(Graphic Article): “The ass is not meant to be fucked.” Tell that to straight guys.

Then tell that to all the straight guys who prefer fucking a female in her (tight) ass, as opposed to her loose pussy.

WARNING: THIS IS A GRAPHIC ARTICLE. The prudes and or delicate people among us might not want to read this. It will likely utterly shock you. (Maybe you need to get out more).

Part of the script of homophobes — including the small gay conversion cult — says that “the ass is not meant to be fucked.” This is an attempt to hate on some gay guys who are into anal sex. As if only (some) gay guys are into anal sex. Although, they imply that all gay guys are into anal sex — which is nonsense — and because they are into anal sex, that is what defines them as gay. (roll eyes) Apparently these people who spout this “the ass is not meant to be fucked” have never watched straight sex videos. Because I’ve seen straight guys fucking women’s asses countless times in videos. In fact, some straight guys prefer that. She will be in the doggie position and he gets behind her and sticks his dick into her pussy. He fucks her pussy for a bit. But when that doesn’t do it for him — because it feels like he’s fucking a loose bag — he then moves up to her ass. Ah, that’s much, much tighter. He says: I think I’ll stay here. He will often stay in her ass and not go back to her pussy. This annoys the viewers who were watching the video to see a guy fuck pussy and pussy only. So, they click off. Some guys go back and forth between the pussy and ass which — from a medical point of view — they should not do because according to a gynecologist I read, any bacteria from the female’s ass can get into her pussy and give her a vaginal infection.

One guy online wrote that he used to like to eat his girl’s pussy out, until she started working from home. Now she doesn’t take a shower every day and he said, “she smells down there” — like poop, he said — so he avoids any oral sex with her. He says “I love her dearly but I don’t know of any way to tell her about this problem where she won’t be offended” and that would cause a dysfunction between us. By contrast, he says that he’s very clean in the hygiene department.

Then there’s the romanticising of pussy that the straights do. Fact: The vagina is a mucus membrane. As one straight guy I read put it: He doesn’t like to eat pussy because of the taste and smell. He bluntly asked: Would you eat a huck of mucus out of your sinuses? It’s similar. Sorry, this is getting gross. Another guy described eating pussy as “It’s like licking a toilet seat.”

Of course you’ll always have the macho guys who say pussy is “amazing” — making pussy sound like it’s some new invention — and other positive adjectives, in part, because that’s how our heteronormative society brainwashes men to say.

There are at least two types of mucus that come out of pussy. One is the clear watery-looking mucus. That’s often referred to on porn sites as “that sweet nectar.” Sweet nectar? (Oh good lord, guys!) You make mucus sound like apricot nectar. I don’t think so. The other type of mucus looks like mayonnaise or cream cheese.

The guy will be fucking her — this is especially noticeable if he’s wearing a condom — and his dick gradually starts to get coated with this white sheen. The more he fucks — she’s bouncing up and down on is dick — the thicker the white coating becomes. This white mucus starts to cake up at some point and then starts to cover his nutts. Apparently some production companies find it disgusting — as do I; when I first saw it I said ‘yuck’ and I can’t imagine the smell — so the next scene will show the guy with a completely cleaned dick and that white slime is gone. To be clear, it’s not lube or his cum. I’ve seen this in quite a few straight videos. It’s the mucus from her pussy. Some chicks produce this type of mucus when getting fucks and others don’t.

With most chicks I’ve seen fucked, they don’t really produce much mucus at all when getting fucked. The mucus is really produced when the clit is worked. That’s when she gets the most wet, not by getting fucked usually. Often when a guy pulls his dick out of her pussy it looks, well, rather dry or slightly shiny, but certainly not that “pussy lubes itself” nonsense that we are told by the brainwashed gay conversion cult. In fact, some guys will spit on their hand and rub the spit onto the tip of their dick before inserting their dick into her pussy, using the spit at lube. Some guys will spit on their fingers before inserting a finger into her dry vagina. Most guys will spit on their fingers as they’re about to touch her pussy so things are not so dry. Some guys use lube when fucking pussy because she’s too dry. The pill, as well as certain medications, can make the vagina quite dry and making fucking it uncomfortable for her.

So for all the bigots who say that the ass is not to be fucked, why don’t they shout that to the straight guys first?

And how many of you closet case bigots like anal sex? Maybe you don’t know that many straight guys like fucking a woman in the ass because you’re too busy watching gay porn. Got ya! Called you on it!

There’s also this homophobic stereotype that “all gay guys are into anal sex,” which is rubbish. Some gay guys like anal sex; some don’t — so do some straight guys; they like their female to put on a strap-on and fuck him in the ass — whereas others don’t, or are not that hot on the idea.

Oh, why do many straight guys prefer her ass to her pussy? I think I’ve already answered that. Her ass is much tighter, just like most asses regardless of gender. Also, he doesn’t want an 18+ year commitment (a kid) to deal with either even if she claims to be on the pill. It only takes one sperm to get her pregnant. And there are some females out there who would like to trap a guy in a relationship with pregnancy and stupid him won’t wear a condom and or pull out when he cums. Or she could be on her period and he doesn’t care to get blood all over his dick. Although there are guys who are into fucking “period pussy” and some guys even like eating pussy when she’s having her period. End of grossness.

When it comes to sex, just keep in mind that there’s somebody somewhere that’s into anything you can think of. People and their secret fetishes and taboos. Chau.—el barrio rosa

I read this to mi amigo/my friend and he said his stomach got all upset. He started to walk away midway through. In part, because he finds the female gender gross. He dated females and fucked pussy before he came out of the closet. He was turned off by the smell, the texture, how quickly the chick loses it after she cums (she’s just so dead) and her instant mood changes. And then there’s that fucking annoying high-pitch squealing they do which is learned from porn videos.

There’s probably someone somewhere who would ask me: Don’t you feel uncomfortable talking about all this sex stuff or writing about it? No, not at all. Historically speaking — from my experience — it used to be that Queer boys — or the ones I’ve known — felt quite comfortable talking openly and honestly about human sexuality. Maybe the straights should try it sometime then they wouldn’t come off as such uptight prudes.

However, times have changed unfortunately and these days, I think most Queers seem to be as prudish as the straights. That’s the impression I get. Ever since gay marriage — “which ruined everything” as my lesbian neighbour says and I agree with her — most Queers seem to be back in the closet as they try to “blend in” with the breeders (translation: look and “act” straight; we worked decades to do that, did we?) And when you’re of that closeted mentality, talking about human sexuality pretty much goes back in the closet too.

Also, I have considerable experience working in suicide prevention and in that area of human psychology there is no topic that’s off-limits. That’s why I’ve often written: I’ve heard it all and seen it all from that experience. Nothing surprises me from that experience, unless something goes in a positive direction and I had expected it to go the other way. Hope this helps.

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