Glenn Greenwald talks about coming to los Estados Unidos

UPDATE: El 16 de abril de 2014: Please read: Glenn Greenwald and the Greenwaldbots

[Article Updated el 2 de marzo de 2014]. Hola. The following comment pretty much sums of what I could write here as far as an update of this article:

Quote: That Greenwald, an investigative reporter, writes of Omidyar, “That’s because his political views and donations are of no special interest to me,” I find astonishing but no less so than Greenwald’s not caring about or questioning Omidyar’s support and de facto collaboration with the US government in overthrowing the elected government of the Ukraine. End Quote
Jeff Blankfort
01 Mar 2014 at 8:25 pm

I agree with that. My opinion of Glenn Greenwald is lowering very quickly. According to him, he doesn’t research companies he works for or their political views or donations. (As an adult, I’ve always taken the opposite approach; I can’t imagine not knowing all about a company one is interested in working for to help one decide whether one wants to work there or not). So a company could have major human rights violations, use child labor, any number of despicable things and the company could be anti-gay (Glenn is a Queer boy), but as long as the company leaves Glenn alone (that sounds like the “it’s all about me” way of thinking), he would have no problem working for them. Okay. The broader, bigger picture doesn’t matter to him. He doesn’t care if a company is making (lots of) money off of his work—Glenn being hired to write for the company—and then the company using that money possibly against Glenn’s best interests? Based on what he has written, I would assume if a company that Glenn is working for were to donate money to an anti-gay group to help their agenda that Glenn would have no problem with that because the company leaves him alone. Ugh. I also read that Glenn is a “Gate Keeper” for the Official 911 story. Is it true that he believes the official story? Loco. Who is so gullible to believe the official story/lies? In the opinion of many other people—including myself—911 was an inside job. (See page 51 of The Project For The New American Century Agenda and the language “new Pearl Harbor”). 911 has been used as the excuse and justification for every draconian law, the erosion of civil liberties and the shredding of the US Constitution/Bill of Rights ever since.

A few people have challenged Glenn (which Glenn’s cult-like followers can’t stand as they seem to want lockstep worship of him no matter what he does or says). And the Greenwaldbots are indeed out in force as expected. They are as devout/rabid as the Obamabots in rushing to defend any and all things their “messiah” Glenn says or does. They do remind me of the Obamabots. I’ve never seen this rabid cult-like devotion before for a writer or a journalist. Some D or R partisan television talking heads might have a similar-type following. But I’ve only seen it for politicians, and Glenn Greenwald is not a politician. But again, he has this cult-like following that reminds me of the blinders-on-he-can-do-no-wrong Obamabots. I find both the Obamabots and the Greenwaldbots pathetic.  You can read the article I’m referring to from Glenn Greenwald and the comments that follow at this link. I’m not linking to the article or the site directly. You’ll have to copy and paste the following link to get there:

Chau.—el barrio rosa

[Article Updated el 19 de febrero de 2014]. Today, Glenn Greenwald made the following statement:

“I’m going to force the issue just on principle, and I think coming back [Ed. to los Estados Unidos/the US] for a ceremony like the Polk Award or other forms of journalistic awards would be a really good symbolic test!” Greenwald exclaimed. “We’re still figuring out exactly how we’re going to do it and when, but there’s no question we’re going to come back to the US and test the First Amendment.”

[shaking my head in disgust]. I’m not sure what he means by “we’re still figuring out exactly how we’re going to do it and when…” but if it’s for the Polk Award he’s received, he would get on a plane in Río de Janeiro and fly to New York (nonstop I believe), and then prepare to be detained immediately upon arrival and never seen or heard from again most likely, or end up like Chelsea Manning (prison for life). Meanwhile, your partner of 9 years, David Miranda, is alone in Río de Janeiro devastated/grieving. Or will David come with Glenn so they can both be detained? (David has already been detained once in London’s Heathrow). Nearly everyone has pleaded, begged, urged and asked him to stay in Río de Janeiro, but he seems hell-bent on having some power trip with the US government. Glenn is still under the illusion that the First Amendment means something here. Chau.—rosa barrio

Now on to my original article:

Is he louco (português)/loco (español)/crazy (inglés/English)? Either that or it’s some kind of publicity stunt to keep his name and face out there.

El 12 de febrero de 2014. Hola. During the past week, in an interview journalist Glenn Greenwald talked about coming back to visit the US/los Estados Unidos/The Cesspool/The Empire. He lives with his partner in Río de Janeiro, Brazil.

Glenn is a US citizen. He said he would be coming back to the US/The Empire/The Cesspool/los Estados Unidos “as soon as [his] schedule permits and there’s a reason to do so.”

That doesn’t really say anything. Very vague. No specific time frame of when that might happen.
He stated, “I’m going to go back to the U.S. for many reasons, but just the fucking principle is enough… On principle I’m going to force the issue.”

And Glenn, when you ‘force the issue,’ this barbaric, insane and corrupt government will show you force when you do that. Put nothing past them

He had said sometime ago (before his partner David was detained at London Heathrow Airport that he would be coming back to los Estados Unidos and standing by the rights guaranteed in the US Constitution (not his exact words but that’s the general idea). The problem with that is that the US government/Obama regime doesn’t give a fuck about the Constitution, even less so than the illegitimate Bush regime did. So the US Constitution and its amendments that Glenn will be standing by mean nothing to those who likely want Glenn dead. The corporatist parasites of this corrupt government see the US Constitution as nothing but some old graphic image shown in elementary school history books and merely wall decoration. The US Constitution’s content means nothing to them. In fact, it gets in the way of their corporate-fascist, plutocracy agenda.

I agree with what is said in this article:

Glenn Greenwald Should Not Enter the U.S.

After his partner, David Miranda, was detained in London in flight to Río de Janeiro, Glenn said that he would not be coming back to The Empire under any circumstances based on advice from everyone he had talked with including many abogados/abogadas/attorneys and his own abogado. Glenn is also an attorney. That sounded sane and the correct decision to me.

So what has happened in Glenn’s mind since then?

If seeing what happened to his partner (David Miranda) isn’t enough to keep Glenn from coming back to The Cesspool—I don’t know why he would want to come back here for any reason—it would seem to be that he’s louco/loco/crazy.

I’ve liked some of the work that he’s done as a journalist and liked some of his interviews with corporate media shills and hacks where Glenn told it like it was. Many people have tried to trash him, especially the Obamabots (who believe unconditionally anything their messiah
says). On message forums, as expected, some people can’t stand Glenn Greenwald. Then on other forums there are his adoring crowds of faithful believers who gush over him, praise his name, thank him for all the work he’s done and is doing, and see him as a hero. Almost like a cult status. Some people (including myself) are questioning Glenn’s new project. I found his new project suspect to begin with (in part because it sounded very corporate-based) and also because of who it’s with. The following video explains it well:

“Secrets for Sale” and The Snowden Affair: The Greenwald-Omidyar-NSA Connection

One person wrote in their online comment (paraphrased):

“I’m not questioning Glenn’s principals perhaps, but apparently Glenn has already sold the Edward Snowden files he had to Pierre Omidyar.”

Well if he’s done that, they are not his files to sell to anyone.

Another person wrote in their online comment (paraphrased):

“I don’t expect any principles from capitalist Pierre Omidyar. But Glenn Greenwald? Why is Glenn starting a business venture with someone with ties to the NSA? Also, making money on these files is wrong, they belong to the US people not some predator who founded eBay and PayPal.”

The other day, I noticed Glenn was promoting his latest article. He made it sound like it was entirely his article published on corporate MSNBC. Because I found this suspect, I clicked on the link to see where it went and what the article was. The article Glenn was taking credit for was written by four people with him being the last person, but he implied it was his article. I would have said instead, “here’s a link to an article I contributed to.” That would be more accurate. But I questioned: why is he having anything to do with corporate MSNBC?

I’m not sure what to think about Glenn Greenwald now. His previous work was good. Unlike his believers, I continue to question this new project.

Has Glenn Greenwald sold out to the “highest bidder” (so to speak), Pierre Omidyar? Has he sold the documents from Edward Snowden to Pierre Omidyar? Again, they were not his documents to sell. At some point in the future, these questions can be answered.

But as if often the case, I suspect his disciples will continue to worship him just like the D and R partisan disciples/voters continue to worship their messiah and other corporate parasites of their two corporatist parties no matter what they do (yes I know it’s really one big right-wing corporatist party with two names, for those who are about to e-mail me and say that).

From comments I read, the majority of Glenn’s adoring believers said “stay in Brazil.” I agree with that. One journalist was among the group commenting and he came off to me as naïve. He disagreed with the majority and supported Glenn coming back to visit. He said that if anything happened to Glenn when/if he comes back to the US that “we stand by him.” [roll eyes] I thought: Who is this “we” that you’re talking about? Four people somewhere? That’s often the case when this “we” is dragged out. You’ll be standing by him all right when he’s being tortured at some undisclosed location somewhere before they kill him, and you’re freely going about your day elsewhere.

But perhaps this recent interview with Glenn and what he said about coming here was really just a type of publicity stunt to keep him and his name in the spotlight. Since he left the UK Guardian as a journalist, he doesn’t get nearly the coverage he was receiving. The website for his new venture with Pierre Omidyar is now online.

If he has sold the Snowden documents to Pierre Omidyar, the US government can take legal action against Glenn as well as Pierre I would think when Glenn arrives in los Estados Unidos/the US. So that would only add to the problems of Glenn coming here.
Since David Miranda’s name was on a fly-list, you know damn well that Glenn Greenwald’s name is on a fly-list.

Again, one should put nothing past this corrupt US Government. They will do anything for their insane, septic agenda and to silence anyone who speaks The Truth. Chau.—el barrio rosa