like that smell.  Not the straight guys I’ve talked with and they are “real men.”  Fucking her is okay — although many straight guys told me fucking pussy feels like fucking a lose bag and it can take the guy forever to cum.  As for pussy clamping down on dick?  Some pussies do and some don’t.  In one porn video I watched where that happened, the guy was asked to rate his sex with the girl at the end of their time together.  He took off points because he said her pussy hurt his dick when she clamped down.  It was painful and she wouldn’t let go.

Two or three years ago as of this writing (it’s now 2020) I thought that the concept of gay conversion was a rather major topic considering all the T*mblr sites dedicated to it. Even though there are no shortage of gay guys in the closet and married to females worldwide, but that’s a different topic than gay conversion. Being in the closet and never coming out and following the brainwashed heteronormative straight Family Script is different than having come out and lived one’s life openly and honestly as a gay person, and then later going back in the closet and allegedly “converting” to straight, if that were even possible. If anything, that’s a case of a guy being bi to begin with or having occasional bi feelings. Over the years, I’ve known a couple of guys who told me they were bi, but then later told me, “No, I’m no longer bi. I’m gay.” (Related:  Are most bi guys bi?)  When I asked about that, one of them told me, “Oh I was just experimenting with some occasional female fantasies but after discovering what women are really like when you try to have a relationship with them, I came running back to guys. So no, I’m no longer bi. That was just some short-term fantasy thing.” Some weak gay guys force themselves to like girls because that’s what their family expects them to do. These gay guys get tired of being nagged about “When are you going to find a nice girl to settle down with?” After he caves into his family’s pressure and becomes a “Prisoner of Wife and Child” then his parents begin nagging him about “When are you going to start a nice family?” Translation: When are you going to fuck her and get her pregnant? We want grandchildren because that’s part of The Family Script. Intense brainwashing and peer pressure has a lot to do with straight sexuality since straight sexuality is considered “normal.” (Normal = boring and heteronormative). Guys are brainwashed that they are supposed to like girls at a very early age. They are brainwashed by their peers that they are supposed to like pussy whether they do or not, and on and on.  I remember being in my childhood church class of all boys. One day we were sitting around and one of the guys told the guy sitting next to him, “Get your hands off of me. You have pussy all over them.” Well, that said a lot about the guy’s feelings about girls and pussy.  Everyone laughed at what he said including the teacher of the church class. We were all acting like bros at the time. I was wondering if anyone else — other than myself — picked up that Tim (the guy who said that) was not into pussy or girls. I think he was a gay boy.  He was very masculine.  He and I both got a hard on sitting next to each other one day in church. I pointed to my pants and he whispered to me, “You have a hard on.” I whispered to him, “So do you.” And we looked like we were about the same size. Then he said to his friend sitting on the other side of him who had probably seen Tim’s dick many times, “He’s got a hard on.” That guy leaned over and looked at my hard on in my pants. That was interesting.  I’ll never forget it.  I wonder if Tim remembers it?  My parents were sitting on the pew right in front of us and I was so scared that they were going to look back or hear Tim whispering or reprimand me by having me come up and sit with them which would have utterly embarrassed me.  Fortunately they didn’t.  I’ve looked Tim up online awhile back and I don’t think he ever got married to a female. I think he was/is probably a gay guy. Too bad we never had the chance to talk about any of this, but we didn’t really talk at all.  As I remember, he was more into sports and talked about sports and I had no interest in sports and didn’t know anything about it.  I didn’t even like PE.  There was another Sunday in class where we didn’t have a teacher so we guys just hung out.  Tim and I got a hard on that day too.  We looked at each other’s hard-on in our pants.  We were just horny teenage boys.  I got so turned on that I came in my pants.  So I had to sit through church with wet, sticky underwear on.  Tim was a year behind me in high school so I rarely saw him in school or in gym class.  Even though he was the son of the church minister, my parents saw Tim as “trouble” or “the bad crowd.” So I had to be careful how much I was seen talking with or hanging around Tim, even though he was a nice guy to me what minimal contact we had. I think my parents misread Tim or they didn’t really like the church minister so that carried down to any of his family members as well. As a gay friend of mine has told me a few times: I’m gay. Always have been. I knew I was attracted to boys early in elementary school around the 5th grade. I can watch straight or bi porn and get off, but I’m mostly watching the guy. I find some pussy sexually attractive and the same for some tits. But others I find nasty-looking and a turn-off. I’m not attracted to the female body, just some pussy and tits. I’m also not attracted to the up and down emotions of females. So even if I wanted to be straight — which I don’t — sex is not the major part of a relationship. You don’t spend 24 hours having sex.  So, you have to put up with a female for 24 hours just to get the sex which may last as long as 1-2 hours (max), since females demand all this programmed foreplay and game-playing before she will “give it up.”  To me that’s not worth it at all. And like you, pink barrio, have asked: How do you find the “right pussy” the type you’re attracted to?  A girl is not going to show you her pussy as a starter to show you whether she has the right pussy or not, unless she’s a sex worker maybe. But for a relationship that ain’t about to happen. So these gay guys that talk about converting to straight in order to get pussy, they’re failing to see the big picture. Because again, being straight is not all about sex. The sex part is a small part. The rest of the time, you have to be given a woman endless attention with your time and money.  But isn’t gay conversion mostly all fantasy and fiction anyway where guys write these fictional stories about gay guys “turning straight” (or bi) from having had a female pick them up in a gay bar and then they invite her back to their place to have their first heterosexual sex?  That’s usually the story line or something like that.

Pussy can get a guy into a lot of trouble. 18+ years of trouble. Fuck a girl and get her pregnant and your life is ruined for the next 18+ years.  And if you fuck pussy bareback and then pull out, it only takes one swimmer sperm to get her pregnant if the guy doesn’t pull out at the right time.  These days, there’s little to be found on gay conversion in the sexual fantasy sense, which is how most of the sites a few years ago were approaching it, although they never said that. At that time and even less now, I think the idea of gay conversion is just an extreme sexual fantasy for a small number of guys worldwide. I say that because I’ve been on two of the sites and both had less than 150-200 total guys registered with the site. Of the total guys registered, less than 10 guys were on the site at any given time. Everyone has a different fantasy with some extreme content to their fantasy. The thing I was turned off by one of the sites was that if a guy’s fantasy was more extreme than another guy’s fantasy, the site troll would come along and reprimand that guy for his extreme fantasy (as if the troll believed it was a real-life situation rather than a fantasy), which caused the guy being trolled to leave the site.  Homophobia was part of the guy’s fantasy — and homophobia is nearly always part of the fantasy for gay conversion — and the troll was homophobic as well. It’s just that the guy’s homophobia was at a higher level than the troll’s so the troll had to reprimand the guy because of that. These sites are fantasy so does it matter how extreme someone’s fantasy is? And with women, they will control a guy’s life. I’ve seen that over and over. Some guys on U-toob have stopped making videos because their female didn’t want him making videos because it was taking away time that he should be devoting to “the family” meaning needy HER.  Casey N. is a perfect example of that.  He’s married to one constantly unhappy, frowny, whiny piece of work.  He was once a rather famous videographer on U-toob. But his bitch put a stop to that and made him “spend time with the family” and get her pregnant again so they could have yet another child for her/them to take care of. So when a guy “gets pussy” the entire package comes along with it meaning that needy, self-entitled nagging bitch. And a female really ages a guy. I’ve seen that with one of my straight neighbours. I don’t know what happened to them, but they had 2 children late. Then one day I heard him say to his wife, “And I used to love you….” Whoa!  So, I sensed that she flipped out or cheated on him or something. Anyway, he now looks like a grandfather even though his two children are about 15-16 and the other 11-12 years of age. But I can tell their parents are only staying together for the kids and they try to hide their dislike for each other from their children. So when they’re out and about, they put on the fake “everything is fine” face.  Even though they live in the same house, the kids are usually with him alone or with her alone. Rare is the entire family ever together.

The Lies about Pussy. The Great Pussy Scandal. Pussy must not be all that hot.

Down the page I mentioned a couple of gay conversion sites. I just wanted to update this page/topic, relaying my own experiences and observations since I wrote this article “Marketing Pussy to Gay Guys” sometime ago: From what I’ve observed, the homophobic campaign to convert gay guys to pussy and to society’s Straight-Breeder AgendaTM died when T*mbler shut down their sex/porn pages. Some of those people moved to Tw*tter but later had their accounts deleted there, and I think the existence of the few remaining “try pussy” sites is pretty much short-term there with their accounts being deleted. A brief aside: Yet Tw*tter will allow the current White House occupant to use and abuse their site daily. That’s because he’s finally made their so-called “platform” relevant. “Platform?” A platform is where you stand to wait for the metro. These big-headed, arrogant, elitist techie trash think that their sites are better than others. The reality is that Tw*tter is just another damn website to add to the already tons of useless text messages that nobody will ever read again that’s already on the cloud. But the current White House occupant has made Tw*tter relevant again and he helps them make money. And because of that, they allow him to say anything outrageous and bullying that he wants, but you or I would be banned and or arrested for doing the same. Fuck Tw*tter, fuck FB and all the rest. According to my reliable gaydar, the CEO of Tw*tter is a closet case with a chick. He claims to have this “on and off girlfriend.” How does she feel about being “on and off?” Is that because she knows he’s gay but in the closet? I’m merely asking. But anyway, there’s been really no where for the tiny gay conversion group to go since the death of T*mbler sex sites, or at least that I know of. From what I’ve seen, the gay conversion crowd is a very, very small minority of people to begin with. Perhaps less than 100-200 people/guys worldwide. None of them appear to be in a relationship with or have had sex with females, although some pretend to have on occasion. Then later they will forget what they previously wrote and will say something which cancels that out. They don’t keep their story straight in other words. I don’t think that the gay guys who are in the closet and living in “straight” relationships with females are the same as the conversion crowd at all, which makes sense if you think about. The closet cases have already experienced the — what’s known as — “Prison of Wife and Child” drudgery of living with an emotional-wreck female and smelly, mucous-y and bleeding pussy so there’s no fantasy there of “converting to straight.” If anything, Mr Closet Case is looking for gay sex on the side when “The Wife” is not around to satisfy his true gay sexual orientation. It’s those who have not experienced that who have the conversion fantasies from what I can tell. It’s really a case of “the grass is greener on the other side.” Some conversion guys refer to allegedly going straight as “joining the home team.” (roll eyes) I can confirm what another guy wrote about these sites. I’ve been on two conversion sites and I think one of them is now gone. But they no longer have anywhere such as T*mbler to promote their site like they did. When I was on (what I’ll call) the first conversion site, they had a little over 100 guys registered on the site, but at any given time there were between 2 and 10 of those guys who were ever on there. The other site I know of is about the same small size but is very dead these days. A total of 3-4 guys post there occasionally, and it’s not “live chat.” It’s just a dead message forum. Unfortunately, the conversion sites — the only one that still exists now to my knowledge — seem to come with the resident troll who challenges other guy’s homophobic fantasies connected with converting to straight. But the troll has similar/the same fantasies and is also homophobic in fantasy just like the other guys. It’s a case of “it’s alright when I do it, but not when other guy’s talk about it in the way that they do.” And the troll claims to know all about someone’s personal background and childhood when the other 2-3 guys have said nothing about that. It’s your typical troll behaviour. You can’t even escape trolls on a gay conversion site. Although in another sense, that’s where one should expect trolling to be the worst. So the troll is very divisive and disruptive and it turns people off so they leave or stop commenting altogether. The thing is: Guys — people in general — have all kinds of sexual fantasies — some which many if not most people would not ever want to talk about with anyone because their fantasies are too embarrassing for them — which does not mean that that’s who they are in real life. Some people have difficulty understanding that distinction. A (gay) guy can have homophobic sexual fantasies and oppose homophobia in his daily life. That appears to be a contradiction, but that’s the way fantasies can work. And some guys/people need extreme fantasies to get them off at all. Other times, “vanilla” fantasies are what they’re more in the mood for. It also can depend upon the day and how horny the guy is. Also, some guys go on to a conversion site and write what they think they are expected to write on such a site. They become that person. So they choose a screen name that matches the theme of the site (such as “fags love girls” or something) and they will write anti-gay and “going straight” homophobic comments because that’s what one can expect to read on such a site. It doesn’t at all mean that’s who the guy is in real life. But some guys will do that. That’s just part of his sexual life/fantasies. And I think that’s really what a conversion site is for: fantasies. Although some guys present their fantasies as what they do or have done in real life, but I think they’re often lying. That’s also part of their fantasy. The resident trolls don’t seem to understand that, and some of the trolls who are homophobic themselves will troll someone’s brand of homophobia. And in porn videos, such as the HGF series — which is straight or bi sex with guys who claim to be straight — although some of the guys look gay to me according to my reliable gaydar, so presumably they’re doing it for the money because their professional studio is paying them. That’s called “straight-for-pay.” Or perhaps they’re bi or “trying to turn bi” (in a conversion sense; one of their fantasies?). Or maybe they’re bi-curious. I’ve not known anyone who has “converted to straight” so I think it’s all just a fantasy. Mi amigo and I have seen some jock guys in San Francisco go back in the closet, marry a female to pretend to be straight and go through the motions of the Straight-Breeder Agenda. On the second conversion site I’ve been on, fortunately no one ever rushes on there to brag about, “I just fucked my first girl and pussy is amazing.” (“Pussy is amazing” is part of the conversion script.) Some guys did do that on the first conversion site I used to be on. On the second site, it’s about what they’re fantasising about doing. It’s more about (as one guy wrote), “I look forward to waking up next to a beautiful woman and eating pussy.” It has to be a beautiful woman? Good luck finding her! Not an average or even ugly woman? And you expect her to stay a “beautiful woman” and not blimp out and become obese after she gets comfortable with you and wants you for your money to buy her this and that? You want smelly pussy first thing in the morning considering she hasn’t washed the thing since yesterday, if then? I’ll say this: Some pussy is sexually attractive. Others look downright nasty. But I think if we had SmellVision on our PCs, laptops and phones, that would quickly put an end to this fascination for pussy from the small number of gay guys who have never had pussy and have been talked into thinking that’s what they must have as part of society’s Straight-Breeder Agenda. Even some straight guys I’ve talked with will not go down on a female. They can’t stand the smell of pussy and every pussy has some smell to it. I’m not exaggerating when I say this: Nearly every straight couple we (mi amigo/my friend and I) see in San Francisco looks absolutely miserable together. They have the nastiest, unhappy looks on their faces and they’re often having a loud disagreement or fight about something he didn’t do for Ms Needy, such as “You forgot to charge my phone.” I would tell her: Charge your own damn phone, bitch! Do I look like your slave? Don’t be so fucking helpless! The only straight couples we see who have smiles on their faces are the few we see who look like they’ve just met for sex as if they’re cheating on someone. As for the porn guys I mentioned earlier who look gay to me but who are fucking and eating pussy, some of these guys could be bi, but “he has the gayest face in the industry” is how some commenters write about them. Hope this helps. End of Update. Chau.—el barrio rosa

One gay guy’s personal experience (sent by email:  December 2019):

Have read some of your pages on this and other subjects. Wanted to pass along my 2 cents. I’m a gay guy and at times into the sexual fetish of turning straight or bi and started watching mostly str8 or bi porn. After doing this for months, here’s what I concluded:  I’m can easily watch str8 porn and get off with a “turning str8” fantasy but I’m only into the guy and her pussy and tits. But the pussy and tits have to be a certain type. How do you find a girl like that in real life if you wanted to date a girl where you’re looking for a pussy that looks a certain way and the same for tits? Some pussy looks really nasty. Others are my perfect type. Others are too young looking like young gurly tits. I’ve rarely seen a dick that looks nasty. What really turns me off about some pussy is that thick cheese looking white mucous that coats a dude’s dick and even rolls up on the base of his dick near his pubes when he’s fucking her. Yuck. That’s really a turn off. It looks like he has butter all over his dick.  Looks hard to wash that off.  I could see eating pussy with that clear slime coming out of it although that has some raunchy smell to it from what some str8 dudes have said. But there’s no way I could eat pussy with that cheese looking mucous coming out of it. That would be nasty as fuck. Although that clear slime has a smell that is 10 times worse than a yeast infection one str8 friend of mine told me. I usually have the volume turned off on videos so I don’t have to hear the chick’s squeals. They are fucking annoying….those high pitched noises girls make. I couldn’t deal with that. Then what else? I’ve read all about the smells that pussy has and not sure I could take that either. Guys don’t stink. Cum and precum don’t smell.  I know some of the conversion guys talk about guy’s “dirty asses.” Don’t know what guys they’ve been with but all the guys I’ve been with douched if we talked about fucking, just as females douche their ass if they’re going to get fucked in the ass. Hearing conversion guys tell it girl’s asses are always empty.  I’m not into the female body and don’t think I could ever be, just into SOME pussy and SOME tits. With guys, I’m not turned off by anything with them and I’ve been with a few guys in my life. So, I could fuck a girl if given the opportunity but I don’t feel like trying to find “the right pussy” that I’m turned on to to fuck one, and how does one find THAT pussy?  You can’t ask a chick if she has that type of pussy and how to describe it to her?  She’d probably get all offended.  Then there’s the chance of a chick getting pregnant, and I wouldn’t necessarily want to use a condom for my first time with a girl. So, anyhoo, it’s an interesting fetish but I’m gay and will stay with guys like I always have. I’m not seriously bi. Have zero interest in having a relationship with a woman. You’d have to pay me to do that.  Oh and what about those tits that flop around like old rags. What are you supposed to do with that and those balloons hanging off of her. Some guys romantize the pussy mucous by calling it “sweet nectar.” Don’t know what the fuck sweet nectar they’ve had but it ain’t got anything to do with dead fish. I think most chick’s temperament would drive me crazy. Just wanted to share that cuz other dudes might be able to relate.

I got this e-mail from a reader (Dan). He wrote this:

Found this page and read your update at the top. I’m gay but have bi and str8 fantasies but have no use for women other than to use one sexually. I don’t look at girls except for when I’m jacking off. Could never be in a relationship with one. They’re too much a pain in the ass. My bi and str8 fantasies are only when I jerk off. These fantasies are not new for me. I’ve had them on and off for years….going through periods. This period I’m going through now is the longest one. I was on a gay conversion chat site months ago until they banned me. It was a kink fetish fantasy site and they admitted it was, or at least one of the moderators did. He was very conservative, sort of a redneck type. His screen name was “gaynowbilater” and he changed it to “cowboy.” We had become sort of friends on the forum. I thought he was a nice guy and we hit it off. We’d talked back and forth privately many times about some of the other guys. Cowboy liked it when I questioned some of the guys who claimed to have hooked up with a girl for the first time or questioned them on other sex-related topics. The other moderator was away most of the time I was on there. I didn’t really know him and apparently he didn’t like me questioning other guys. I think he took the site literally and not as a fetish site. One day I slipped up when I was out of fantasy sex mode temporarily (my bad!) and I questioned one of the commenters, and bamm, I got banned without any warning at all. You would have thought they’d at least warned me and I could have kept a low profile after that. That’s no biggie for me to be down low. I don’t think cowboy banned me since he let me say anything I wanted and once told me he never deleted anyone’s comments. The other mod was different and like I said had been away from the site for months because I think he was trying to sort out things such as his sexuality. The two mods knew each other and were friends from Arizona. I could always tell when a guy was lying about his first time getting pussy because of the way he wrote about it, so the mod I had become friends with would say something like “that’s telling him” to me privately. The other moderator moved to NYC and instantly became a self-appointed authority on NYC, having just moved there. I questioned some of the things he said about NYC and gave links to articles backing me up which he probably didn’t like because it made him look like he didn’t know what he was talking about. He became sort of quiet then. I sensed by some of the things he said that he had moved to a city (NYC) without knowing much about it or without doing any research on NY. He didn’t seem to know that the topic of gentrification was a big topic in NYC. I could have told him that. He said he heard people complaining about gentrification every day, as if he approved of gentrification with the wealthy kicking out the poor and middle income. I don’t think he was aware of my “friendship” with the other mod. I think it was the new NYC resident mod who had been gone for months who banned me (after he came back to the site) and the other mod went along with it or had little to no say in the matter since the site was technically the other guy’s site? When I questioned being banned privately to my “friend” moderator he didn’t respond. But both mods were into gay conversion, whether for real or in fantasy/fetish mode. He could have said “It’s his site and he doesn’t want you here anymore, you’ve pissed him off by challenging other commenters (or whatever pissed him off). I wouldn’t do it to you but that’s the way he wants it. Sorry.” The site had over 100 registered guys but at any given time there were only about 5-10 guys on there. It was pretty dead, usually the same guys over and over. One guy wrote me privately that all the others had left because they were turned off by the strong homophobia on there. Both mods had a far-right agenda and the guy I was friends with said “I’m very conservative.” He was, but I had remembered his anti-trump stuff on his old site. He was also pro-gun rights and believed in the Male Patriarchy as I do in sex-fantasy, the Male Patriarchy part that is. I got an e-mail from one of my buds on that site who told me that Cowboy is now a Proud Boy, one of Trump’s strong supporters. The Proud Boys can often be seen giving that white power hand sign like you see here. That’s another sexual fetish or kink of mine so I can relate. On his old tumblr site he couldn’t stand Trump when he first got in, so this bro has definitely become more right-wing since when I was on the site. The same for the NYC guy would be my guess. I remember that the NYC guy wrote that he was only going to pursue girls after he moved to NYC. My mod friend was homophobic as a fetish-kink but other times said, “I have nothing against gays.” But part of his homophobic fetish was to talk about how bad “gay sex” is, and how good straight sex is. One guy new to the site came on and said “I’m gay.” Then a couple of weeks or so later said, “I feel I’m becoming straight….it feels much better than being gay.” I wrote that it sounded like someone was not comfortable with being gay and what a fast conversion! A pretty tame comment I thought, but I assume that’s what got me banned. I wrote “that’s a quick conversion” and I tamely challenged one other guy. The guy who had the quick conversion said he wanted to hook up with a chick to use her, even though my friend the mod was opposed to guys “using chicks.” Only maybe 3 guys on that chatroom talked about settling down with a girl. One of them told me, “talking about sex with women is amazing” and “It would be awesome to live in a heterosexual relationship with a woman and have kids.” It’s hot to think of as a sexual fetish, but I’d suggest he ask divorced guys about that to see how “awesome” they found that experience as they’re currently dealing with child support payments and cases in courts and as they tell you “I’ve had enough of that bitch’s pussy. None of this stuff is worth that!” The chat was about sex only with a chick. Most guys hadn’t had sex with a girl and with those who said they had, who knows if they were telling the truth or not. I always assumed they were lying. One of the guys on there told me that I was the only guy on there that made the chat interesting to read….all the others were lame. Nice of him to say. Then there was the guy who said one day that he had no idea how to meet a girl since he was gay. Then a few days later he came on and wrote “I became a man this morning. I fucked my first girl. I’m hooked. Pussy is amazing.” I thought why aren’t you still with her and fucking her since it’s still early in the day instead of on here bragging about it? I didn’t believe him and told him so. It sounded too fake. Two days ago he didn’t know how to meet a girl and today he’s already fucked one. Yeah I believe that. Not. And bro, if fucking a girl is what makes you a man, you have a lot to learn about manhood. He never said any more about fucking a girl after that since I’d called him on it the first time. On the chat, pussy was always “awesome,” “amazing” and “paradise.” The same porn industry language you wrote about in your update [ed. he’s referring to my update immediately below].

Response to Dan: Gracias for that Dan. I don’t have the comments turned on for this page mostly because of a spam problem. I don’t feel like dealing with it. Also, some people love to argue — I’m not one of them as I’ve found that it’s a complete waste of time and no one is about to change anyone’s mind — and that’s another reason the comments are off. I did a little bit of that when I first posted this article but I’m not aware of anyone’s mind being changed by anything I said. People will think what they want. I don’t want arguing about this. Guys have their opinions, and that’s it. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE (octubre/October 2019): Ran into my straight neighbour (he’s a really nice guy) and we talked a bit. He mentioned some of my articles that he’d read. Somehow the meme “pussy is paradise” came up. That’s the agenda-theme that the gay conversion minority uses constantly. My straight neighbour told me that “pussy is paradise” is right out of the porn industry. That’s where he’s heard that. I said: Well that’s odd because the gay conversion crowd are the first to say “You do realise that porn is not real, don’t you?” So it’s interesting as well as hypocritical that they would steal that line (“pussy is paradise”) from an industry they call fake. What does that tell you about “pussy is paradise” then? That it’s a lie. My straight neighbour said: Pussy can feel good, or maybe not especially if her pussy clamps down on your dick real hard it becomes downright painful. Depends upon the woman. But I wouldn’t call it paradise. Each pussy is different. Each woman is different and when you get pussy you’re not just getting pussy but her emotional wreck baggage comes along with it, and that’s where it can become a bitch and not worth it. The “girls can be a pain in the ass” reputation that women have is well-justified. Some pussies are wet, some are dry, some are in between. Most pussies smell that I’ve been with. They reek, and that disgusting thick white mucus from her vagina that either coats a guy’s dick or ends up at the base of his dick all in a wad is fucking disgusting. That mucus resembles this: If you took cornstarch and mixed it with milk and made a very thick paste out of it and coated your dick with it and then had a chick bounce up and down on your dick, all of that thick cornstarch mixture would roll down in globs down to the base of his dick. That’s what that mucus looks like. It’s such a turn-off. The clear, sticky-looking mucus is less of a turn-off but many guys still don’t like to touch their dick with that on it either. Go ahead and watch straight or bi porn and even though it’s not real, you’ll notice that many guys don’t (like to) touch their dick after it’s been in a pussy. It’s like they avoid their dick or touching it at all costs. Or notice that some guys are completely soft after fucking pussy but not cumming. But to call pussy “paradise” is laughable to the extreme. I said: But that’s what the gay conversion minority says about it. He said: Sounds like to me that none of those guys have ever fucked a girl. It’s just talk and fantasy. Outside of just having sex with a girl (requiring you to empty your bank account on her just to get some pussy), you have to deal with that female, that emotional roller coaster called a bitch and as you’ve written about, 1 out of 4 straight marriages end in divorce, so what does that tell you?

Hola a todos. I’ve watched some straight sex videos produced in Russia. They were more of the homemade type. One thing I particularly noticed is that none of the guys ate pussy. Not a one. The girl sucked the guy’s dick and he played with her tits a little bit but most of the time was spent with the guy fucking her, and the guy always pull out when he cums. The females in the videos seemed to have very loose pussies because it took the guys forever to cum no matter how fast and furiously he fucked her. Then I found this online about guys in Russia: “Eating pussy is considered effeminate and sometimes gay in Russia.” Ah hah. After giving that some thought I think that’s because the guy is considered to be subservient to the girl when eating her pussy and he’s also ingesting the female hormone estrogen. And that’s considered “gay” because he and other “Real Men” should be ingesting testosterone to make them more “macho and manly” and not estrogen, making him more “feminine.” So, perhaps that’s why these guys in the sex videos from Russia that I’ve seen didn’t eat pussy. But I specifically noticed that and wondered about it. If I find a Russian sex video where the guy does eat pussy, I’ll update this. Then I watched another video, not from Russia to my knowledge, and it was all about eating and fingering pussy. The thing I noticed about the guy eating her pussy (I think she was his wife) is that after finger fucking her pussy for quite a awhile, when he pulled his 3 fingers out of her pussy they were slick and covered with clear mucous covering his fingers. You would have thought he would have licked them and told the camera how tasty they were to show he was a “real man.” Instead, he held his fingers in a curved position as if they had shit on them and he didn’t want to touch himself, touch the bed or anything with them. As if his fingers were disgusting to him considering the sales pitches and hype that we’ve heard in recent years from the Gay Conversion Cultists about how “sweet and tasty” and “amazing, awesome and paradise” pussy is. This guy didn’t act like he agreed with that at all. They also market pussy by saying how “pussy is self-lubricating.” That “lubricant” they’re talking about is slimy mucous, sometimes with what looks like cheese in it. Yuck. I guess if you’re into smelly, slimy mucous you’ll find it yummy. (Related: My girlfriend has a stinky pussy).

Yet the few guys online of the pro-Male Patriarchy, ultra-conservative Gay Conversion Cult (GCC) who campaign online about how they could never or would never eat a guy’s ass out “because that is where he poops” are eating ass when they eat pussy. With some females, her asshole is only about 1/4″ away from her pussy. Whether they know it or not, they’re eating her ass where she “poops,” especially if she wipes her ass towards her vagina, which some females were taught as a child not to do because of concern for bacteria from her ass getting into her vagina and that can cause an infection. That’s something these guys of the GCC never talk about, deliberately so because it clashes with their GCC agenda. These GCC guys also say that there’s “no prepping with a female. She’s ready to be eaten out or fucked.” Nonsense. That’s bull shit, like most of what they say. Fact: Some substance is always excreting from that pussy which is part of that estrogen stench that many guys talk about that turns them off about pussy. A female has to “prep” or take a shower just like a guy — she’s human isn’t she? — if she’s going to get eaten out so that her ass and pussy don’t stink. Of course she has to “prep” you morons. One gets the impression that these guys of the GCC have never had sex with any female, ever. That it’s all just a fetish fantasy for them otherwise they wouldn’t say this shit. Let’s tell it like it is here. If a female is going to be fucked in the ass, she has to “prep” just like anybody else — just like any dude would — with douching her ass. And douche that stinky pussy while you’re at it! But I’ve read the lies and propaganda that the Gay Conversion Cult has written where — according to them and their lies — “pussy is paradise and awesome.” And that’s what a guy is supposed to say after trying his first pussy whether it was “awesome and paradise” or not! That’s the expected line required in Gay Conversion Cult circles. I asked my straight neighbour about that. I asked, “is pussy paradise and awesome?” He laughed in my face. Then he apologised and said: “I’m not laughing at you but at that question. As you know, I wish I were gay because I think guys would be much better than females. There’s a very good reason they are often called “a bitch.” And I’m not turned on by the smell down there of females. It’s a real turn-off which is why my experiences with women have been hit and miss.” I asked him: Don’t females need to “prep” or clean themselves before sex? He said: Of course they do, like any other human being. They better “prep” otherwise I’m not going anywhere near them.

In straight sex videos that I and the people I’ve talked with have watched — whether it be home videos or professionally produced ones, the home videos are better (more real) but in all but one video that I’ve seen it took the guy forever and a day to cum. It took him up to the entire length of the video which was over 45 minutes. At the end, after he pulled out and started jacking off so he wouldn’t supposedly get her pregnant — even though there’s a chance she could get pregnant from his pre-cum — it still took him up to a couple of minutes to cum. Which begs the question: Is vagina really all that hot? If it were, guys would be cumming within a very short time. It wouldn’t take them up to nearly an hour, just as it doesn’t take a guy up to an hour to cum when he jacks off. When I talked with mi amigo/my friend about this (and he had sex with females before he came out of the closet) the first thing he said was, “She must have been very loose from being over-fucked. I’ve never had a tight pussy myself even, though I only had 2-3.” He continued, “As you know, pussy is over-marketed as part of society’s heteronormative Breeder/Straight Agenda, and most of it is lies. You could call it “The Lies about Pussy.” I know studios use ways of getting a guy to last (not cum) so that they have a long video, but with the homemade videos I’ve seen I doubt that the guy used studio techniques and it took him a long time to cum too. His girlfriend’s smelly pussy is not that hot for him anymore? (Or is he really gay and in the closet and she knows that but she doesn’t let on?) Which is why some people say that porn is not real; it’s fake, but I think they’re referring to studio-produced porn when they say that. The homemade porn I’ve seen looked real.

And I would add that clearly the female anatomy was poorly designed by that Christian god fellow.

Part of our heteronormative society’s Breeder Brainwashing is to talk or rather brainwash guys into vagina, or to talk themselves into liking vagina, one guy encouraging another “You’ve got to try pussy bro, it’s totally awesome. It’s paradise.” This is so that they won’t think about or fathom any gay thoughts. This is still going on in 2019 and will be forever more, Amen.

Despite how breeder sex is extremely over-exaggerated and over-hyped with words such as “Pussy is amazing, awesome and paradise,” when you think about it, the opening to the vagina is completely in the wrong place. First, it’s too close to that smelly asshole. For breeder sex, the clitoris should be at a place where a guy’s dick automatically stimulates the clitoris when he’s inside the vagina. But that’s not the case at all. It’s as if females are built wrong. I suppose most people have never thought about that. That Christian god fellow whom we are told made peoplekind didn’t seem to think that through very well. “He” didn’t put the opening of the vagina directly at the clitoris so that the clit would automatically be stimulated when he’s fucking her. Instead, for some damn odd reason, that god fellow put the vagina way down at the bottom (why there?), an inch or less (depending upon the female) from her anus, which, again, is not near her clitoris. So consequently, with the female anatomy, the clit does not get stimulated at all when a guy is fucking her. Also, there are very few nerve endings inside the vagina. Therefore, despite any acting of erotic ecstasy on her part with the signature ubiquitous high-pitch squeals that females are known to make when getting fucked, the woman is really left sexually unsatisfied while the guy is fucking her, if he or she is not masturbating her clit independently, and depending upon how accessible her clit is. Related: No pleasure during female sex.

On another topic, I read a comment online from a guy. He wrote: My girlfriend, whom I love dearly, works at home and doesn’t take a shower every day. Previously, I enjoyed eating her pussy, but because of her lack of hygiene I really have to do some sniffing around without her knowing it because I’m very turned off by the smells around her vagina. It’s a mixture of vagina and anal smells. Not sure what to do about this, if anything, because I’m sure it would upset her if she were to read this. It’s just that I’m very hygienic, but she is not and it’s become a problem. Related: Men Explain, in Great Detail, Why They Don’t Eat Pussy.

The Lies about Pussy. The Great Pussy Scandal.

Pussy must not be all that hot. In straight sex videos that I and the people I’ve talked with have watched — whether it be home videos or professionally produced ones, the home videos are better (more real) but in all but one video that I’ve seen it took the guy forever and a day to cum. Anyone else ever noticed that? His dick must be completely raw before he cums. It took him up to the entire length of the video which was over 45 minutes. At the end, after he pulled out and started jacking off so he wouldn’t supposedly get her pregnant — even though there’s a chance she could get pregnant from his pre-cum — it still took him up to a couple of minutes to cum. Which begs the question: Is vagina really all that hot? If it were, guys would be cumming within a very short time. It wouldn’t take them up to nearly an hour, just as it doesn’t take a guy up to an hour to cum when he jacks off. When I talked with mi amigo/my friend about this (and he had sex with females before he came out of the closet) the first thing he said was, “She must have been very loose from being over-fucked. I’ve never had a tight pussy myself even, though I only had 2-3.” He continued, “As you know, pussy is over-marketed as part of society’s heteronormative Breeder/Straight Agenda, and most of it is lies. You could call it “The Lies about Pussy.”

And I would add that clearly the female anatomy was poorly designed by that Christian god fellow.

Part of our heteronormative society’s Breeder Brainwashing is to talk or rather brainwash guys into vagina, or to talk themselves into liking vagina, one guy encouraging another “You’ve got to try pussy bro, it’s totally awesome. It’s paradise.” This is so that they won’t think about or fathom any gay thoughts. This is still going on in 2019 and will be forever more, Amen.

Despite how breeder sex is extremely over-exaggerated and over-hyped with words such as “Pussy is amazing, awesome and paradise,” when you think about it, the opening to the vagina is completely in the wrong place. First, it’s too close to that smelly asshole. For breeder sex, the clitoris should be at a place where a guy’s dick automatically stimulates the clitoris when he’s inside the vagina. But that’s not the case at all. It’s as if females are built wrong. I suppose most people have never thought about that. That Christian god fellow whom we are told made peoplekind didn’t seem to think that through very well. “He” didn’t put the opening of the vagina directly at the clitoris so that the clit would automatically be stimulated when he’s fucking her. Instead, for some damn odd reason, that god fellow put the vagina way down at the bottom (why there?), an inch or less (depending upon the female) from her anus, which, again, is not near her clitoris. So consequently, with the female anatomy, the clit with some supposedly 8,000 nerve endings being the pleasure center of the vulva does not get stimulated at all when a guy is fucking her. Also, there are very few nerve endings inside the vagina. Therefore, despite any acting of erotic ecstasy on her part with the signature ubiquitous and perfunctory high-pitch annoying squeals that females are known to make when getting fucked, the woman is really left sexually unsatisfied while the guy is fucking her, if he or she is not masturbating her clit independently, and depending upon how accessible her clit is to begin with. Some guys never find it because it can be so hidden with the hood, so they just finger the hood. Related: No pleasure during female sex.

On another topic, I read a comment online from a guy. He wrote: My girlfriend, whom I love dearly, works at home and doesn’t take a shower every day. Previously, I enjoyed eating her pussy, but because of her lack of hygiene I really have to do some sniffing around without her knowing it because I’m very turned off by the smells around her vagina. It’s a mixture of vagina and anal smells. Not sure what to do about this, if anything, because I’m sure it would upset her if she were to read this. It’s just that I’m very hygienic, but she is not and it’s become a problem. (Related: My girlfriend has a stinky pussy).

Stinky Pussy

And part of Breeder Brainwashing is that a guy is supposed to love the smell of pussy because that makes him a “real man.” Also, per Breeder Brainwashing a “real man” is also supposed to be into any and all discharges from pussy, including menstrual period discharges. Mi amigo just said as I was reading this to him: “Now, we’re getting into the ultra gross.” But I’m not making this up. That’s what I’ve read from guys claiming that that’s what “real men” like. Here’s The Ultimate Color Guide to Vaginal Discharge if you’d like to read up on that. But, per Breeder Brainwashing, a “real man” does not want to try to get rid of any rank musky odors from pussy because of course that contradicts the concept of being a “real man.” But I’ll provide the link anyway to be as thorough as possible: 7 Tips for Getting Rid of Vaginal Odor. Related: Men Explain, in Great Detail, Why They Don’t Eat Pussy.

Mi amigo/My friend who started out with pussy before he came out of the closet, completely disagrees with today’s brainwashing hype about how wonderful pussy is. He says pussy was no big deal, a turn-off in fact, and he couldn’t stand the smell no matter how much she washed it. A smell of some rankness is always there. Also, he said: “She just lays there and does nothing usually except an occasional squeal.” He’s told me of how he and his guy friends when they were in their 20s and 30s were floating down a river on Inner Tubes. They made sure the females were in front of them (or down-wind) so that their menstrual blood would flow down-river and not into the guy’s Inner Tube. By the second day, he said the guys would have to stay up-wind from the females because it was a hot Summer week and the females were just wearing bathing suits. He also says that when he was in the US Army that the guys would use cans of whipped cream (the aerosol type), applying it in and on her pussy to tone-down the smell, if they had to eat pussy. At that time, he says that Black guys didn’t eat pussy. It was just the young white guys that did that. He also said that in those days that there was no him-tall-dominant/her-short-submissive with breeder couples. That they were pretty much the same height as most gay couples are today and always have been. He said that from his experience, because of a female’s emotional instability and where she acts like an emotional train wreck too much of the time, he found a female to be the worst travel companion one could have.

One might think that through evolution that the female sexual plumbing might have been “corrected” or redesigned? Although I don’t know how that might happen, but clearly it’s designed incorrectly despite all the drama and hype about how pussy is the best thing since the Earth was created, or at least that’s the impression one gets.

Here’s more information about stinky pussy or “vaginal odor” as the article refers to it.

Also, there are some guys who claim to like to eat pussy when she’s having her period, so they’re into blood. Here are images of that.

Those of the gay conversion crowd who claim “I really have no problem with gays” but who write very anti-gay stuff state that one of the many problems with “gay sex” is that he could never eat out a guy’s ass because “that is where he poops.” As if all gay guys are into eating ass, which of course they’re not. This begs the question whether he’s really ever been with a woman as he claims when often the girl’s asshole is right at the pussy (there’s an image of that at that link) and some guys eat pussy in one stroke upward of the tongue starting where? At her asshole. Straight and bi guys are into eating a woman’s asshole, so eating asshole is not just “gay sex.” Then back to her period, there are guys who brag about how they like to fuck their girl during her period. Here’s an image of that.

My straight neighbour alerted me to something else. He said that guys in their comments under pussy-eating videos like to talk about “that sweet cream” coming out of her pussy when the guy eats it. My neighbour said, “it ain’t always ‘sweet cream.’ What the guy is really eating is a yeast infection and the guy can’t tell the difference. Yuck. Here’s an image of that. Here are other random images of yeast infections. I asked him: Do you call that substance/mucous “sweet cream.” He said: As you would say, it’s marketing language. There’s nothing sweet about the taste of mucous. It often tastes tangy, salty or fishy or has some other flavour. But “sweet cream” is not one of them! I think that pretty much covers it.

Mi amigo says: Maybe the pussy needs to be made even more stinky — although he says he doesn’t know how it could be any stinkier — to keep guys away considering we really don’t need any more babies to be pumped out since the world is already overpopulated. Very true.

After I wrote this lengthy article, I ran into a friend who is gay and I knew, but had forgotten, that he had had sex with women before he came out of the closet, so I asked him about that experience. He said, “Pussy is just another hole. That’s all it is. I didn’t find it to be any big deal. It’s very mucous-y, it doesn’t smell good, it bleeds once a month and unless you’re into blood and eating blood — which contains old parts of uterine tissue and cells from the mucus lining and bacteria, it’s a turnoff — you can’t eat pussy when she’s having her period unless you’re into gross stuff like that. You have to be very careful that she doesn’t get pregnant because some women do secretly want to get pregnant and they won’t be honest with their guy. Getting pregnant seems to be a major driving force of “being a woman” for many women. I was super careful so I didn’t have that problem. Also, her pussy is right next to her asshole — that’s true; sometimes there’s only about 1/4″ between the two — so if she hasn’t washed well down there it all stinks! I’ve read anti-gay shit online about how disgusting it is for a gay guy to eat out another guy’s ass because “that’s where he poops.” I’ve never had any problems with gay guys and hygiene. But the exact same thing can be said about women, “that’s where she poops,” and in the case of women you have her stinky pussy added to the mix. I’ve seen many straight porn videos where a guy eats out a woman’s asshole (“that’s where she poops”) right after he eats her pussy and he goes back and forth between the two. It seems that pussy is being romanticised these days by a very conservative, far-right group of people with an anti-gay agenda.” That’s true. That group also includes gun-toting rednecks and nazis/”alt-right” as they call themselves, and most of them are rabid supporters of the orange despot.

The Gay Conversion AgendaTM

The Gay Conversion Agenda would have one believe that when one becomes a breeder/straight that there’s no longer a problem in the world and it’s smooth sailing with pussy. In reality, pussy — which is a slimy mucous membrane and the rank smell of it which the Gay Conversion sites never talk about — is only a small fraction of a female in the big scheme of things. (Related: What does pussy smell like?) Do all vaginas smell the same? Dr. Kate, a gynecologist, answers: “No, all vaginas don’t smell, or taste, the same…but they do all smell. Every woman has a different musky scent, and we tend to be very attuned to our own smell, even when no one else is aware of it. … Your vagina should smell like…a vagina.” (Related: Nine signs your period is coming).

The Gay Conversion Cult Agenda says such stuff as “pussy is the gay cure” which of course implies there’s something wrong with being gay in their bigoted mind. These people have quite the anti-gay agenda as they toss around the pejoratives “faggot” and “homo.” The Gay Conversion Cult/Agenda tries to make pussy a sexual fetish, completely overlooking that when one is with a female one gets the entire female package which is a lot more than that pussy. Ugh. Some of these sites encourage breeding (pumping out babies) as if that’s as simple and comes with no more responsibility than taking out a magazine subscription. In reality, once a guy breeds, be prepared for the next 18 years of your life already spoken for and immense re$pon$ibilitie$. Dinero/Money. Child support payments after you “divorce the bitch” as straight guys often say. There’s a legitimate reason that many straight guys refer to “that bitch” when referring to their wife or girlfriend, and many breeder guys prefer to jack off rather than have to deal with her and her unstable emotional disposition which often resembles a train wreck. Because that pussy comes with a tremendous amount of baggage and entrance rights. As my straight neighbour often tells me, “I wish I were gay; it would be so much easier. I know several gay male couples in long term relationships and guys seem to be so much easier. Women are so difficult! That pussy is not worth it!” (His words).

Well, there’s another gay conversion site but “his” agenda is more covert. He paints it like this: I lived my life as a gay man for several years, [Ed. Why only several years? I’ve personally never known anyone who was gay for only several years] found myself increasingly attracted to women [Ed. yeah sure you did, liar!], started dating them, and am now in a happy hetero relationship. [Ed. Does anyone believe this shit? He’s covertly saying that a “hetero relationship”/breeder relationship is the “correct” or preferred relationship, as opposed to a gay relationship.] This site is to help gay-identified men who are experiencing strong desires for women [Ed. Translation: My site is a gay conversion site but I won’t call it that], starting to think of themselves as bisexual, and are wondering about the next step. Women who are interested in such men are very welcome here! Plus there’s porn. BTW, I currently ID as bi. Not interested in sleeping with anyone but my wife. This blog is dedicted [sic] to someone who will never read it — my hot, sexy, wonderful wife, the best lover I’ll ever have. Adults only, please. If you’re under 18, please leave now.

My Questions related to his site: He currently ID’s as bi but supposedly got married to a female? Does anyone believe this story? Therefore he’s ignoring his feelings for guys by being in a straight/breeder relationship. And since he doesn’t want to have sex with a guy or anyone but his wife, why was it important for him to tell us that he ID’s as bi? Why would he ID as bi if he only sleeps with this supposed wife of his? If his “hot sexy wonderful wife” is “all that” why is he keeping his site that he’s dedicated to her a secret from her? WTF? It looks to me like he’s covertly looking for sex, otherwise he would not put so much effort into a sex site and try to convince gay guys into liking pussy, which is just the front or excuse for his site. How many straight guys do you know who have a personal sex site online and who is completely happy with his wife, with Ms Wonderful? I can’t think of a one. This story doesn’t make any sense. Why isn’t he sharing his porn site with his “Ms Hot Sexy Wonderful” wife? Does she have a hidden site too trying to convert lesbians into being straight women and liking dick so she too can find sex on the side? WTF is wrong with him? I think we all know that this is just another made up lie, and/or a fucked up gay man who is desperately trying to covertly find “gay sex” using pussy as the excuse. Does he not realise he’s not being fully open with Ms Wonderful? It sounds like he didn’t think things through before he made up his fictional little story to go with his gay conversion site. He also says he was a bottom when he was gay. Now, as expected on any gay conversion site, his favourite thing to do is, can you guess? Eat pussy. As my straight neighbour (a really nice guy) often tells me: “You’d have to be sick to eat pussy when it’s the same as eating a dead fish on the seashore. I don’t know which one smells worse.” He’s often says he wish he were gay as he thinks guys are much easier to be with. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Well the anti-Queer agenda ramped up recently with yet another gay conversion site in the same series with all the others. This one is particularly blatantly anti-gay with its regular use of the words “the fag, the faggot, the homo, fuck the homo, stupid homo” and other derogatory words. One of their story lines has a gay guy calling his partner at home and saying that he won’t be back home in time for their anniversary because his “business trip” is taking longer than expected. His “business trip” is really a trip out of town where he’s cheating on his boyfriend with a female he’s fucking in a hotel. Six months later, according to their storyline, he’s married to her — the image shows a guy fucking a female — and he’s “on his way to starting a real family.” Implying that gay families are not “real families.” Also, the guy on the phone calling his boyfriend to cancel their anniversary is not the same guy fucking the female on the bed. They both have a beard, and I guess that’s all they thought that people would look at (since you can’t see his dick), but they’re not the same guy at all because I checked them both out. Attention to detail is not at all something that these sites are big on. As with the other gay conversion sites, the site is amateurishly done with typos (they don’t seem to proof anything they write) and extremely-slow-loading images which don’t match. What I mean by that is that their anti-gay story line will have several images that they steal from some where. They use these images for their agenda by typing on the images their anti-gay message. When I say the images don’t “match,” what I mean by that is that the guy shown in the first image is not the same guy shown in the second image — even though he’s supposed to be; and just like the guys in the “business trip” story I mentioned earlier — who has become a “pussy hound.” Then, where they use animated images where the person in the image is talking briefly, what they claim he’s saying (in their caption underneath) is not at all what he’s saying in the image and one can see this to be the case with even an elementary level of lip-reading.

Then there’s the fictional “gay couple goes straight” story that I’ve seen all over these sites. I’m not going to relate the entire story line other than to say it has to do with one of the guys in the gay couple realises that he’s now sexually turned on by this girl at work who’s young enough to be his daughter and she’s interested in this Daddy. The guy’s partner flips out when he tells him about her and that he wants to have sex with her in their bedroom, yet the partner is also turned on by this. To cut the story short, this girl comes to their place and after the guy comes up from eating her pussy out — and of course causing her to have 3 orgasm (not 5 or 6?) — the writer describes how her pussy juice is in his reddish-blond goatee. The problem with that is that the guy doesn’t have a reddish-blond goatee. Up above the story about them is an alleged picture of the two guys that the writer stole from somewhere online. When I read, “reddish-blond goatee” I said to myself: But neither guy has reddish blond hair or a goatee. So I scrolled back up to the supposed picture of them and my memory of them was correct. They both have a black beard. No reddish-blond goatee. You slipped up again anti-gay liars. So who are the two gay guys you’re showing in that picture who have supposedly gone straight and where did you steal their picture from? But that’s what these sites do. They lift/steal pictures somewhere to go with their fictional “gay goes straight” story line, but the pictures often don’t match or fit descriptions in the story. Nevertheless, at the end of this fictional story, both gay guys end up having sex with this girl and after she leaves they decide that they’re no longer gay.

Confirming my suspicion that many (if not all) of these sites are run by the same hateful person or group of bigoted anti-Queer people with an anti-gay agenda of “ending homosexuality within 10 years,” (that’s what the newest site says), this newest site is now being “fed” verbatim into the other gay conversion sites, exactly the way it appears on the original site. In any other situation, this would be considered a major copyright violation, but I suppose if one anti-Queer person with a anti-gay agenda owns all the sites, this is legal. Nearly all of the comments in agreement with the site are written by “anonymous,” and “anonymous” asks the blogger questions as if s/he is seen as a mental health/sex expert. Such as, “Why am I happy and turned on that my gay boyfriend is going straight and I think he wants to dump me for a girl?” The blogger’s answer: “Because you know deep down that’s the right thing to do.” I notice repeatedly that the drug alcohol is so often part of these fictional conversion stories and fake personal testimonies of these supposed gay conversions. Such as the gay guy who was “drunk on his ass and met a girl in the gay bar (of all places) and took her home to get his first pussy.” Now I’m sure that worked out extremely well [sarcasm intended] because I think most intelligent people know that a guy can’t even get a hard-on when he’s “drunk on his ass” therefore so much for your bull shit story of “getting your first pussy.” With the frequent mention of booze especially in testimonials, that implies that a gay guy has to be drugged by some means to try pussy. He’s not “trying pussy” on his own using sound judgment in the moment. The site also goes on about the nonexistent “Gay Agenda” while heavily promoting society’s real agenda: the heteronormative Breeder Agenda, where everyone in society is supposed to be straight and “fucking pussy.” Him and her, where images of him and her are shoved in our faces 24/7. That’s certainly no “Gay Agenda” los pendejos. Of course, this is all about breeder sex. With some of these sites the agenda is about getting the female pregnant (“breeding that pussy”) without any consequences whatsoever. I’ve only seen a couple of instances where the consequences of her being a single parent (with already two children) and about to get pregnant again because in the moment she can’t resist the guy cumming in her and she’s not on birth control and is ovulating. One of the sites is promoting “going straight” and marrying a female in order to have a family. I think most intelligent people understand that one can have a family without “going straight” or marrying a female, and there are different types of families. These bigots are promoting the 1940-50s traditional concept of a family.

I told my straight neighbour (he’s a really nice guy) about this new gay conversion site. He asked me: “Do they talk about the woman’s erratic emotional state? Do they talk about the drastic mood changes from one minute to the next and the emotional meltdowns a woman can have for no apparent reason, storming out of the room and you have no idea why, and her emotional flip-flops where she says one thing one minute and then contradicts herself the next? When you ask her about the meltdown she had 10 minutes ago where she acted like a fucking bitch she has no idea what you’re talking about and doesn’t even remember the incident. Her emotions are as quickly changing as if they are on a light switch, off and on. Do they talk about that?” (Answer: No). He continued: “Do they talk about what it’s like to live with a woman? Do they talk about that smelly-fishy slimy-mucous pussy which is right next to the anus which can get pretty rank especially if she doesn’t take a shower every day, and guys claim to like that? (My response: Only because guys have been brainwashed by society that that’s what they are supposed to like to be considered “normal” guys. But no, the sites don’t talk about that at all). He continued: “The vagina is a mucous membrane after all. Sex with a woman is one thing, she often just lies there, but to live with a woman is something much more complicated, more involved and difficult especially in the emotional area. I’m straight and I couldn’t do it and I tried to live with a woman (not the same one) several times! I gave it up, couldn’t do it. I’m single and live alone. I wish I were gay. I think that would be much easier.” With these gay conversion sites, it’s all about sex (no odors) and a gay guy going straight and nothing more. The only time I’ve seen anything about smells is of course in a positive sense when this gay guy in their fictional story was going to eat this female out and the story line was about “her intoxicating womanly smell between her legs” and that “the gay guy didn’t need a second invitation upon smelling that because he was now hooked on pussy.” Other than that, nothing about the smell of pussy is talked about.

Most of these sites urge gay guys after becoming “hooked on pussy” to urge their gay friends to try pussy to convert them, as if it’s a campaign to “turn” gay guys away from being gay. Of course there are the occasional “anonymous” comments about how some former gay guy has converted all of his gay friends to pussy. We all believe that, don’t we? If you haven’t already come to this conclusion: A bunch of sick people with a hateful anti-gay agenda run these sites. End of Update. Chau.—el barrio rosa

The Anti-Gay Agenda: “Sexuality is Fluid.” Translation: A person can change their sexuality; one’s sexuality is changeable, or that a person’s sexuality changes without the person having any control over it. These gay conversion sites promote that “sexuality is fluid,” which is the excuse/justification given for gay guys supposedly being about to “turn bi” or “turn straight.” According to these gay conversion sites, all a gay guy has to do to “turn straight” or “turn bi” is to start fucking pussy — and he will immediately realise what he’s been missing all these years and the ultimate satisfaction of pussy — and also by only watching “straight porn.” The “Sexuality is Fluid” Card is nearly always used in a heteronormative and anti-gay context to promote breeder sex: for the sole purpose and justification of “turning” a gay guy straight or bi.

One of the reasons I’ve written this “book” of an article (this very lengthy article), is because of something I read on a bisexual guy’s site. He’s a genuine bisexual guy, and not one of these bi liars/frauds who are really gay but lie and say they’re bi because they think that makes them sound more like “a real man” because they supposedly fuck pussy. (Note: this article is not about genuine bisexuals.)

The bisexual blogger wrote: “It seems there’s no shortage of gay guys who fantasize about not being into men anymore. If you’re looking for that trip, look elsewhere.” I was pleased to see he’s not part of the agenda of converting gay guys to being bi or straight. There are quite a few bloggers/sites with an agenda to “turn” gay guys bi or straight. At least approximately ten sites that I know of. They are gay conversion sites, but they don’t call themselves that per se, but they do use that language on occasion on their site. One Latino gay guy wrote about his “conversion” to being straight and his story is promoted on most of these sites. These sites are obsessed with gay guys. Although one of them recently took on lesbians and made the claim that lesbians really want dick.

Most of these sites started during 2017 from my research. The timing of them is suspect. Any connection with El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man? (Related: The Orange Man’s regime says employers can fire people because they’re gay). A couple of these gay conversion sites have been around for about three years. The homophobic guys (supposedly guys) who run these blogs are on a vigilant campaign to try to make gay guys “turn bi” or “turn straight” because — according to them — “dick belongs in pussy” and pussy is the ultimate of sexual interest and satisfaction. Although that claim does not match the experience of the guys I’ve talked with who have fucked pussy, including my straight neighbor, who has often told me that he wish he were gay. One gay guy told me that before he came out he fucked pussy, although he didn’t say how often. I asked him if he enjoyed it. He said, “It was satisfying — the way he said it he made it sound like it wasn’t any big deal — but I much prefer guys. Females are different with all that emotional baggage. Most guys don’t have that.” My straight neighbour has told me many times, “I’ve often wished I were gay. I think it would be much easier considering my problems with women. They’re just so unpredictable in the emotional department.” I told him what these sites say about sex with females and fucking pussy. He said, “That’s greatly exaggerated. Pussy can feel good but so does jacking off. Every woman feels a bit different. It depends upon how she’s built. And despite the “wetness” and supposed “self lubrication” of pussy that these sites go on about, some women I’ve been with have complained about dryness, especially if they’re on medications, which can make them feel irritated and even painful when getting fucked. Sometimes when I’m with a woman, I prefer to jack off with her than fuck her. To my dick, my hand can feel better than her pussy. I don’t tell any of them that, but some women get huffy because I don’t want to fuck them or at least when it’s time for me to cum.” I’ve heard guys who have fucked both pussy and a guy’s ass say they much prefer fucking a guy’s ass because it’s so much tighter than pussy. Mi amigo/My friend fucked pussy before he came out of the closet. He told me, “Pussy is no big deal. I don’t know what guys see in it. It felt like I was fucking a balloon. I never felt the sensations that these gay conversion sites talk about where the pussy clamps onto or contracts on or clutches the dick. Never felt that, and I didn’t like the smell. The smell alone was enough to turn me off.”

From an early age (at least high school level), our very heteronormative US society brainwashes guys with the “you must love pussy and fuck girls” script in order for them to be considered “normal.” Then, on cue, most guys act on that script throughout their life when having the opportunity. There is a minority of breeder/straight guys (or at least they pretend to be straight) who think more for themselves and rebel from the script and say, “I love my girlfriend (or wife) but I don’t like eating her out because it’s like licking a toilet seat because her anus is right there below her pussy. Yuck.” Or this comment I read from a breeder guy: “I love my girlfriend (they always have to start out with that), but she works at home and doesn’t take a shower every day and she starts to smell around that area. I used to like eating pussy but now I have to do some sniffing around without her noticing to decide if I want to do that now. It’s become really a turn-off. I’m very clean and take a shower every day.” Then there are the “real men” among breeders who like to go on about how they can’t get enough pussy when their chick is having her period. They brag about fucking her or eating her out during her period. All of this is what breeders have been taught to think through society’s programming, whether it be in locker rooms, on sports fields, through their amigos, a guy’s dad, or other means. From what I’ve seen, all advertising and nearly-all programming that’s on television shows him and her together. There are no other couples in the world but breeders. Extremely heteronormative, as if gay couples don’t exist in el mundo/the world.

On the gay conversion sites, “the main site” — that’s what I call it — claims to be run by an atheist and someone who opposes El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man. Or it all that just a BS front/a lie just like most of the content on his site? The curious thing is that all of these sites share the same content. Repeatedly, I’ve seen the same images and videos on all of these sites. I almost get the impression they are all run by the same person or small group of people with an anti-gay agenda. It’s as if they are a mirror site of each other, even down to the usually “anonymous” comments in response to something on the blog, which are most often gushing praise for the blogger. Comments such as: “I can’t thank you enough for your blog,” (who says that shit?) and how it’s helped some self-identified gay guy go straight. Isn’t that a bit much? Someone can’t thank someone enough for a sex blog of deceit and lies? Or this: “I used to be gay but after fucking a girl for the first time, I’m now 100% straight. You’re right, dick is for pussy.” (roll eyes) Yeah sure, it always works that way, doesn’t it, chico? According to these sites, all guys should be bi or (preferably) straight and if a gay guy watches enough “straight porn” and thinks only about pussy, he can or might be able to “convert.” The main site recently posted an image that read, “Being gay was just a phase for many of us” with the image of a female feeling-up a guy’s white briefs. The main site also spreads ignorance such as straight relationships are more stable and long-term than gay relationships. We all know that’s true, don’t we? That’s why the breeder divorce rate in the US is well over 50%. He also says, “And gay people are more promiscuous than straight people.” Really? I guess this blogger didn’t check out ClosetList personal sex ads or other sex-hook-up sites before writing that lie/disinformation. As for the animated gifs and images on these sites, what most of them do is to take straight video sex scenes and put an anti-gay caption with the video or image to give the reader the (false) impression that the guy eating out the female or fucking her is a gay guy getting pussy for the first time and “is in pussy heaven.” Rather than it more likely being just another straight guy fucking pussy. Or, the impression given is that the guy in the video or gif image has already converted from gay to bi or straight.

These bloggers also promote the idea of a gay guy flippantly breaking up with his boyfriend or partner where the blogger uses the language, “fuck your faggot husband (meaning leave him) and fuck pussy like you’re designed to do.” Or this one: “Whenever Tom’s husband (a gay couple) and Shelly’s husband (a straight couple) run errands together, Tom and his sister-in-law Shelly stay home and share some wine — the drug alcohol is usually involved with gay conversion stories — and get to know each other better as they did recently. The image shows a guy (supposedly Tom) in the missionary position fucking a female (supposedly Shelly). The caption says: Two weeks later, Shelly has a positive pregnancy test, meaning that gay Tom got Shelly pregnant. The blogger says: “Tom’s going to dump his faggot husband and go with Shelly now that he loves pussy. Tom’s husband will have to get over it.” Lovely. I suspect Shelly’s husband will have something to say about this too, possibly of a violent nature! Or another image: The image shows a gay guy sitting on a couch with a big smile and his jock partner is standing nude behind him approaching a female looking at herself in the mirror. The caption: Is this how you would respond (with a big smile) if your boyfriend found a girlfriend and was about to get pussy for the first time?

These bloggers of gay conversion sites with their overlapping content really contradict themselves. They promote gay couples breaking up so that at least one of the gay guys can “turn straight” and go with a chick and fuck pussy. Then out of the other side of their mouth they write about how gay relationships don’t last (which is bull shit). Hypocrites. I personally know of at least three gay couples on my city block who have been together for decades. This is all lies and disinformation. Whereas, it’s been mostly the breeder couples around me who I’ve heard arguing out in public from time-to-time. Mi amigo/My friend has told me repeatedly that when he’s been in San Francisco’s Castro (the former Gay Mecca) that it’s consistently been the breeders — not Queer couples — who are making a scene by arguing loudly over some trivial thing such as he (Mr Breeder) didn’t charge their phone, and Ms Breeder is having a complete emotional meltdown over that.

The content on these sites is all fictional — but it can seem quite real by the way it’s written, which is my concern — in order to fit their anti-gay agenda and that’s what these sites promote. In the personal testimonials (which again, are nearly always anonymously written), the drug alcohol is often involved in the conversion stories. For example, the gay guy gets drunk in a bar or at some party, and has a chick come onto him (sometimes after he has passed out), he has sex with a girl for the first time (but that’s a blur in his mind due to him being drunk) and miraculously the next morning he becomes a “pussy-hound” from then on (after he sort of remembers what he has done). Then comes the gushing praise for the blogger: “Can’t thank you enough for your site.” Then the blogger responds and slaps the alleged new “pussy hound” on the back. “Good job, bro. Enjoy pussy. You’ll please the ladies.” There’s never any mention of the fact that with too much alcohol or any other drug, guys can’t even get a hard-on, so how are they going to fuck pussy and supposedly “convert?”

Most of these sites say their site is their personal fantasy, but that language is usually buried deeply at the back end of the blog unless one spends as much time on them as I have researching their content in order to write this article. Otherwise, one gets the strong impression that the content has nothing whatsoever to do with the blogger’s personal fantasy and/or it’s clearly a very anti-gay, homophobic agenda, which they’ve been accused of in a couple of comments that made it on their blog.

Some of these sites contradict themselves and slip-up on occasion in their content, but someone without attention to detail probably wouldn’t notice that. They hammer away at how dick belongs in pussy and not in ass (an anti-gay reference to some gay guys who enjoy fucking other guys), yet, they’ll show a guy fucking a female in the ass. What? I thought dick belonged in pussy and not ass, according to the blogger? Or is dick perfectly fine in ass if it’s a breeder couples? Maybe that’s it. These bloggers also lack attention to detail. They mix and match video images for their fictional story lines, but if one pays close attention one realises that the supposed gay guys in the first image, for example, are not the same guys in the second image. The images start out with two guys with black hair making out with a female (the caption says it’s a gay couple getting pussy together), but when they’re having sex with “the girl” in the next image the two guys have blond hair. They’re not the same guys at all. LOL. On one gay conversion site, the animated gif was supposedly a gay guy fucking a girl in his bed with the caption reading that the guy’s boyfriend had just arrived home earlier than expected. His partner having sex says, “hey babe, didn’t know you were going to be home so soon” and he keeps fucking the girl in their bed because “he’s a gay guy who really loves pussy.” At first glance, the alleged gay guy appears to be fucking a female. But after I paused the animated gif, I realised that the gay guy was not fucking a girl at all, but rather a guy with hairy legs, nor did I see any indication of boobs on this alleged girl. So that was another lie. I guess the blogger thought no one would notice that it wasn’t a girl on the bottom in bed but instead a rather well-hidden guy. But most people seeing that would believe the fictional story.

Getting chicks pregnant

There’s also no shortage of language about breeding chicks and getting them pregnant, with the consequences rarely talked about. The main site did talk about that recently in a more frank way, but nevertheless was promoting the idea of a gay guy “going straight” and being in a breeder relationship for at least 18 years until the child was of legal age. There is another site that is specifically dedicated to breeding females. That site is run by a supposed gay guy who believes it is his purpose in life to breed chicks and he claims that his male partner fully supports him. He claims to have fathered 5-7 children so far. He claimed to have picked up a food server in a restaurant and fucked her in the back of his truck (shows a video of it, or he claims that’s what it is) and says he gave her his phone number for her to call him should she get pregnant so she too can be one of the mother’s of one of his many children. He makes pregnancy and the expenses associated with pregnancy — as well as all the legal issues/problems that come with parenthood — seem completely frivolous.

There’s also another gay conversion site that claims to involve a gay couple where one of the gay guys converted to being straight after fucking a chick about three times. He told his partner what he had done. His partner was shocked to hear this but found it such a turn-on at the same time and encouraged him to continue to fuck pussy. Today — according to their story — they all live together in a three-way triangle (the chick moved in with the two guys). The original gay couple no longer have sex together because the new “pussy hound” converted gay guy is no longer attracted to his former boy friend nor is he attracted to guys at all, supposedly. (That always happens, doesn’t it?) He only fucks his girlfriend. The three of them wanted a baby together and they already have one child and want another one. His former boyfriend says he has the best orgasms he’s ever had sitting outside his former partner’s locked bedroom door jacking off while listening to his former partner and girlfriend having “man and woman” sex.

These sites play the dishonest “Sexuality is Fluid” Card frequently. Such nonsense. As I said at the top of the page, “sexuality is fluid” implies that one can change or choose one’s sexuality, and most unfortunately that feeds directly into the anti-gay, far-right’s claim that “gay people choose to be gay” which we Queers have heard for decades despite scientific research to the contrary. I call this what it is: Lying about one’s sexuality and sexual orientation. That should be the topic here, and not this bull shit about sexuality being so-called “fluid.” Instead, it’s called lying, deception and being dishonest with oneself and with other people and being in the closet and living a lie — pretending to be a breeder — as seen in the many examples down the page, and particularly with many so-called straight guys who are really bi or gay.

“Sexuality is fluid” is this simple-minded, glib cliché that some idiot with an anti-gay agenda dreamed up to justify people lying about their true sexual orientation to try to give the impression that their sexuality has somehow miraculously changed (and in some cases overnight), when in reality it has not. For example, many guys pretend to be straight (because of their gay shame) — and per society’s heteronormative script for them — when they’re really bi or gay. There are millions of gay guys worldwide married to females and having children out of peer pressure to fulfill the “Family Script.” These gay guys — who are too weak to come out of the closet — find it easier to lie about their sexuality so as not to disappoint their (anti-gay?) parents, relatives and amigos. So they follow the pressured “Family Script” and “get the girl” and get married. Then the pressure on them increases about breeding because their parents and others ask, “When are you going to start a family? (Translation: When are you going to start pumping out babies on an already over-populated planet?) How many kids do you want?” (At least a bus load?) The typical breeder rut/routine. In San Francisco with these new Millennial residents, some of us have noticed that the more effeminate the gay guy — who is married to a female — the more children he likes to pump out in order to “prove how straight he is” as a gay man. There’s a case of that in my neighbourhood. My straight neighbour asked me recently: “What do you think about that gay guy down the street here who is married to a woman and they keep having these loud, obnoxious screaming babies that can be heard all up and down the street? They seem to like the attention that the screaming draws to them.” I said: Oh them. You’ve noticed that he’s a closeted gay guy too? My neighbour said: “He’s pretty obvious.” But in other words, the more a guy breeds proves how straight he is, in some people’s twisted minds. And our society is full of gay closet cases married to females with children. When they finally come out of the closet — if they ever do — some people use the “sexuality is fluid” bull shit. What’s “fluid” was lying to begin with about one’s genuine sexual orientation. Guys have been lying about their true gay or bi sexuality for decades as weak gay or bi closet cases. Just look at all the lying bi and gay guys calling themselves “str8” in men-for-men personal sex ads.

Many closeted guys these days are using the term “curious” as in “straight but curious.” “Curious” is a sanitised word for “I’m slowly crawling out of the closet” — while remaining in the closet — if the reader understands what I mean by that, because the gay or bi guy continues to call himself “discreet” and “down low,” which are code words for closeted. It’s most often gay guys who have been in the closet for years pretending to be straight and married to a female with children who say “I’m curious and want to get together with another guy.” You’re not “curious,” chico. You’re slowly crawling out of that moldy closet you put yourself in decades ago. You might be interested in what it’s really like to have sex with a guy if you’ve never done that before and that could be described as “curious,” but after you’ve had sex with a guy once, twice or a few times, what’s there to be “curious” about?

Back to these gay conversion sites: Then there was their story about a guy who’s sexuality changed from gay to straight solely because he started working out at the gym and became a muscle jock bro (translation: a “real man.”) After doing so, he became a “pussy hound” according to the gay conversion sites. Hmmmmmmmm. Working out at the gym changes one’s sexual orientation? Who knew? That’s a new one. What will they come up with next?

Then there’s this story one of the sites created about a gay guy who “went straight.” I’m not going to relate that entire lengthy story. In the end, he dumped his “faggot boyfriend” by text message using other homophobic language as well. He told his “faggot boyfriend” to be out of his apartment by the time he got home. (What a lovely way to treat your now-former and unsuspecting boyfriend). He told his boyfriend, “This is a picture of my new girlfriend.” At that point he had already gotten “his girl” pregnant, according to the story. I forget just how I researched that particular story, but I found the guy’s pictures elsewhere online. As it turns out, he’s a fairly well-known singer or actor, and today he’s very much gay. So this guy in their fictional story never “converted” from gay to straight. One of the gay conversion sites who wrote the story merely stole his pictures to go with their fictional story line/lie. I guess they thought he’d never visit their blog and no one would research it, or the other “mirror sites” sharing their story to see his pictures there. But it was all a lie.

The main site is extremely vigilant on how terrible “gay sex” is and how superior bi or straight pussy sex is. That blogger has many lists — based in a lot of stereotypical ignorance — of the problems with gay sex, especially anal sex. He seems to forget that many bi and straight guys engage in anal sex with females so “the problems” with anal sex runs across the board. A female can be just as unclean — anus or vagina — as a gay guy.

Some of the images used on these gay conversion sites could be construed as rape images by the way the guy is holding the female down with one hand firmly around her neck while fucking her/breeding her (according to the captions). Clearly a macho domination scene.

Then there’s the topic of “bisexual erasure.” The caption shows a gay couple on a beach and of course one of the guys smokes cigarettes. (BTW, smoking cigarettes makes one “a real man” to “get the girl” is the implication and seems to be a requirement with gay conversion.) The caption the blogger wrote was about how the two gay guys (a gay couple) enjoy checking out the girls on the beach and deciding which one they wouldn’t mind taking back to their place and fucking together. It ends with “Isn’t bisexual erasure wonderful?”

As for the “sexuality is fluid” anti-gay agenda, that is going to ultimately backfire on the Queer community should the Queer community embrace it, as some already are unfortunately. It will backfire because the far-right/anti-gay crowd will say: Why do gay people need any “special rights” — that’s their ludicrous description of basic human rights which breeders automatically have with their straight privilege, but Queers don’t — or why do gays need any more rights than they already have (even as our rights are being taken away under The Orange Man’s repugnant regime, such as trans rights in the workplace) when gays themselves say that “sexuality is fluid” or changeable? Why don’t gays just “turn straight” and they will have any and all rights they want with breeder privileges? Unfortunately, I’ve already seen some Queers using this “sexuality is fluid” nonsense, even on Queer sites. Yes, some have already fallen for it. Moronic.

While writing this article, I asked everyone I could think of — including my straight neighbour — if their “sexuality is fluid” or if their sexuality had changed over the years? 100% of them assured me that their sexuality had not changed. Some people I asked found the notion of that laughable. They asked me, “Are you serious?”

I read a comment — supposedly a true story — on a message forum from a lesbian who got drunk one night and she had sex with her best friend (a straight guy) and did not understand why she did that. He didn’t understand why she came onto him either and asked her “Are you sure you want to do this?” She seemed to be asking for advice on the message forum she posted on. The comments to her from other conformist Queers were: “Just remember that sexuality is fluid.” Ugh. Sigh. Fucking Idiots. It was the fucking drug alcohol that caused her to be a different person, not her sexuality, you fools. The next day, she was at a loss why she had sex with her best friend. Is she that dense? Has she never heard what can happen to people under the influence of the drug alcohol? She’s never heard they can become completely different people under the influence of alcohol? (Stupid is in).

The drug alcohol and cigarette smoking are required for gay conversion?

From reading these gay conversion sites, most gay guys in their testimonials and stories who claim to have supposedly converted to either bi or straight fucked pussy the first time under the influence of the drug alcohol. That’s a common theme.

Also, what all of these sites fail to say is that many gay guys started out fucking pussy in high school when they were in the closet, and they ran from pussy and the smell of pussy. They were turned off by it and realised they were Queer and wanted dick.

If the Queer community falls for this “sexuality is fluid” bull shit as a unified group and promotes the idea that one can change one’s sexuality, it’s all over for Queer rights. And that’s probably what the intent is here, because again, the sheeple and the far-right will say there’s no need for Queer rights because Queers can “turn straight.” And with that, we’ll be right back where we started with the sheeple thinking that “gay people choose to be gay” because the sheeple and ultra-conservatives/far-right will say, “well gays themselves say that ‘sexuality is fluid.'” Any moron should be able to see where this is going.

Below are some quotes I read on a Queer site. I found it interesting that all of these self-described “straight” guys — who are lying to themselves and others about their true/real sexual orientation — quoted below were hanging out on a Queer site that has the word Queer in its title. It’s not that there was any doubt or vagueness over where they were. I wonder why they might be hanging out there? Hmmmmmmmmmm? I don’t go to sites that identity as straight. Here are the comments exactly as they appeared followed by my response.

“so i have a gf of almost 3 years and recently started to jack off to gay porn, i dont know wht it is about it but it kinda turns me on, i was just wondering if anybody else is in the same boat as me. would love to hear from you!! “

My response: You wrote, “so I have a gf of almost 3 years” but you forgot to say that she’s out of town like everyone else’s girlfriend. Please be advised that you’re not in keeping with the “straight and bi” script where “the GF” is always out of town, according to their sex ads. Do you call yourself straight because of our heteronormative straight-based society? Sounds like you’re really bi, so stop lying about your sexual orientation by calling yourself straight, if that’s the label you use.

A response from someone to the guy claiming to have a gf:

“i have to go with you on this one. I would never want to engage in gay sex [my emphasis added], but watching it somehow makes me hard as a rock. I have only watched a movie once, but I read stories on the net some. Matter of fact i am hard now just thinking about it.”

My response: Sounds like you’re bi or gay too since it turns you on and makes you “hard as a rock,” and you’re likely another closet case. Why would you never want to engage in gay sex when you’re sitting there with a hard-on thinking about gay sex? Because of your gay shame? A credible psychotherapist can help you deal with your gay shame.

Another commenter wrote:

“I’m straight, but i do watch gay porn and guys masturbating. I thought that was weird until i looked at the other reviews. Good to know a lot of guys do that.”

My response: Chico, you’re not straight, you’re bi. Genuine straight guys — such as my straight neighbour — have no interest in guys or in watching them JO. Stop your lying and dishonesty.

Another commenter:

“Thank goodness i am not the only one. Im Straight but watch gay porn. I love girls, but gay just turns me on from time to time.”

My response: You’re bi too. So you too can stop with this “straight” head trip from now on.

Another commenter:

“im str8 but ive masturbated with my friends and one time one of my friends and i started oral, then it lead to anal. ive wanted to try again because it felt so good but im afraid to bring it up again. so i masturbate and think about it insted.”

My response: Stop lying about being straight. jesus fucking christ. You’re either bi or gay. Again, genuine straight guys don’t get off on guys with oral or anal. Bi and gay guys do that.

It’s at this point that someone will scream at me: WOULD YOU STOP IT WITH THE LABELS?! Why should I do that? We have the labels for a reason and wasn’t it the Queer community who created the labels? And now some in the Queer community find the labels uncomfortable — tough luck! — and want us to suspend with them? How are we supposed to identify someone’s sexuality if we don’t use the labels we created? Doh.

Another commenter:

“I don’t know why. I consider myself straight [Ed. people consider themselves all kinds of things but that doesn’t mean that they are], I’ve always been attracted to women, I’ve had sex with women and it’s all good … But when I’m horny I sometimes have this fantasy of while laying down on my back and having a gorgeous girl ride my dick, a man to stand over me with his big cock and I can really imagine myself saying give it to me. Being pinned down and sucking away I wouldn’t be able to say no. Even writing this I have a hard on lol.”

My response: Chico, you’re bi since you’re turned on by “his big cock.” So stop with this “straight” bull shit.

All of these lying, dishonest, heteronormative guys calling themselves “straight” when they’re not. Just like the lying closet cases on ClosetList that I have written reams about. They’re all looking for a guy on the “DL” (down low) and “discreet” (closeted) and of course they all have a GF and she’s constantly out of town. GFs are always out of town. Why is that? Because they don’t exist. There is no GF. It’s just part of the heteronormative script used by “Mr Straight” to pump himself up as being a “real man” who claims to fuck pussy.

Another commenter:

“Not just that, I wonder what it would be like to be fucked, just to have a big warm penis sliding inside of me taking advantage of me, sometimes I even picture myself jerking off slowly with a sexy girl to the left, and having a guy with a juicy cock to the right, and having to choose which one I want.”

My response: Sigh. You’re bi too. All of these closeted bi guys. Pathetic dishonesty.

Another commenter:

“to be honest ive giving head lots now and i know im not bi or gay i love girls but love sucking big cock.”

My response: You’re bi too, despite your denial and “straight” head trip. Dude, there is nothing wrong with being bi or gay. Stop lying to yourself and others.

Someone astutely noted in the comments under the article:

“yeah those men were bisexual not straight. I can assure you if you try to have sex with straight guys you’re gonna get a totally different reaction.”

Exactamente. Gracias for that.

Another commenter wrote:

“straight men don’t fantasize about sucking one off. #closetcases”

You’re absolutely correct.

Then there are the many gay guys in sex ads who claim to be “str8.” More lying and dishonesty.

Then, there are the liars who say, “I’m not gay but I have an overwhelming desire to suck cock.” Well then you are gay or bi, chico. But your issue of gay shame — indoctrinated into you by our sick society — is holding you back from being honest with yourself and others.

I should point out that many people have sexual fantasies that don’t at all “match”/coincide/agree with who they are as a person in their daily/non-sexual lives. Some people have — what they themselves call — “very twisted/taboo” sexual fantasies. These fantasies appear only in a sexual context and are the opposite of the person that most people know the person to be. I did phone counseling for many years. We were all professionally-trained before taking the first call. The stories I could tell! I talked with some people who had what most people would call “twisted sexual fantasies.” Some people need the most taboo of topics/fantasies in order to “get off.” That’s just the way it is for them. We, as phone counselors, remained non-judgemental with all callers. That’s, in part, why nothing phases me these days. I’ve heard it all. It was a very valuable experience. Some years ago, I ran into one of the other phone counselors I had worked. We talked a bit and she said at the end, “you know, after that experience, nothing phases me anymore.” I said: Yes, the same here. We would have a lot less judgmental people in our society if they were to have the same experience we did.

Back to the gay conversion sites: I noticed more ignorance from the main site. That blogger suggested that gay guys “put that Rainbow Flag away” and that they could save money on clothes by “going bi or straight.” He wrote: “You can say goodbye to your fabulous color-coded closet filled with things you’ve only worn once. You can cut back on the gym because women really dig the dad bod. No more expensive hair appointments – just throw on a baseball cap. No more 50 pairs of designer underwear – you can go commando.” This guy sounds just like the typical closet case, regardless of what he calls himself or how he describes his sexuality. Why doesn’t he come out back out of the closet and enjoy gay life with all the colours and pretty underwear? Where has he been not to have noticed that most Queers today are not wearing any “fabulous color-coded” clothes? Being adamant conformists, most Queers are wearing Millennial drab/cultist black and grey. At least in now-conservative and conformist San Francisco they are. And most Queers today seem to want nothing to do with the Rainbow Flag because it’s considered to be “too gay.” During the Gay Mecca years, we used to see Rainbow Flag pins on guy’s backpacks and shoulder bags. Today? Gone. Those pins have been retired to the closet along with the gay guy in many cases. Also, Queer gym memberships are way down — as if it were just a fad for many — according to mi amigo who still has his gym membership. And cutting back on the gym can mean a less healthy person. What does this asshole think going to the gym is for? It’s supposed to be for health reasons. He makes it sound like it’s purely for cosmetic reasons. If one does the gym correctly, one gets the “cosmetics” as a side effect of the positive health effects. There are already no shortage of gay “jock bros” wearing a baseball cap. In fact, all that’s required for one to be a “jock bro” is to slap on a baseball cap and put on a jock and there you go: You’re now instantly Mr Jock, according to the sex ads. You don’t have to do any workouts or play any sports or anything like that. Just the baseball cap and jock. But you must grunt and hoot at sports television screens in loud sports bars often filled with obnoxious breeders. And many gay guys today love emulating the breeders and trying to be as “straight acting” as possible. And I don’t see anyone around The Castro who looks like they had “expensive hair appointments.” That’s rather outdated. I think this blogger is stuck in the 1980s.

Looking at men-for-men sex ads on CL (regardless of which major city it is), most of the Queer community today lies and pretends to be “bi” — as I said earlier, they are running from and are ashamed of the word “gay” (because gay sounds to “fem” to them apparently?) — yet these fake “bi” guys are always looking for guys to have sex with and are never over in the men-seeking-women category looking for “bi sex.”

For example, when I began writing this article, the following are the search results as of septiembre 2017/September 2017 on ClosetList for the entire San Francisco Bay Area in the Men-seeking-Men category:

334 ads contain the keyword gay
78 ads contain the abbreviation GWM
207 ads contain the abbreviation WM (shunning the word gay?)
881 ads contain the keyword bi (see what I mean?)
625 ads contain the keyword straight
279 ads contain the keyword/abbreviation str8

For the City and County of San Francisco:

Only 124 ads contain the keyword gay (is that what one would expect for the former Gay Mecca?)
Only 49 ads contain the abbreviation GWM (again, is that what one would expect for the former Gay Mecca?)
69 ads contain the abbreviation WM
309 ads contain the keyword word bi
191 ads contain the keyword straight
113 ads contain the keyword/abbreviation str8

Now does anyone honestly believe that the Gay/Queer Community is no longer gay but has as a community “turned bi?” (roll eyes) Loco. Who believes that? What’s happening here is technically called being heteronormative and merely copying each other’s ads to fit in with the herd.

I talked with a gay guy in New York City, Manhattan specifically, while writing this and he told me that in NYC more gay guys are out of closet than ever before (although he told me he has many problems with the Queer community there). That’s not what the CL ads for NYC show. Searching the CL ads, the Queer community in Manhattan and/or NYC is no different than and just as fucked up as the Queer community in San Francisco and the Bay Area. And why wouldn’t it be? Except for two major cities worldwide (and I forget which ones they were), I got similar results worldwide when I searched CL ads sometime ago. I’ve even written about New York City: The “Discreet” Gay Guys in New York City.

Achieve gay marriage and then start marrying females? WTF?

I just find it damn odd that after the Queer community worked for decades to achieve gay marriage, that some gay guys would start marrying females after gay marriage became legal (WTF?)– related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad. — and want to be with a female? Then why the fuck did they bother working for gay marriage for decades if in the end being with a female was what they would ultimately want/choose? Loco./Crazy./Fucking Insanity. The main gay conversion site addressed this, and as expected, called a gay guy’s choice to be with or marry a female after gay marriage became legal, “a perfectly viable choice.” Oh Fuck Off, you closet case asshole!

Another reason I’ve written this article, is because what I’ve said here I would not be allowed to say on any of these sites — without being ridiculed and trolled, and told to “just go jack off to this pussy porn and go straight or bi — so maybe this article will come up in the appropriate search results and gay guys will read it. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Yet another gay conversion site has popped up. Some of the stories lines: A gay guy discovers that females give the best blow job (this will be a surprise to gay guys who started out in the closet with females) and when they came out quickly learned that guys give the best blow jobs, and in this instance the gay guy follows through on his promise that he will now dump his boyfriend and go with this female who supposedly gave him the best blow job ever. That’s how he chooses his partners. Shallow. Then there are the many cheating stories of the gay guy who is going straight after trying pussy. In one of these fictional stories, his partner thinks he’s on a business trip but instead he’s cheating on his partner with a woman and fucking her in their hotel. He calls his partner to tell him to cancel their anniversary celebration — what a fucking asshole — because his “business” trip is taking longer than expected and he won’t be back in time. The animated gif shows a guy fucking this female with the caption being that a few months later he’s married to a woman and well on his way to starting “a real family,” implying that Queer families are not “real families.” The site also uses the pejorative words “faggot” and “fag” a lot. Their anti-gay message is noted.

On the main gay conversion site that I referred to up above in the article, I don’t remember if I said this (and I don’t feel like reading through it all to find out whether I did or not), that blogger consistently rejects the repeated claim from some readers that he’s anti-gay. He’s either in denial or playing stupid. He is most definitely anti-gay despite the rare times that he writes something to try to give the impression that he’s somewhat pro-gay to counter those ongoing anti-gay claims. When he writes shit like this: dick belongs in pussy, dicks are for chicks, no baby was ever born out of a man’s ass (my question: who wants a baby in an already over-populated world?), you get straight privilege by being with a woman, and pussy is so much better than dick. All that sounds pretty anti-gay and right-wing to me. And there are many other examples I could give from his site. Interesting how he thinks everyone should be just like him and that they should have his life/sexuality. I guess he hasn’t heard that there are people who like different things different ways. It’s called diversity. After reading his site, there is no shortage whatsoever of anti-gay messages/captions found throughout his blog, despite his ongoing denial/lying that he’s not anti-gay. Finally, on that same site (which I refer to as the “main site”), he takes this sort of parental, lecturing, teacher-approach as if he thinks he’s such an authority and expert on sexuality and as if everyone is just waiting for his valuable opinions. So to all of these anonymous comments that he supposedly gets (or does he write them all himself?), he writes these suggestions to people of what they should do to help them along in their attempt to go bi or straight. Someone wrote him and said they had tried to go straight but it didn’t work and they felt disgusted with themselves for trying. He said that it doesn’t work for everyone and “try to be the best gay guy you can be.” What the fuck is that supposed to mean? That’s an example of what I’m talking about. As a self-appointed “authority” I guess he felt he needed to say that. In reality, he’s just some asshole on a power trip. He’s quite ignorant and anti-gay about human sexuality, at least from my studies of human sexuality. Such as his comment about “dick doesn’t belong in the ass”/”Your ass wasn’t made to take a dick and the lining of the rectum is easily torn from anal sex.” Yet he seems to have no problem with a dick being in the ass of a female which is common with breeder couples when she is on the rag. No, he only has a problem with a dick being in the ass for gay guys. He lectures readers that, “if you really want to have children and a family, why not just get the gay out of your system when you’re young and then find a woman to settle down and have a family with?” Oh no, you’re not at all anti-gay, you fucking asshole. I don’t at all pretend to be an expert or authority on human sexuality, and certainly wouldn’t give readers recommendations unless they asked for my opinion. He seems to live under the illusion that the world is waiting with baited breathe for his valuable information about human sexuality. Ugh.

How is that “gay assimilation” shit and that gay conversion shit working out about now? Mi amigo/My friend found this article (link below) and as soon as he brought it up I said: Oh that idiot. I remember him and that pathetic story. I guess his “gay conversion to being straight” didn’t work (imagine that!) since he’s getting a divorce from his esposa/wife and has finally come out of the closet. I guess pussy didn’t “cure” him the way the anti-gay asshole gay conversion sites like to lie and claim it does:”

This Gay Mormon Man Who Got Famous For Marrying A Straight Woman Is Getting Divorced
“The couple is now apologizing to the GLBTQ community for how the “publicity of our supposedly successful marriage” has been “used to bully others.”
Josh Weed, who made headlines in 2012 for coming out as a gay Mormon man in a straight marriage, announced Thursday that he and his wife, Lolly, are getting divorced.”

This divorce comes after pumping out 4 children — was he trying to prove how supposedly straight he was ?? — with one child still in a stroller. If he had come out to begin with as a Queer boy that he is and stopped lying to himself he wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with, with upcoming child support payments, the possible emotional consequences on and damage to his children, etc. Is he still in that Latter Day Saints church? Get out of it! They are one of the worst Christian denominations around. A bunch of fucking mostly white bigots. Most religions — especially fundamentalists — can really fuck up people’s lives. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Marketing Pussy to Gay Guys

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Well, pussy must not be all that hot considering all the emotional baggage and financial demands that come with it. Here’s something they don’t talk about (or very rarely) at these gay conversion sites: Cost-benefit analysis: girlfriend vs. fleshlight

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Prominent US ‘gay conversion therapist’ David Matheson divorces wife and comes out as gay

16 comments on “Gay Conversion Brainwashing

  1. Evan

    I’m a divorced guy. Had a wife for many years. My brother is gay and has a boyfriend and we’re all best of friends. I fully accept him and his partner and love them, even though our parents don’t. I forget how but I came across the gay conversion sites. I think there were links to them on a straight porn site I was on. I found them to be offensive since there’s nothing wrong with being gay so why were these sites trying to change gay guys? The more I read about this I read that it’s mostly a fantasy that some people have. They go on chat boards and fantasize and make up stories to feed other people’s fantasies. I guess that’s cool if it’s just fantasy. The more I read, they romanticize and eroticize pussy and straight or bi sex. Since pussy is only a small part of a woman, this romanticizing of pussy misleads gay guys into a very false impression of a woman. If you think that pussy is all she’s about you’ll be in biig trouble. I know. That’s why I’m divorced. The rest of her which is most of her made the pussy part unattractive after awhile. I stopped wanting to have sex with my wife or with any woman. I was sick and tired of the emotional baggage that I was subjected to over the smallest things. Any gay guy who tries to “convert” will experience this and it will be like an ice cold shower hit him. He’ll probably say – “why did I give up guys for pussy and for this?” Thought I’d pass along my experience.

  2. Tony

    Fascinating article and follow-up. I’m gay and the one thing that the anti-gay groups love to talk about is how can you eat out a hole where someone poops, like that’s totally a gay thing and only a gay thing. Straight guys eat women’s asses, I’ve seen them do it in all types of videos, professional and homemade. The vagina is so close to the anus that when a guy is eating vagina he’s also eating anus or can get the smell from it. How can you eat out a hole where she bleeds once a month and where there’s constant drippings and mucous or a yeast infection coming out of it? I like playing with a guy’s ass but being oral with it is something that I’ve really not gotten into. I just wanted to make the point that it’s not just a gay thing to eat ass. Straight guys eat women’s asses all the time. That’s part of why they’re always checking out a woman’s butt. This comes from a couple of straight guys I know where the woman is only considered a sex object. A place to park their dick.

  3. I was gay. Now I'm bi.

    After reading both your original piece and your response to my response, it is now clear to me that you come from an older generation and are clueless about how social media and erotica in the 21st century work.

    The world has changed quite significantly since Stonewall, the March on Washington, and the days when you had to go to a bookstore in the Castro– and enter through the back door to protect your anonymity– to find gay porn in the form of magazines and VHS tapes. I’m not sure you are aware of how much the world has changed since those days. That you refer to my page as a “site” and conclude that because the material seen on my page is borrowed from and shared on other pages indicates one person running numerous “sites” demonstrates that the basic social media practices of sharing, following, and reblogging go right over your bald and aging head.

    Back in your day, coming out of the closet was something you did if you had previously hidden your gayness to avoid oppression and persecution from family, friends, and society, and decided to live openly as who you are. There was no bisexuality. There was no sexual fluidity. Well, actually, there were both. But because it was so critical that certain civil rights gains be achieved, bisexuals and sexually fluid people incorrectly identified as “gay” and “lesbian” so they could be counted in the “Lesbian and Gay” numbers that the activists believed were needed to fight the power.

    Therefore, in the world of your heyday, there was only Gay and Lesbian. There was no bisexual. There was no pansexual. There was no fluid sexuality. Those concepts were dangerous to civil rights because of the mere suggestion that some “gay” people might be able to play sometimes on the other team– which, of course, would cause the whole “We were born this way and can’t change” premise to unravel.

    Fast forward 30 years.

    Most people who come out do so between the ages of 11 and 15. Public schools have LGBTQ clubs. It’s not difficult to find entertainers who are LGBT, nor is it hard to turn on the TV and see LGBTQ characters portrayed positively in fiction. Pornhub is exploding with gay porn of every genre imaginable. Pornhub…that’s a website (yes, an actual site and not a blog or social media page) where you can watch porn for free, like an X-rated Youtube. Youtube is a website where users upload content of every type, on every topic imaginable (in case you weren’t aware).

    And so young people today have no need for rigid identity labels. Why would it be such a stretch for someone who came out gay at age 11 to discover, at say, age 23, that he really does like women after all? The pendulum has swung the other way. And today, such a person would be ostracized and ridiculed by people like you as “going back in the closet”. But that journey is just as valid as the 11 year old who thinks he likes girls (you know, because he has that one special female friend) and then discovers at age 23 that he really finds guys to be hot. In both examples, the person is probably bisexual. The difference is they come at it from different directions.

    Why do I post blatantly homophobic memes? Because I find the concept of conversion and discovering a latent love of pussy to be erotic. It gets me off. I see a slogan like “No baby was ever born out of a man’s ass” and an accompanying photo of a man plowing a woman’s cunt and it makes me rock hard. It has the same effect on other people too, as we tend to FOLLOW each other and REBLOG each other’s material. You might notice that the more provocative the meme, the greater number of likes and shares it receives. So that’s why I post that stuff. It’s exciting to some and tickles the erotic fantasies of those who consume it.

    You might also take a look around the same platform my site in on and check out some of the more extreme fetish material that’s out there. Such as pictures of men being pissed on or sucking dick in a bukkake fashion, the caption reading “What a faggot was made for”…or a man holding out his raging hard and huge cock, as if to offer it to the viewer to fellate, with a caption that says, “What are you standing there for? Get to work, faggot!” No, homophobic imagery is not limited to my genre. It’s all over the BDSM scene. There is eroticism in homophobia. In fact, it’s a fetish held entirely by gay men. True straight men rarely, if ever, get off on the idea of having a “cash fag” suck his dick and take his abuse. It’s the gay men who fantasize about being some homophobic straight alpha male’s “faggot bitch.” You may not realize or accept that. But it’s reality. We’re long past the days of the campy gay porn magazine on the shelf at the gay bookstore.

    I also have a lot of written material that isn’t intended to be erotic. I often share my thoughts about coming out of the closet from gay to bi. I answer the comments of other bloggers. When you read this material, you are seeing me as I am. When you see my provocative memes, you are seeing material that is intended to arouse sexual fantasies. I guess your misunderstanding might be partially my fault as I put all of the above on my page and make no disclaimers as to which is intended as fantasy and which is sharing my thoughts as they are. But anyone who gets it doesn’t really need such an explanation and I am definitely not one to cater to the trigger warning/safe space victim culture that is very present today.

    So whether you like what I write or not, my journey from being a 100% gay-identified male to a bisexual male is 100% real. I have real, genuine thoughts on that tranistion. There are also plenty of things that get me off that are the furthest thing imaginable from political correctness. In fact, it’s that lack of political correctness that is part of the turnon. These are strange times we live in if you are still married to the past. I really think you should broaden your horizons.

    Signing out.

    1. castro local


      dude – hope you shot a good load to that!!!!!

      >>>The world has changed quite significantly since Stonewall, the March on Washington, and the days when you had to go to a bookstore in the Castro– and enter through the back door to protect your anonymity– to find gay porn in the form of magazines and VHS tapes. <<<

      i take it you've never been to the castro. we didn't go through any back doors to hide or be anoymous. there are no back doors to even get to….they're sealed back yards. being anonymous wasn't what the castro was about. we didn't hide what we did. the castro was so open and wild in those days……it has quite the history of open nudity and some sex on the sidewalks. not that way now but it was then. there weren't any back doors to go through. we walked right through the front door of the jaguar bookstore on 18th street when that was there. the same for all other businesses.

      your thing about bisexual ain't true either. i knew a couple of guys who were bi but i only knew them to have sex with guys, me being one them. their bi side was limited to watching pussy porn where they were horny for the guys fucking chicks. the castro was basically gay men, which some lesbians and others complained about…not being included. lesbians hung out in noe valley. the castro was an enclave of gay men and then the lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender and other folks were there sometimes. we've never seen a complete takeover of the castro the way we are nowdays with the str8 couples taking over the castro village, including bi neighbors who are all getting evicted.

      you're really so pompous and sure of yourself about being accurate…..when really you're not at all.

      1. I was gay. Now I'm bi.

        Well, I guess my total misconception of the Castro back in the day is quite similar to your misconception of the erotic community that I belong to.

      2. E in Sunnyvale (Googlevale? Applevale?)

        you’re really so pompous and sure of yourself about being accurate…..when really you’re not at all.

        It’s a Millennial thing…

    2. D8

      “your bald and aging head. ”

      To pink barrio: I’m glad you ignored the ageist remark. If you’re bald, don’t feel badly. Nothing wrong with that. A guy in our office was bald at age 30.

      1. el barrio rosa Post author

        Hola D8 – No, I’m not bald. Many people look good bald, I think.

        I have a faux hawk which I’ve had for about 5 years. I like it. It’s part of the alternative and proudly-rad Old City of San Francisco, regardless of the person’s age. I still occasionally see some people with faux hawks but not too many in this extremely now-conformist City where most people look very conservative, especially these snotty Millennial assholes. Gracias.

        1. castro local

          aren’t faux hawks expensive to keep up?….so they don'[t grow out? i wanted to have my hair cut that way but didn’t think i could afford the upkeep so it would have been a one time thing.

          1. el barrio rosa Post author

            Hola castro local – my faux hawk is homemade (mi amigo does it for me) so it doesn’t cost me anything. I prefer the homemade ones, which is mostly what I see out and about when I see them. I think most people do their own and I can usually tell the homemade ones. They sometimes look a little off or not quite even. I think that makes them look a little more interesting. Mine has been like that on occasion but I don’t mind. I think it makes them look more “rad” that way. Sometimes they’re real narrow and other times wider. Sometimes short, other times longer. Depends upon the mood. If I had to pay for mine, I don’t know that I would have it. I think that would get quite expensive. Gracias.

  4. D8

    I saw this article when you first posted it but forgot to read it. “Back in the day” meaning the days of the gay mecca years there wasn’t any effort to turn gay guys on into pussy. How come every time the right wing get into office there’s this great push to turn queer boys into straight boys? This doesn’t make any sense to me since all these queers boys would be looking for women which would mean that there would be less pussy for the straight guys. Follow what I’m saying? Why would these closeted gay guys trying to make everyone think that they’re bi or straight guys want to lose more pussy by having gays guys get it instead of them? That guy who wrote you sounds like the opposite of how he descrigbes himself. Probably all a front and his way of convincing gay guys that hey, “i’m just a cool straight guy trying to show you the pleasure of pussy.” Hope all of that makes sense….may not have worded it exactly right.

    I’ve told you about my gay friend who wigged out and went back in the closet because he said being gay wasn’t right and that “all my friends are going back in the closet.” He lied at his new job about having a girl friend then when he got together with someone from his old job for lunch one day where he was openly gay with someone there from the new job this all came out. Looked really bad and this got back to his coworkers at his new job and they lost all trust in him. He came crawling back to me recently. Said he had tried to get into pussy to go straight but it left him in an emtional upheaval. Ended up in therapy. I didn’t see him for sometime because he’d turned me off. Said he didn’t know what came over him but he’s now back to being the openly gay guy I once knew. I’d never asked him much about this but he came forward with what happened. He said that some sites online like the ones you’ve written about caused him emotional harm and really messed up his head. That should be a warning to everyone. I’m glad we’re friends again. I missed his companionship and his therapist was able to work with him to get him back to being the person I used to know. I asked him about his friends who had gone back in the closet. He’s lost contact with them but he said he does know that some of them were going through the same thing. Trying to change into straight or bi when they’re gay and it wasn’t working.

    By the way, appreciate your responses to that guy.

  5. I was gay. Now I'm bi.

    My site is “the main site?” Really? While I’m flattered that you think my blog is influential enough to be called a “main site,” I really do think you give me too much credit. I am just another member of the bisexual male community who has a life story that goes against activist orthodoxy.

    Yes, I say “activist orthodoxy” because somebody somewhere decided that bicuriosity only works one way: from straight to bi to gay. This is particularly true if you are a male, as women are given the freedom to be more fluid in their sexuality. Nobody cares when a woman goes from being bisexual to straight to lesbian to back to straight. But the sexuality of men is only allowed to move in one direction.

    And I get it. The LGBT civil rights movement was based on the notion that gay people are the way they are because they’re born that way and can’t change. There’s only one problem with that: it’s not true. It never was true. It never will be true. There is no gay gene. There is no gay brain. There is no physiological differences between gay, straight, and bisexual people.

    Does that mean being gay is a choice? No. But here’s the thing…it doesn’t matter.

    Instead of pushing pseudoscience, why not just not fight for civil rights with the premise that it doesn’t matter who we love, who we want to be with, who we want to marry? in a free society, people get to make those choices for themselves and nobody has the right to tell them otherwise. Instead of saying it’s your constitutional right as a man to marry another man, why not assert it’s your constitutional right to marry anybody you damn well please?

    Seems to me like that civil rights premise has much more strength and power than “Oh! This is who I am and I can’t help it”

    You say that you think sexual fluidity is a bunch of garbage, but you actually don’t believe that. You would welcome with open arms a man who says he has identified as straight all of his life, but has just now come to terms with his growing desires for other men. But yet you piss all over the guy who says he’s been gay most of his life but now has taken a sexual interest in women. You call his fantasies homophobic and say he’s playing into the religious right by describing his experience as “sexual fluidity.”

    The gay community has created a very hostile environment for those who find themselves discovering latent heterosexual tendencies. In a way, it’s become somewhat of a forbidden lust– the new love that dare not speak its name. And where there’s a taboo, there’s a fetish. That’s why you see so many sites that focus on the erotic aspects of relishing in this taboo and going against the activist orthodoxy. In a perverse way, it gives some of us a hard on to think that we are embracing pussy in a way that would offend the gay purists. Yes, I get why some would be put off by that imagery. But nevertheless, it makes for some very exciting jack off material.

    As for myself, I embraced my bisexuality about 10 years ago. In my youth, I identified as 100% gay. I no longer do. I discovered my interest in women and I now identify as bisexual. As your piece states, I am an atheist, a progressive, and a Trump hater. I am also proudly bisexual and if you go to a mens’ sex club in Phoenix or Palm Springs, you might even run into me sometime. Until the day I find a partner, I place no restrictions on myself as far as who I’ll fuck.

    I was gay. Now I’m bi.
    “The Main Site”

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      (Updated Response)

      Hola. You wrote:

      “Instead of saying it’s your constitutional right as a man to marry another man, why not assert it’s your constitutional right to marry anybody you damn well please?”

      Because that would still be vague to many people. That’s because we live in a very heteronormative society with a Breeder Agenda. It’s all about “him and her” everywhere you look. Dominant him making out and/or fawning over submissive/non-feminist her. In our heteronormative society, to many (most?) people, “marry anybody you damn well please” can still imply it’s the opposite gender you’re talking about. In other words, a closeted gay guy marrying a female. There’s no shortage of them. That’s why Queers specifically chose the language gay marriage or same-gender marriage, because there’s no doubt what that means. No confusion over the language, assuming that’s what you’re talking about.

      “You would welcome with open arms a man who says he has identified as straight all of his life, but has just now come to terms with his growing desires for other men. …”

      No, it has nothing to do with “his growing desires for other men.” His desire for men was there from Day One. And this has nothing to do with that “sexual fluidity” nonsense, which I always like to point out directly caters to the far-right agenda thinking that gay people choose to be gay and can change their sexuality to straight if they want to. Bull shit. So “His desire for other men” has to do with him finally coming out of the closet after living a lie and being a fraud for decades and following “The Family Script” of what his often bigoted and prejudiced family expected of him/wanted of him:

      The Family Script (if you’re a guy): Find the girl, get married and breed, and shove your hetero-self in Queer’s faces while at the same time whining about Queers by saying, “I hate it when gays make out in public and shove their sexuality in our (breeder) faces” while the breeders are making out in front of Queers. The hypocrisy! That’s why I would welcome such a person with open arms finally coming out of the closet and being who he is.

      You wrote:

      “But yet you piss all over the guy who says he’s been gay most of his life but now has taken a sexual interest in women.”

      I’ve never known anyone like that and I don’t know anyone who has. It’s always the other way around. “Straight” (or closet case) to gay. The guy finally came out of the closet. Not gay to straight (going back in the closet is what it amounts to). I’ve read lots about “gay to bi (or preferably straight)” on the gay conversion sites with all their made up, fictional stories and fake testimonials written by the sites themselves (usually as “anonymous” – they’re not fooling anyone) to promote their Breeder Agenda, some of which is very anti-gay material while they deny that. The stuff on your site is fed into the other sites which gives the impression that it’s all one person running most of them with his anti-gay, Breeder Agenda.

      I thought I read on your site where you said that you’re now straight (despite the name of your site) and married to or with a woman and have no interest in guys or in sucking dick. Because as you have written repeatedly in image captions and in other texts:

      “Dick belongs in pussy.” You don’t think that’s anti-gay? What about a (straight) guy that prefers to jack off? In that situation, his dick is not in pussy.

      “No baby was ever born out of a man’s ass.” No baby was ever born out of a female’s ass either when her male partner insists on fucking her in the ass because she’s ovulating, on her (nasty) period or because her ass feels much tighter to him than her loose pussy and he prefers her ass over her pussy as many straight guys do. Also, why do you promote breeding and pregnancy on your site when our planet is already overpopulated, or are you not aware of that, as a so-called “progressive?”

      “Going straight to have a family” with an image of a dick fucking pussy. It’s as if you’ve never heard of artificial insemination or other ways such as adoption for a gay guy (a gay couple) to have a child/a family other than by fucking pussy. You also have that image of “This is ex-gay” (the desired effect?) with a guy fucking pussy as if pussy is the ultimate. Or that image where you wrote “Gay was just a phase for some of us.” That’s the mentality of the anti-gay far-right that being gay is just a phase. So with your agenda you’re feeding directly into that bigoted mentality despite your claim of being a so-called “progressive.” These days the word “progressive” is so tossed around, misused and abused that it has completely lost its original meaning. Or that image you have, “Is this how you would react if your boyfriend was about to get pussy for the first time?” The image shows a guy sitting on the couch with a broad smile while his naked jock boyfriend is in the background waiting for his new girlfriend that he’s waiting to fuck. (roll eyes)

      Then you go on about how gay relationships don’t last which is more bull shit since I know many Queer couples who have been together for decades. You never mention the over 50% divorce rate in the US for breeder/straight couples.

      Then you wrote that little tacky chart of how breeder sex is superior to Queer sex and how nasty Queer sex supposedly is. But you don’t consider that anti-gay? Of course you never mention the nasty stench of pussy and how it reeks, as one example.

      Considering all of that, then you wonder why people say that you’re anti-gay or homophobic? Oh please! You can’t possibly be that dense. You most assuredly come across as if breeder sex is the “correct,” “proper,” and “ultimate” sex that one should be having and you’ve made other anti-gay comments with other picture images. The truth seems to hurt you. Stop living in your denial at what you’re doing. You most assuredly have an anti-gay agenda with your “please try pussy” constant theme.

      I personally think that people should be with whom they want to be with. But I’m at a loss as to why it’s so enormously important to you and others with their gay conversion sites that you constantly theme on “pussy is the ultimate.” Why do you care who somebody has sex with or lives with? Why do you spend so much of your life pushing and promoting the “Pussy Agenda.” What’s that about? It’s quite the obsession for you. It’s rather twisted.

      By most accounts, there’s supposedly only about 10% of the world’s population that is Queer. So why is there this big worry or concern by people such as yourself over “converting” gay guys to pussy when there are so few Queer people to begin with in this heteronormative Breeder Agenda society where one is constantly bombarded with images of “him and her?” These days, I’m seeing more and more Queer guys going back in the closet being “discreet” and “down low.” Sad.

      Rather than wasting all the time you do on promoting the Breeder Agenda and pussy, and despite the name of your site, why don’t you come out of the closet (for a second time, assuming you came out the first time) and just go get the dick? Stop playing these heteronormative, breeder mind games with yourself. You are born the way you are. Stop fighting your biological DNA. Now go out and enjoy the rest of your life. Chau.—el barrio rosa

      1. castro local

        did that guy write anything on his site about your article and response to him?…..just curious.

        1. el barrio rosa Post author

          Probably. But I don’t know for sure. He’s done that to other people critical of his site. I know the type of response he would write, so I don’t really care. One could say, “I’ve read it all before; nothing new here.” Overall, he would write the same script. But I haven’t been over there to see. Gracias.

      2. UK Reader

        We gay people are used to people like this. They are people who are gay themselves and in the closet and fighting against their own self and probably using religion in some disguised way or another. He’s just another queer guy who can’t find any dick. The closet really sucks. When he comes out of the closet, he’ll be a much better person.

Fin. The End.