He sanitised his coming out to his wife. He was ashamed to say the word gay.

I read a true story from the UK about a guy who told his wife: “I’m LGBT and want a divorce.” His wife responded by saying, “Well I’m QRSTUVWXYZ, and that’s fine that you want a divorce. Now let’s back up and explain to me what LGBT is.”

It is a damn odd way of coming out and telling someone you’re Queer by using “LGBT” code language, which is essentially what it is. Ashamed to say the word gay, dude?

With his wife, he went through each letter, or tried to. She stopped him after each letter. She said, “You’re not a L or lesbian. You’re G or gay. You’re not B or bi. You’re not T or trans. Why couldn’t you have said the word gay from the start, or are you still ashamed that you’re gay and want a divorce?”

Someone wrote me awhile back asking who changed all this shit? The original was GLBTQ. Why change that? Why revise our history? From my research, I found the following:

Gay guys — in the majority — started and led our Movement along with Drag Queens (pre-Stonewall). Unfortunately, as gay guys died from HIV/AIDS, the self-absorbed and self-entitled lesbians took it upon themselves to move the gay guys to second place and move their elitist ass to first place (LGBTQ, if the Q is added at all).

That’s a wonderful way to honour the legacy of the thousands of gay guys and their hard work during the Movement by revising our history and kicking gay guys to second place (LGBTQ, if the Q is added at all) in that silly acronym. Asshole lesbians.

Then I read that the L was moved to first place (LGBT) to show that “we support women’s rights.” We do, but we support everyone’s rights, but I don’t see any of those other silly letters ever moved to first place, do you? We support trans rights, for example, but the T is never rotated to first place. So that excuse for moving the L to first place doesn’t hold up.

Then I read that the L was moved to first place because “girls should go first.” And why is that? That the sexist thinking of the 1940s and 50s. That’s the same sexist mentality as that of guys pulling out chairs for women, opening doors for women and other sexist behaviour where women should go first. Rubbish! Feminism is dead.

Then some nut told me online that the L was moved to first place because LGBT(Q) “rolls off the tongue easier.” Well I don’t know what’s wrong with his tongue but my tongue never had any problem with GLBTQ, the original. Mi amigo/My friend says, “FUCK, GLBTQ is far easier to say than that other backwards ass shit. What is wrong with people?!” And saying gay is far easier than GLBTQ or LGBTQ. And my tongue does exceptionally well with the word Queer or Gay. Fuck all those letters.

But you know, I think the real reason that the L was moved to first place was because lesbians are considered “more acceptable” to bigots/the prejudiced among us. And it’s always good to cater to bigots, isn’t it? [sarcasm intended] So put them (lesbians) first and hide the G for gay guys in there somewhere since gay guys have been moved “to the back of the bus.”

For example, some straight guys — including some anti-Queer bigots — will brag about how they like to watch lesbian porn, but they can’t stand “faggot porn.” Well, both are same-gender regardless. In the big scheme of things, any Queer is a “faggot” including lesbians even though the term has historically been used to offend gay guys. So why are lesbians acceptable to bigots and their playing with each other’s pussies, but gay guys are not, when in the end it’s all same gender sex?

No where have I found what busy-body idiots took it upon themselves to revise our history and change the GLBTQ acronym and why. But whatever assholes did so has no respect for our history and must have sent out a memo to everyone in the world since one sees this shit worldwide, although I didn’t receive the memo. Even if I had, I would have trashed it. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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