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Sexual Fantasy/Kinks Page for gay/queer guys

Hola chicos/Hey boys. This page is for you: gay/queer guys to chat about your kink fantasies of being bi or straight, for the few guys who have these fantasies worldwide.  This is not about gay conversion or about “turning bi” or “turning straight,” not that either are possible. There are some gay guys who were probably born bi but their stronger sexual orientation is definitely for guys. Then later in life, something may trigger those hidden bi feelings or fantasies, so the guy realises that. He may then say that he’s bi or he may continue to say “I’m gay; I’m only bi when I’m jacking off. Any other time I never look at girls.”  The bi feelings may be just in fantasy and can be weak or strong. Depends upon the guy.  So, again, this is not about anyone changing their sexual orientation, not that that’s even possible. It’s also not about gay shame. Instead, it’s about a gay guy realising a possibly dormant part of the sexuality he was born with.  Or it’s nothing but a kink fantasy.

I know that guys (or really people in general) have all kinds of sexual kinks, including race play/racial-superiority kinks. Like the one I saw the other night while writing this: “Asian women dream of superior white men.” Or another kink such as homophobic kinks such as “no fairies or faggots” if a guy is turned on by homophobia as a fetish and has a “I’m now bi” or “I’m now (mostly) straight” kink fantasy.  Outside of a guy’s kink fantasy/jo time, hopefully they don’t hold those race-superiority or homophobic views. It’s just a sexual fantasy/kink for them which only the person knows about.  Many (most?) people would never want anyone to know their deep secret kinks-fantasies, because it’s not who they are in real life and it’s not who they are known to others.  I’ve read from some guys: “If the people I know knew what I really think when I’m jacking off in some of my kink fantasies, they would be shocked.”  Yeah, I suspect that’s true for many people.

You-name-it and someone is turned on by it sexually and that kink can give the guy the best orgasms he’s ever had. With some older guys, the more extreme the fantasy, the more intense and best their orgasms can be.  It’s as if their previous fantasies which were “vanilla” by comparison, don’t get them off as well or at all anymore.

So guys, you can use the comment section below as a chat forum and talk about whatever you’d like and whatever your kink fantasy is. No judgments here. Also, nothing illegal of course please (keep that to yourself). You’re safe to comment here. I don’t do anything with the e-mail address you enter to comment, if that concerns you. In fact I don’t even look at them, unless you ask me to write you back privately which has happened only once over the years. So you won’t be data-mined here and your e-mail address stays here and is not made public. You’re completely anonymous.

The only thing I don’t want in the chat area/comments is arguing — no one’s mind is likely to be changed on anything — and I don’t want the use of the sexual marketing buzz words used today. I’m so sick of reading elsewhere about “I identify as gay” which implies a gay guy can “identify” as gay on one day and “identify” as bi or straight the next day. “Identify” implies one can change one’s sexual orientation. It used to be point-blank: “I’m gay” or “I’m bi” and none of this “identifying” crap. I think it was the GTQBL corporatists who came up with that shit. Also, I don’t want any “I’m homoflexible” or “I’m sexually-fluid” bull shit either. If you use any of that, your comment will fly into the spam filter. Just letting you know ahead of time. This is about kink fantasies. It’s not about anyone changing their sexuality intentionally or one’s sexuality changing on its own, nor it it about so-called “gay conversion,” unless your kink fantasy involves gay conversion, then at this time you can talk about that. I might change my mind on that later.

I decided to start this page after a couple of guys wrote me asking about it. Due to the demise of T*mbler sex sites, there are few, if any, sites now where guys can talk openly about their sexual kink fantasies, so I thought I’d give guys a place to do so here. Sometimes, people can work through things by talking with others about their kink fantasies. In some cases it can cause the fantasy to sort of fade away (the guy gets burned out on it). Or in other cases, it can have the opposite effect and take over the person and things can get out of control. So guys/people really need to watch their kink fantasies to make sure they stay “healthy” and not destructive to them where it feels like the fantasy takes over the person and is destroying the person’s life.

Also, many sexual things are best left as fantasy, because often if one tries to live out one’s fantasy it will be a major letdown. The fantasy won’t play out the way it did in one’s head, in one’s jo fantasy. And the guy will say: I should have left that as fantasy because it didn’t work out because other people were involved and they had not seen the fantasy in my head, even though I told them about it.

Or a guy new to pussy might say, “I got herpes from eating my first pussy. I never thought that would happen! I was just doing what I’ve seen in pussy porn videos.” Yeah dude, but there’s a difference. In those videos, they’re usually professionally produced which means that the girl (and guy) have been hopefully checked to some degree for sexually-transmitted diseases. In the homemade videos, they are usually with a girl that the guy already knows (girlfriend) or that’s their story line. I think I’ve only seen two videos where the guy was having sex with a girl he met off of T*nder. One of the guys ate “his girl” out. The other guy doesn’t eat pussy. I wrote about him elsewhere. He’s a closeted gay guy (according to my reliable gay) with a female where all this couple mostly does is that she jacks him off, and he occasionally fucks her but doesn’t seem that into it. Well he’s gay — according to my reliable gaydar — so of course he wouldn’t like it. When he gets “pussy” on his fingers he acts like he has shit on them by the way he holds them. He does like her jacking him off though. Is he pretending she’s a guy jerking him off?

But yeah, the sexual disease factor is something guys would rather not think about because it gets in the way of their hot fantasy. Related: Safer Sex Guide.

As far as fantasies-kinks, here’s one I read the other night:

“If you have the same kink I do, let me know. And if you’re a gay man who’s been secretly jacking off about hot girls behind your husband’s back, tell me about it! Let me know if you’re gay and secretly think about grinding that gay mustache on a clit while you tongue-fuck a wet shaved pussy.”

Then, a gay guy wrote to a sex columnist that he’d been with his boyfriend for about 5 years and they still have sex frequently. He said that in the past months that his boyfriend was watching more and more straight porn as well as (gasp!) lesbian porn. His boyfriend had expressed an interest in the two of them fucking a girl. And he’d found a pussy fleshlight that his boyfriend hid from him that his boyfriend “had obviously used.” He found all of this weird. Also found it weird that his boyfriend (a bottom) liked for his own asshole to be called a “pussy” but the guy did so because he knew it was hot for his boyfriend. So this guy asked the columnist what was going on with his boyfriend? He wrote, “Is my boyfriend turning bi?” The response from the sex columnist was what I would have said: Your boyfriend is not “turning” bi. It sounds like your boyfriend is feeling some dormant/hidden bi feelings that he was born with and he’s pursuing them and wants to involve you. If you want to be involved that’s up to you and if you find all of this “too weird” then the two of you will have to decide if you stay together if this is really that important to him.

Personally, I found the guy who wrote to the columnist very judgemental and not very open minded. And from what he said, there’s no way in hell he would join his boyfriend for a 3-way with a female. Of course, if he’s not into females and pussy that would make perfect sense. It might be hot (or may not) for him to watch his boyfriend fuck a girl? That might be an option if he’s not into fucking a girl himself.

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