I didn’t use to notice wedding rings

Before the days that gay marriage became legal in the dis-United States, I don’t remember giving any thought to whether a guy had a wedding ring on. I do notice today however, because of gay marriage. But these days, because most gay guys are wearing their wedding rings on the same hand that the straights wear their weddings rings on, you can’t tell who is what. Is that the intent? It is a way for some gay guys to essentially be back in the closet by trying to give the image that he’s married to a female? That’s the way it looks. There are the thousands of closet cases married to females who wear a left hand wedding ring. I see gay guys every day — according to my extremely reliable gaydar — especially on television (on the shopping networks) with the perfunctory left hand wedding ring on which leads me to ask: So is he married to a man or a woman? Who knows?! Is that the intent? To confuse people? Some gay guys and lesbians wear their wedding rings on their right hand fourth finger to prevent this confusion, and so that they won’t be mistaken for a breeder. But most gay guys today are wearing their wedding ring on their left hand so who knows what gender they are married to? It leaves me and others confused. And because of this and other things, it makes me and the gay people I know feel that in many ways things are back like they were to begin with before a Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement was even a thought. Chau.—el barrio rosa/the pink barrio