Gay guys have forgotten about gay marriage

Well that didn’t take long. Short attention span (historically speaking?)

A friend of mine asked me to watch this short gay PH video because of the guy’s wedding ring in the video, and the reaction to it in the comments.

The comments confirmed what I’ve written about many times, but which nobody talks about, seems to care about or have any interest in, including Queers.

In the video, this jock type guy was in his car wanking off. He was nude except for wearing a black baseball cap. He was an attractive guy, I thought. I think this scenario was probably staged: This married guy with a left hand wedding ring put his arm through the driver’s side window and started wanking the guy off and the naked dude quickly came.

All the commenters saw this guy with the wedding ring as heterosexual just from seeing his left arm and left hand fourth finger wedding ring.

The comments were “1) married guy (hetero implied)….2) left hand wedding ring (hetero implied). 3) They (straight guys) are the best kind to wank you off. 4) So many married guys are gay.” (Now that’s true; I call them the fake straight guys). None of these gay guys in the comments — suggested that the guy wanking this dude off might be gay and married to another guy. They all assumed that — because of his left hand wedding ring — that the guy was straight and married to a chick. Gay marriage never occurred to any of them.

It’s as if Queers have completely forgotten about gay marriage. And all of these commenters made my point for me that I’ve made many times about the gay wedding ring mess. Even amongst gay guys, they see a left hand wedding ring and they automatically think: straight guy. So as I asked in previous articles: Why are so many same-gender married couples wearing their wedding rings on the same finger as the straights: the left hand fourth finger? Is it because they want to be thought of as heterosexual? It’s as if they have one or both feet in the closet. If that’s the case, what happened to that “gay pride” that they go on about? And why would one have “pride” in one’s innate sexuality or in the gender of the person that one has sex with? What’s to be proud of with that?


There are only two types of marriage: straight and lesbian.