He’s “straight” for the nearest dick

Hola a todos. I’ve been half-way watching these three guys who live in an RV. (Although one night there was a fourth guy with them.) I’m not sure where they are, but they work for one of the sex studios. They often hang out naked on the couch, jacking off and or playing sexually with each other. All Queer boys, but some of them have a problem saying that unfortunately. Although that problem of being who you are seems to be a problem particularly with (insecure) Millenneals, which they all are.

Well, one night in the chat section, someone asked if they were all bi. Not sure why that came up or was asked. Why assume they’re bi? Is saying you’re bi — whether you are or not — a silly new fad that I’m not aware of? So one of the guys said (referring to each of the guys on the couch), “I’m (I missed what he said he was), he’s gay, he’s bi, he’s straight” (that night there was a fourth guy there). I had seen them all making out with each other previously which is not something that any genuine straight guy would do.

I began to lose interest in them because I saw some of them lying about their true sexual orientation along with some internalised homophobia.

Most recently, someone in the chat mentioned that “Ian is straight.” At that moment, Ian was giving a blow job to Justin and making out with him. That’s what straight guys do? Not in the real world. Then someone said, “Yeah, Ian is straight for the nearest dick.” I thought: That’s about the extent of it. Thank you. Right-on. Glad someone called Ian on his bull shit. He’s another Queer boy who can’t accept who he is apparently. Are any of them bi as originally indicated? They are never with any females so that’s all likely bull shit too. Trying to pretend to be bi so you don’t have to use the dreaded “gay” word, are we?

I’m losing more and more interest in these guys because of their dishonesty. Like much of Cha**erbate, I suspect they say anything so that anyone — men or women — will give them tips. That also likely explains why most people have in their bio that they’re into essentially everyone….yeah, for tips. In reality, these Queer boys are not into “Women, trans and others.”

In another guy’s bio, he was doing a solo jack off scene. His bio said, “Into Women, trans.” Okay, I get the women part, but what’s with the trans parts? Does he mean female to male? A guy with a pussy? So if he’s only into pussy, why is he not into lesbians? Loco./Crazy. Who knows!

But I was glad that someone called Ian on his lies about being Mr Straight, because again, a genuine straight guy wouldn’t be making out or giving a blow job to another dude. Guys who do that are either gay or bi, they’re not straight. Chau.—el barrio rosa