Have most Queers been swept out in the oceans?

The other day, mi amigo/my friend said: It feels that most Queers have been swept out in the ocean. Where did they all go? Yes, it seems that way to us. On the odd occasion I see two Queer boys when grocery shopping, usually they ignore me as if I don’t exist. Is it too much to smile at another Queer boy and say hello? “Oh, but you can’t do that because he’ll think you’re trying to pick him up.” Hardly! Just by smiling at him? These are similar feelings that I had during the Gay Mecca decades in San Francisco where the Queer so-called “community” at that time was very cliquish, cold to each other depending upon who it was, and I didn’t really fit in to anyone’s clique, even if I wanted to. They rejected me. Very unwelcoming. Much like today. So little has changed in a sense. There’s such a sense of “community” these days. [sarcasm intended] Mi amigo/my friend walked The Castro (San Francisco’s former Gay Mecca) the afternoon of 20 September 2020. He had mixed feelings. He said it was very busy, but with the wrong people. Wrong people = breeders. He said it sort of felt like the Gay Mecca days, except most of the people were straight Millenneals — not Queer boys — with dogs and the required black baby strollers. That’s the opposite of the way it was during the Gay Mecca decades. That’s why I now call The Castro “The Breeder Mecca.” He said there were a few Queer boys. Everyone was dressed very conservatively. That too is the opposite of the Gay Mecca. It was hot out and most were in funeral black and grey (the “uniform” for the Millennial generation who seem to be terrified of pretty colours). Guess they never learned that black absorbs heat. But you can’t fix stupid, so don’t try. It was a hot day out in The Castro. In the Gay Mecca days, guys would have had their shirts off. Not with this conservative crowd today who are afraid of seeing the human body. Not one guy with his shirt off in heat; not even short sleeves. “We can’t have any skin showing in the new conservative Castro.” So, so conservative. The guys were mostly wearing very conservative dress shirts. In The Castro? They would likely consider it “weird” that a guy had his shirt off. Where did these fucking prudes who moved here with the Tech Industrial Complex come from?

And what do these breeders — some of whom are anti-Queer — think when living in and hanging out in a Rainbow Flag saturated area (the flags are up for tourist purposes to deceive tourists into think that The Castro is still a gay mecca; all tourists have to do is to look around for a few seconds and they will see that it is not). There’s this clash that our society today thrives on. It would be like us deliberately going to a KKK rally or something. It would be like us living in a straight area that is known to be straight. We would not deliberately move to a straight area, so why did these — homophobic in some cases — Millennial breeders deliberately move to this area of San Francisco with all the Rainbow Flags? And if they don’t live in The Castro, why do they hang out there? Why are they not hanging out in one of the traditionally straight areas of San Francisco instead of a dead Gay Mecca? Or, as some of us suspect, is it their way of saying “We straights own The Castro now, get out of here you faggots.” Related: His shirt said, “Fuck you, homo.” Some of these Millenneals have been heard making anti-Queer comments, such as “there are too many gay people here” when they first arrived. Well, no one forced you to move here so why don’t you get your homophobic ass back on that plane and go back to the bigoted hell hole you came here from, understand, you Millennial trash? I can’t stand Millennials from having dealt with them over the past years. Fucking assholes. “Hello” and “excuse me” are not in their limited vocabulary. I’m sure there are some Millennials somewhere who are nice people, but apparently none of them moved here and I don’t remember having had any contact with them. By all indications, the trash moved here with the Tech Industrial Complex.

He (mi amigo) looked at all the new sidewalk COVID super-spreader restaurants on Market Street near Castro — reopened restaurants under COVID — and he said they looked like a super-spreader event. People sitting close together and talking. No masks. Groups of people at one table talking with another in a confined space. He heard some people introducing people to one another so they were together with people outside their household. That violates the health guidelines; I guess they think they’re above it all like many people do. It was amazing how many people seemed desperate to be at a restaurant. WTF is that about? You’d have to drag us to one of those vomit shops and tie us down and force us to eat that slop. They’ve been closed for months. What’s the state of their cooking oil? Rancid? When was the last time it was cleaned? How long have the other perishable ingredients been sitting around? The sheeple don’t care. They’ll eat anything. Only the restaurant servers were wearing masks. We fail to understand the appeal of eating food out on the sidewalk among possibly COVID-infected people and with occasional homeless people walking by who don’t have anything to eat? Do the sheeple never think of that, or is it denial and “I can’t get infected.”

Or is this the newest stupid fad for shallow Millenneals as they sit there with a continuous stream of humans and other animals walking by within an inch or two of their person. About half not wearing masks as a second or third wave of COVID is spreading through the EU and 31 of the non-United States as of this writing. You can’t fix stupid. Chau.—el barrio rosa