Gay Culture is Dead in 2014

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El 22 de marzo de 2014. Hola. Local San Francisco artist, Dean Johnson, recently asked me to work with him on creating a poster.

The theme of the poster: much of what I’ve written about on pink barrio having to do with San Francisco’s fading gay mecca, corporatism, who’s responsible for the new San Francisco?, the gentrification of San Francisco and the conservative gay populace, and the conservative Castro barrio of San Francisco. I liked the idea of a poster very much because neither of us like what is happening to San Francisco or what the so-called “gay community” has turned into, which is: The opposite of what it was, and nothing that I as a Queer person can relate to any longer. As I told Dean: It saddens, frustrates and disgusts me at what the so-called “gay community” has turned into. So the poster (shown on this page) we came up with is reflective of that. You can click on it and it will take you through to Dean’s store to buy it, if you’d like.

One thing I’ve noticed on other sites is that the right-wing/conservatives are delighted with what is happening to San Francisco and with the conservative gay populace/”community.” To them, it’s a Wet Dream Come True. They have wanted this for years. We used the words “Gay Community” on the poster just because that’s what most people are familiar with, but as I’ve written before I don’t really consider it a “community” any more especially when hardly anyone talks verbally and most are addicted to their stupidphone (which serves the same distraction purpose as a baby’s pacifier and rattler). There’s not much “community” when the overwhelming majority of people/sheeple are hunched over and mindlessly squinting at and fucking with that stupidphone in their hand, depending upon the day (some days are worse than others with the stupidphone addiction). Also, other people have written articles about how the gay populace has changed. Many people rush to defend the changes because they like the conservative corporatist status quo so they attack the person who wrote the article, using the old and tiresome “Attack the Messenger” routine. For example, in his article which has appeared on his and other sites, writer Ted Rall has been hated on and attacked merely for telling the truth. Many people simply can’t stand to hear the truth so they attack the messenger (Ted) rather than addressing the message and/or coming out of their Denial.

Here’s the text that appears on—what I call—“The Morgue” right side of the poster shown below:

Gay Culture is Dead in 2014.
Eulogy: Gay meccas of today—including San Francisco’s Castro—look like morgues of their former self as corporatism has been embraced. Sanitized and “Family-Friendly” have replaced sexy & sleazy. Gay protests are out and frowned upon in favor of corporatism. What was Stonewall? Who cares? Alternative is proudly rejected with the abandoning of GLBTQ’s history. Our proud Radical history is out, almost with apologies to anyone having been offended. Rainbow flag colors are being painted over with drab gray. “Assimilation” is in by acting like heterosexuals (as if they are to be emulated), including adopting the conservative “Institute of WedLOCK” and having children. Heteronormative is in. Going back in the closet and describing oneself as “straight-acting, straight-appearing, discreet and normal” are in. Uninhibited is out. Inhibited is in. “Flaming” is out. “No fats or fems” is in. Sound discriminatory? Seeing the human body as “indecent” and opposing nudity is in as one has become like the prudes one fled from decades ago. Describing oneself as “a jock” and into corporate sports teams is in. Being addicted to gadgets is in with one’s only form of communication being typing with one’s thumbs on Orwellian-named “social media networks,” and sex apps. Saying the word “like” every-other-word is in especially in San Francisco. Intellect is out. ParTying with drugs is often required for random sexual encounters. Drinking and getting drunk have replaced hours of dancing to disco music. Fin.

Gay Culture is Dead in 2014

The two sides of the poster are intended to show the drastic change in the gay populace/”community.” It’s quite accurate for what the so-called “gay community” has become. Sad really. Chau.—rosa barrio


Bruce LaBruce writes: “Gay culture is dead. I guess the idea of gay culture was always an oxymoron, but lately I find myself declaring to it more definitively, “You’re dead to me,” as you might say to a former lover. Now, the gay movement is a zombie movement. It vaguely looks like its former self, operating remotely like it used to, going through the motions. But there’s no real life to it, no purpose, beyond bland consumerism. The engine of the gay movement used to be an idea of adventurous and extreme sexuality. Gay culture itself was regarded by the status quo as something pornographic and sexually radical. Today, with the emergence of the gay conservatism, pornography appears to be the last bastion of sexual radicalism. That’s why I always express solidarity with gay pornographers. They’re the last glimmer of glamour in the gay movement.”
Bruce LaBruce: Gay Culture is Dead

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