“Honouring the Fallen” is Sanitising War.

Hola. The corporate media, their talking heads and politicians love to sanitise war. Rather than say, “Honouring the dead” or “Honouring those killed in Afghanistan” they make it sound like trees fell down and they’re “Honouring the Fallen (trees).” Unless one of the troops was standing at the time, no one “fell” to the ground when killed. But this sanitised “poetic language” is so typical of the corporate media especially. They like to talk in sanitised language when it comes to US Empire Building and World Domination. But any other time it’s all about “deadly, killed, mayhem and bloody.” They don’t sanitised mass shootings. They’re referred to as “deadly.” In fact, most things are called “deadly.” It’s standard for media hype. But war is put in a different category to make those who died usually needlessly didn’t die in vain. Yeah right. They don’t like to talk about what really happens in war in that people are killed, die, they suffer and so forth. Instead, they are sanitised as “the fallen.” And I wish most people sitting at microphones would learn to pronounce Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran correctly, rather than sounding like uneducated, illiterate hicks, the way they sound when pronouncing other international words which are not English words. If you’re going to talk about a certain part of the world, at least learn some basics about the language in that part of the world. Is that too much to ask? It’s part of your damn job frankly. And the US should never have been in Afghanistan to begin with.

And finally, would someone please tell the geographically-challenged people at The Washington Post that the US is not “America.” There are 3 Americas (North, Central and South), and the US is part of North America just like Canada and México are. It is very sloppy, incorrect and terribly arrogant to refer to one country in the Americas as “America” when the official name of the country is the United States OF America. Not “America” by itself. Chau.—el barrio rosa