GLBTQueer Suckers (a short rant)

El 7 de enero de 2013. Hola. I’ll make this short since I can’t stand to talk about this caca. It would give anyone gastritis.

Last year during the presidential la elección campaign in the Estados Unidos/U.S., you might recall that the current occupant of La Casa Blanca claimed to have “evolved” (Ha!…LOL) when it comes to GLBTQ people, specifically on same-gender marriage. I knew at the time his claim to having “evolved” was bull shit because of the timing of the announcement. How convenient that this muchacho would “evolve” in la elección year (Translation at the time: the faux-Democratic candidate wants to buy GLBTQ votes and have GLBTQ people send him dinero). Following his announcement of having “evolved,” a few people came up to me gushing with lockstep “Blue Team/Democratic Team” excitement about the announcement. The gushers didn’t want to hear my words about it because they wanted to believe unconditionally in their “savior” from their political “team.” I had paid close attention to his reprehensible record as el presidente and they hadn’t or either they dismissed it with excuses because he’s from their “team.” There’s an article that explains what really happened in this regard and you can read that here… Obama backs gay marriage.

Following la elección, there was this headline:
“LGBT Voters Critical To President Obama’s 2012 Victory”

Well now, el presidente de Estados Unidos/U.S. is nominating this anti-gay piece of work (his initials are CH) for the War Department. That’s the old name for the department but that’s really still what it is. So this anti-gay muchacho (CH) would be the war secretary and since the EE.UU./U.S. is obsessed with war, death, killing and droning innocent people all over the world this anti-gay muchacho would be leading that mess of death and destruction.

But for some reason the GLBTQ so-called “community” doesn’t know what to think about their “savior” (who had supposedly “evolved”) in La Casa Blanca choosing this anti-gay piece of work for war secretary. You can read a statement from one of the GLBTQueer groups here:

GetEQUAL To Obama: Hagel’s Anti-LGBT History Makes Him Unacceptable For Defense

I used to think that GLBTQ people were different than the sheeple in that we/they have a strong Bull Shit Detector (I do) and were/are suspicious of these types of self-serving actions on the part of corporatist politicians especially. But I no longer think that. I’ve since learned that the GLBTQ so-called “community” is as gullible, naive, sheeple and insipid as anyone else especially if there’s a faux-D next to the politician’s name. The GLBTQueer crowd is just as programmed with that D (Democratic) and R (Republican) shit as anyone else, unfortunately.

So I must ask: What did you expect GLBTQ people? You actually fell for your “saviour’s” stunt during the 2012 elección year. I and a few others called it what it was at the time: It was an opportunistic con job in an election year to buy GLBTQ votes and to get GLBTQ Suckers to send this corporatist millionaire in La Casa Blanca dinero, and the fools did so. They were gushing over him with their excitement! So now deal with it, Suckers! You refused to see through this transparent neocon Republican muchacho in La Casa Blanca. I and a few others have seen him for who and what he is since he ran for office the first time. But most of you have been blinded by that phony D behind his name because of “party loyalty.” I can’t stand either “team,” (D or R) but it seems that the Republicans at least stand for “principles,” where as the Democrats stand for nothing but party allegiance. It’s Pathetic.

Of course, you could have voted for a PROGRESSIVE instead of a neocon Republican with a D beside his name. Because there is nothing authentically “progressive” or “liberal” about BO. Yes, you could have voted for PROGRESSIVES Dra Jill Stein or Durham/López. I can hear someone say, “but rosa barrio, they can’t win.” Well they can’t win if you don’t vote for them, that’s usually the way it works and how exactly are you “winning” with this muchacho in La Casa Blanca, Suckers? But no, you voted for your “savior” BO whose policies overall are to the right of Bush (and you already know that if you’ve been paying close attention to BO’s RECORD as el presidente where he has expanded the agenda of the Bush regime). Of course you wouldn’t have considered voting for George W. Bush—neither would I—when he was in office. But in 2012, you voted for someone to the right of George W. Bush with a purely symbolic D next to his name. Fools. So now live with it. We will all have to live with your foolish and stupid decision(s). Chau.—rosa barrio

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