He has a copy of Mein Kampf on his nightstand?

Hola a todos. For those who don’t know: Mein Kampf is a 1925 autobiographical manifesto by Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler. Mi amigo/My friend told me today that it’s going around the Internet that the orange thug — the current white house occupant — has this book on his nightstand. Really? I said: Well, to begin with, this book comes around every “election” cycle doesn’t it? It’s always on somebody’s nightstand regardless of political party association. And who the fuck has a night stand anymore, other than Mildred’s great grandmother, whoever she is? And does she have this book on her nightstand? As I told mi amigo: I don’t know whether the orange thug has the book or not, and I don’t really care! The orange thug is said to read nothing, so someone would have to read it to him. Who would do that? Certainly not that wife of his, Melanoma or whatever its name is. And who can confirm that this book is on his nightstand? I’m not the least bit surprised if it were true, but it sounds like some “Democratic” Party Cult shit. Not from politicians but from their cultists. It sounds like what those nuts on DU (the site I refer to as Delusionals United) would say. They are absolute cultists for the “Democratic” Party and this sounds like some of the gossipy-rumour caca they would put out there. As I told mi amigo: Who can confirm this book is there? It would require someone like P*nce or someone very close to him who has been in his bedroom and seen the book to confirm it. I don’t think anyone will do that. Therefore, it’s just gossipy hearsay. And who among the other maskless trash en la casa blanca/in the white house is about to confirm the book is there. That’s why I just shrug it off and sort of roll my eyes when I hear this shit. I’ve not read the book but apparently the orange thug is following the book closely as he establishes his dictatorship. And where is the US Congress? They’ve been made irrelevant. Purely, mostly ceremonial at this point, because no matter how they vote on things the orange thug uses executive orders to override them and get what he wants. But most of the time, the “Democrats” give him what he wants, such as his record war budget. And there’s no one to stop him. Does Nancy Pelosi have a copy of this book on her nightstand as well? But if I were a betting person, I’d bet that that scum, that nasty-looking thug B*rr who is ruining the inJustice Department has 2 or 3 copies on his nightstand. The trash all pretend to be a Christian, do they? They’re not like any Christians I’ve ever known when I was very involved in the Anglican Communion. The orange thug may have a copy, but he’s too stupid to read it. And I should think that Melanoma would be too busy playing with her insertive sex toys to have anything else going on near her nightstand. She certainly wouldn’t want to be having anything sexual with the guy with the biggest ass in the District, Maryland and Virginia combined.

The 2020 “Election” in the non-United States

Regarding the so-called “election” in the non-United States in November 2020, assuming there will be an “election” then: I’m neither a Democrat or a Republican. I’m an independent (lower case “i” meaning no party affiliation for the stupid people). There’s a major problem. It is quite clear that the orange thug is a gangster, a white supremacist and a fascist. Then you have the mostly-useless Democrats who are in cahoots with much of what he does and has done. Most recently they voted for his latest military budget (including some of the fake-progressives), they have given him more spying powers. They gave him his war budget right after their impeachment game/charade. If they truly wanted him gone/impeached, why wouldn’t have given him anything. Doh. Their war budget vote showed me what their antics regarding impeachment were all about: theatrics/show. They’ve also gone along with his anti-immigrant issue by their silence (the forced sterilisation of women at the south border). I think most of this comes down to a society of partisan-brainwashed sheeple that just does not want to care or bother to come up with another effective party, so every “election” cycle there’s two of the worst to vote for, which in reality is no vote at all. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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