Him and Her, Tall-short, 24/7, 365

Hola a todos. There’s a new ad on television that I’m absolutely giddy about and delighted to tell you about, because it’s so rare to see [sarcasm intended]. But upon reflection, I thought that “gay is now mainstream” no? Well, I was delighted to see even more breeder/straight (him and her) ads on television, no matter where I look. One gets the impression that it’s in response to some misguided conception that heterosexuality is somehow threatened — not from what I see — so they’re going overboard on promoting it with 100% heteronormative ads. Despite gay marriage being legal in the non-United States, you’d never know it based on the ad for this major jewelry company — and in order to push engagement and wedding rings and breeder sexuality — the ad shows the viewer nothing but Millennial him and her couples. So tiresome. And as required, the guy is a head taller (dominant) than the chick (submissive). Clearly feminists! [sarcasm intended]. Each chick looks like she’s peeing her grey yoga pants over this engagement ring that “him” is finally giving “her”/Ms Needy and feeling ecstasy that she finally trapped a guy. It took forever! And as per the script, each chick in the ad must put her hand over her mouth — that seems to be a requirement with females — as she turns on the tears and says, “Yes, I’ll marry you.” With the divorce coming 2 years later? Since over 50% of marriages end in divorce in the non-United States. Nevermind that a couple of the guys in the ads look Queer. Just overlook them. Perhaps they are what is known as “straight-for-pay.” But they were clearly Queer boys proposing to a chick according to my reliable gaydar. How extremely ironic that Queer boys would be proposing to a chick — more insanity accompanied by gay shame — considering that they can now marry another Queer boy. The other guys looked straight. I don’t know who the Queer boys thought they were fooling — catering to mommy and daddy’s anti-Queer bigotry and prejudices? — but apparently they fooled this heteronormative corporate jewelry company. And apparently some corporations and their marketing departments don’t know a Queer boy when they see one.

Remember when wishful-thinking, delusional Queers were going on about how “gay is now mainstream” (roll eyes) after gay marriage became legal? I was hearing that caca here in San Francisco. I remember asking: What hallucinating drugs are they on? Yeah well, if “gay is now mainstream” were true (which it’s not), Queer couples — including two guys and not just the “acceptable-to-bigots” lesbian couples) — would be shown in this and all other ads, not just breeder/straight couples. But as I’ve written before, corporate advertising these days is solidly heteronormative, heterosexual and “him and her” to the absolute extreme. One gets the distinct impression that someone, somewhere in these corporations feel that heterosexuality is somehow threatened considering how they continue to bombard and brainwash the public with breeder sexuality: “him and her” images 24/7, 365.

This ad, like all the other thousands of “him and her” ads — including the ads featuring closet cases with females — shows that we’ve made tremendous progress. [sarcasm intended].

The reality: In many ways these days and considering all the closet cases we see which seems to be at a pandemic level these days — it feels like there are more closet cases today than there was at the beginning of the Gay Rights Movement — it feels like we are right back where we started before the Gay Rights Movement was even a thought. Not a damn thing is being done about it, and frankly, it seems that few Queers even care anymore about anything! With two exceptions: Their phone and partying. When one fails to remember one’s history, they are doomed to repeat it. Chau.—el barrio rosa