Gay guys are back in the closet and with females.

The Conservatives tell us, “There are very few gay people in the world.” They’re wrong, as usual. And what a shame that so many gay guys don’t have the integrity or dignity to be who they are, and instead are so ashamed of their queer sexual orientation that they resort to living a lie about who they are in that extremely unhealthy closet. And some wonder why the world is so fucked up today?

Hola a todos. Well this article shouldn’t take that long, and I’ll try to be brief.

Over the years, I’ve read comments from some conservatives where they have written that “there are very few gay people in the world.” Translation: Gay people should be ignored. So because queers are such a small minority — according to them — queer rights and anything else queer-related are unimportant. Yes, that’s what I would expect most conservatives to say.

Apparently these conservative breeders (and or closet cases themselves) have no gaydar whatsoever. Whereas I can pretty easily tell if a guy is queer or straight, or maybe bi. Although these days with many gay guys trying to “look and act” straight/heteronormative, it’s become more difficult. It takes me awhile. Then there are the straight guys that are trying to “look or act” metrosexual, and my gaydar reads them as queer. And too often he’s holding hands with a female. The Century of Insanity.

But the fact is (for the benefit of the willfully-ignorant conservatives): Most gay guys in the world — thousands and thousands of gay guys — are living in the closet, and many are living with wives and have children. For example: Check out this article, which is really about closet cases living a straight life in Deutschland/Germany:

“The research found that out of this sub-group of participants, all of whom self-identified as homosexual, three-quarters of them had never had sex with a man…Professor Kathleen Herkommer, who led the study, explained that these men’s mental health can suffer as a result of hiding their sexuality, and that this groundbreaking research could help the drive to help them. “We identified a group that recognises its homosexuality, but do not live it, and instead lead and have led a purely heterosexual life – often with a wife and children,” she said.”
[Source: One in 10 middle-aged gay men have had vaginal sex in the past three months, according to German study.]

Even though the queers that one sees once a year who show up for that corporate pride weekend look like a sizeable group, they are merely a small fraction of the worldwide queer so-called “community.” They are the queers who are supposedly out of the closet. Or, at least they come out of the closet on that weekend.

The closet is a very unhealthy place for queers to live and I think that helps explain, in part, why our society is so fucked up. Especially when it comes to closeted politicians. It’s a case of queers living a lie in that unhealthy closet. Why do they do that? For various reasons: Gay shame, trying to please prejudiced and homophobic “mommy and daddy” and following The Family Script, and society’s heteronormative Straight Agenda brainwashing where literally everywhere you look images of “him and her” couples are shoved in our faces on a daily basis, 24/7. You wouldn’t know that there are any queers in the world based on advertisments these days. For example, I saw an ad for sports clothing the other day. It featured her sitting beside him, although her back was to him for the pose but it was clearly intended to mean “We’re a breeder couple and you should be too, just like us. Any arrangement other than us — him and her — is bad.” That’s the subliminal message being sent by corporate ads today. I don’t know what “him and her” had to do with selling sports clothes, or were they saying that they only want business from breeders? And I don’t give a fuck how many purely-symbolic and shallow “Gay Days” corporations have on their corporate calendar for their employees when their true views and intentions are shown in their “him and her” advertisements where they never promote queer couples at all. Well upon reflection, I have to partly take that back. They may, and I repeat may, show a lesbian couple on the very rare occasion and that’s because lesbian couples are considered more acceptable to the breeders. But if they do show two women, they’re often presented as “just friends.” There is one couple that they will not show: A gay male couple. Any two guys shown together are presented as bros hanging out for a brew, not as a gay male couple. Can’t have that!

I watch television from the EU — that’s the European Union for the stupid people in the US who don’t know what EU stands for — and yesterday I saw a queer boy (a politician) on television. My extremely reliable gaydar told me he’s a queer boy. Today I saw him walking holding hands with a female. Of course! Another fucking closet case adhering to the Straight Agenda. I researched Mr Closet Case. He has a wife and 2 children. Yes, but of course. Following the Straight Agenda while living in the closet, which seems to be especially the case for politicians worldwide to dupe their gullible supporters into thinking “He’s straight with a wife and kids the way it should be. He’s ‘normal.'” So you all fell for that closeted charade, did you? Meanwhile, he’s looking for sex with a guy on the side on some phone app before he goes back home to have the required sex with her and her rank pussy, and while with her he’s fantasising about that hot guy he’s going to hook up with later in the week who gave him a raging boner on the phone app. And there are millions more just like Mr Closet Case politician around the world living a lie and duping their followers.

These days, mi amigo/my friend and I now assume that every queer boy we see is a closet case, until somehow proven otherwise. That’s something neither of us have had to do before. The queer boy is either pretending to be straight and or in the closet (with a female too?) based on how he looks and or showing breeder wedding rings (left hand fourth finger).

When the Gay Rights Movement ended following gay marriage becoming legal in the US — and queers were given the dictate to “assimilate with the straights” — it seems that most queers headed back into the closet with many marrying females or getting girlfriends and they have no intention of coming out of the closet. Mi amigo/my friend saw this with guys at his old gym (which was a queer gym then) who he always thought were queer by their actions and what they talked about. They worked years for gay marriage and then when that was accomplished what did they do? They fucking marry females or get girlfriends (which they could have done from the beginning) so as to pretend to be straight and “normal” and to finally please nagging mommy and daddy (“When are you going to find a nice girl and get married and have kids for us?). Insanity. Did some of these gay guys say, “Gay was just a phase for me.” Gay was just a fad for me?” (roll eyes, sigh) Loco./Crazy. Insane. What the fuck has happened to my fellow queers? You disgust me.

At this point in time and considering the state of things and what I see, I have to say that it feels as if our Movement accomplished absolutely nothing. It feels that we are pretty much back where we started. Chau.—el barrio rosa