Holding Her Hand, GF Away

By Guest Writer


(El 2 de marzo de 2014). I was looking out my window today. I live in San Francisco’s Castro/Upper Market area. As I looked out my window I saw two people walking by. A man and woman holding hands. On instinct I did a double take of them because this used to be a gay area [Ed. part of the now-fading Gay Mecca] and when it was a gay area I didn’t see men and women holding hands. I saw men holding hands, and women holding hands. This couple today looked like they were holding hands just to hold hands. A matter of protocol. They did not look affectionate or close. They were just connected by their hands.

After pink barrio wrote about looking at personal sex ads and the words that heterosexuals and gay guys use in their ads, I started paying some attention to that too. After this heterosexual couple went by my window today, I thought yeah he’s holding her hand now and then he will write in his personal ad tonight “GF Away” (that means girl friend away) while he’s looking to suck dick. This guy I saw out my window today might not write that type of ad but there are many guys just like him who do. It’s also called cheating.

On the CL site that pink barrio mentioned, I’ve more than noticed what pink barrio was talking about. Every day there are closet case guys on CL saying they are “str8” and “looking to explore.” Some of them write “GF is Away” and think they might be bisexual and they’re looking for a “regular, non-scene guy.” Sounds like a closet case to me. I’m getting a much better picture of why there are so many male-female divorces in the US. Guys especially are very pressured by family to be heterosexual whether they are heterosexual or not, and to find “the girl” and after that comes the “when are you getting engaged and married?” question keeps coming up. Lots of pressure on people to live up to a family’s expectations of them. Rather than give in to the family pressure and get “the girl,” and get married and get her pregnant and pump out a few babies and then proceed to get divorced because he’s gay and knew he was gay all along, I think it would be wiser and much better to come out of the closet from the start. The funny thing (it’s not funny really…it’s really sad) is that the ads I’m talking about on CL about have a San Francisco address on them. I know San Francisco is changing quickly in the wrong direction as pink barrio has written many articles about, but if a guy can’t come out of the closet in San Francisco of all places, he’s not likely to come out anywhere! Thanks for reading.