Happy New Year? What drugs are you on?

This article was written pre-COVID pandemic, although many who enjoy ignoring the health guidelines will still engage in the behaviour I talk about here:

Mi amigo said:  Ever since 2000, every year has gotten worse and worse.  So after 2020, who would think that anything would be better.  You think that Summer of 2020 was hot, wait until you see the Summer of 2021.

El 1 de enero de 2014 (El octavo día de Navidad). Hola. Years ago on this day, I was standing outside a local store in San Francisco’s Castro barrio and someone said to one of the employees of the store (who was standing in front of the store), “Happy New Year [employee’s name]. The store employee responded drily and absolutely seriously, “Happy New Year? What drugs are you on?!”

I laughed when I heard that (and still do to this day) and still remember that instance because what she said was so true. She didn’t say the usual predictable response: “Thank you, the same to you.”

You’d have to be on drugs to think that the coming year would really be any different than the year you just left. But many people like to live in Denial and with wishful-thinking that just because the calendar changes from 2013 to 2014, in this case, that somehow something is going to change in a positive direction. At least politically speaking (which controls our lives), I can assure you with absolute confidence that little or nothing will change in a positive direction in 2014 because we still have the same political corporatist scum we had in 2013. The stagnant cesspool status quo will continue. That’s a given. Something may or may not get (a little bit) better in someone’s personal life, but that’s uncertain too.

The reality is that this “Happy New Year” shit is just pabulum and another opportunity to party and get drunk which people do anytime of year anyway.

The Sheeple will put up with anything just to party

For example:

Would you wait 14 hours in freezing temperatures just to party?

Would you take part in a party that requires you to be in a pen/cage?

Would you take part in a party that requires you to be put into a caged area for at least 12 hours before the New Year’s Eve event begins and where you have no food (other than candy or popcorn if you brought either), no water, no bathrooms and no heat?

Would you go to a party/fiesta where you have to wear adult diapers because you are in a penned cage for at least 12 and there are no bathrooms?

Well would you?

From what I read, this was all the case at Times Square in Manhattan (New York City) for anyone attending this ball-dropping nonsense called New Year’s Eve. People coming to Times Square for this event entered the “corral” (the penned area) at around 10.00 A.M.. for an event that wasn’t going to happen for another 12-14 hours later. I read that one person brought lollipops and popcorn with them for so-called “nourishment.”

Four years ago (2009) for this same event, some people got hypothermia because of the extreme cold and their legs got so swollen that they looked like balloons.

For this year’s ball-dropping New Year’s Eve event at Times Square, some people said they were not eating or drinking anything so as to not have to deal with the bathroom problem. Others said they were wearing the adult diapers. [roll eyes] Some people said that “at a point your brain is not working anymore.” Ha! Phew! Well I’d have to say that’s the case for anyone who would put themselves through this nonsense to begin with because of “tradition” and the “I must party” thinking. Man, the sheeple especially in the US/The Cesspool/Los Estados Unidos are so easily manipulated by the US corporate media and others.

Some might be asking: Why were these draconian measures you just talked about used at Times Square? Well of course for the same excuse all other draconian measures have been put in place for the last 12+ years. The sheeple don’t care how many rights or conveniences they have to give up as long as they can still party.

LOCO/A. And that applies to the nuts who stood outside waiting for some damned ball to drop in freezing temperatures just because of “it’s tradition.” And the draconian measures used were/are loco/a. Again, it seems that many/most people will put up with anything to party. That seems to be the most important thing to them, especially in The Cesspool/US/Los Estados Unidos. Loco/a.

I was out in San Francisco’s Castro barrio for part of New Year’s Eve and I heard mainly braindead-sounding conversations, if they could be called “conversations.” Stupidity. Stupid. I was with mi amigo and he commented on it and how embarrassingly stupid the people in the US are—especially compared to other nations—and how the people in the US get so excited over nothing/trivial shit but have little or no interest in things that really matter. True. I agree with him. Chau.—el barrio rosa