I hope that sex date was worth COVID

Hola a todos. COVID-19 is similar to HIV. If you’re having a first-time or follow-up sex date/fuck or get-together with someone, does the person have HIV? You don’t know. Oh you know what they may tell you if it comes up at all, but most people lie because they don’t give a fuck. When it comes to sex, many (most?) people will say anything. With others, they don’t care. It’s best to assume that anyone you’re hooking up with is HIV+ and has other STIs. One example: So when I see guys have oral sex with “new” people, how do they know they’re not “eating” herpes? A herpes infection on the lips or nose is not fun. Then there are those in denial — like a relative of mine who lives her life in denial — who think “it can’t happen to me; don’t tell me because you’ll spoil my fun.” Well, with COVID-19, possibly lying on your stomach on a ventilator for 3+ weeks and desperately trying to breathe will likely “spoil your fun” as well. Don’t yah think? I read this article about the porn industrial complex and COVID-19. I had thought that the industry would be having COVID-19 related problems now because, well, you don’t know who has it and who doesn’t. Just because someone says “I feel fine; I don’t have any symptoms” doesn’t at all mean that they don’t have it. That’s called asymptomatic. Just like some people with HIV have no conversion symptoms or symptoms for some time. But in San Francisco and online internationally I’ve seen some Queer boys looking for sex in hotel rooms. What idiot would do that in the Era of COVID? I saw this the other day. I suppose some HIV+ guys would say, “I already have HIV so what does it matter if I get COVID?” Well, if you value your life at all it means that you’re less likely to survive COVID because you do have HIV and other related problems. That’s why it matters. I saw this stupid Millennial guy — wouldn’t you know he’s a Millennial?! — in London was looking to get fucked. There are others just like him. Well, there’s a second COVID wave spreading through the EU and the UK (no longer part of the EU) is about to go into its second COVID-19 lock down from what I’ve seen because of spiking infection rates, and this irresponsible Millennial jerk wants to get together with someone he doesn’t know in London for a sex date. Being a (stupid) Millennial, I suspect he thinks he’s invincible. “It can’t happen to me” Or is he not paying any attention to the news at all like so many people. (My relative I mentioned earlier hadn’t heard of COVID until about a month ago when mi amigo/my friend mentioned it to her. She asked, “What’s COVID” even though all newscasts had been saturated with the word for months). The guy in London was physically attractive — or at least I thought he was — and from my experience dating guys, when they’re “good looking” their attractiveness is often just on the outside. There’s not much upstairs, unfortunately. Good-looking = Stupid. Of course there are some exceptions to that.

Gay guys (and breeders/straights) are willing to get infected with COVID just to fuck? Reminds me of this guy in my building. I always thought he was Queer and I still do. I think he’s another closet case. When he’s drunk he starts rubbing up on guys. Well, Mr Closet Case has been playing Mr Straight Guy in recent years — he’s not fooling anyone but himself; living a lie — and this new chick showed up, he (or someone) got her pregnant. But he’s taking credit for it. It was just another hole to fuck and now they have a kid. Unexpectedly, I think, from what little they said. When I heard that news I said: Well, I hope that fuck was worth it dude because you’ve ruined your partying, sports bar life and getting together with your drinking sports bros for the next 20 years. (He was the “I’m going out to the bars” type.) You’ve locked yourself into at least 18+ years with this kid. He’s not the diaper-changing type of guy or the one to get up in the middle of the night to deal with a screaming kid. He’s currently playing The Family Man role (roll eyes). He’s now the opposite of the guy I knew because this kid was born. He now acts more like a female. His chick has completely womanised him and turned him into this syrupy drippy pussy type guy she wants him to be. Typical of females who change their guy into what they want him to be. She didn’t like the guy she first met? Then why did she get together with him? Nevertheless, she’s trapped him now with a kid. The old pregnancy trap. One of the oldest tricks in the book used by females to trap a guy. Did she stop taking her birth control so she could get pregnant and “be a family” and blamed it on “I guess my birth control didn’t fully work this time, honey.” He talks more like a chick than a man now if you know what I mean by that. They too have violated all of the COVID-19 guidelines while pretending to be devout about them. I’ve seen them both without face masks closely around people who don’t live with them, I’ve seen a flow of different people on their deck. Mi amigo has seen a flow of various people in their apartment. This couple has taken road trips with the baby right after he was born. All of that violates the California and San Francisco health guidelines. Presumably this breeder couple (with the closet case guy) think they’re above it all. That the health guidelines don’t apply to them. There are thousands of other people just like them. Not very intelligent, because if he or her get sick, possibly die, then one of them will be a single parent raising the kid. Ever thought of that parents? No, I suspect you haven’t. It seems that most people don’t think that far in-depth these days, if they think at all! And many people can’t even think to wear a fucking face mask.

The face mask, when worn correctly (covering both nose and mouth), is the best vaccine against COVID as well as the flu and the common cold for that matter. But we have too many stupid people en el mundo/in the world.

I was thinking about some of the porn actors I’m familiar with especially the gay guys who will fuck anything for pay (it’s called straight-for-pay) — and I should add that there are also some straight guys who will fuck anything as well (for pay) — and I suppose one could wear a face mask for a sex date. But who is going to do that when many don’t wear one any other time because of their “I don’t think it can happen to me” way of thinking?!

Rubbing face masks — like rubbing beards together which can be hot — might become a new fetish? Never know. Chau—el barrio rosa