“Gay is mainstream?” What channel are they watching?

Hola a todos. When something is “mainstream,” I think of it as being on mainstream television on a regular basis, such as images of “him and her” that one sees 365 days a year, 24/7. “Him and her” or breeder sexuality are “mainstream.” When something is “mainstream,” I think of it as something that is considered acceptable by most people. Breeder sexuality is considered acceptable and the desired or preferred sexuality by the masses, many religions and “mainstream” today. Queer sexuality is not “mainstream” nor is it seen as “mainstream,” and I don’t think most people would say Queer sexuality is the “desired” or “preferred” sexuality, and that’s because of their heteronormative breeder brainwashing that one gets 24/7 from the corporate media and from other sources.

The world is full of closet cases today. Here in 2020, I think there are now more closet cases today than ever before despite the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement which effectively ended immediately after gay marriage became legal in the non-United States. Today, there are thousands of Queer guys worldwide married to females with kids. They are in the closet. There are also thousands of lesbians married to guys with kids. They too are in the closet. That’s the distinct impression we get from monitoring channels on television and from what we see in public. It doesn’t matter what channel it is in the world, there they are: Him and her. It’s always him and her. So tiresome and depressing. There’s only one type of relationship in the world according to all the television networks we’ve seen regardless of where they are in the world: Straight. Heterosexual. Him and Her. It must be that arrangement. Period. Whenever two people are shown together or a perceived “couple,” it’s always him and her. Period. A young “him and her” or a senior-aged “him and her.” Regardless of their age, it’s him and her. That cannot be over-stated. This is called the heteronormative brainwashing of our society. It’s intended to brainwash all people in the world that “if you’re not like this “him and her” couple, you are not normal.” And “everyone” wants to be “normal,” don’t they? (Whatever the fuck “normal” means). Well, “normal” means conformist with society and all its corporate trappings, as one example. These couples shown on television always look so happy as if there’s not a problem in their world. Then why is the divorce rate for these supposedly happy breeder couples in the non-United States well over 50%? That’s one part that these networks hide. And with these “him and her” couples, they nearly always have to hold hands — the camera shows us their hand-holding even when it’s a commercial for “irregularity” or for a beet supplement! — to let the viewer think they are straight and most assuredly a happy breeder couple. Apparently none of these commercials or their products that they’re trying to sell are for Queer couples since they never show Queer couples: two guys together, or two females. But you can bet if they were to show a Queer couple — which they’re not about to — it would be the predictable and more-acceptable-to-bigots lesbian couple: her and her. That’s because in today’s fucked up world, lesbians are considered more acceptable to the prejudiced and bigoted than gay guys. The thinking seems to be: “That’s what girls do. Girls kiss and hold hands and make-out. It doesn’t mean that they are necessarily ‘funny.’ [translation: ‘funny’ = lesbians] Boys are not supposed to do that.” Oh fuck off! Even some straight homophobic guys say they watch lesbian porn — they like to watch females eat each other’s pussy — but out of the other side of their mouth they hate on “faggots.” They hate seeing two Queer guys together having sex. (Yet I suspect some of these “straight” guys have had sex with a guy before somewhere in their history). I fail to understand the difference. Why are two females having sex acceptable but two guys aren’t? With the straight agenda: Him is usually a head taller than her. That’s a requirement it seems particularly in the non-United States. From my research, that’s the female’s head trip. From what I read, most guys don’t much care about this drastic height difference between “him and her.” Ms Non-Feminist Submissive (her) wants a man who is tall and will protect dainty little passive needy/high-maintenance her. Him-tall-dominant and her-short-submissive. That’s the rule.

Mi amigo pointed out: These guys we’re seeing on television in programming and in commercials could be “straight-for-pay.” They could really be openly Queer in real life and are being paid to “act” in the commercials and programmes in a heterosexual way with some female. Well yes, that’s true. Some of these allegedly “straight” guys with “her” do look Queer to us from our reliable gaydar. They could be (what’s known as) “straight-for-pay.” The same thing happens in the porn industry. I’ve seen many guys having sex with females where the guy looked Queer to me. Something about these sexual scenes didn’t look right when I saw that. Then I’ve seen other videos where my reliable gaydar told me that the guy was most assuredly straight. I am usually able to tell the difference between straight guys and Queer guys. Personally, I would have a major problem doing “straight-for-pay” anything. I see it as feeding into our already fucked-up heteronormative society and its continued brainwashing of “him and her.”

But by these guys taking part in this “straight-for-pay,” — if that’s what they’re doing — it voids that wishful-thinking notion that “gay is now mainstream” that some delusional Queers were spewing in San Francisco after gay marriage became legal in the non-United States. These days, I don’t hear that stuff anymore. I said it was rubbish at the time. It’s also rare that I hear about gay marriage at all these days or anyone getting married. And these days, most (closet case) Queer guys try to look like straight guys and even some straight guys have been “womanised” by their females to look somewhat Queer, or at least in mannerisms.

It seems that I think about this topic every day and I have written about it — what seems like — umpteen times. I suppose that’s therapeutic for me. There’s no where else to write about it but here. If I went to some Queer-related site, I couldn’t write about it in a comment there because 1) it would be considered off-topic to the article presented and my comment would be deleted, and 2) most Queers would rush to defend the conformist status quo and the closet cases most likely. Perhaps because they are closeted themselves? But that’s happened to me before.

As for “gay is now mainstream,” — although I no longer hear that fortunately — I suppose what’s meant by that is that on the occasion some news story will be about something (usually bad) that happened to some Queer person. Or, they’re talking about the month of June (corporate “pride” month) where the perfunctory token Queer stories are in the media. But then when July comes around, all of that is gone as if it’s “Back in the closet for the next 11 months. We in the media gave you a whole month. What more do you want?” Now watch “him and her” for the next 11 months in all mainstream programming and ads. And even when “he” looks Queer to you according to your reliable gaydar, please believe that he’s straight and “normal,” and has “normal straight sex,” and accept our breeder story line. Chau.—el barrio rosa