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Weddings (see image above). Ugh. I’m not big on weddings of any kind. Although I used to play the organ for weddings, but that was before I got turned off by the entire charade. She in her white dress — supposedly indicating she’s a virgin (yeah right! roll eyes) — and him in a tux that he would never wear any other time. Phony. These days, the images of a wedding are of “him and her” (he must be a head taller than submissive her) as in the image here. If they show a Queer couple at all, it has to be a female couple — as seen below — because they are considered more acceptable to the bigots and prejudiced than a male couple. Yet all the male couples I know have been together for decades. I’m honestly surprised a Queer couple was shown at all in the image below and it was referred to as “traditional weddings.” But I felt disgusted and saddened to see that it was the predictable female couple I see whenever a Queer couple is shown. That’s because Queer male couples don’t have the same respect or equality as two girls because, well, “that’s what girls do.” Girls hold hands and kiss. “Two boys are not supposed to do that.” There’s such a double standard. I can see some editor say: Only show two girls, not two boys. Our conservative and bigoted readership won’t stand for that. And we’re quite comfortable catering to our reader’s prejudice and bigotry.

Stop this “I identify as” shit.  Just say what you are.  Why is that so difficult?  I’m so sick of reading this, “I identify as gay” or “I identify as bi” rather than saying, “I’m gay.”  Or “I’m bi.”  Period.  You can’t just say “I’m gay” or whatever you are?  Why do you have to “identify?”  Why the extra step?  Although I don’t recall ever hearing anyone say, “I identify as straight.”  No, breeders just say, “I’m straight.”  They don’t engage in that extra step of “identifying.”  Ludicrous.  But what’s with this “identify” nonsense?  Ugh.  What nuts dreamed that up?  I can take a guess.  It was probably the same corporatist idiots who dreamed up that “LGBT(Q)” shit.  Can’t just say the word gay or queer?  Both served us well for decades.  Need umpteen letters now do you?  Related:  The official mess is this shit: LGBTQQICAPF2K+.  I’m not joking.  It’s another example of insanity and divisiveness.  Related:  Lea Delaria:  I don’t do that alphabet, LGBTQ thing because it’s divisive.  ”  Quoting Lea:  “I hate the alphabet because all that does is point out our differences instead of our shared oppression,” she said. “We have added so many letters that it’s comical. I say queer. We’re all encompassed in queer….The biggest issue in the queer community today, without a doubt, is in-fighting. If we spent half the time that we spent yelling at each other yelling at the powers that be, we’d already have our rights. We are not our own enemy and we need to stop behaving that way.”

I was talking with a longtime San Francisco local (a queer boy) about the state of things today.  It was clear to me from what he said that, like me, he was fed up with the state of things today, particularly with queers.  I asked rhetorically:  When did things become so fucked up for us?  He immediately said, “When that LGBT+ shit started” and that “assimilate” shit started.  I had friends that went back in the closet and started hooking up with women to ‘act straight.'”  I said:  That’s my reading of things too.  I asked him:  Have you noticed all the closet cases with women around The Castro?  He said:  Oh honey, don’t even bring that up.  Don’t let me get started on that!!!  He said:  I’d be a wealthy man right now if I could stand on a street corner in The Castro and scream “closet case with woman” every time I see one and got paid for it.  Asian women are often with closet cases, he said.  Mi amigo/My friend has noticed that as well.

Hola chicos/Hello Boys. How is everyone? Hope you’re doing well.  Mi amigo/my friend came to me today (3 April 2020) and told me that there’s a thing happening now called COVID-19 divorces. They are breeder couples (“him and her”) who are stuck at home all day and night together due to “shelter-in-place” orders and they can’t stand each other. How many of these “straight” couples consist of closeted gay guys with females?  For those couples, I have no sympathy for you.  Closeted gay bro:  You fucked up big time when you allowed your bigoted family to run your life — or you decided that your family’s life and their happiness was more important than your life and happiness — and you caved into their breeder mentality. You fucked up as a weak gay guy by not coming out of the closet and being who you really are. In many cases, these fucked up in the head closet cases fucked that hole called pussy — while thinking about fucking a guy? — to prove to your bigoted/anti-gay family and your friends that “I’m a real man.  I’m straight; I fucked that hole called pussy.”  Yeah, like hell you are!  Well if you were a “real man” you would have had the courage to come out of the closet to begin with like a real man rather than being a weakling queer boy and staying in the fucking closet.  To please your anti-gay family?  So you are directly responsible for your own situation and I have no sympathy for you weak closet cases living in breeder relationships.  You chose to do that.  No matter how much you’ve been brainwashed about how “(slimy) pussy is amazing,” I don’t know how any guy could live with a woman.  That would drive me insane. I have enough trouble with women just as friends.  And your wife or girlfriend must be driving some of you insane since I’m hearing more and more about COVID-19 divorces.  And some of the pictures shown of the guys on this particular topic, the guy often looks gay to me and I have extremely reliable gaydar.  Look at this breeder couple here.  I don’t know about him — whether he’s gay or not — because I can’t see enough of him to make that determination.  That’s merely a link to an article about this topic.  And what a drab-looking, depressing place they have. A typical drab Millenneal place: Grey and white. Afraid of colour.

Other than that, there really doesn’t seem to be much more for me to say on this page or on any other gay-queer related page that I haven’t said before, in some cases many times. After some recent discussion which completely turned me off, I frankly no longer have any desire to talk about gay/queer/GLBTQ topics at all. I’m so turned off by it; it is such a divisive topic. As some of us see it, the so-called “gay community” — I say “so-called” because there is no feeling or sense of community now what-so-ever — is now so fractured and closeted. They also don’t seem to care about anything queer-related any more. Their attitude seems to be “I’m like whatever.” It didn’t feel like this years ago. But it does now. I can’t do anything about any of it no matter how much I write about it. None of it changes a thing.

To some of us, it feels like things backfired after gay marriage became legal in the US. The order given to “assimilate” ruined things. At that point, many heteronormative queers or queers who decided to become heteronormative and who decided to “act straight” went out of their way to be exact replicas of the breeders/straights. Despite the decades of the (now dead) Gay Rights Movement and activism, I think homophobia is pretty much just as internalised today as it ever was unfortunately. And the majority of gay guys worldwide are living in the closet, often with wives and children. The fact is: Only a small minority of queers worldwide are out of the closet. The days of “out, proud and radical” are gone. Today “radical” is seen as a something bad. Conformity (which is the opposite of radical) is “in.”  GLBTQ topics seem to be as divisive these days as the topic of climate change, for example, where no one can agree on much of anything.

There is one constant burning topic that I’ll leave you with. And it’s something I see frequently, either out and about when I’m walking or on my bicycle ride or when I’m home and monitoring television networks in the US and in the EU.  I’m talking about the closet cases with females. Even with the most minimal amount of gaydar, anyone can tell that the guy is gay. Is his emotional-wreck bitch in denial? In some cases she looks more masculine than the guy she’s with. These closeted guys (in San Francisco’s former gay mecca The Castro) really bother me because they are so obvious. They’re such frauds and living a lie. It’s not that difficult to come out of the closet. I didn’t find it that difficult. And these closet cases are wearing their internalised homophobia very openly on their sleeve. It’s as if he’s wearing a sign that reads, “I’m ashamed to be gay and that’s why I’m with her (with an arrow pointing to her).” These closeted guys are pretending to be someone that they’re not. They’re pretending to be straight as they walk (usually holding hands) with a female because of their heteronormative anti-gay brainwashing. The longer they are with her, the deeper and deeper they get into a mess (his relationship with her), making it ultimately harder and harder for him to get a divorce, should he ever have the courage to do that.  One would have thought that most people would have worked through internalised homophobia during the Gay Rights’ Movement. But no, most did not apparently.  Either that, or things have gone back to the way they used to be. On a local San Francisco website, I saw a picture of “him and her.” I asked: Who is that gay boy with a female? Or maybe I don’t want to know! The headline said “They cried all the way through their wedding.” Was he crying because he knew he was marrying a woman instead of a guy and he knew that he would be locked into what’s known as “The Prison of Wife and Child” for at least 18+ years assuming they have kids? And from what I’ve observed, usually closet cases go out of their way to pump out as many babies as possible. It’s intended to prove how “straight” the guy supposedly is to others. I guess the guy wants people to say, “Oh he’s definitely straight considering all the kids he has.” (roll eyes) Mosquitoes can breed, and having a brood of kids doesn’t mean he’s straight. It means he was able to put his dick in a hole and cum (while fantasising about fucking a hot guy he saw earlier in the day?) I didn’t read the article about the guy who cried all the way through his wedding because these days articles like that always annoy me.  I have also stopped reading any GLBTQ articles because I know I will be annoyed by something in the article. That’s usually the case. And I like to avoid high blood pressure. I don’t care to read about a “him and her” couple getting married where the guy is obviously gay, using the most minimal of gaydar. Another fucking closet case.

Then, mi amigo/my friend and I were waiting in the short line to be the next people at the cashier in one of The Castro’s grocery stores recently. There were some gay boys in the store. Some were friendly, others snotty as usual and without social skills. While standing there, this tallish guy cruised me which is something that rarely happens to me in The Castro these days. He then cruised mi amigo/my friend who was standing next to me. Well immediately, the female that the gay guy was with gave her closet case guy a disapproving look for cruising another guy. Ms Bitch: It’s your fault for not detecting that your guy is gay in the first place!  Sometimes these females will rib the guy with her elbow for looking at another guy. Dense bitch, you cannot control your queer boy’s genuine sexual orientation. So apparently they were one of the so-called “straight” couples who have moved into The Castro, the former Gay Mecca that’s still saturated with “gay flags” for tourist-historical purposes. How ironic “they” (or was it he?) decided they should move to The Castro. Didn’t Ms Denial question all the “gay flags” (Rainbow Flags) in the area and why her guy might want to live there as opposed to traditional breeder areas of the City such as The Marina or Pacific Heights or North Beach or some area of San Francisco without any “gay flags?” Did he choose the area that still has “gay flags” up so he could play around on the side fulfilling his true sexual orientation (gay) when his bitch is away? I suspect so,because we’ve seen this scenario countless times around The Castro and Upper Market. And these bitches seem determined to try to control their gay guy’s sexuality, and he’s too damn weak as a person and ashamed of being gay to come out of the fucking closet and dump Ms Bitch. They want so hard for him to be straight and with her. Was he the only guy who would give the bitch the attention she craves? But he’s looking at other guys. These closet cases are usually Millennial guys. That generation seems to be particularly fucked up in the head sexually having seemingly been brainwashed with internalised-homophobia. That’s very curious because they came along during the height of the now-dead Gay Rights Movement. Their parents and or friends must have been very anti-gay during that time. There was another “him and her” couple in the store. I couldn’t tell if he was gay and she a lesbian, or were they pretending to be a straight couple? The guy glanced at me, but I looked away because I got some “I’ve decided to be straight” vibes from him. As we left the store, mi amigo and I talked about the first fake-“straight” couple. He said: The Castro is now swarming with closet cases with females. Who would have ever thought that this would be the outcome of the Gay Mecca and Gay Rights’ Movement. I said: Well, as I’ve written countless times, this stuff seemed to have started right after gay marriage was made legal in the US and queers were told to “assimilate.” Most queers seem to have interpreted “assimilate” to mean: Go back in the closet and pretend to be straight. So get a girl and live with her in order to “blend in”/assimilate with the breeders. Pretend to be one of them, which means that you have to start liking corporate sports teams (whether you do or not) in order to be Mr Straight Jock Bro. Also having kids because, well, that’s what breeders do. That’s what you have to do to be a “carbon copy” of the breeders. These wealthy elitist gay organisations at both the federal and state level only care about queers of a certain income bracket — people who are just like them — and who are members of their organisation and who are cultists of the “Democratic” Party Cult, usually. They still worship their neocon messiah Obama even though most of his policies were to the right of those of neocon George W Bush.  Those who were paying attention know that Obama greatly expanded the neocon agenda of the illegitimate Bush/Cheney regime.

Today, I have nothing but contempt for those corporate queer elitist trash at the state and federal level who gave the order to “assimilate.” They are directly responsible for the state of things today with their short-shortsightedness as to the outcome that we see today. What useless trash they are. To them I said: FOAD. Do we understand each other? Queers didn’t need to “assimilate” or blend in with the breeders. Accept us as we are or fuck off!  Do we understand each other?  I don’t put breeders on any damn pedestal to be modeled after like these queer corporate trash do who seem to think that queers are supposed to model their lives after the fucking breeders and their dysfunctional relationships.  Then there are the gay guys who are married to another guy but who confuse us all by wearing their wedding rings on the traditional “breeder finger” (left hand fourth finger), so you don’t know if he’s married to a woman and in the closet or married to another guy.  Who the fuck knows?!  (Related:  Gay guys:  Wear your wedding ring on your right hand to avoid any confusion).  I’ve given up on that too!

I’m sick of it all frankly. All it does is raise my blood pressure. And maybe with COVID-19, they’ll cancel all Corporate “Pride” events.  It’s just as well. I don’t see many people with “pride” anymore.  These events have completely lost their meaning and nearly all of these corporatists queer organisations have lost their purpose. They’ve become nothing but corporate shills. FOAD all of you, you trash!  And the closet cases we see in Upper Market are especially conformist and conservative, usually wearing all-black or black and grey clothing.  One wants to ask them:  What funeral did you just come from?  Anyone wearing colour gets weird looks from these judgmental Millenneal assholes. To the gay boys who give weird looks to the few gay boys who wear colour (colours of the Rainbow Flag, mind you):  Doesn’t it make you feel a bit shamed of yourself for judging another gay boy for what he wears? That’s not how gay guys used to be with each other. “People are free to wear what they want; they don’t have to look like me” used to be the thinking.  But San Francisco used to not be like this. But this is the New Judgmental and Conformist-Conservative San Francisco.

Take care of yourselves everyone, no matter how you look and no matter how you dress. No judgments here.

So, the bottom line:  I don’t think you’re likely to hear a guy say, “I woke up with a dick in my mouth” these days at any gym around The Castro (the area of Church Street to Castro Street). These are very different (closeted) times than back when I wrote this article about “I woke up with a dick in my mouth” that was often heard in the unofficial gay gym near Castro.  Those days are gone, dude.  Mi amigo/My friend tells me that no one at his gym talks anymore.  Or rarely.  They’re all glued to their phones nonstop.  They can’t even do their reps without glancing down at their phone.  So their mind is not on what they’re doing but rather on their phone which doesn’t give them a good workout.  They spend more time on their phone than on their workout.  Why are they even there?  So that they can add another lie to their Gr*ndr profile by saying “I work out 7 days a week” (but forget to say “I work out on my phone 7 days a week.”)  They occupy/sit on gym equipment using it as a texting station.  Inconsiderate assholes.  And the only sexual talk mi amigo hears on occasion is between supposed “straight” guys — who act like macho, hard-assed, bullying jock assholes — who talk about fucking their chicks, and how “my girl and I are trying to get pregnant.”  It’s a drastically different time.  Sigh.  Chau.—el barrio rosa/the pink barrio

The Closeted Millennials: The Typical Queer Story

These closeted Millennial guys say in their videos, “Oh that’s sooooooooo gay.” It’s said as an obvious and accepted put-down of gay guys these days. And after hearing “Oh that’s sooooooooo gay” for most of your life — from your homophobic parents and friends — which they must have heard, it become automatic to follow The Family Script and “get a chick.”  Then, pump out 2-4 children and work your ass off. Buy the house with 2-car garage, buy a boat, and then die.  While most of your dinero/money goes to The System: taxes, insurance, housing and vehicles.  There’s not much to say about these closeted Millennial guys other than that they grew up during the height of the now-dead Gay Rights Movement, so it’s very ironic that they were so instilled with gay shame by their parents during that time.  Mi amigo/My friend and I see them daily in U-toob videos wearing their signature Millennial black shirt (or conservative grey).  They look very conservative (including their conservative haircut).  There is nothing rad about them.  They’re wearing a left-hand wedding ring talking about “the wife and child” they have.  Clearly the closet case guy got talked into all of that shit and now says, “It’s the most wonderful thing about my life.”  He’s been “womanised.”  She has him on a leash.  He’s now in what’s known as The Prison of Wife and Child.  As Mr Closeted Millennial continues to serve as a public witness for the Straight Agenda and The System. The guy looks “as queer as day,” but he’s in the closet.   Even people with the most minimal gaydar should be able to tell he’s gay.  I guess his chick can’t, or she’s in denial.  This really bothers mi amigo.  He’s talked about no longer watching the videos produced by these closet case Millennial.  I’ve mostly given up on this having seen this over and over:  I say (or at least today I do): Well, it’s his life he’s wasting not being true to himself and his genuine sexual orientation and living a lie his entire life.  It’s his problem, including that pussy smell.  As mi amigo says:  “That’s one stink you never get used to. If anything it’s worse each time you smell it.”   Then in their videos, they have to make this big “Confession for the Chick” to drag her into the videos to try to get the audience to believe, “I’m straight even though I look as queer as they come.” Many people will believe the lie because they have no gaydar at all.  Mi amigo and I often say to each other:  Things with queers seem to be back like they were before the Gay Rights Movement began.  Yes, it does feel like we’ve gone back there.  As I’ve said repeatedly, I think it’s the result of that order to assimilate that queers were given when gay marriage became legal in the dis-United States.  “Assimilate” has backfired.  It’s now back in the closet for most queers and living straight lives. One big lie.  The queers who are out of the closet are a small minority of the worldwide queer population.  Chau.—el barrio rosa

Gay people have become so cold to each other.

It’s rare that mi amigo/my friend tells me, “I got a nice smile and hello from 1-2 queer boys today on my walk.” Most of the time he tells me the opposite: I saw a gay couple on my walk and neither of them would even look at me. They’re usually an older gay couple.  Snotty.  Unfriendly.  The younger (Millennial) gay male couples are friendly about half the time. Mi amigo and I were walking together in San Francisco’s Castro and I noticed that no one would give us the time of day, even other queer boys and queer couples.  It was as if we were not there.  Usually The Castro is mostly straight, but on our walk on this evening what few people there were out were mostly gay guys, which was refreshing to see.  Mi amigo said:  Well it’s just as unfriendly as usual here in The Castro.  As I’ve written before, there really is no feel of community any more among other queers.  I don’t know why it’s called “the gay community.”  I expect this from the straights, but queers are supposed to have this natural, instinctual camaraderie with one another, no?  Unfortunately people’s phones and so-called “social media” have turned most people into the most unsocial creatures you’ll find anywhere; creating this big distance between people, and some people have no social skills at all now.  It’s as if many were born without vocal chords.  They can’t even say “hi” or “hello” or “Hola” or “Excuse me.”  Part of the problem is this: Some queers seem to think that they are such hot shit that every guy who makes any eye or verbal contact with them wants to fuck them.  (roll eyes)  Sigh.  Guys, get over yourselves, por favor.  That happened with a queer neighbour of mine.  These days I completely ignore him because one day (last year) I casually asked him some questions about his new Smart Car.  I was standing in front of my apartment building and he parked there.  But being stuck on himself (presumably), he thought I was making small talk to get in his pants.  If he only knew that I’ve never found him attractive.  Get over yourself, dude.  I was genuinely interested in how he liked his new car because mi amigo is considering buying one at some point, but that’s not how he interpreted my questions.  You should have seen him.  He couldn’t get away from me fast enough and started walking down the street yelling the answer.  I said under my breath:  “Well okay, sorry to bother you (asshole).”  I only asked him 3 short questions about his car but apparently that overloaded him and he thought I wanted a sex date.  No, I wanted no sex date at least not with him.  And I don’t find his boyfriend attractive either.  So queer boys: Just because someone talks with you and or makes eye contact, don’t assume they’re trying to pick you up.  And even if he is and you’re not interested, just politely say thank you, see you around.  No need to be rude, or rush off like my asshole neighbour did to me as if he thought I were a terrrrrrrrist or something.  No need to be cold or snotty or unfriendly which is really how much of the so-called “queer community” today behaves with each other.  It’s really pathetic, and we are so sick of it. That’s why when people talk about the “gay community” I ask:  What community?  Chau.—el barrio rosa

An Open Letter to Charles and Michael:

[Note to readers: Charles and I met at the Conservatory of Music where we were studying.  Then after we graduated, Charles and I and others in our group of queers moved to the District of Columbia.  (Related: Is the District of Columbia in the US? and New Columbia?  WTF?).  We all wanted to live in a major US city and we all liked DC and I wanted to perform in the Kennedy Center with the Orchestra Choruses and the National Symphony Orchestra, which I did.  We met Michael one night in “the gay bar” (as we called it; it was the Lost and Found in Southeast DC and we remained friends for years).  Michael was a law student at Georgetown University in the District.  I lived in the District a number of years before eventually moving to San Francisco at the height of the Gay Mecca. Charles and the others stayed in DC. I asked Charles about moving to San Francisco with me — I felt I was missing the Gay Mecca by not living here — but Charles said, “No, I’m happy here in the District.” I was happy in the District too, but at the same time, I felt like I was missing out on something very special/important that was happening in San Francisco at the time that I wanted to see and be a part of. DC’s gay area was Dupont Circle, which was not like San Francisco’s Castro.  I was very torn; a part of me wanted to stay in the District with my music and friends but obviously the stronger part of me wanted to be in San Francisco. And the stronger part won out.  I also kept hearing from gay guys at the Lost and Found (“the gay bar”) who had recently visited San Francisco to see the Gay Mecca how friendly and liberal San Francisco was.  “Anything goes there, you’ll love it, you belong there” I kept hearing.   They were right.  I did love it!  And anything did go here at that time.  It doesn’t now.  It’s very conformist-conservative now.  One complaint I had about DC was that I thought it was snotty (not very friendly, including some of the gay guys in “the gay bar”), in part, because of the political atmosphere and I wasn’t even into politics at the time.  After living in San Francisco for a year or so, I remember thinking:  Well, San Francisco is not really that much friendlier than DC.  It can be just as snotty here.  I think it felt friendlier when I was visiting, rather than as a new resident of The City.  Also the District was very transient.  (So is San Francisco).  I kept hearing “the longest stay that most new arrivals to the District have is about 2 years and then they leave because of the political scene and because of the many University students such as at Georgetown and George Washington Universities, Howard University, the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) and others, even though I think most of them were 4-year programmes.  I also wanted to get away from over-powering, over-controlling conservative parents.  That’s probably about 80% of it.  I thought:  Well, moving to the other coast should do that!  It did sort of, as they were never going to visit San Francisco and I didn’t hear the “When are you coming home?” line again.  I had gotten so tired of hearing that.  To me, I was home.  Why did they think I had moved to the District?  To get away from my them (my parents)!  I saw Charles a couple of times after that when I went back to visit DC.   But over the years, we lost touch and I later learned that Charles and Michael had become boyfriends (they were always rather close), and apparently both became HIV+ at some point.  Michael died after all the hard work of studying to be an attorney at Georgetown U, leaving Charles, who later died from a fall.  And they say there’s “a loving god.”  Charles’s parents buried him in a Catholic Church graveyard in Maryland.  I’m sure his death destroyed his mother.  They gave him everything they could.  She was a school bus driver.  I knew her and he was her only child.  I’m sure she never recovered from his death.  In fact, she apparently couldn’t bear to have a funeral for him when he died.  She had a funeral for him when her husband died years later.  They had a joint funeral.  As I remember, Charles’s mother knew he was gay and he was very open with her, but I don’t think his dad knew.  But the Charles I knew would not have wanted to be buried in a Catholic Church graveyard.  Charles couldn’t stand the homophobic Catholic Church. Michael is probably buried in upstate New York from what I remember about his history and parents.  As a gay couple, they should have been buried together like breeder couples are.  But because of society’s homophobia they were not. That subject matter is something that those useless elitist wealthy queer organisations at the national level could be working on.  I don’t see them doing anything else but having lavish Gala Dinners honouring a techie billionaire at $500.00/per plate for queers of a certain income bracket.].

Dear Charles and Michael,

So sorry that neither of you are with us now.  Something I had never thought would happen back when we were hanging out at “the gay bar” or having dinner at Mr Henry’s in Georgetown.  How could something so horrible happen to two of the nicest guys one would meet and know?  And they say there’s a loving god.

I often think: What would both of you say if you could see the state of things now?  Maybe your reactions would be something such as: (head shakes of disgust) followed by “It was fun while it lasted and we all lived during a very unique time so we can all feel fortunate about that. As for now, best not to think about it. There’s nothing we can do about it. Just be thankful for the memories of our good times together.”</p>

They might say something like that.

I’d tell them that another gay bar has closed in San Francisco. The Lion’s Pub. It looks like it closed in 2017. I used to go there when I lived in a cheapish studio apartment in lower Pacific Heights. The same apartment today is probably $5,000.00USD. Reading the reviews of the bar, it was entirely a hetero bar when it closed and none of the straights knew that they were going to a bar that was once a gay bar. Someone wrote about the “feminine” decor, but was clueless as to the history of the bar. Apparently the bar owner died and then the bar closed. But before that it was all about “him and her” from about 2011 on from what I can tell. Another gay bar taken over by straights. I swear, they want every bar in the world.

Here’s a quote from some guy’s review:

“And for those brave men able to handle the large crowds and hot air on the weekend, they’re likely to find no shortage of attractive and frisky females here. One young cutie here grabbed my ass as I was walking past her last weekend, and we hung out for an hour. Now THAT’S a friendly bar!”

I never saw gay guys grabbing each other’s ass there when this bar was a gay bar. They had other ways of letting a guy know they were interested.

Or this quote from another review from a guy:

Good god. I cannot believe that people like this place. This place caters to the Marina/Pacific Heights crowd. Get used to seeing both men and women wearing “The Uniform”. Everyone looks the same, everyone talks the same, everyone acts the same. Be prepared for the “whoooo!” mating call of the drunk ex-fratboy in J-Crew every 20 minutes or so. Be prepared for the incessant click of the lip-smacking ex-sorority girl as well. It really is fascinating to see the mating calls of these two creatures in their native environment. I guess this place reminds me of a frat party for people who aren’t in college anymore.

So that’s what a gay bar turned into?

I had to go all the way back to 2006 to see any mention of this gay bar having become “not exclusively a gay bar.” But the overwhelming majority of people reviewing the bar was females.

Another comment from 2005:

Ions ago, this was a very discreet gay bar – hence all the foliage and lack of sign outside – for the sweater set . . . the only leather to be found was on Gucci shoes and shoulder bags, and it certainly wasn’t black. From the sounds of it, the place has turned hetero (but the decor stayed the same). Why must these pushy straight people take over everything??? Watch out Castro, here they come!

I guess it’s just as well that the bar closed considering what it had become from reading the reviews.

The problem is two fold:

Queers have held to this gullible and naïve, “We welcome everyone in our bar in the name of ‘diversity’.” The straight bars don’t say that. They are not about “diversity” in their bars. The straights don’t say that, for a reason. They don’t want queers in their bars. “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” Read between the lines.

The problem with queers and their “we welcome everyone…” mentality is that to straights, “We welcome everyone” is ultimately an invitation to take the bar over. Bring the straight families in and buy out the housing.  And that’s what they did. I remember when the straights started taking over The Castro and some of us opposed that. We asked: “Can’t we at least have this small little queer area all to ourselves? Straights own the entire world.” Then, the conservatives shoved that “I thought you welcomed diversity?” line in our faces. The conservatives threw the queer’s “diversity” line right back in their faces, when in reality the conservatives couldn’t care less about “diversity” any other time, except when it was about the straights taking over a gay neighbourhood or a gay bar. Then they were/are all about “bringing diversity to the neighbourhood.” Translation: A straight takeover.

With queers, their “We welcome everyone” was not well thought out. They didn’t think through the possible scenarios of that or consequences. Did they welcome members of the Klan? They are part of “everyone.” What about the anti-queer Westboro Baptist Church? They are part of “everyone.” Nor did they realise that their warm and fuzzy “We welcome everyone” thinking was an invitation to breeder couples to hang out and make out in a queer bar. Because the queer bar says, “Well, you know, let them make out in our bar, we welcome diversity.” And there’s one thing I’ve learned: Breeders love shoving their sexuality in our queer faces as if they think that “maybe he will ‘turn straight’ if he sees us straights making out long enough.” Whereas if a gay male couple goes to a straight bar and starts making out there, can you imagine what would happen? One can expect Mr Security or the bartender or the bouncer to approach the gay couple and tell them, “Excuse me, but I invite you to leave because you’re making some of our customers uncomfortable. You can do that in the car or in some other place of town out of sight. You’re not welcomed here. This is a straight bar.” As the gay couple leaves the bar they hear some people say, “get out of here you fucking faggots; get your faggot asses out of here. Go fuck some pussy.” That’s just the reality. So, considering that, queers are directly responsible for allowing their bars to be taken over by breeders.

Also, as queers were/are being forced out of San Francisco due to greed from the tech industrial complex and the liars of the real estate industrial complex and by evictions, breeders were moving in and still are as of this writing. Today, San Francisco — especially Castro and Upper Market — is a sea of young mostly white straight him-tall/her-short Millennial couples with many pushing baby strollers all wearing “The Uniform” (all black and or black and grey clothing) and wearing a sour nasty facial expression.  Many of the guys in these “him and her” couples look gay to us.  How ironic that they moved to the City which was a Gay Mecca where years ago gay guys moved to to live openly and out of the closet and now these fucked-up Millennials are in the closet and living with females.  That explains the look of unhappiness and miserable that they constantly have on their faces.  And they have no social skills at all.  They can’t even say, “Hello” or “Excuse me.”  Script writers couldn’t make this shit up.  Years ago, the conservatives in San Francisco began their sanitisation of The Castro to make it “welcoming” to the straights so they wouldn’t be offended by anything they might see that’s “left over” from when The Castro was a Gay Mecca. Most of the sex stores remain today but the stores have been forced to sanitise their store fronts by covering up any sexual images such as that of any dick or ass pics with white stickers. This is the new conservative San Francisco I’m talking about, not Kansas, which is where you might think that would happen. That’s why I’ve said repeatedly that this City is nothing like it used to be. It has shifted to the right which would shock Charles and Michael. Well DC is nothing like it was when I lived there either.  The same thing has happened there.  A shift to the right has swept the land, from sea to sea.  And read men-seeking-men sex ads today, they all read like a bunch of closet cases with “discreet” and “down low” language.  Chau.—el barrio rosa

It’s takes a tremendous amount of work to marry a female. Why the fuck bother?

Mi amigo/My friend and I went grocery shopping this morning. I was cruising this guy in the store but he had no idea I was looking at him. He was sort of attractive. Sort of a big stomach but I could ignore that. The rest of him looked all right. Moments later, mi amigo said to me: See that guy there (it was the same guy), he used to go to our gym.  (That gym in The Castro was unofficially known as the gay gym).  The guy stopped going to the gym and has let himself go. He doesn’t look like he used to. That’s what you look like when you let yourself go, mi amigo said.

At the register, mi amigo said (about the same guy): The guy is now wearing a left hand wedding ring, so he assumed the guy had gone back in the closet and is married to a woman. I said: Well, he could have his wedding ring on the wrong hand as many do, and he could be married to a guy. Mi amigo said: Yes he could be. You never know.

As I was telling him after we left the store: It’s one thing to go back in the closet. But taking it to an entirely new level of getting married to a female “for show” — meaning giving the appearance that you’re straight — is a tremendous amount of work. And considering how miserable the Millennial straight couples look in San Francisco, it’s obviously not worth it.  It requires finding the “right” female that you can live with and put up with (best of luck with that!).  Then, if you’re not attracted to females to begin with other than as friends, that’s a hitch or rather a bitch. Then you have to somehow get turned on to stinky pussy and tits and you can’t easily fake that.  If you’re not into either that’s not easy to fake and any female can pick up on that. She’s thinking: “Maybe he’s gay, he doesn’t like sucking on my tits or eating my pussy.”  It’s hard to fake a hard-on.  Even some straight guys say they spend as much time necking as possible to avoid having to go down there and eat her out.  It repulses them but they don’t want her to know that.  They compare eating pussy to licking a toilet seat, and with many females her pussy is only about 1/4″ away from her (unwashed?) asshole.  Then when you’re fucking her — even if you’re thinking about fucking a guy while you’re doing it — you have to listen to her high-pitched squeals that she’s learned from watching porn videos.  Those squeals would turn anybody off.  They can sound like an emergency vehicle going by or like a toddler crying in a crib.  Who can put up with that noise?  You feel like putting a bag over her head to muffle the sound!  Well it’s true.  You know it’s true.  I’m just telling it like it is here.  It’s a lot of work to fantasize about a guy every time you’re having sex with her, although I suspect that’s a common thing for most closet cases married to female. The guy we saw in the store wasn’t looking at anyone. He didn’t look at me, or mi amigo, or any female that we noticed. He was quite tamed or womanised (as mi amigo said), but that doesn’t mean he’s not married to another guy and he could have his wedding ring on the wrong hand like so many do. Even that big head heteronormative “Ellen” — you all know who I’m talking about; that female with a television show? I can’t stand her. I used to like her when she first started out. She’s not the same person she was. Money and celebrity have gone to her big head. She wears her wedding ring on the wrong hand too.  The breeder hand. It makes sense in her case since she tries so hard to be straight. So when anyone sees her — if they happen to not know who she is — they will think that her husband is somewhere else even if her most recent girlfriend is with her.  Chau.—el barrio rosa

Back in the Closet with Age?

I watched this video today that was from 3 years ago.  The guy in this homemade video was 18 years old at the time.  He seemed very mature for his age and talked very intelligently.  He talked about his boyfriend briefly and how he had had two other relationships in the past.  He seemed very comfortable talking about his boyfriend.  Someone in the comments said, “I didn’t know you were gay.”  There was no anti-gay stuff in the comments surprisingly.  Then I watched a video he recently made.  So it’s 3 years later.  He talked about his relationships but he went out of his way to NOT talk about his boyfriend (even though they are still together) or the gender of the person he is in a relationship with.  He said his current relationship was 3 years in length. Well, that would be with the same boyfriend he talked about 3 years ago but he refused to say that.  Clearly avoiding admitting that he’s gay.  Then in the comments someone wrote, “Aren’t you gay?”  Rather than saying, “Yes I am, like I said in the video 3 years ago.”  Instead, he didn’t respond.  He gave silence to the question.  So it would appear that he’s gone back in the closet like many others.  For me, in the video from 3 years ago it felt so good to hear someone that young (age 18 at the time) talk about his boyfriend as he wasn’t ashamed of his sexuality and with a boyfriend.  But as he has aged — 3 years later —  that’s not the impression I got in the new video.  Now it’s “Hush, Hush.  Back in the closet.”  Because there was no mention of his current boyfriend of 3 years like in the other video.  Or as a now-perceived closet case, did he in hindsight feel it was a mistake to have mentioned his boyfriend in the earlier video?  Although the commenters seemed cool with it.  But even when someone asked him in the recent video, “Aren’t you gay?,” he refused to answer the question as if he’s now ashamed of his sexual orientation.  Even though 3 years ago he openly talked about it.  And of course if I were to write a comment about that on his channel — no matter how politely I write it — my comment would very likely be deleted and or I would be banned.  (Sigh).  Depressing.  And this has mostly happened since gay marriage became legal in the US.  As some of us see it, after gay marriage became legal, the thinking has been “now back in the closet.”  Oh I forgot to say that he’s supposedly married to his boyfriend.  He didn’t say that but he’s wearing a wedding ring on his right hand fourth finger.  At least he’s wearing his wedding ring on the correct hand — or he was 3 years ago — not trying to be mistaken for a breeder or for being straight like many other gay guys do.  In his most recent video, the wedding ring is gone.  He has taken his wedding ring off.  He had no problem showing it three years ago.  So maybe he’s just in the closet with his boyfriend on U-toob.  His new script is:  Say nothing about a boyfriend and remove the right hand wedding ring.  Don’t give any clue as to your sexual orientation.  That’s what closet cases do.  What the fuck has happened to my fellow queers?   Yet breeders/straights are the opposite.  They don’t hide anything.  They’re in our faces.  They can’t wait to tell us all about their girlfriend or wife and complain about her, and flash their left hand wedding ring in our faces to help promote The Straight Agenda(TM).  Chau.—el barrio rosa

Succumbing to Society’s Straight Agenda:

Hola boys.  I keep bringing this up and that’s because I keep seeing more and more of it whether it be out in public, online (especially in U-toob videos) or on television and regardless of the network.  For queers who care about such things — the few of us who do — it’s a depressing time.  I’m talking about all the closet cases who have succumbed to The Straight Agenda.  It’s as if the overwhelming majority of the queer population has gone back in the closet with some getting girlfriends or wives so they can “look” and “act straight.”  They have succumbed to society’s Straight Agenda (where images of “him and her” are shoved in our faces 24 hours a day, 365 days a year).  Because I lived through San Francisco’s Gay Mecca, which is now a Breeder/Straight/Heterosexual Mecca, for some reason I mistakenly thought that most queers, most gay people were out of the closet.  I thought most had worked through their gay shame issues.  I thought that most gay people did not want to be replicas of the breeders.  Well, at one time we didn’t.  But in recent years that’s all changed.  I realise that couldn’t be farther from reality here in January 2020.  Mi amigo/My friend often brings this to my attention.  Or I see it myself.  We see the left hand wedding ring thing and the guy wearing it looks (as mi amigo says), “As queer as can be.  Look at his mannerisms.”  I usually agree with him.  So, the guy is either married to a woman, or he is wearing his wedding ring on his left hand so he can be mistaken for being a straight guy and thought to be straight (some gay shame going on there?), or he doesn’t know any better and he has his wedding ring on the wrong hand.  It’s one of those three.  Read:  Gay Married Couples:  Are you wearing your wedding ring on your right hand?  The bottom line of this quick update is that the people who celebrate that event in June called “Pride” — which has been ruined and corporate hijacked — are really a very small part of the much larger, closeted (with many married to females and with children) worldwide queer population.  For some reason, I used to think that people celebrating “Pride” (or Pride, Inc. as some of us now refer to it) were the majority of the queer population worldwide, but that’s far from the case.  There are millions of queers around the world, with the majority living in the closet and with females and many with children.  For example, read this.  From that article:  Quote:  In the study’s report, the authors concluded that a significant number of middle-aged German gay men have not come out, writing: “A considerable proportion of homosexual identified men live a heterosexual life.”  [Ed. Why not just say gay men living a straight life and leave out the “identifying” or “identified” nonsense?]  Professor Kathleen Herkommer, who led the study, explained that these men’s mental health can suffer as a result of hiding their sexuality, and that this groundbreaking research could help the drive to help them.  “We identified a group that recognises its homosexuality, but do not live it, and instead lead and have led a purely heterosexual life – often with a wife and children,” she said.  End Quote.  So the bottom line:  The people who go to “Pride, Inc.” are just a speck of the worldwide (closeted) queer population, and some of them may only be “out” that one day a year!  And in San Francisco — from what I’ve heard about it — our corporate “Pride” event is now largely straight and touristy.  It’s turned into a corporate straight party.   It’s just another opportunity for (homophobic in some cases) straights to party and make out under Rainbow Flags.  Related:  His Shirt Said:  Fuck You, Homo.  Chau.—el barrio rosa

Hello boys.  I’ve been thinking that this page is much too long, but there’s really nothing I can do about it without losing all the work/time I spent into writing it.  And moving things to another page just creates more links.  So it is what it is.  I suppose some guys read what they’re interested in and leave the rest.  But if you came here to read “I woke up with a dick in my mouth” that is at this link, and short queer-related articles are at this link. You can also read Bi Now Means Masculine And Not Bisexual at that link.  The number of guys I’ve had tell me “I’m bi” and then they turn out to be gay and not bi is an ever-increasing list.  And then there’s this sad state of affairs:   Gay guys are back in the closet and with females and A perfectly good queer boy with a wife.

Lea DeLaria Doesn’t Want You Calling Her A Lesbian. “I am a dyke! Get it right. I don’t do that alphabet soup, LGBTQ thing. By the time you get to all of those letters, the fucking parade is over! Part of me believes that this so-called inclusivity of calling us the LGBTQQTY-whatever-LMNOP tends to stress our differences, and that’s why I refuse to do it. I say queer. Queer is everybody.” [Source]

Queer Couples: Wear your wedding rings on your right hand fourth finger.

As I’m writing this, a guy is being interviewed on my television. He has a left hand fourth finger wedding ring. Is he married to a female or to a guy? You don’t know. And that’s the problem with queers wearing their wedding rings on their left hand fourth finger which traditionally is the finger that breeders wear their wedding rings on. My reliable gaydar tells me he’s gay/queer especially after hearing him talk. But another part of me says: He could be in the closet and married to a female and he’s been “womanised” which makes him come off as more feminine. He’s not wearing a sign that reads, “I’m gay and very out and proud.” Whereas if he were wearing his wedding ring on the right hand fourth finger, that leaves no doubt that he’s queer and married to his boyfriend/partner. I would then know that he’s married to a guy.

“Gay and Lesbian Marriage. Instead of wearing wedding bands on their left hands, gay and lesbian couples often choose to wear rings on their right hands instead. Within gay and lesbian communities, the right-handed ring is an instantly recognizable marker of a monogamous relationship, and even marriage within the states that have legalized it.”

That’s why I refer to this as Wedding Ring Deception. See here and here. Are you a guy and married to your boyfriend? Do you want to be thought of as straight? Do you want people who don’t know you or your sexual orientation to think you’re straight? If so, why? If not, then why are you wearing your wedding bans on your left hand fourth finger? Again, that’s traditionally the finger that breeders/straights wear their wedding rings on, or have you not thought of that? And even if you and your boyfriend are together in public, many people in our society would see your left hand wedding rings and assume your wives are not with you at the moment because they wouldn’t even think of gay marriage or that queer couples can get married, especially if they oppose gay marriage. If you’re thinking: “My boyfriend and I wear our wedding rings on the left hand fourth finger because our queer relationship is no different than that of a straight couple,” you’re delusional and living with wishful-thinking. The Reality: You’ll never be like the breeders in the public’s bigoted/homophobic mind because of society’s intense homophobia which is getting worse worldwide if you’ve been paying attention especially for gay guys, and especially in the current political climate. (Related: Anti-gay violence 2019. Also: Homophobic hate crime: Beaten-up for being gay: “A BBC 5 Live investigation found the number of hate crime reports across the UK more than doubled in the last five years, to over 13,000.”). Lesbians are now more acceptable because “that’s what girls do.” (roll eyes) As a gay guy yourself, and if you’re not with your partner, why would you want for someone to think you’re married to a woman when they see your wedding ban? And if someone says, “Oh I see you’re married.” You respond: “Yes,” without clarifying: To my boyfriend. So the impression you will have left is that you’re married to a female. Is that what you want to do? If so, it sounds like some gay shame going on there. And again — this cannot be overstated — gay marriage/same gender marriage is too new historically speaking for anyone to remember that queer couples can now get married. Instead, most people will assume when they see your left hand wedding ring, “He’s got a wife” or “He’s got a girl.” Is that what you want people to think of you, rather than standing up for the so-called “gay community?” Or do you enjoy being heteronormative? What I think when I see a gay guy — according to my reliable gaydar — with a left hand wedding ring is a closet case married to a female because of all the closet cases I see today. It’s as if most queers are now back in the closet. I’ve had guys write me who have read this page and they say, “I’m married.” I’m thinking: To whom? I become confused. They don’t specify “to a guy” or “to a woman.” Why? Because it’s assumed that he’s married to a female, per tradition. See what I mean? And that’s what will be assumed when someone sees a queer boy’s left hand wedding ring. Maybe you’re asking: Well where should I wear my wedding ban? On the right hand fourth finger because that’s not traditionally the finger that breeders wear their wedding bans on, at least in the US. I wanted to bring this up because, again, I see lots of gay guys who my gaydar tells me are gay/queer and I look and there’s a wedding ring on their left hand fourth finger which means: 1) he’s a closet case married to a female, or 2) a gay guy married to a guy but who wants people to think he’s straight and married to a woman and he’s living with gay shame despite being married to a guy. Mi amigo/My friend confirmed this. He told me he sees lots of guys on a daily basis in nonsexual U-toob videos who his gaydar tells him are queer (another closet case) and they too have a left hand wedding ring and these guys talk about their wife or girlfriend and she’s sometimes in the videos. To me, when I see a queer boy with a left hand wedding ring I now become confused. I think: We’ll, he’s either: A closet case with a female, or married to a guy which most people won’t remember is even legally possible these days. The public has a very short memory. There are closeted gay couples out there who are married to each other and they don’t want anyone to know. Because again, gay marriage — which I think most people have completely forgotten about and don’t remember that it’s even possible — is much too new for the average person to even consider that a guy could be married to another guy/his boyfriend, especially for people who think that “marriage should be between a man and a woman.” (roll eyes). Then, here in the Century of Insanity, there are the gay guys who worked hard for gay marriage and then in the end married females! (Related: More back to the 1950s (with gay shame): Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.)
Related: “Gay and Lesbian Marriage. Instead of wearing wedding bands on their left hands, gay and lesbian couples often choose to wear rings on their right hands instead. Within gay and lesbian communities, the right-handed ring is an instantly recognizable marker of a monogamous relationship, and even marriage within the states that have legalized it.” Also: Gay Wedding Ring Deception. And “Why gay guys should wear their wedding rings on their right hand.” Gracias for reading.

Hola chicos/Hello boys. Hope everyone is doing well. So what is it about many guys in their 20s and 30s (Millennials) these days who are sexually fucked-up closet cases with gay shame? They came along at the height of the now-dead Gay Rights Movement in the US, but apparently their “boomer” parents brainwashed them with some real intense homophobia. Because we see this all the time in the New (now-conservative) San Francisco today. How ironic that these closet case Millennials moved to a City formerly known as The Gay Mecca. You can’t make this stuff up!

Someone came to pink barrio recently by searching, “Is the Castro district safe for straights?” Oh good lord! The straights own The Castro (the former Gay Mecca in San Francisco) today. Where has this person been not to know that? The Gay Mecca is gone. Period. It’s history. It’s been Disneyfied. And the few queers who are still here, well, many of them try to look and act straight — they wear a (black) baseball cap which automatically makes any guy look like Mr Jock Bro and into corporate sports teams — so what does this person mean by “is The Castro safe for straights?” One thing we’ve noticed: The Milleneals (age group 20s and 30s) are the most sexually fucked-up closeted dudes today. Their “boomer” parents must have really brainwashed them with some homophobic shit. We see obvious queer boys walking around holding hands with girls and making out with them on the sidewalk. WTF? There’s always some supposed straight couples — him tall and dominant, her short and submissive (feminism is dead) — making out on Market Street between Castro and Church Street while waiting for the light to change. They’re quite the exhibionists. They love to put on a breeder show for everyone to see. Mi amigo/My friend was in a store in the Castro today (well it was down at Church Street). Everyone in there looked straight to him. In came this “flaming” queer guy (early 20s Millenneal). He sat down and then “his girl” came in and they started making out on the couch and put on a matinée for everyone to see with sound effects which included desperate slurping sounds while kissing pretending to be a straight couple. Mi amigo said: I’ve seen that guy around here many times and he’s gay and he looks gay, very gay. She was more masculine than he. He sat down on the couch the way females sit down. Legs together so that his pussy wouldn’t show. I said, “Well maybe she puts on a strap-on and fucks him, no?” Could be. Mi amigo talked with one of the store employees. They talked about how the queers started much of what little remains around here today. The store employee who fondly remembered the Old City and the now-gone Gay Mecca said, “Finally, someone who knows the history around here. Then it became straight.” Yes, with many closet cases (looking over at the couch and that closet case fem sucking face with a female; maybe he thinks he’s a lesbians. That could be). Yes, alleged straights coming to The Castro to make out to shove their sexuality in our faces. The same thing the straights complained about queers doing years ago. It’s all right when straights do it though. [sarcasm intended] If you were to come to The Castro today and because of the extreme over-saturation of Rainbow Flags — intended to deceive gullible tourists into thinking the neighbourhood is still queer so that they will plop their “Rainbow money” down here — all you have to do is hang out here for awhile and you’ll discover that The Castro is The Breeder Mecca with breeder couples heavily making out under Rainbow Flags and nearly having breeder sex on the sidewalks, breeder females pushing fleets and fleets of black baby strollers. The Castro is nothing like it was. It’s no longer queer. And why ask that question to begin with? Breeders own the entire world so why would it be important for someone to ask if The Castro is safe for straights? I’ve never understood why straights wanted to come here to begin with since I have no interest in going to a supposedly all straight area and hanging out there — unless they’re closet cases and are trying to ease their way out of that moldy closet — or felt they had to come here and take over this little, small area that at one time was queer. One should be asking if The Castro is safe for queers when anti-queer comments are heard from some straights in The Castro speaking “under their breath,” and when you see a breeder guy walking through Harvey Milk Plaza hand-in-hand with a female and he’s wearing a “Fuck you, homo” t-shirt like I saw awhile back. I’ve read that the anti-queer comments have increased at night in The Castro. That doesn’t surprise me. But the fact is: Breeders want it all. They’re never satisfied. They demand that they own the entire world. Fuck off! I saw a picture of a red baseball cap that read, “Make America Gay Again.” I understand the expression but making the US Gay again ain’t going to happen because as I’ve thoroughly written on this page, we’re going in the opposite direction. Nearly everywhere I look I see the opposite: Gay guys (according to my reliable gaydar) wearing a wedding ban holding hands with their females and with baby strollers and dog in-tow. And both the closet case and female are on their phones. Is he trying to arrange a hook up with a guy while she’s distracted on her phone? I see this in San Francisco and on the television networks I watch from Europe and Asia. It’s all over folks. We’re headed backwards again: Back in the closet as if it’s the 1940s-50s. So making the US gay again — not that it ever was!; but it certainly was more so when we had Gay Meccas — is not going to happen. And the latest is that the current White House occupant wants to make it legal to fire trans folks? Who comes after that? I can take a guess, can’t you? Will they deport them if they can fire them? Chau.—el barrio rosa

On another topic, if you want to see four queer self-hating idiots who showed up for the White Supremacist orange man-child’s narcissistic ego-trip 4th of July 2019 event on the Mall in the District of Columbia, click here. Now, those who have been paying close attention since this freak of nature took office know that he and those septic people around him have made it abundantly clear that they are anti-queer and want a White Nation (remember the “Make Amurrrrrka White Again” signs that Cult Tr*mp disciples held up during the campaign?), and whenever he speaks he frequently gives the “white power” hand gesture to his cultists. I’ve read probably hundreds of comments from Cult Tr*mp and his cultists, especially on T*mbler sex sites when they were around. They openly hate “faggots” and “niggers” (their words, not mine) and “bitches” — they only like her tits and pussy but can’t stand the woman who belongs in the kitchen — and anyone who is not White. They are of a ultra-conservative Male Patriarchy mindset. So why did these queer fools in this picture go to this event? What is wrong with them? Do they not know that Cult Tr*mp hates them? Most of them look shades of Black and they’re queer, and then there’s one white guy in those tacky US flag outfits. Isn’t that supposedly “disrespecting the flag?” It used to be considered that before Cult Tr*mp arrived on the scene. I showed this picture to mi amigo/my friend and he said: They must be from the Log Cabin Republicans. Well, it is the Century of Insanity, so perhaps that explains part of it. I’ll presume they support the concentration camps and squalor conditions at the US border and their messiah, the orange man-child, hating on migrants and his constant bullying of other nations on a daily basis? And that doesn’t even begin to cover it. Are they comfortable with the many migrant queers who are caught up in these concentration camps at the border? They do realise that not all the migrants are straight, don’t they? Or have they not thought that through, just as they had not thought through the reality that as part of the US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine, when they go off to war (based on lies) that they could end up killing other queers because not everyone they would be killing or injuring is straight. (Related: Why do Queers want to kill other Queers ?) And knowing the history of the US and its barbarism, how do they justify this? By the way, for this event, unfortunately the Mall was packed (you can see it there), contrary to some pictures that D-partisans are putting out trying to give the impression that few people showed up. That’s one of my problems with partisans (both D and R): They can never be objective and tell the truth, which often hurts them.
[Disclaimer: For those who know nothing about me: I’m non-partisan. I don’t support either Cult/party in the US: “Democratic” or Republican. They’re both corporate basura as far as I’m concerned, and they both support US imperialism and world domination. On the major issues, they’re pretty much the same].

2019: Hola chicos/Hello queer boys. How is everyone doing? Hope you’re doing well. This page is now a series of queer-related articles specifically for my queer boys/queer guys. Oh by the way:

Lea DeLaria Doesn’t Want You Calling Her A Lesbian. “I am a dyke! Get it right. I don’t do that alphabet, LGBTQ thing. By the time you get to all of those letters, the fucking parade is over!” … “Previously, DeLaria said, “Part of me believes that this so-called inclusivity of calling us the LGBTQQTY-whatever-LMNOP tends to stress our differences, and that’s why I refuse to do it. I say queer. Queer is everybody.”

I agree Lea and thank you for saying that, although the “LGBT”-brainwashed conformist and corporatists sheeple don’t agree with us. Yes, the straights have as many varied sexual interests as queers and they’re just called straight (or breeders). They don’t have this long string of letters.



I’m wondering if the rewriting of “LGBT” by the far-right (as seen on that t-shirt to your right) will make queer conformist sheeple abandon that revisionist history “LGBT” nonsense that one sees spammed all over the internet?  I cringe every time I see “LGBT,” even if they think to put a “Q” on the end of it. What do they have against Queers that they leave the “Q” off?


On pink barrio you will read no dishonest, revisionist history “LGBT(Q)” acronym, because I don’t use that. Fact: Lesbians did not lead the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement as “LGBT” implies. Somehow, someone moved gay guys to second place. Why? Gay guys led the Movement along with trans individuals and Drag Queens, particularly with two riots at donut shops pre-Stonewall. Lesbians — or one of those elitist queer organisations on their behalf — hijacked our Movement by putting their needy and self-absorbed and self-entitled selves in first place in that silly acronym (LGBT). “LGBT” does not represent me and other queers from comments I’ve read from people online. And how many more fucking letters? The official acronym is this mess: LGBTQQICAPF2K+. If that isn’t the most ridiculous looking thing I’ve seen in some time. It almost looks like a type of barcode. Take for example “gay marriage.” Gay marriage is not called LGBTQQICAPF2K+ marriage. Fortunately. When gay marriage became legal in Taiwan recently, they called it “gay marriage.” They didn’t call it LGBTQQICAPF2K+ marriage. So why does anything else have to be called anything other than the words gay or queer? “LGBT(Q)” is divisive. It divides us up into group which leads to infighting and excluding some people. It becomes a competition to see “who’s the most discriminated against?” Related: Lea DeLaria: The LGBTQIA+ acronym is divisive. Do these “LGBT” corporatist conformist sheeple — and that’s who uses this “LGBT” shit in order to “fit in” and conform — not possess any critical thinking skills whatsoever? And I thought with “Gay Assimilation” that “everyone” wanted to be clones of the straights, no? The straights don’t have any silly acronyms or letters. So why are the conformist corporatists among us still clinging to this Brand LGBT shit? Because they’ve all been brainwashed to use it. And this brainwashing is no different than political partisan cult brainwashing. And sadly this dishonest and revisionist history “LGBT(Q)” is being used all over the world, rather than just the simple words gay or queer. The straights are known as straight or breeder, not this whole string of alphabet soup letters. And their sexual interests are just as varied as that of queers. What has happened to my fellow queers that they have become such fucking conformist, conservative (regardless of political party affiliation) and corporatist sheeple? They have become the opposite of who and what they were doing our proudly radical Left Movement. (Related: Rejecting ‘Rainbow Capitalism’ of Corporate-Saturated Pride Parade, Tens of Thousands March for Queer Liberation in NYC). Chau.—el barrio rosa

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Are most bi guys bi? No, they’re bi-for-pay. Also more closet cases.

Hello boys. I wrote an article sometime ago asking “Are most bi guys bi?” because from my experience they are not. They’re really gay. They call themselves “bi” to sound more masculine or macho, because to them saying “I’m gay” brings up negative stereotypes in their mind apparently. With most guys I’ve talked with who said they were bi, the moment I brought up chicks, tits and pussy, they turned off. A genuine bi guy wouldn’t turn off at the mention of tits and pussy. They directed the conversation back to dick and or a guy’s ass. So I wondered what it was like in bi porn videos. Now I realise that porn is not real and that it’s contrived. So I’ve been watching bi porn (2 guys and a girl) to see how the guys are, how they act, do they look straight or are they obviously queer. I’ve watched quite a few. In the majority of the “bi” videos I’ve watched consistently at least one of the guys if not both looked gay to me. Only two of the videos that I’ve watched featured dudes who looked straight. Some of these gay-looking guys eating pussy and sucking tits act fem and not like Mr Jock Bro as I saw in the two videos where the guys did look straight. Some gay guys in bi videos make their genuine sexual orientation obvious without knowing it because they spend far more time with the guy than they do with the girl. In a comment, someone wrote “the guy in the blue shirt loves to suck cock. He ignored the woman.” Someone responded by saying, “That’s because he’s really gay. Looks gay to me and he pretended to be interested in the girl as part of the script.” In the video comments, most people don’t even seem to notice the gay boys eating or fucking pussy. They can’t seem to pick up on a gay guy having sex with a female. I guess they have no gaydar at all. I spot them immediately. In their mind if a guy is having sex with a female that automatically makes him straight. No, it doesn’t. Far from it. I was surprised to see this — “bi” guys who look gay to me — because I would have thought that the majority of “bi” guys in porn would have been Mr Jock Bro. From the videos I’ve watched, that’s not the case at all. Mr Jock Bro is not in the majority. With all of these gay-looking guys, I suspect they’re gay guys needing money and they think that doing porn might be an easy way of getting money so they agree to do bi porn. It’s technically called bi-for-pay. So they fuck a girl or dive into pussy. You don’t know what they’re really thinking. As actors being paid do they enjoy diving into pussy and fucking it, or after it was all over did they have second-thoughts about what they had just done, since they’re really gay? Then I saw 5-6 guys with a chick in Europe and some of them looked gay whereas some looked straight. Only one of them ate pussy, but nearly all of them fucked her (with or without a condom). Like with much of the porn industry videos, most of the bi videos are predicable where one or more of the guys gets fucked. It was weird to see a guy who looked gay to me say to the supposed bi guy sitting next to him on the couch, “I’d like to fuck her.” But that was part of the small script they had to say. Overall, I found it a learning experience to watch them to see what looked like to me gay guys having sex with females and I look and it says, “Professional” as opposed to “Homemade.” Wouldn’t surprise me if some of the “Homemade” were somehow bi-for-pay too. Some people have admitted clicking the wrong description when they uploaded their video, so they clicked “Homemade” instead of “Professional.” Then, mi amigo/my friend and I were standing on the sidewalk. I said to myself, “Oh there’s a queer boy.” I checked him out. He didn’t give me the nasty Millenneal snarl I get from most other guys I covertly look at. Then, I noticed walking behind him was this female wearing a broad smile and wearing a baby. She was with him. I assume they were a breeder couple and she wasn’t his sister with a baby. He was walking ahead of her where it looked like they weren’t together, but they were. Mi amigo noticed it too and said to me moments later: He’s as queer as it gets and he’s with a female and has a baby. He gave me a long smile; the type that some queer boys give to each other. These closet cases are all over the place now in the New San Francisco. Yes, that’s the irony of it all. From a Gay Mecca of “out and proud” to a Breeder Mecca full of closet cases. This guy was very young, probably 20s. I thought: You’ve fucked up your life bro. I guess his family kept asking him, “When are you getting married to a nice girl?” Followed by, “When are you two going to start a family.” So, to shut them the fuck up, he did both, and now look. Two mistakes to live with: Married to a female and a child. And how long before they’re divorced? He looked unhappy as he was doing the Halloween thing with her and his daughter. He looked completely disinterested in her and the baby by the way he was walking ahead of them looking bored. He may have been thinking, “What the fuck have I gotten myself into with this wife and baby? I don’t know what guys see in pussy. It’s not worth this mess.” Chau.

The Porn Industry: One Big Lie.

Things are never as they seem. Do they tell the truth about anything? Just like most politicians. So I watched a straight porn video the other day and immediately said, “that guy is gay.” I thought: Here we go with that again. I wrote about that previously in this article. I swear, about 50% of the time the guy in the video with a female looks queer to me whether it be studio or homemade produced. Reading some comments online, there’s quite a few gay guys who are fed up with seeing gay guys doing straight porn (paid to have sex with a female) and seeing straight guys doing gay porn (paid to have sex with a guy). Some people will do anything for dinero/money. The guy in this video I’m writing about is straight-for-pay. The moment I saw his picture (the image used for the video), I said: He’s gay. I know a gay guy when I see one. Someone in the comments wrote, “that nigga is gay.” He was a white guy but he looked very gay to me too, especially in the image for the video which showed him with the stereotypical limp wrist. So it wasn’t just me. He was eating out and fucking this Asian female in the video. I guess he had watched enough straight videos to get his training in what he was supposed to do to not look like an amateur. He didn’t wear a condom but pulled out before he came. With his cum shots on her butt and back, they speculated briefly about how many babies were on her back. She said “3,000 babies.” At the end, when asked by the producer “How was it?” he gave the expected answer, but he added something unexpected. He said (I’m paraphrasing): Her pussy clamped down on my dick and it hurt. His bio said he grew up in a very conservative home, was home-schooled and very sexually repressed. Let me take a guess: I suspect he was heavily brainwashed with anti-queer thinking so that can explain why he’s deeply in the closet per my reliable gaydar. He’s working for a straight sex production company. Well a closet case certainly wouldn’t work for a gay production company! In his most recent video, he did a 4-way with 3 guys and a chick. I wanted to see that to see how much interest he showed in the guys as opposed to the girl, but I wasn’t about to pay to watch that. At the end of the video I did watch, the female said that the guy who had just fucked her (Mr Closet Case) told her that he hadn’t cum in a week to be prepared for this. Really? That’s an odd thing to say. Well, if he had to hold off on cumming to “be prepared for this” that tells me that he’s really not into girls. And if you haven’t cum in a week you’ll be ready to fuck any hole. That’s the bottom line. For the promo for his 4-way with the 3 guys and chick, production wrote that something awkward happened. (Yeah right, I think it was all a lie.) They wrote that the guy’s “real life girlfriend” — why not just call her his girlfriend and leave out the ‘real life’ part, assuming she exist to begin with — called during the taping. She apparently didn’t know where he was. Now how could that be? And why was his phone on during taping. How fake is this story? You don’t leave phones on during tapings. He didn’t tell his alleged GF that he was doing a sex shoot with a chick and 3 guys? Well why not? What’s he trying to hide from this GF? And don’t they share a bank account? She never sees his bank account to see a deposit from this production company? IF she exists, she doesn’t know anything about him fucking other girls for pay? And what possible diseases has he picked up along the way and passed on to this girlfriend, and how did he explain that to her? “Oh I must have gotten something off a toilet seat.” Something innocent like that. If she exists (which I don’t believe), I guess dense her hasn’t picked up that her alleged boyfriend is queer. Get a clue, bitch. Or do you enjoy living in denial? IF she exists to begin with, how would he keep something like that from her? And you mean he didn’t have sex with his alleged girlfriend for a whole week when he was preparing to have sex with this Asian chick? How did he explain that to his GF? I can hear him now: “Honey, we can’t have sex for awhile because well, uh, oh I know, I have a sore on my dick. That’s it!” She says: A sore? On your dick? Well let me see this sore. He says, “No, I don’t want you to see it. It embarrasses me. We can still make out but not have sex.” Or is there really no girlfriend at all as is so often the case and that was just the phony story line to make a queer boy seem straight for the purposes of this production company? These production companies must think we’re all stupid. The guy is 21 years old, so he’s barely out of puberty. But I remember when I was 21, I was very clear about my queer sexuality and he and I had a similar conservative childhood. His limp wrist was one of the first signs to me that he’s a deeply closeted queer boy along with the rest of him. And his perpetual smile, perfect teeth, and as some would say, “He has the gayest face in porn.” As I said, I was curious to see how he behaved with the other guys because I’ve seen other closet cases or supposedly newly-bi guys with a girl and those guy were clearly more into the guy than the chick. With this guy, he’s only done 3 videos, two of them with a girl and the third being the 4-way (3 guys and chick). All of this reminded me once again about how the porn industry is so full of lies. Do they tell the truth about anything in their attempt to market porn actors as hot sex gods? And do these producers ever say to these closet cases: “Bro, let me put it to you like this: I’ll put you with a girl but I have to say that you look 100% gay to me and some in the audience will likely think that too if they have any gaydar at all. Are you in the closet? You say no, but I don’t believe you, but I’ll put you in some scenes with a chick.” The closet case actor says, “I won’t come for a week so I don’t disappoint you when I fuck a girl.” The producer thinks (but doesn’t say): None of our straight actors ever say that. They don’t have to “save up” for fucking a girl. And what does Mr Closet Case tell his conservative family about his employment? I suspect he tells them nothing about this since it can’t be his main employment with only 3 videos to date. I suspect the conservatives prudes know nothing about it. Instead, he tells them what they want to hear: He probably tells them about all the girls he’s dating or maybe about this fictitious girlfriend he has that allegedly called him during his pussy porn shoot. Chau.—el barrio rosa

It was all straight.

Mi amigo/My friend had an errand to run this morning (Saturday, 12 October 2019) along Market Street near Castro (The Breeder Mecca). He said that a once popular restaurant where queers used to frequent was all straight. Every outside table had “him and her.” Milleneals. He said as he walked by their tables the only words he heard from all of them was the word “like.” Stupid is in. One table was talking about something trivial: a dysfunction with another female she was all into. He said he saw a total of 3 queer male couples the entire length of his walk. Other than that, all he saw was “him and her” no matter where he went. In fact, he was in a store and a female covertly tried to pick him up! He told me: Oh she was definitely interested. If I were into females I could have had her. As long as I’ve lived in San Francisco, that’s only happened to me twice with today being one of them. A female tries to pick me up in what used to be a queer area. On his way back, he saw on the other side of Market Street about 15 baby strollers in a group and they were all headed down into The Castro to show off their babies (in what used to be a Gay Mecca). He told me, “The straights have completely taken over The Castro.” Yes, that’s what I’ve been saying. The Gay Mecca is long gone. I hope the conservatives and conservative merchant basura are happy now, since this is what most of them wanted when they began sanitising The Castro by removing any culture, any fun events, cancelling events (the “war on fun” as it was called) and warmly welcoming in the breeders with their baby strollers, and having the police demand that the sex stores sanitise their windows for the purtanical breeders moving in. Of course these straight trash could have moved anywhere in The City, but they were hell-bent to take over The Castro and change it with the help of gay prude Scott Penis. And many, if not most, of the conservative so-called “queer community” at the time supported the straights. [SCREAM] Ugh. The conservatives said, “It’s time for the ‘gay community’ to mature.” Translation: Become conservatives like us. And that’s exactly what happened, regardless of what political party affiliation they adhere to. Mi amigo saw one tough-looking bear-type guy with a pro-Tr*mp t-shirt on last week in The Castro. I told mi amigo: Considering what The Castro has become, it wouldn’t surprise me at this point if most of The Castro supports that piece of basura. I remember seeing another t-shirt being worn in The Castro. I wrote about. It read: His shirt said, “Fuck you, homo.” (San Francisco’s Castro) Chau.

What if you get the wrong pussy?

No two pussies look the same or are the same. When it comes to dick, in my life experiences I can only think of one or two dicks that turned me off or didn’t do much for me. One of them was excessively curved to the point of turning me off, but I tried to deal with it because I didn’t want to offend the guy. He didn’t choose his dick and I didn’t want to make him feel badly. Other guys might tell him, “You have a fucking hot dick dude.” Pussies are another story altogether. I’ve seen some nasty-looking pussies throughout my research for various sex articles I’ve written. Pussies come in more extreme varieties than dicks. Mi amigo/My friend is turned off by uncut dicks with too much foreskin that forms a point at the bottom (below the head) and almost resembles the loose skin of loose pussy. Or that it looks like loose skin that looks ratty at the point as if it’s infected with something. That’s what turns him off in the dick department. The pussy I find attractive is mostly shaved and pink with thick lips; a nice mound of pussy. No hanging wrinkled lips or brown pussy, such as a white girl with hanging brown lips that looks infected or something. So how does a bro end up getting the right type of pussy that he’s attracted to, such as pink and tight (if that’s his turn on)? Well, if you’re dating a chick, good luck with that considering the emotional roller coaster most females are, needing constant drama and dysfunction. If you’re a “pussy guy” and are most turned on by a certain kind of pussy, how do you find that type of pussy and what do you do before emptying your bank or credit union account on her and spending weeks cooing her before she finally gives you “the main event” and what you’ve been waiting and waiting for? Pussy. She’s been waiting for it too but plays the “hard to get” usual head trip games of pretending not to want your dick. Yet should she get your dick in her, her high-pitched ear-piercing screeching squeals while you’re fucking her can be heard in the next city over. That’s why when I’m watching pussy porn I have it on mute. I can’t stand those noises that females make when they’re getting fucked or eaten out, and I think a lot of it is just acting. She’s making noises that she’s heard females make any the professional studio porn videos. (Gay) Guys are usually much quieter even when they cum, if a guy makes any noise at all. No obnoxious noises like with squealing females. After the long wait, she finally spreads her legs for you and if the lights are on in the room, you see her pussy and it’s either the type of pussy that’s “your type” or it’s not. Or the smell turns you off big time, and your mind might be trying to figure out what that putrid rank stench is. Your brain says: “Smells sort of a mix between garlic and snapper” you’re thinking. But by society’s Straight Agenda brainwashing, you’re supposed to like any rank stench that comes out of pussy. What if you get the wrong pussy with wrinkled dark lips and that looks hammered, and it stinks? Then what do you do? You can’t verbally say, “Oh fuck, I’ve wasted all of this time and money on you and you don’t even have the kind of pussy I’m attracted to. Why didn’t you tell me? I’ve waited weeks (a couple of months?) to see this thing and I just spent over $200 on a dinner for you and bought lots of drinks to get you tipsy and look, you have the wrong fucking kind of pussy. Oh, and all that jewelry I spent all that money on for you. Now what do I do? Because your pussy looks nasty….and the smell. How many guys have fucked you? (Dude: Pick up your flowers off the table to take back home with you and the jewelry if you know where it is and tell her to delete your phone number, and leave). How about coming up with a new rule for dating or even for sex dates: Send me a pic of your pussy before our first date and I’ll send you a pic of my dick and nutts in case you’re only into a certain type of dick. How’s that? Well, we all know that wouldn’t go over. So we’re back where we started. Mi amigo/My friend who started out with females tells me that most guys are so desperate for pussy — due to societal brainwashing known as the Straight Agenda and how long and hard it takes to get pussy — that they’ll take any pussy they can get no matter what it looks like, yeast infections included and other cooties as well, or blood if you happen to catch her when she’s having her period. And most guys will go down and eat infected pussy that excreting that thin clear sticky slime that comes out of pussy or what looks like cream cheese that a guy gets on his dick when fucking a girl and calls it “that sweet honey.” Yuck. Well you can call shit “sweet honey” too but we all know it’s not! “Sweet honey” my ass. It’s amazing how guys get brainwashed into different things. Put some sanitised marketing term on pussy like “sweet honey” and they lap up slime, mucous, yeast infections or other types, and anything else. Pussy is a big problem. Because even though you’d love to cum in her when you finally get to fuck her pussy, but if you do and she gets pregnant, your life will then completely change for the next 18+ years just because of that (one) fuck. Some guys don’t take any chances though. Even though there is no sperm in pre-cum from my research, guys in some porn videos still wear a condom anyway to be extra careful and they pull out, take their condom off and jack off onto of her. Or dude, did you happen to spot what looks like someone else’s cum in her pussy when you were holding your nose and eating her out? (Gay) guys are so much easier to be with. Guys don’t require you to empty your bank account on them, they’re not needy and whinging and bitches like these females. They don’t bleed. A dick can have infections but are not likely to, depending upon what type you hook up with. Let’s just face it: Gay guys are cleaner and more hygienic than females, and most gay guys are not a fucking head trip. They’re just out to get dick without the games and often get right to it. No wasting of time like females do. If you’re saying, but a guy has an asshole. Yeah, so does she and her asshole is often right at that pussy (sometimes 1/4″ away), so when you’re eating pussy you’re often eating ass which is why some guys who don’t like eating pussy say so because “it’s like licking a toilet seat.” Do you go into public bathrooms and lick the toilet seat? If not, why do you do it with females? Chau.

The lesbian and queer boy couple. It’s not just queer boys who have gone back in the closet.

This seems to be all that I ever write about now looking down the page, where this New San Francisco seems like one big closet. Well, it is carthetic for me to write about this to release my frustration about it. But you know, a script writer couldn’t have come up with this mind-fuck, head-trip scenario. This post is to point out that it’s also lesbians who are going back in the closet. Got to pretend to be straight and “normal.” This is what they meant by “gay assimilation” or the Straight Agenda. That’s what it amounts to. Queers are to be as much like the straights as possible to the point of being in a “straight” relationship, even when they’re queer. Back in the closet queers. I swear, this New San Francisco feels like the City of Closet Cases where one now sees gay guys with obvious lesbians. This is the opposite of how it was during the Gay Mecca decades. That’s why this feels so “What the fuck?” This all came up once again when I went grocery shopping this week and in the store I saw a 30s guy. My reliable gaydar went off. I immediately said to myself: He’s a queer boy, he looks right out The Eagle (a leather gay bar in the South of Market area of San Francisco) during the Gay Mecca Days. He had a trimmed beard. He was wearing black hot pants — straight guys always wear hot pants [sarcasm intended] — and a black leather jacket. I watched him a bit because even though he was younger he looked like an Old City queer guy. Then I saw this female near him and they were talking. Well, turns out he was with her. But of course. She was a late 30s bull dyke. She was wearing tight white pants, sort of a big butt with her butch blond hair cut. I thought: You find her attractive? There’s no accounting for taste. It soon became clear to me that Mr Leather Queer Boy and Ms Butch-Dyke Lesbian were a romantic couple by the way they were rubbing each other’s arms in the store, up and down their arms. Yes, they came to a grocery store to do that! They didn’t do any make-out scene fortunately the way some breeder couples love to do in there. No wedding ring on his left hand fourth finger, so he hasn’t gotten that “deep” in with her I guess. It looked like they had just sort of met by their behaviour. They were looking at cook books. But what I saw was a queer boy with a female, and a lesbian at that. WTF? Although they both may be or probably are in the closet. WTF? Maybe this is part of the Century of Insanity. But how ironic to see this behaviour in the City known as the Gay Mecca and where queer boys were with queer boys and lesbians were with lesbians, rather than this mind-fuck head-trip of an obvious gay guy fucking a lesbian. The irony in that. Queer boys never had any sexual interest in lesbians nor did lesbians have any sexual interest in queer guys. That’s the way it worked until the Century of Insanity. I worked with quite a few lesbians over the years and not a one of them had any sexual interest in guys, or really any interest in guys period. So there must be something in the water that is causing this form of sexual-mind-fuck WTF insanity. I think why I find this stunning is that we’ve gone through decades of the Gay Rights Movement where “out and proud” was the theme. Today that’s gone. I see obvious queer boys in relationships with females, and holding hands with lesbians in some cases. So it’s not just queer boys who have gone back in the closet. Lesbians have gone back in the closet too and some are now with queer boys in relationships. And judging by what we see every day in the New San Francisco, “Out and Proud” is in the past. Gay shame and “we should all really be straight” is the unspoken theme of the day today. Who would have ever thought that would be the case especially in San Francisco of all places!? That should clue you in on how much this City has changed. Chau.

Dore Alley Street Fair – San Francisco (2019)

I forgot to write about this at the time, so here you go. Mi amigo/My friend went to the Dore Alley Street Fair as he usually does. Here’s his report in case you missed it: It was all queer, but apparently most were not from here. He was the only queer boy who got on the metro at Castro Street Station going to the fair, and he was the only queer boy who came back to the Castro on the metro on the return trip. And no one got on the metro at Church Street to go to the fair. So, just like in past years, it appears that no one from The Castro went. That’s how much The Castro has changed. We guess that the majority of those who attended the fair came from either the East Bay, South Bay or North Bay, or maybe from Los Ángeles? Not sure. He saw two very tanned guys. Maybe they were from Los Ángeles or Palm Springs. Mi amigo said: “They’ve all moved away.” That’s true, either because of eviction or greed (queer couples selling their house at the outrageously overpriced expensive prices one sees in San Francisco today). During the Gay Mecca decades, The Castro filled up after Dorey Alley and it would be a party atmosphere. Yeah well, that’s no longer the case. The Castro — today it’s the Breeder Mecca — was dead when he got off the metro at Castro Street Station. He saw two people he knew from the past and talked with them a bit. He also saw some guys from his old gym — unofficially known in The Gay Mecca days as “the gay gym” — and they said hello which surprised him. He told me, “The guys from that gym would never even look at me.” There was nothing political about the fair. No politics. Not a bit. The overall theme that he kept hearing from people was about the weather and how humid it was. It was smothering. It was a phone zombie fair at the beginning. The phone addicts were there to stare at their phones for hours, and show their phones to each other in a “show and tell” to show each other what they had on their screens. (roll eyes; what shallow people). I guess it didn’t occur to them that they could do that at home. But near the end of the fair, the phones had disappeared. Amazing. Off topic (small rant): I saw a guy on a booster board riding down a steep street the other night at around 10:30pm glued to his phone. He didn’t seem at all concerned about a vehicle pulling out in front of him because they couldn’t see him since he was wearing dark colours. So there’s no reason to pay attention to anything — including one’s surroundings — except for that precious phone which lights up your face for any mugger to see. And by the time Mr Mugger is done with you, you won’t know what hit you, if you’re still alive! Fucking phone zombies. People walk around San Francisco at any hour of the night staring at their phone. Stupid is in. They act like they’re in the safety of their living room. I guess they’ve never heard that muggings take place in major cities at night especially in dark areas where these phone zombies walk. They deserve what they get if one is that fucking stupid. They walk around here at night like they think San Francisco is the fictional town of Mayberry. And even if one looks up from that screen glued to their hand, it takes a bit of time for one’s eyes to readjust to see who is approaching or already in front of them. Although these phone zombies don’t seem to care in the least. It’s as if they’ve been brainwashed with this thinking that “My phone will protect me. Just the fact that I’m on a phone will protect me.” Delusional fucks. They don’t make people any more stupid than that, do they? Now back to the fair: There were no cops. No breeders, so at least one fair in San Francisco is still queer, unlike the Folsom Street Fair. No drunks. But on his way to the fair, there was a breeder couple heavily making out under the large Rainbow Flag at Castro Street Metro Station. There’s such irony in that. Breeder couples really love making out under a Rainbow Flag in San Francisco. It seems to be the thing to do to give a black eye to what little remains of the so-called “queer community” here. But if queers were to do the same underneath a US flag in a conservative town, what do you think the outcome of that would be? As I said, The Castro is now The Breeder Mecca — where him-tall-dominant and her-short-submissive (Male Patriarchy mentality) make out. It’s no longer a Gay Mecca. Oh, there are a few queers here on the odd occasion (and many/most of them seem to be back in the closet), so it’s nothing like it was. Mi amigo/My friend said the people at the fair were friendly which surprised him considering how very unfriendly and snotty San Francisco has become. But upon reflection, he said that people were friendly probably because they no longer live in San Francisco, and most of them looked like “Old City” residents (meaning from the decades of the Gay Mecca). So, they’re either living elsewhere in San Francisco or outside The City. There was a “Fuck Me” booth which he didn’t expect to see at this event. That’s because last year the fair was very sanitised. This year it was not. The “famous” few naked guys were there with their dicks covered. He saw no nudity at all, even though the San Francisco City-wide nudity ban that conservative gay prude Scott Penis originated does not apply to this street fair. And that nudity ban was because of these naked guys (roughly 4 naked guys) in The Castro. Scott Penis and his conservative supporters felt that we needed an extreme City-wide nudity ban because of 4 naked guys walking around on the odd occasion in The Castro. And since that time, The Castro has been dead. Prudish asshole Scott Penis (also known as Mr PrEP) and the conservative merchants who supported him are directly responsible for killing The Castro. Fuck off all of you, you conservative trash (except for Rock Hard, the best sex store in The Castro. RH opposed what the conservative merchant basura did). That’s about it for the report. Gracias for reading. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Closet cases breed to try to prove how “straight” they are

We’ve noticed that many closet cases (if not most) seem to go out of their way to breed/have kids, and have as many children as possible. I think they think it shows how “macho and manly” and how “straight” they are the more kids they pump out with “the wife,” as they affectionally call her, as opposed to “my wife.” Lots of kids = real straight and a real stud. The gay guys I’ve talked with who started out with pussy before they came out of the closet told me, “pussy is just another hole, and it stinks.” The fact is: A gay guy can fuck pussy like anyone else even though he’s not into girls (that’s why he’s gay, duh), and he can be fantasising about fucking that hot guy he checked out earlier in the day when he’s fucking her. There’s a well-known singer from the 1970s I found attractive at the time. I always thought he was a queer boy, and I still do. Mi amigo/My friend said the same. This singer has been in the closet his entire life and remains there today. He sang with his sister when they were popular and their music spoke of their insecurities. That was often their theme. Too bad being in the closet and his insecurities about being in the closet and being queer with gay shame wasn’t one of their topics. But then that would have revealed that he’s gay/queer, and when one is in the closet we can’t reveal that!
Well, his name came up recently. I looked him up and of course he got married to a female — like many closet cases do — and has a large brood of children. About 7 children to date. That’s typical of closet cases who feel they need to prove how “straight” they are by having as many children as possible. I’ve seen this in San Francisco with some closet cases since The Castro became a Breeder Mecca and no longer the Gay Mecca. They think the more children they pump out confirms/verifies/shows how straight they are. In reality, it doesn’t do anything of the sort to thinking people. These closet cases are very transparent. Yet the opposite is the case with guys who are really straight. For example, the straight couple who lives across the street from me started having their children very late. They planned out 2 children, about 4-5 years apart. They lived here years before they had their first child. Two children is all the children they’re going to have. So the father doesn’t feel the need to keep pumping out babies to prove anything to others. He’s straight — but seems very comfortable around queer boys — and he doesn’t seem to need to prove his masculinity by breeding. In fact, he’s really not that “masculine.” He’s certainly not “macho.” He’s just a “regular guy.” He’s also into planting flowers around his house, not something that I think most guys would be into who need to prove how “macho” and “straight” they are. Some of the most bear-type guys can be the most feminine guys you’ll hear. Oh they look all “big and tough” and all macho on the outside but walk by them and you’ll hear them talking about their chocolate chip cookie recipes. Mi amigo/My friend has seen many closeted gay guys on U-toob. He points them out to me when he sees them, nearly every day. They have the required girlfriend or a wife with the traditional wedding ring on the left hand fourth finger as a closeted gay guy and they live a “straight lifestyle” to make everyone think they’re “straight and normal” (whatever “normal” means; “normal” is boring) as they live with their gay shame. (One wonders what exactly the now-dead Gay Rights Movement accomplish considering all the closet cases we see today?) These closeted gay guys become “womanised,” meaning they get fucked up by their female. They are given a “make over” by her because she can’t accept the guy that she met. Then why was he attractive to her when they met or did she just grab onto any guy that would give her attention? So instead, she has to change him to her expectations, her needs and her requirements of him. It’s all about her/Ms Needy, and the closeted gay guy goes along with it (to avoid another fight with her?) There are three words to describe her: Needy-assed bitch. One of these closeted gay guys (according to our extremely reliable gaydar) on U-toob felt the need to pump out 8 children. To prove how “straight” he is? You’re very transparent, dude. Some of us are not convinced no matter how many children your wife squeezes out. Gay shame can lead to over-breeding. We see a “womanised” queer boy in the closet with gay shame desperately trying to prove to others and himself how “straight” he is. He’s a fraud. A fake. And there are thousands more just like him around the world. Then yesterday I saw another closeted gay guy on television. His name appeared on the screen. I looked him up and he’s married to a female named “Rita.” Of course! I found their picture. She looks like a bull dyke, a lesbian. So assuming she is, it’s a case of a closeted gay guy married to a closeted lesbian — you can’t make this shit up — where they’re both trying to give the appearance that they’re a “straight” and “normal” couple. In the three pictures I saw of them together standing with their hands around each other’s back, he looks distanced and not smiling. She was all-smiles. Are you unhappy Mr Closet Case at what you’ve gotten yourself into because of your gay shame? I showed him to mi amigo/my friend and we listened to the guy’s voice when the network repeated that interview. Mi amigo said: No doubt. He’s a queer boy. Just listen to his voice and observe his mannerisms. A queer boy married to a perceived lesbian. (roll eyes) Chau.—el barrio rosa

San Francisco: The City With A Dress Code

I’ve heard some people talk about “New York Black” but I didn’t know exactly what they were talking about. Did they mean that New York City has a all-black dress code the way San Francisco does? I’ve known for some time that we’ve had a dress code in the New Conservative San Francisco. For those who haven’t kept up, San Francisco is not the City it once was and the City that the conservatives hated on. San Francisco has shifted to the right over the past years, which should delight the conservatives. The San Francisco that we had the reputation of being over the past decades is in the distant past. In the Old City, residents could wear what they wanted. It was encouraged. That was the days of the “live and let live” attitude. That City was known as the “alternative” and “proudly radical and proudly liberal” City and people were not shamed or meant to feel ashamed no matter what they wore. Yeah, well that was then. Like I said, that City is long gone having been evicted by the billionaire-millionaire-owned predatory Tech and Real Estate Industrial Complexes. The Bay Area is now called Billionaire Bay and San Francisco has been turned into a playground for the super-wealthy with the “haves” living right next to the “have nots.” The eviction of the Old City was also helped by gay men selling their homes at outrageously greedy prices to conservative breeders (wearing black and grey clothing) who now make up the New Conservative City. And today, it’s as if the New City wants nothing to do with the Old City of the Gay Mecca. They want the Old City erased from history. That’s the impression we get. The New City’s dress code consists of two colours: Black and grey, preferably black. So, most people look like they’re headed to or returning from a funeral. Many people wear all-black from head to toe. When I see that I think: How unoriginal, how unimaginative, how conformist, how sheeple. Do you pretend to be a ‘progressive’ or a ‘liberal’ in your conservative-looking all-black clothing? And if you wear something other than black and grey, be on guard and be prepared for hate to be directed at you in some form. I remember a few years ago I was wearing tie-dye in The Castro and this guy crossing the street with a disapproving look directed at me tried to shoulder me (bump into me) in a belligerent way. I could tell his behaviour was because he didn’t like that I was wearing a tie-dye shirt and not all-black or black and grey. He looked down at my shirt with a snarl when he got down at my shirt/shoulder within kissing distance.
San Francisco is also the birthplace of tie-dye clothes (back in the 1960s). If you wear tie-dye today, you’ll regret it unless it’s Corporate Pride Sunday where you can get away with it. Any other day, watch the disapproving looks and stares you’ll get, and maybe some facial expressions of violence directed at you, especially if it’s multi-colour or a bright coloured shirt. But it seems to be getting worse in this regard. I wore a turquoise shirt to a store this week and whoa! I got this look from someone in the store as if he wanted to beat me up just because I had on this solid coloured turquoise shirt. It made me feel uncomfortable. I walked away feeling disgusted, and then a female walked in front of me wearing all-black head to toe. She was all ready for the next funeral. Completely conformist. Most everyone else in the store regardless of age had on black. I’ve never really been conformist so I resist conformity. The New San Francisco is all about conformity, with few exceptions. For example, last Summer we had a heat wave and it was 115 degrees in The Castro. I went out just to see what people were wearing in that unbearable heat. Would they still be wearing their all-black clothing? You might think that in that heat that people would be wearing lighter colours so as not to bake in the hot sun. No. Most people — being adamant conformists — were still wearing their all-black clothing in the baking sun and they acted like they weren’t hot at all. How can someone be wearing hot all-black clothing in 115 degrees baking sun? Insanity. Being absolute conformist was more important to these people than their comfort level.
Mi amigo/My friend has had the same experiences with colour as I have. He’s frequently getting disapproving looks because he’s not in all-black or black and grey. On the way shopping this morning, I walked out of my apartment and saw one of the local neighbours and he was wearing the same thing I’ve seen him wearing nearly every time I’ve seen him over the past years: Black pants, grey shirt. Black and grey. He’s absolute conformist. I also think he’s a closeted queer guy. I’ve tried to talk with him on a couple occasions but he has no social skills; he seems quite unfriendly so when I see him now, I essentially put on my “fuck off; I’m not making any more effort with you” facial look. San Francisco is quite a different City today. We’ve gone from radical and alternative to absolute, lockstep conformist black and grey. Maybe that’s why so many people look depressed in this City. I’d be depressed too if I wore a black (and grey) “uniform” 365 days of the year. Colour brightens life. There’s colour in nature. Nature is not all black and grey. Colour lifts the spirits and that’s why I like colour. Who would have ever thought that at some point colour would be hated on by conformist humans? Even most vehicles today are black, grey and white. Drab. And because of the design of some vehicles, they look like a black or grey hearse.
And what does black stand for? Death, mourning, grieving, the loss of life, stormy clouds, and the approach of night. Mortuary black and grey. Some conformist people in San Francisco today are taking this to the extreme by repainting their homes black and grey. Some new condo buildings are shades of only black on the outside. (They’ll love that black when it’s baking outside in a heat wave). Some of these buildings look like a mortuary on the outside especially when they use just shades of grey like a building down the street from me. It’s a 2-story, Victorian-type building (flat roof) and it does indeed now look a mortuary/funeral home because of the greys they use. A few guys still wear vintage-looking blue jeans, but these days it looks like most guys wear only new (black) jeans, meaning wear them one time. I was telling mi amigo that I get the impression that these Millennials wear a pair of (black) jeans once and then throw them away, as if there’s this unspoken rule that “new (black) jeans are to be worn once and thrown away.” I guess some techies can afford to do that, but I certainly couldn’t nor would I want to. I’m more comfortable in older jeans like I still wear and like we wore in the Old City. I’m starting to wear more plaid shirts with colour now. Plaid shirts — which remind me more of the 1970s — don’t seem to be hated on the way solid brighter colours are hated on in this New City afraid of colour. Chau.—el barrio rosa

San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair (2019)

This fair is annoying me, and I didn’t even go. What are females doing up on the stage for a gay men’s sex club (I won’t have it!), specifically Berkeley’s Steamworks? WTF is that about? Mi amigo/My friend said he had never seen this before on the stage of Steamworks. The people on the stage were playing Twister, or that’s what it looked like. Steamworks — in Berkeley California across the Bay from me in San Francisco — is a private men’s gym, sauna, bathhouse for men 18 years and older. I thought maybe Steamworks had changed to straight like everything else seems to have done! So I looked it up. No, Steamworks hasn’t changed to straight, fortunately. It’s still for gay men, not females. In fact, it’s the only gay men’s sex club in the East Bay of the Bay Area. Females don’t go there. So again, WTF were females doing on Steamwork’s stage? I realise this is the Century of Insanity, but really! And were they lesbians or straight females on the stage for a gay men’s sex club? There were some guys on the stage along with the females, but that gave the impression that Steamworks is a straight club with the addition of females. What’s next? Seeing gay guys on the stage of a straight sex club, promoting straight sex at that club? [SCREAM!] Watch your blood pressure, pink barrio. You can’t get worked up over this heteronormative shit that you’re seeing wherever you look that you have no control over. Then over there by the bathrooms according to mi amigo who went to the fair, the first thing he saw was a heavy breeder/straight passionate telenovela-style make out scene. Him and her. Him and her had to come to a queer fair to make out. You can’t make this shit up! But that’s the New Straight San Francisco for you (the Breeder Mecca). The Folsom Street Fair is a queer fair, or it’s supposed to be. Not a hetero fair. These fucking heteros want it all. They can go to any other fair on the planet and make out and nearly have sex right there in public since they own the world. If queers did that you know as well as I do what would happen to us. Can’t they give the Folsom Street Fair to the queers since we’re the ones who started the Folsom Street Fair to begin with? Breeders didn’t start it. This was our thing. They’ve taken over The Castro and now they want the fairs. Like I said, they’re never satisfied. They want it all. The assholes. And what’s with all the fucking lesbians there? Mi amigo tells me that the lesbians invaded sometime ago — I wasn’t aware of that — so I presume their pussy stench and that obnoxious smell of estrogen has been thickening ever since. I’m sick of this shit. This complete heteronormative take-over which includes lesbians trying to look like straight women, which I wrote about some time ago. Some older lesbians online have complained that these days they can’t tell who is a lesbian and who is straight woman. When I wrote that article, I remember reading that some lesbians are going to straight bars to try to pick up females. Then when a straight guy hits on them (in a straight bar), the lesbian gets offended. WTF are you doing in a straight bar, bitch? Loca.

Then if that wasn’t bad enough, you see obvious queer boys — according to our extremely reliable gaydar — with females at the fair as if they are a breeder-straight couple with some making out as if Mr Queer Boy has gone back in the fucking closet, which seems to be some new head trip fad these days. (roll eyes) Insanity. That seems to be part of that “Gay Assimilation” head trip where we queers were ordered to “assimilate with the straights” when gay marriage became legal in the non-United States. Unfortunately, many queers consciously or unconsciously interpreted that dictate to mean: Go back in the closet and be as much like the straights as possible, including getting a girlfriend or wife and breeding along with getting into corporate sports teams and wearing a baseball cap which will instantly make you Mr Jock Bro. And where are the young people? Where are the young queer boys? They’re not coming to this fair nor are they coming to The City anymore. Maybe they know of a place where it’s all queer the way it used to be and they know that San Francisco has been invaded and taken over by breeders, and lesbians trying to look like breeders. Someone might ask: What do you have against lesbians? I don’t know that we have that much time! There was a time even up until recent years where I had nothing against lesbians. I got along well with most of the lesbians I worked with or had any contact with over the years. I really never thought that much about lesbians to tell you the truth, until I saw what they did. But that changed when I saw them move themselves to first place in that “LGBT” acronym (notice they leave off the Q; what do they have against Queers?) which one sees spammed all over the internet — it used to be and should be GLBTQ — because lesbians didn’t do most of the work of our now-dead Gay Rights Movement. Gay guys and trans individuals led the Movement and did most of the work. Not lesbians. So I watched as lesbians hijacked our Movement by giving themselves all the attention, moving themselves to first place in that revisionist history acronym (Related: Lea DeLaria: The LGBTQIA+ acronym is divisive) and they have been riding on the coattails of it ever since. Self-absorbed, self-entitled assholes. Lesbians reaping the benefits of the hard work of gay guys and trans individuals. With few exceptions, all the lesbians did was to sit on their hogs and light up a cigarette. So I have resentment and very little use for them today because of their dishonesty and revisionist history of our Queer Movement, their neediness, their self-entitlement in hijacking our Queer Movement. And today, lesbians are more accepted in society than queer boys because the public sees lesbians and says, “That’s what girls do” especially when the public sees two females kissing and holding hands. When they see two queer boys kissing and holding hands, they’re called “faggots.” Reminds me of when Sta*bucks put the picture of two females holding hands on their holiday cups. Someone wrote to them and asked when might we see the hands of two guys holding hands. Silencio/Silence. Not. About. To. Happen. Period. See what I mean? During the Gay Mecca years, it used to be in my area of The Castro that the only voices I heard outside my apartment were quiet voices of gay guys walking by. Today? It’s a parade of “Him and Her” and her obnoxious loud, shrill voice trying to get attention from anyone who will give Ms Needy attention. Needy Her. There’s also the continuous flow of screaming children as well as babies in black baby strollers, (it seems to be a requirement that all baby strollers today are black). These new “Him and Her” residents moved to San Francisco to breed apparently. There are a few queer couples around me who are still here but most are snotty, but at least they’ve not gone back in the closet. I saw pictures of the fair and that was enough to turn me off. I know if I had gone, I would have had blood pressure problems because this fair is no longer a queer fair. Although near the end, mi amigo said it was mostly queer because the breeders and lesbians had left because of the heat. It was like a sauna. There was even a booth there with purses and women’s attire in it. Now WTF is that doing at a supposedly queer fair? Unless that was catering to the over-saturation of lesbians who have taken over everything as well. I was going to say the women’s stuff might be catering to Drag Queens but I don’t know that there are any Drag Queens any longer. On his way to the fair, mi amigo got to the Castro Street Metro Station and heard 2-3 guys say, “I don’t think this is going to be very gay since no one is here.” Mi amigo said that the fair was noticeably straighter, but that queers were still in the majority, although the pictures we saw on a local corporate site didn’t reflect that. He did say that the breeder couples, tourists and lesbians left early leaving more queer guys, and that each year the females leave when it gets real crowded and hot because they don’t like rubbing up against sweaty guys and the “smell of guys.” Oh, the “smell of guys.” That sounds hot to me. Maybe I should have gone. And there was lots of queer nudity, which seemed to offend the prudish breeders. We really don’t understand this: This event is advertised as a clothing-optional event. There has always been nudity at the Folsom Street Fair. The City’s ridiculous nudity ban does not apply to this fair. Yet, multiple times, mi amigo said he saw immature prudish breeder couples giving disapproving looks and covering their eyes with their hand as they walked by gay nude boys as if they couldn’t bare to look at a soft dick. Why the fuck were the prudish breeders there to begin with with such sexual hang-ups? These breeder couples didn’t have the maturity to appreciate or look at the nude human body. Had it not occurred to these assholes that they were at the wrong fair, and what made them want to come there to begin with? Clearly this fair was not suitable for their puritanical and prudish mindset. To them I say: Fuck off and go to another fair. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Is Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz another closet case?

I was reading an article about the former Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz. I got to this part: “As for Strache’s claims in the leaked video that Sebastian Kurz is gay and partakes in sex orgies, the chancellor refused to comment, adding that such matters are unimportant.” That’s interesting because from the first day I saw him on my television, I remember asking: Who is that queer boy? It turned out to be the Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz. I “read him” as gay then and nothing has changed in my mind since then no matter how often he appears with his “girlfriend.” It’s extremely common for closet cases to have a wife or girlfriend to give the appearance that the closet case is straight, and many naïve people fall for that. The stupid among us say, “But he can’t be gay because he has a wife (and children,)” as if that means anything! (Although Kurz doesn’t have any children). I’ve mostly heard gullible females say that about closet cases. Sebastian got ousted from power earlier in 2019, but is set to become Chancellor again here in late 2019 after the snap election in Austria. But there he was with his “girlfriend” who is really one of his teachers from way back. Walking together, in the picture I saw I noticed he was really holding her thumb and not her hand. I guess he’s getting sloppy on the “having to hold the hand of the girl” hand-holding routine. That can get tiresome I should think. Is his “girlfriend” supposed to be his cover or camouflage to make people think he’s straight? I’m merely making enquiries here. Just asking. Then I read he opposed gay marriage — well that too is typical of a closet case — and he “argued that discrimination has already been abolished with the legalisation of registered (gay couples?)…” The text was cut off in that quote so I had to guess at what it said. Sebastian dear, discrimination has not “already been abolished” no matter how many laws are passed. Discrimination is inherently within prejudiced and bigoted people regardless of what laws are passed. And often they seem to find a way around anti-discrimination laws to continue their bigoted beliefs and discrimination. They just use another excuse/reason. Discrimination is not abolished anywhere in the world against queers. That’s very naïve thinking, but typical of a heteronormative closet case. Other reasons can often be given for one’s core/real reason for discriminating against a queer person because of his sexuality. Sebastian is quite right-wing (that’s also typical of a closet case), he’s anti-migrant, and after the snap election people are wondering if he’s going to form an alliance with the far-right bigots as he did before. What I found interesting is that Sebastian didn’t deny the allegations in the quote above, but rather called this “unimportant.” So, it’s not just me whose extremely reliable gaydar reads him as a gay boy. After his most recent victory following the snap election and when he was doing the kissing routine, I noticed he only kissed the females on both cheeks. When he got to the guys, he seemed to stall momentarily as if something inside told him, “You’re gay and even though guys kiss guys on both cheeks in the EU, because you’re in the closet you have to take extra steps at giving any impression whatsoever that you’re gay.” So, he stalled for a second and then briefly hugged each guy only on one side. That’s Closet Case 101 behaviour. How did the “out” queers as well as the in-the-closet gay guys in attendance (Sebastian’s supporters) feel about his closeted, heteronormative behaviour? Well, I should think that the closeted ones approved. The “out” queer boys may have made excuses for him because he’s their new, young, hot messiah. Anywhere in the world, when some new young thing comes along as a politician, people seem to lose all track of their senses. We saw that here in San Francisco with that conservative prude asshole — who charaded as a “moderate” — that some of us called “Scott Penis.” Sebastian is the new young thing (he’s 33 as of this writing) in Austria as well the EU. He’s attractive and young. That’s all it takes, especially with females of any age who love to fawn over new, young things. The newest “celebrity” of the day. I noticed when he was doing selfies with people’s phones, it was only females who gravitated to, or he gravitated to them. One woman held her phone up to take a selfie with Sebastian and I swear I think she held that phone up for about 15 seconds as she was admiring her face next to his before she took the snap, so she could have snaps-at-the-ready to show all her friends that she had her face next to his. (roll eyes) I didn’t see him take any selfies with a guy. Closet cases don’t do that, do they? One has to keep up heteronormative appearances at all times — that’s a lot of work; like another full-time job — of being “straight” and “normal.” Whatever “normal” means. “Normal” is boring. Here’s the link to the article where that quote is taken. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Adult Porn Actors Wolf Hudson and Cliff Jensen: “Sexuality is Fluid?”

If you guys would like to read my rather thorough article about the porn industry and, particularly about two of its actors, you can do so here. It took me forever to write it and proof it. It’s more like a book. I learned a lot about the industry from writing about it and it seems that most porn actors will say or do anything to make money. Again, you can read it here.

Another gay guy living a straight life

And having “distanced sex” with his girlfriend. I read him as a queer boy. So does mi amigo/my friend. Might that explain his “distanced sex” with her? You can read the article and watch his video here at this link: Another gay guy living a straight life.

Closet Cases! They make me feel angry.

Mi amigo/My friend and I were standing outside my apartment building early last night. Across the street walked this him and her. Him with a beard. Was the beard to try to make him look straight with her? That’s called “man in the beard.” I said, “He’s a queer boy.” Right after I said that he started kissing her on the lips. I said: Another fucking closet case. Mi amigo said: What a waste of a queer boy. If gays started taking straights wouldn’t the straights be upset over it? Then Mr Closet Case jumped up on this brick wall and then jumped back down. Was that done to impress her? I told mi amigo: The little boy (who’s 12) across the street from us is more mature than this guy. Mr Closet Case was acting very immature for his age (probably 30s). It looked like to us that Mr Closet Case was on a first date with his female. He was acting “flamingly queer” as it’s called. She stopped to smell a rose so he got out his phone to “capture that moment.” (roll eyes) Then he had to put his snoot in front of the camera along with her’s to sniff the flower for a pic. It was clear from her behaviour that she felt he wasn’t giving her the attention she demanded. He started acting very immature again by jumping around. At this point, she kept walking down the street by herself acting very disgusted with him as if he was just too immature for her. Then he ran to catch up with her and he grabbed her hand to hold it so they could go into The Castro and pretend to be a straight couple, presumably. The hand-holding was short as he ran off around the corner down an adjacent street for some reason. She continued on down the street as if it finally occurred to her “Hey, this guy is gay and very immature. Why am I wasting my time with this guy?” He disappeared for a bit, she kept walking without him. Mi amigo said: This date is not working out by the looks of it and him jumping around like a kangaroo off of every wall and pillar he could find. Not a good way to “impress the chick.” But what frustrated me the most was his immaturity and seeing another gay guy with a female with him trying to pretend to be straight, but not clear on the concept. This seems to be epidemic in the New San Francisco today, along with the required baby or two that one has already squeezed out. Why were they going to The Castro in the first place? Why are supposed straights so attracted to an area overloaded with Rainbow Flags everywhere you look? I don’t get that. Is it so they can make out under the Rainbow Flags as a way of marking their territory to say “We Straights Have Taken Over,” you faggots? (Related: His shirt said, “Fuck you, homo” – San Francisco’s Castro) Were they going to The Castro so he could “discreetly” check out the few queer boys still there without her seeing him looking at them? Then yesterday, we went grocery shopping and I saw some queer boys trying to pretend to be straight with females there as well. You would never know that San Francisco was once a Gay Mecca by this behaviour we’re seeing today. One of the guys in the store, mi amigo said: That guy went to the “gay gym” when I was a member there. He was a snot in the gym and I looked at him here in the store and he looked at me but apparently thinks he’s too good to say hello to me. We’ve seen each other for years. He seemed to be trying to rub up against this anorexic-looking blond-out-of-a-bottle Millennial chick he and his guy friend (with a left hand wedding ring on) were with. These days, in this New San Francisco where closet cases seem to be in the majority, I start to feel angry when I see closet cases. And I keep asking: What exactly did the Gay Rights Movement really accomplish in the end? The right to go kill people as a supposedly-openly gay person in the US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine? And the right to get married to your partner but then hide your marriage by wearing your wedding ring on the “breeder finger” as if you’re straight. With the majority of queers now back in the closet from the looks of things, it seems that our Gay Rights Movement accomplished little and was a complete waste of time, I’m sorry to say. That’s the way it feels to us. I don’t want to feel angry each and every time I see closet cases because it’s not good for my blood pressure, so I guess I need to decide how to take care of myself when I see these closeted guys with females who are obviously gay but have been brainwashed that they should be with girls while they’re walking to or are hanging out in an area saturated with Rainbow Flags. There is such irony in that. Maybe it will help if I tell myself: There’s nothing you can do about it. It’s their life. Maybe one day he’ll come out of the closet, or maybe not, after possibly ruining the lives of some other people along the way by living a lie about his sexual orientation to please his bigoted, homophobic family and friends. I tend to stop and observe these closet cases. Why? I don’t know why I continue to do that, when their behaviour is predictable. Like that MMF (male, male, female) three-some in the store. They acted oblivious to anyone in the store, never looked around and like other closet cases I’ve observed they seem to come with this exhibitionist turn-on as if they get off on having other people watch them “acting straight” (especially when he makes out with “the chick”) but never looking around to see if anyone is really watching them. Completely in their own world. In this instance, both “hims” giving their attention to Ms Anorexic Needy. I thought: He’s into her? He must be desperate! Her legs in those skin-tight jeans look like tooth picks, then there’s that artificial-looking hair down to her waist. She looks like she never eats as Mr Closet Case seems to be trying to slightly rub up against her as she’s looking at the lemons. You want to fuck that pussy do you, Mr Closet Case? I guess I just need to start ignoring them for my own health. I’ll try that, and not give them the attention they seem to crave. Mi amigo told me: As soon as I see a “him and her” I turn my head. I refuse to look at them. And they do look like they’re looking for/craving attention, but never looking at anyone else nor looking around in the store while pretending as if they’re the only people in the store. Damn odd behaviour. There could be a fire a few feet away from them and they’d never see it. “They’re just so much into each other (as a supposed straight couple – Mr Closet Case and his female).” Ugh. (roll eyes) Chau.

More babies than dogs

12 September 2019: San Francisco Heat Wave: Mi amigo/My friend had to run an errand down Market Street from Castro to Church Street. When he came back he told me: “Well that was interesting. I saw more baby strollers than dogs. Usually “everyone and his brother” has a dog in this City. He said the babies outnumbered the dogs. This City is full of babies. How are delivery rooms keeping up with all of these babies being born here. Milleneal breeders moved to the most expensive City in the US to have babies. Why would they move to the most expensive City in the US to have babies? That makes no sense to me. Then, as parents usually do after their children get to a certain age, they’ll likely move away to the suburbs. Why didn’t they move to the fucking suburbs to begin with since that’s where they were ultimately going to live? He said he saw about 4-5 closet case guys with females walking hand-in-hand the way breeders love to do here with their “in your face” sexuality. One closet case was really obvious. He was a young really fem Asian guy with a girlfriend, both in their 20s or 30s. She was more masculine than he was. But all of these closet cases were obvious he said according to his reliable gaydar. These females can’t tell that their guy is gay? Or are they so desperate that they will take a gay guy? How ironic that they’re walking around hand-in-hand in an area overly-saturated with Rainbow Flags. Mr Closet Case and his female. Historically, when it’s been warm out, The Castro has felt more like the Old City. He said: Not today. It was hot out but there was no feel of the Old City at all. It was mostly straight, and one of the bars that used to be queer looks like it’s now straight. There were just a few single Old City senior-aged gay guys in The Castro, but all-in-all it was straight/breeders everywhere you looked he said, which is why I now refer to The Castro as The Breeder Mecca. The Gay Mecca is long gone. Chau.—el barrio rosa

What Gay Community? A bunch of unfriendly snots, with few exceptions.

Haven’t I written about this before? I think so. I need to vent. Maybe things are different where you live, but I doubt it. Mi amigo/My friend and I went shopping together and there was a gay male couple in the store. Well there were two gay male couples there. Neither of them would give me the time of day. But I’ll talk about the couple that I was around the most. I guess they were too good to be looked at. They wouldn’t even look at us. They were in their 40s or 50s and both were wearing “I’m Mr Jock Bro” (the cap didn’t say that but that was the intent) black baseball caps — to cover up balding or greying hair? — even though neither of them had a jock build. One of them was wearing jock-type clothing. Haven’t they heard about the negative stereotypes about “the stupid jock?” Aren’t they aware that historically and to this day the jock bros are the assholes who bullied and beat up “faggots” on sports fields and in locker rooms, and still do. Why would queers want to emulate a jock bro, unless they have some gay shame? I walked by this gay couple several times and they wouldn’t even look at me. I thought: What happened to our sense of gay community? I thought we were called “the gay community.” Well, shelve that to history because it is no longer! Fin. The End. This happens all the time which is why I’m writing about it…again. There was a time in the Old City (The Gay Mecca of San Francisco) where queer boys would cruise or at least acknowledge each other because we were queer and our gaydar went off when we saw each other, so I’m coming from that place of the San Francisco of the Gay Mecca days. Back then, it was just being friendly to another queer boy with or without any sexual interest in him. These days, I get the impression that most queer boys are so stuck on themselves that they think that anyone who fleetingly looks at them and says “hey” is trying to pick them up. Sigh. FUCKING GET OVER YOURSELVES, ASSHOLES! Just because I glance at you doesn’t mean I can get a hard-on over you or are even thinking about that. jesus fucking christ. (Reminds me of a queer neighbour of mine who I now completely ignore. I tried to ask him a couple of questions about his new smart car. In his mind he interpreted my questions to him as my coming onto him. Sigh. roll eyes. Fucking get over yourself, dude. I don’t even find him attractive in the least and I know he has a boyfriend who can be just as snotty. I don’t even look at either one of them now). I’m well aware that those days of the Old City and gay cruising are over and most people — with few exceptions — walk around with this blank or angry facial expression — and they refuse to look at anyone. This gay couple was like that. I guess it would have put them out to smile and say “hey” as one queer to another. Well then fuck you! I wouldn’t want to know someone that fucked up in the head with no social skills whatsoever to begin with if it ever came to anything beyond the friendly “hey.” I was just trying to be friendly because my gaydar went off. But they couldn’t do that. And 99% of the time, I don’t expect that in this New City. And because of this it’s why I have said repeatedly that there is no feel or sense of community at all now. It’s why I refer to the so-called “gay community” because there is no feel or sense of genuine gay community at all now. Snotty as all hell to each other. What does that accomplish, you assholes? On the odd occasion, some queer boy might look at us and smile and say hello, but it’s so rare and we feel like writing it on the calendar when it happens to remind it that it happened. The Old City had gay cruising. Lots of it. But now, there’s no gay cruising at all, other than on phones and these gay couples weren’t on a phone which was remarkable since the store was filled with people who couldn’t shop without a fucking phone in their hand. How did these people shop before they got a phone one wonders? Also, these gay couples I saw seemed to be trying to make others think they’re straight. That’s what “gay assimilation” has done. Completely backfired, and the assholes at those national and state level queer organisations who told queers to “assimilate” after gay marriage became legal in the US are directly responsible for this dismal state of affairs. I can’t stand them, the trash. They are responsible for what we see today. Fuck them! The assholes. To be honest: The Old City of the Gay Mecca wasn’t that friendly either but it sure was friendlier than this New City, I can tell you that! I had a love-hate “relationship” or feeling about The Castro. In the Old City, there were times where I completely avoided The Castro because of the snotty gay cliques. It really annoyed me. The problem with the so-called “gay community” at that time was that it was very cliquish. If one was not part of one of many cliques, those “perfect people” (in their minds) in the clique were very snooty and snotty to anyone who wasn’t, and they didn’t want one as part of their clique. Well, I’ve never been that hot (good looking) to begin with, although some people disagree with that (gracias), so I had a hard time feeling welcomed and fitting in with any clique even in the Old City. But over time I had a small group of queer friends — they were very nice down-to-Earth non-pretentious gay guys — but it wasn’t really a clique like the queers were in who considered themselves perfect models and too good to be looked at or too good to talk with anyone who wasn’t exactly like them. Ugh. I can’t stand people like that. Thanks for reading. Chau.

Is French President Emmanuel Macron queer? Sure looks like it to me.

The G7 was just held in France, and Emmanuel Macron was doing his embarrassing and usual touchy-feely stuff with the current White House occupant like he does every time they’re together. I think the two of them need to get a room somewhere and get on with it. I don’t see Macron doing this stuff with any of the other guys there or with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Or with anyone. Just with the current White House occupant. It seems that Macron likes older guys and girls. His (cover?) wife is currently 66. As much as Macron travels — he’s rarely in Paris — he doesn’t see her much. Macron is currently 41. The current White House occupant is currently 73. So this 41-year old guy is in love with this 73-year old guy? Looks like it when you see the two of them together. Macron is always doing his hand-holding, hand-grasping, hand-gripping, looking into his eyes, right in his face, shoulder-rubbing, shoulder-touching, deep hugging and so forth when he sees the current White House occupant. Every time Macron talks with him he has to do this hand gripping and shaking and gazing into his eyes. What does Macron think all of this is going to get him? He obviously has the hots for this grandfather. And it’s only one-way: from Macron to the current White House occupant. They showed a past clip of when Macron was sitting with the current White House occupant in the White House. That was at the time when Macron was touching the current White House occupant’s legs/thighs, his back and shoulders, and Macron’s body language and facial expression at that time told me: He’s a queer boy. No doubt. But most other times, Macron looks mostly straight to me, except when he’s “getting it on” with all of his touching and feeling stuff that he does with the current White House occupant. It’s as if he has a thing for him. This has been the case from the beginning. It was called a “Bromance” initially by the French media. The thing is, it doesn’t get Macron anything. Macron and others don’t seem to learn that all of this stuff does not work, because when the current White House occupant gets back to DC, he’ll backstab Macron (and all the others) multiple times with some nasty tweet(s). That’s the way he works. None of these international leaders seem to learn from the past and their experience with this insane man-child. But I do think they need to get a room and let Macron work through his seemingly strong sexual feelings for this guy. Just the thought of that makes me disgusted. Yuck. Anyone would have to be absolutely desperate to want to do anything (sexual) with that piece of basura. Disgusting. Chau.

Homophobia Required for the Tango

I turned on my television and I saw the headline: “International Tango Championship.” I thought: I don’t even want to see that because I know what that will be about: Him and Her, as always. Where some of the guys look and are queer but are dancing with females, presumably because they are required to. The females look like mannequins/Barbie Dolls. As if the guy is dancing with a mannequin he picked up from a store window with a stiff case of rigor mortis. And check out the female’s extreme robotic, mechanical, head-snapping gestures. You can’t tell me there are not some lesbians dancers and they’re dancing with guys, and in some cases queer guys in the closet. What a misrepresentation of the reality. The homophobic rules and or homophobic people running tango dance competitions require all dancers to be paired off as breeders — him and her — even when one or both are queer. But watching these competitions, one gets the impression there are no queers in the world. It’s the same on corporate network dance competitions. Queers are required to dance with the opposite gender to give the impression — to the bigoted, prejudiced and anti-gay basura in the audience — that all the dancers are straight even when it is blatantly obvious that some are not. Gee, we’ve made so much progress haven’t we?! [sarcasm intended] In this instance, the competitors were from anti-queer Russia and the competition was in Buenos Aires, “The Birthplace of Tango.” But it’s always the same, regardless of where the competition is held. Ballroom dancing competitions on television are no different. Dance competitions on television require that no same-gender couples be allowed. Their intent is to give the message that “Everyone here is straight” even when half of the guys look (or are) queer. There are still so many inequalities between queers and breeders, yet the corporatists — at those elitist queer organisations at the federal and state level who live under the illusion that they know what is best for queers — among us decided that gay marriage was the ultimate goal. So there’s nothing else to do such as remedying what I just described with dance competitions. There’s nothing else to work on. Nothing here to see. Move along. Therefore, the movement and serious activism are over. Chau.—el barrio rosa

“A Faggot Queer fucking his girlfriend”

I got an e-mail from a closeted gay guy who told me he had read quite a bit of this page “I woke up with a dick in my mouth.” The main part of his e-mail is below. Apparently, what I’ve written here struck a nerve with him: Here’s his e-mail:


this sorta hit home….i’m in the closet and have a girl. nobody knows i’m really gay, everybody thinks i’m straight. my girlfriend hates gays….little does she know that she has a faggot queer fucking her. — mike

End Quote

Mi amigo/My friend and I were talking about this. He thinks that at least half of the world’s population is probably gay, but they’re in heterosexual relationships with females and having children. Well, I do know that the number of gay people is much higher than we’re told because they’re in the closet worldwide. As I wrote recently, from all the straight porn I’ve seen — both homemade and studio-produced — I’d say that half of the guys in the straight porn videos look gay to me, especially in the homemade versions as if it’s a closeted gay guy with a female. And in some of these videos, some of them have a pregnancy theme because the guy has gotten his girlfriend or wife pregnant. So now he’s stuck with a child. Was the baby planned? Or did he start breeding to prove how supposedly “straight” he is to everyone? Or did she say to him as females often do, “Honey, we’ll be so much happier with a baby.” Don’t count on it! And one should never use a child to improve your relationship to be “so much happier.” Get therapy for that. Don’t exploit an innocent child for your “happiness.” That is irresponsible. And when the child arrives, I doubt that either of you will be all that hot on getting up in the middle of the night with feeding the baby and diaper changing. If anything that will cause more stress and unhappiness in your relationship, and it will also likely effect your sex lives because you’ll feel too tired to have sex. So Mr Queer Boy with his female wife might not be able to get it up as easier because of fatigue. Then that will cause problems with Needy Her. That can happen in this situation.
Related: One in 10 older gay men have had sex with a woman in the past three months

From the article, which is really about closet cases in Deutschland/Germany:

“The research found that out of this sub-group of participants, all of whom self-identified as homosexual, three-quarters of them had never had sex with a man….Professor Kathleen Herkommer, who led the study, explained that these men’s mental health can suffer as a result of hiding their sexuality, and that this groundbreaking research could help the drive to help them. “We identified a group that recognises its homosexuality, but do not live it, and instead lead and have led a purely heterosexual life – often with a wife and children,” she said.”
Chau.—el barrio rosa

The New and Conservative San Francisco: From Out and Open to In and Closed

You know, a City can put up all the Rainbow Flags it wants in a former Gay Mecca area to try to deceive unknowing tourists into believing this is still a queer area to get them to drop their “rainbow” dinero/money in the conservative-owned local stores — conservative merchants who are directly responsible for sanitising, ruining and Disneyfying the former Gay Mecca and shutting down all fun in the area — while gullible tourists see “him-tall and her-short” breeder couples making out under Rainbow Flags. Being saturated in Rainbow Flags doesn’t change the behaviour of people, particularly the over-abundance of closeted gay guys living here now. Someone who reads this page regularly must be thinking: Closet cases must really be a problem in the New San Francisco — of all places considering our queer history!! — now considering how much you’ve written about them. After our trip grocery shopping the other morning, mi amigo/my friend rhetorically asked me: What is it with all these closeted gay guys here now? He described a guy in the grocery store that he had cruised with. I asked: Was he wearing a brown jacket and was with a girl? He said: Yes! That’s the guy. I said: I saw him but he looked straight to me and my first thought was, “Him-tall-dominant/her-short-submissive” (Male Patriarchy mentality) that we see so much us now in San Francisco. So I forgot about them so I wouldn’t get irritated. Mi amigo said: Well the guy kept cruising me and one time he walked by me cruising trying to hide “her” walking behind him so that I wouldn’t notice her. As if he didn’t want me to notice that he was with a girl. That’s the way it looked. I bet he was thinking: Why can’t I have a boyfriend and shop with him in here? I asked: How many gay guys with females did you see while we were shopping? About 3 in the store. Oh, that many. Then there was the gay guy with a baby. I said: Well, I saw him. Any other time I would ask “Where was his boyfriend, after they adopted a child” but considering the closet cases now, I guess I’ll ask: Where was his wife? Mi amigo said: She’s probably the only one working and he’s home taking care of “the baby” and changing diapers and grocery shopping. I said: I saw “the baby” crawling on the store’s floor and I saw the guy. I saw a guy near him but they didn’t look like they were together, and at this point and considering the state of things I said: I don’t want to know. I’ve had enough of this shit. This “him gay and in the closet married to a female shit.” Here in what’s now known as “Billionaire Bay,” this City has been flipped upside down since the Big Tech millionaire and billionaire corporate parasites — who contribute little or nothing to this City other than traffic congestion and the greed-based Real Estate Industrial Complex trash — came in and raped San Francisco. It has gone from out of the closet and very open about one’s queer sexuality to back in the closet and closed about one’s queer sexuality. So what exactly did we accomplish during The Movement? In many ways, it feels like we are right back where we started. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Millennial “Straight” guys trying to look like gay guys. Closeted gay guys with females.

Mi amigo/My friend watches many videos on U-toob. Often the guy who produced the video looks like a gay guy according to our reliable gaydar. He keeps his sexuality very private; never talks about it. Then at some point in the video series, after the guy has been hounded repeatedly in the comments about “Where’s your girl?” or “do you have a girlfriend?” or “You’re a fag” or some heteronormative comments like that, the guy shows up one day with a girl in his video who he introduces as “my wife” and a wedding ring appears on his left hand fourth finger and his apartment looks “womanised” and nothing like it did when it was just him. It no longer looks like a bros place. Again, these guys look gay to us, most of the time. Some of them start breeding as soon as possible and keeping their wife pregnant. The thinking seems to be: I can prove how straight I am to my viewers by pumping out babies. That’ll prove it! That’ll show them! Not really. What is does is to prove how stupid you are, how insecure you are with yourself and your sexuality because as an alleged closet case married to a female, should something happen to that marriage of yours, you have at least 18 years of child support to pay and other (court) expenses. Mi amigo has shown me repeated examples of this where a guy shows up with a female/wife out-of-the-blue one day to prove he’s “straight” and they are always Millennial guys who look gay to us. What is it about that age group that they are so insecure and easily-manipulated by the nonstop heteronormative breeder brainwashing in our society?
Also, I watch various types of “porn” videos — usually homemade videos — and I’d say that half the time the Millennial guy that is having sex with a female looks gay to me, which makes me think he’s a closet case or maybe bi. The other half of the time when watching porn, the video might say, “straight jock fucks girl” and in that case the guy does look straight to me. To be clear: So it’s not that I assume that every guy with a girl is gay or in the closet. I don’t. I only question it when the guy looks gay to me. And these days, many supposedly straight Millennial guys seem to be trying to “look gay” for some reason. Which also makes it difficult now to tell who is what if one’s gaydar can’t tell. It depends upon the video. This is the case whether it’s a “straight” couple video or two bi guys and a female. In that case, one or more of the Millennial guys can look gay, or just one of them. The most recent example of this was a video I watched of a girl giving a guy a blow job in a store dressing room where he was slowly trying on clothes to buy. She gave him a blow job in there. They were in that change room for the longest time which you might think would have set off security concerns or something. When the camera showed the Millennial guy’s face as he was facing the mirror to look at his clothes, I said to myself, “That guy looks gay to me.” I read him as gay according to my gaydar. Well, I did some research on the two of them and they are a “straight” couple with nearly 300 porn videos. Their description says “into guys and girls” and I’m not sure if she or he wrote that or both. Their description also says their relationship is “open” and she has taken his last name so presumably they are married. None of the videos of them that I’ve watch have shown them with any other people. I got the impression they are a bi married couple, or does bi only apply to her? Sometimes they use misleading titles for their videos such as “creampie” when you never see that in the video. I watched some of their videos and whether the guy has a beard, goatee or is clean-shaven, he looks gay according to my reliable gaydar. He also always keeps his pubic hair completely shaved. (Correction to that: That’s usually the case, but I found one video of them when she was pregnant that he had a full bush. Maybe he shaves when they play around with other people since they have “open relationship” in their description, but they don’t record that). One thing I’ve not seen him do is eat pussy, which also makes me think he’s gay — the gay guys I’ve known who started out with pussy before they came out of the closet told me they didn’t like to eat pussy because of the smell — because it’s often the genuine straight guys who like to eat pussy or brag about it and “jock talk” about how they love the smell of pussy. (Correction to that: I did a search on their site and 3 videos out of nearly 300 come up with him briefly eating her pussy over the 5 years or so that they’ve been doing videos. I watched those 3 and eating pussy is apparently not a big thing for him and he only used the tip of his tongue on her pussy and in it, although not deep. He does not eat pussy the way I’ve seen other guys who look straight to me eat pussy where they dive in deep and open the lips wide as if they can’t get enough. This guy doesn’t do that. And when the camera showed his face while he was “lightly” tongue eating her pussy, again, I said: You look like a gay guy eating pussy that you’re really not into. When he fucks her, he looks like he’s into that although sometimes his dick looks a bit limp (not fully hard) inside her and when he pulls out it’s limp-looking and he hasn’t cum, but as many guys have told me who have fucked both guys and girls, “It’s just another hole.” If she doesn’t suck him off to get him to cum, he jacks himself off after he pulls out and “cream pies” on the outside of her pussy as he’s fucking her doggy. He did that when she was 8-9 months pregnant. Someone asked why he didn’t cum inside her. I was wondering the same thing — it’s as if it doesn’t feel as good inside her? — since from my understanding and from what I’ve read about pregnancy it would have been safe to do so at that point because as the expression goes, “the door is closed” so there would have been no harm in his cumming inside her. Just wanted to make that correction). All I’ve seen this guy do is fuck her for the most part. Well he got her pregnant about a year ago so they’ve been showing her 7-8-9 months pregnant in their videos. Her pussy looked very open and loose at 9 months when he was fucking her in a lying down position. The thing is, as with nearly all porn videos I’ve watched of guys fucking pussy, it takes him forever to cum when fucking her. But he comes much faster if she gives him a blow job. So was the baby a mistake? Unplanned? Did she slip up on her birth control? Don’t know, but that’s my guess. Because now that they are both parents — even though the baby is never shown — I suspect things will be changing with them at some point as usually happens when people become parents, although it could be awhile. Getting up to feed a baby in the middle of the night and change diapers and all that wrecks one’s sleep schedule and how horny one can be because of being “too tired.” They’re trying to make the sex porn videos a business and the impression I came away with was: They’re constantly having sex and have no problems in the world, which of course is not reality. That’s just the impression they give. The thing is, in the video comments not one person has said, “your husband looks gay to me.” Do straight people have no gaydar at all? That’s not true because I’ve known some straight people who told me that so and so looked gay to them and that they had read the guy as gay. It’s not just queers who have gaydar. I’ve noticed that in other porn videos too. No one questions the sexuality of the guy in the video even when he looks gay. So why am I even writing about this? Because more and more gay guys are in lying relationships with females these days. They likely know deep down that they’re gay but try to hide it and deny it, which doesn’t work no matter how often they fuck pussy. Like that Latter Day Saints guy awhile back who had a wife and several children and his best friend told him to come out of the closet because his best friend knew the LDS guy was gay. He had gaydar. The LDS guy wasn’t fooling him. Well, he did come out and has since divorced his wife and after he came out he had sex with a guy or two and loved it, as I remember the story. But I see Millennial gay guys with females in San Francisco as the former Gay Mecca has become a Breeder Mecca. I often see what my gaydar tells me is a gay guy holding hands or making out with a female because that’s what society tells all guys that they must do. We’re bombarded with “him and her” images 24/7. It’s just that some of us worked very hard during the days of the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and I thought — erroneously so at the time — that gay guys had worked through any internal homophobia or gay shame or hang-ups they had. Wrong. Then I see what I’ve described here and it makes me feel a resigned sadness that it seems little was accomplished despite all of our hard work. And in some cases, what was accomplished is going back to the way it was. So that can explain why I see (what looks like to me) gay guys fucking females.

I found a link to another “straight” couple on that couples channel (the couple with nearly 300 videos). I clicked on one of their videos and I said the same thing to myself: That guy looks gay to me and he’s eating and fucking pussy. He looks exactly like one of the “Castro Clone” guys I used to see around San Francisco when it was the Gay Mecca. And I’ve written lots about how many queer guys have gone back in the closet and are now with females — married to females — because that’s what society tells all guys to do. Yet these queer guys rejected that heteronormative brainwashing during the Gay Revolution days. Apparently, they could only reject it for so long, and now believe that one has to be “straight” to be “normal.” So back in the closet and pretend to be straight. But with this couple in that newer video, they only made maybe 8 videos — as opposed to nearly 300 like the other “straight” couple — and then quit and their last video was uploaded 3 years ago. So why did they quit? You wouldn’t think they would get tired of producing sex videos after only doing about 8 of them. Or, maybe he came out of the closet and they broke up? That could be. I don’t know the reason, obviously. Or maybe he got her pregnant and they weren’t ready for that and that can be life-changing. When that happens, one of them usually says: “We should stop doing these videos for the children. That doesn’t look good. We don’t want our children to find our videos some day. Sex is now bad. We need to now become prudes and forget our sexually-radical past and pretend that we have always been fundamentalist Christians.” (roll eyes) That’s about the extent of it with some people. Gracias for reading. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Related: Gay Mormon Who Became Famous For Mixed-Orientation Marriage Is Divorcing His Wife
(This article doesn’t quite read the way I remember this story. It’s almost as if it’s been revised. I don’t remember him ever coming out to his wife. She had suspected he was gay all the time they were married, and his best friend knew he was gay and urged him to come out).

“Too many nuts around here now,” she said.

Hola a todos. I suppose this falls under the category of what I last wrote. Oh well. Maybe you don’t mind repetition. I’m a friendly guy and will pretty much talk with anyone unless they don’t look quite safe to be around of course, using my City-skills that I’ve fine-tuned over decades. I’ll naturally smile at someone I see on the sidewalk if they’re not glued to their phone. I overheard my neighbour complaining about the people in this neighbourhood recently and how it has changed. “Too many nuts around here now” she said. Yeah, I know what she means, although frankly, I’d consider her one of them as she lives for constant drama in her life. I avoid her whenever possible. So when I walk out of my building, it’s a natural reaction for me to smile at someone who might be walking by. Well, these days I have to catch myself and stop from doing that. The same people walk by my building day after day either going to or coming from work and with many walking their dog(s). Most of these people act like assholes. It would break their face if they had to smile at someone. Way back when after they first moved here, I smiled at them a few times only to get a blank stare as if “nobody is home.” I only did that a few times realising they’re not going to smile back or say hello or anything else to you. These people have no social skills.
And no, frantically typing texts for hours and hours on end on so-called “social media” is not an example of possessing genuine social skills at all. So when I see these people who I usually immediately recognise I quickly think to myself: Put on your “fuck you” face, and that’s what I do. I can give a blank stare too. I’m thinking: I can give you back the same nasty-assed face you give me asshole and I’m quite good at a snarl having had a lot of practise lately considering all of the nasty-assed snarly people who have moved to San Francisco in recent years who don’t have the social skills to speak the word “Hello” or any salutation. It’s not who I am normally, but when one seems to be living in a neighbourhood of increasing assholes and insane people in The Castro and Upper Market, well, it’s just the way it is. Just thought I’d vent with that today. You might be able to relate. It might be like that where you live, I’m sure it’s not just here in snotty San Francisco. This City used to be fairly friendly, although when I moved here I didn’t find it that much friendlier than where I moved from: the District of Columbia. But let’s just say, it wasn’t like it is now. And mi amigo/my friend told me he’s had several near-misses while riding his bike with speeding vehicles nearly hitting him. It’s quite dangerous out there now. Why? The driver is glued to their phone and not even looking where s/he is going. Just driving and floored in speed with head down. Insanity. One instance happened this morning and the motorist behind the asshole honked at them and went chasing after the motorist in his car after the speeding motorists almost hit mi amigo. We don’t know the outcome of that. Chau.—el barrio rosa

It’s best to stay in the apartment on weekends in the new San Francisco

Which is what we usually do on Saturdays, except for a little peek outside in the early evening. That’s because we’re tired of seeing the predictable Millennial couples of “him and her” where “him” nearly always looks like a queer boy walking with and or holding hands with a girl. Another fucking closet case living in a former Gay Mecca? I don’t need to explain the irony in that, do I? Are there no gay male couples in San Francisco anymore? Oh there are, somewhere. But that’s not who we see on weekends. It’s the worst during the middle of the day on weekends. In Castro and Upper Market — which used to be the Gay Mecca but is now the Breeder Mecca — there are streams and streams and streams and streams of snotty-faced “him and her” Millennial couples with no personality at all. It would break their face if they had to smile. Let me be clear. I’m mainly talking about white Millennial couples. The Asians are friendly and polite. The white Millennial couples act like assholes with this “how dare you even glance at me!; I’m too good to be looked at” facial expression. Mi amigo/My friend goes out of his apartment Saturday mornings or afternoons just to get out and this is what he experiences in Upper Market and Castro. I don’t have the patience for any of this nonsense so I choose to stay in realising it’s Saturday and it’s when the Millennial white trash assholes are out. I don’t feel like dealing with them and don’t want to see them. I’ve had enough of them. Yesterday, mi amigo went on a short bike ride fairly early in the day. He enjoyed it but he told me that on his ride there was this Millennial couple (him and her of course) making out in the middle of the fucking street on a curve where cars usually come flying around. He rode by them thinking “oh here we go again with another him and her make out session” which we don’t see anywhere else in the City or Bay Area. This just seems to be a Castro and Upper Market thing. Supposed breeders marking their territory to let us all know that the straights — where the guy often looks gay; in the closet? — have taken over the former Gay Mecca? Well I think we’re all aware of that by now so they can stop these constant breeder exhibitionist scenes. As he rode by them, they slowly walked back to the curb and a speeding car just missed them flying around the curve. This area used to be an area where we only heard queer boys’ voices and saw single queer boys and queer couples walking. It’s now rare to see two guys walking together around here and the voices we hear are that of “him and her” along with their screaming children. And even when we see a gay male couple on the odd occasion, they’re rarely holding hands the way the in-your-face breeders hold hands. And queer couples know not to make out in the middle of the street on a curve. So when we stepped outside yesterday evening, we saw two different breeder couples at different times (about 5 minutes apart) from a distance approaching and they were holding hands. I said, “Oh here they come.” They walked by us holding hands and both guys in the couple were glued to their phones not giving the female the attention she demanded. And apparently because of that, the hand-holding stopped and the female in both couples became distant from “her guy” and walked away from him, the other female walked ahead of him. Both females were probably thinking about their guy, “He’s more interested in that fucking phone than he is in me.” Mi amigo and I keep asking: Where are the few gay male couples who are still living here? Maybe they do the same thing we do: They stay indoors on weekends tired of seeing “him and her” and their snotty, angry-looking faces. Note to techie trash (which is likely who these people are): It’s not our fault that you hate that tech job that owns your life. We longtime locals didn’t ask you to move here and ruin San Francisco and turn it into a playground for the super-wealthy and a playground for trash with no social skills. Why don’t you move back to whatever conservative hell hole you came here from? Because by the expressions on your face, you hate living here and your face shows that you are extremely unhappy with your life. And we’re sick of looking at you as well. Apparently you fell for that “San Francisco is the City of Innovation Tech” nonsense, not realising that you were moving your asses to the most expensive City in the US. Chau.

After hijacking the Movement, only lesbians are acceptable to a “mainstream” audience

23 June 2019: On the television channel I had on at the time, they showed scenes of the Gay Freedom Day Parade in São Paulo. Of course that’s not what they called it, but that’s what it should be called. They called it “LGBT Pride” as I’ve come to expect. There was a sea of people who attended, but one got the impression that only lesbians were there because the only images of two people kissing was that of lesbians. They showed lesbians on the floats dancing. No images of two guys kissing were shown. I guess this television network said: “Oh good god no, we can’t show two guys kissing. What will people think?” We certainly have made tremendous progress haven’t we? [sarcasm intended]. Well, here in the Century of Insanity, I sense that most gay guys have gone back in the closet including going so far as to marry females and no I’m not making this up (Related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys are marrying females in droves to be heteronormative per society’s brainwashing), leaving this mess to the lesbians who hijacked our Movement and moved themselves to first place in the “Brand LGBT” thingy (since it was originally GLBTQ), since self-absorbed and self-entitled lesbians helped fuck things up. I guess that lesbians kissing are only acceptable to the sheeple, in part, because the “L” was moved to first place and gay guys allowed that revisionist history change to happen and even rushed to support it. (Ugh.) Of course this is not new. I’ve known for some time that only lesbians are acceptable to the bigots/prejudiced sheeple among us. I remember when corporate St*rb*cks featured the hands of a lesbian couple on their coffee cups. Some of us wrote to them and asked them when we might see the hands of a gay male couple holding hands on their coffee cups? No response from corporate. In other words: Not. About. To. Happen. Because only lesbians are acceptable now. All others can fuck off, seems to be the corporate message today. By that definition, I guess they should erase all those other letters from that train-long acronym and just call it the LGBTQ so-called “community” since the rest of us are non-existent in the minds of corporate. Pathetic.

The Snots Came To San Francisco for “San Francisco Pride”

Yes, the snots came up here to San Francisco for Corporate Pride, Inc. San Francisco has so sanitised the name of this corporate big-money event — for the bigoted breeders who are not quite comfortable going to an event with the word “gay” or “queer” attached to it?; it’s always good to cater to bigots, isn’t it? [sarcasm intended] — that the event is now called “SF Pride” or San Francisco Pride, which doesn’t sound like it remotely has anything to do with being gay or queer. It sounds like it’s about having pride in San Francisco, as in being “proud” to be a San Franciscan. Mi amigo/My friend went to his increasingly dead gym near The Castro this morning. Going to the gym and working out seems to have been a long-term fad up here which is dying out now. He’s concerned his gym may close. If it were 10-15 years ago, his gym would have been packed with queers asking each other, “Getting ready for Pride?” Meaning trying to get muscularly pumped up the week before to look “ready” for Pride, as if one can get muscularly pumped up in as little as a week. Not. Going. To. Happen. Dudes. Back in those days, he’d frequently hear guys asking each other, “Are you ready? Are you ready for ‘Pride’?” He hasn’t heard that in years. He never understood how you get ready for it and what that meant. Mi amigo said this morning there were these two new guys there with tans. He presumed they were from West Hollywood or somewhere down there. He said they had their noses in the air and wanted no one to look at them — as if they thought they were too pretty to be looked at and unfortunately that is the reputation that West Hollywood has — and they didn’t look at anyone either. Then what’s the point? What’s the point of coming here with that attidude, assholes? Is your phone your only friend? If so, you should have stayed in WeHo on your phone rather than flying up here to celebrate major corporations pretending to be “queer-friendly” in a hours-long mobile commercial with revisionist history “LGBT” nonsense. I asked mi amigo: So why did they come up here? He said: I was wondering the same thing. Have they not heard that’s there is nothing up here now and that the Gay Mecca is long gone having been taken over by Millennial breeders? Have they not heard that The Castro has become a wasteland of conservative merchants and homeowners with one boarded-up store front after the other? Have they not heard that “Pride” is not what it was? Or it is just another opportunity for them to party with themselves since snotty they refuse to look at anyone else? With The Castro, what’s to see there other than the over-saturation of Rainbow Flags which are intended to deceive the sheeple. Maybe they like watching breeders make out under Rainbow Flags? Because it’s rare to see any queers doing the same. When the Gay Mecca existed, this area was packed weeks before “Pride.” Now, nothing. Nada. Other than these two snots from West Hollywood — if that’s where they came from — stuck on themselves and who apparently don’t keep up, otherwise they wouldn’t have come up to show off with their nose in their air. I never could understand what that thinking accomplishes? When I was dating, that type of guy was such a turn-off to me. I think it’s a form of insecurity and arrogance. And in my opinion, people who are secure with themselves are neither arrogant nor do they strut around with their nose in the air acting like fucking assholes and they will pretty much talk with anyone, as I do. Chau.

Note to Breeders: If you suspect someone of cheating, come to San Francisco’s Castro and Upper Market

Over the years, as The Castro faded from being a Gay Mecca to a Breeder Mecca, some of us noticed all the presumably-straight couples coming over here, presumably to cheat on someone. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Him-tall-dominant and her-short-submissive — couples with their Male Patriarchy mentality — looking as if they just meet via some app, absolutely desperate to make out anywhere (street corners, stairs, in the middle of busy doorways at the gym, in the middle of a busy street, you-name-it) slamming their teeth into each other, she being so short that he looks like he’s making out with his little 5 year old daughter. Yes, they have come to The Castro and Upper Market to engage in this “in your face” behaviour. The thinking presumably has been: Go to The Castro and Upper Market. No one would ever think of looking for you there cheating on someone in a “gay area.” The problem with that thinking now is that The Castro and Upper Market areas are no longer gay areas. They are quickly becoming sleazy straight areas. Yet the breeders continue to come over here and cheat. We’ve seen this behaviour no where else in San Francisco or the Bay Area. It’s a Castro and Upper Market thing entirely. I think it’s a word-of-mouth thing as well. I also think it’s a “we’re marking our territory. We straights have taken over The Castro, so you faggots fuck off and get the hell out of here.” I say that because the breeders seem to love to make out in front of the few remaining queer guys still here. They also love to make out under Rainbow Flags as if they’re hijacking the Rainbow Flag as well. And they love to come into gay bars and make out there. I wasn’t aware that all the straight bars in The City had closed. Or maybe they’re trying to convert queers into being straight to show them how it’s done. Yet these are some of the same trash that not that long ago were whinging about “gays are so in our face with their sexuality.” What do you call yourselves doing breeders with your “in our face sexuality?” Fucking hypocrites. So, if you’re straight and suspect that your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or partner is cheating on you, come over to The Castro and Upper Market and you might very likely find him or her over here since that’s pretty much all we see now is “him and her” desperately making out as if they just met and can’t wait another minute to fuck. Fin. The End.

The wannabe, white fake-jocks in San Francisco and in West Hollywood

Hola chicos. A certain sports bar that some of us refer to as “the obnoxious bar” in San Francisco that opened shortly after the order was given to “Assimilate with the Straights” following gay marriage becoming legal in the US, has now, like a virus, spread to West Hollywood. Super. [sarcasm intended]. This is a case of gay guys trying to emulate obnoxious, macho, heteronormative breeder jocks. During the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, gay guys who were supposedly health-conscious — although still eating unhealthy in many cases and lighting up a cigarette upon leaving the gym — labeled themselves as “gym-toned” especially in their sex personals. When our Movement died/ended — which by all indications was the day that gay marriage became legal — the term “gym-toned” seemed to have been replaced with the word “jock.” This was presumably done to be like the breeders who were taking over (or already had) queer areas in many major cities (The Village, The Castro, West Hollywood and others). Related: Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes. The reviews of both bars — both the San Francisco and West Hollywood supposedly-gay sports bars — talk about how great it is to be able to “take in a game” at the bar. Really? “Taking in a game” was not something that I ever heard any gay guys talking about doing during the Movement. Most were not into corporate sports teams and their homophobia, which still exists today despite any token “Gay Day” that some corporate sports teams will have to exploit queer$. This is something relatively new, meaning since gay marriage became legal. One thing we’ve noticed: To the extreme and to be as much like the straights as possible, many heteronormative gay guys with their gay shame think they must be into corporate sports teams, support the US Military Industrial Complex and support that killing machine and anything they do, go back in the closet and marry a female so they can be a “real man” and a “jock” and talk about pussy, be conservative, and have children. I think this is what’s known as Forced-Assimilation with the breeders.
Related: Gay guys self-induced conversion therapy. Insanity is what it is, and I can’t relate. As for those two sports bars I mentioned: Many commenters wrote about both bars: “Nobody is watching the televisions to take in a game.” In other words, that language is just heteronormative bull shit that queers have fallen for and regurgitate on cue to try to “fit in” and be like the obnoxious sports-loving breeders. So this is what the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement fought decades for over the years, is it? Who knew this is what we were fighting for? To be an exact replica of the breeders! If I had known that, I would have said, “No gracias. I want nothing to do with this fucked up Movement.” Mi amigo/My friend and I walk by that sports bar here in San Francisco and often it looks straight inside: Him and her. Also, the word “gay” is third, not first, in their keywords on their Y**p reviews. I’ve gotten the sense from the bar’s management that they are running from the word gay (to cater to the bigoted straights?), even though it’s known as a gay sports bar according to many of the commenters. The conservative male owner said in an interview, “I identify as gay.” Notice that he couldn’t just say, “I’m gay” as we did during the Movement. There was no “identifying” during the Movement. This bull shit is new too. I wonder how he will “identify” tomorrow? Saying “I identify” implies that one can randomly change one’s sexual orientation on a whim. Do people never think this shit through before they say it? And if one can “identity” as a certain sexual orientation one day and on another day “identify” as another sexual orientation, the far-right will love to hear that and shove that in our faces by saying: “We told you so!!!!!!! We told you being gay was a choice.” And at that point, they will launch a rabid campaign for queers to change their sexuality to straight and “identify as straight.” To the fake-jock bros: You’re either gay, bi or straight dudes per the sexual orientation you were born with. And the only time that San Francisco “gay” sports bar flies Rainbow Flags is on corporate “Pride, Inc.” weekend or that particular Sunday. The following day (Monday) those flags go back in the closet (with the owner?), not to be seen for another 364 days. Corporate sports flags fly outside that bar the rest of the year. Does the owner think the Rainbow Flag is “too gay” for a “macho” sports bar of wannabe macho fake-jocks who like to watch men playing with balls on television? (Even though again, apparently few guys watch the televisions.) Does the West Hollywood (WeHo) bar have any Rainbow Flags flying outside? I can take a guess since it’s the same owner: No. One complaint I read about the San Francisco bar is that the clientele is 99% white. Interesting. Someone wrote that the WeHo bar caters to the 1%. During the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, queers were into the Arts, music and culture. Most couldn’t care less about supporting or pretending to have an interest in wealthy corporate sports teams to “fit-in” and try to be a fucking jock. It should also be pointed out that historically jocks have been the assholes who have and still bully queer guys on sports fields, on playgrounds and in locker rooms and make “faggot” jokes, which I suspect are also heard in the locker rooms of corporate sports teams, perhaps on the same day that they have their “Gay Day.” I can hear it now (either whispered or spoken loudly): “Well the fags should be happy now. We had a fag day for them.” You don’t think that can’t happen? It’s odd that some queers would want to emulate such trash. Someone said that the guys in WeHo like to watch their Drag Queen shows. Well at least there’s still some culture down there for that art form. A Drag Queen show shown on the televisions at the bar in now-conservative San Francisco would likely generate a hostile response such as: “I thought this was a sports bars for ‘real men,” a he-man’s bar for REAL MEN into other (aryan?) jocks with big white dicks and who trim their pubes. Get those faggot Drag Queens off that television and now or we’re leaving! I’m absolutely serious about this. San Francisco has changed, for the worse. Someone in WeHo said that the queer “community” down there (although he used that revisionist history “lgbt” shit) is a close-knit community where “everybody knows each other.” Really? It’s the exact opposite of that up here in San Francisco. As I’ve written countless times now, what remnants remain of the former Gay Mecca are mostly as snotty as ice to each other. There’s no “close-knit community” up here at all of any sort. Most go out of their way to pretend to be straight with their tunnel-vision look, refusing to look at anyone. Then they sit at home and wonder why they’re lonely? It’s a little surprising that the owner of the obnoxious sports bar up here decided to open or take over a bar in WeHo because he owned a restaurant-bar across the street from the obnoxious bar for awhile. That bar is now closed. It was a failure. I remember up here when queers were heavily involved in the arts and music. Much of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus was queer when I was in the Symphony Chorus and we wore our SF Symphony Chorus t-shirts around The Castro. I haven’t seen anything like that or anything art-related in decades around The Castro. I suspect one would be subjected to disapproving looks or sneers if one wore a SF Symphony Chorus t-shirt in today’s Castro. The response would likely be from most: WTF? Why? Because today it’s all about conformity and everyone being alike. Wearing black and grey 365 days a year and being a fake-jock and being “straight acting” and “discreet” and “down low” and heteronormative and pretending to like chicks. As of this writing, 5 queers were murdered over the weekend (10 June 2019) as the hate from the far-right continues. I hope the morons around The Castro who told us that “Gay people can live anywhere; gay is now mainstream; there is no need for Gay Meccas” take note of these and many other murders of queers. In this case it was 3 trans and 2 queer boys. Any protests against these murders? Nope. No one seems to care. All they care about is their phone and being back in the closet and heteronormative. (Related: West Hollywood puts the Rainbow Flag back in the closet) Chau.

The Lies about Pussy. The Great Pussy Scandal.

Pussy must not be all that hot. In straight sex videos that I and the people I’ve talked with have watched — whether it be home videos or professionally produced ones, the home videos are better (more real) but in all but one video that I’ve seen it took the guy forever and a day to cum. Anyone else ever noticed that? His dick must be completely raw before he cums. It took him up to the entire length of the video which was over 45 minutes. At the end, after he pulled out and started jacking off so he wouldn’t supposedly get her pregnant — even though there’s a chance she could get pregnant from his pre-cum — it still took him up to a couple of minutes to cum. Which begs the question: Is vagina really all that hot? If it were, guys would be cumming within a very short time. It wouldn’t take them up to nearly an hour, just as it doesn’t take a guy up to an hour to cum when he jacks off. When I talked with mi amigo/my friend about this (and he had sex with females before he came out of the closet) the first thing he said was, “She must have been very loose from being over-fucked. I’ve never had a tight pussy myself even, though I only had 2-3.” He continued, “As you know, pussy is over-marketed as part of society’s heteronormative Breeder/Straight Agenda, and most of it is lies. You could call it “The Lies about Pussy.”

And I would add that clearly the female anatomy was poorly designed by that Christian god fellow.

Part of our heteronormative society’s Breeder Brainwashing is to talk or rather brainwash guys into vagina, or to talk themselves into liking vagina, one guy encouraging another “You’ve got to try pussy bro, it’s totally awesome. It’s paradise.” This is so that they won’t think about or fathom any gay thoughts. This is still going on in 2019 and will be forever more, Amen.

Despite how breeder sex is extremely over-exaggerated and over-hyped with words such as “Pussy is amazing, awesome and paradise,” when you think about it, the opening to the vagina is completely in the wrong place. First, it’s too close to that smelly asshole. For breeder sex, the clitoris should be at a place where a guy’s dick automatically stimulates the clitoris when he’s inside the vagina. But that’s not the case at all. It’s as if females are built wrong. I suppose most people have never thought about that. That Christian god fellow whom we are told made peoplekind didn’t seem to think that through very well. “He” didn’t put the opening of the vagina directly at the clitoris so that the clit would automatically be stimulated when he’s fucking her. Instead, for some damn odd reason, that god fellow put the vagina way down at the bottom (why there?), an inch or less (depending upon the female) from her anus, which, again, is not near her clitoris. So consequently, with the female anatomy, the clit with some supposedly 8,000 nerve endings being the pleasure center of the vulva does not get stimulated at all when a guy is fucking her. Also, there are very few nerve endings inside the vagina. Therefore, despite any acting of erotic ecstasy on her part with the signature ubiquitous and perfunctory high-pitch annoying squeals that females are known to make when getting fucked, the woman is really left sexually unsatisfied while the guy is fucking her, if he or she is not masturbating her clit independently, and depending upon how accessible her clit is to begin with. Some guys never find it because it can be so hidden with the hood, so they just finger the hood. Related: No pleasure during female sex.

On another topic, I read a comment online from a guy. He wrote: My girlfriend, whom I love dearly, works at home and doesn’t take a shower every day. Previously, I enjoyed eating her pussy, but because of her lack of hygiene I really have to do some sniffing around without her knowing it because I’m very turned off by the smells around her vagina. It’s a mixture of vagina and anal smells. Not sure what to do about this, if anything, because I’m sure it would upset her if she were to read this. It’s just that I’m very hygienic, but she is not and it’s become a problem. (Related: My girlfriend has a stinky pussy).

A personal observation: I’ve watched a few straight sex videos produced in Russia. They were more of the homemade type. One thing I noticed is that none of the guys ate pussy. The girl sucked the guy’s dick and he played with her tits and fucked her, but that was the extent of it. The females in the videos seemed to have very loose pussies because, again, it took the guys forever to cum. Then I found this statement online: “Eating pussy is considered effeminate and sometimes gay in Russia.” I think that’s because the guy is considered being subservient to the girl when eating her pussy and he’s ingesting the female hormone estrogen. And that’s considered “gay” because he should be ingesting testosterone. So, perhaps that’s why these guys in the videos that I’ve seen didn’t eat pussy. But I specifically noticed that and wondered about it. If I find a Russian sex video where the guy does eat pussy, I’ll update this.

Stinky Pussy

And part of Breeder Brainwashing is that a guy is supposed to love the smell of pussy because that makes him a “real man.” Also, per Breeder Brainwashing a “real man” is also supposed to be into any and all discharges from pussy, including menstrual period discharges. Mi amigo just said as I was reading this to him: “Now, we’re getting into the ultra gross.” But I’m not making this up. That’s what I’ve read from guys claiming that that’s what “real men” like. Here’s The Ultimate Color Guide to Vaginal Discharge if you’d like to read up on that. But, per Breeder Brainwashing, a “real man” does not want to try to get rid of any rank musky odors from pussy because of course that contradicts the concept of being a “real man.” But I’ll provide the link anyway to be as thorough as possible: 7 Tips for Getting Rid of Vaginal Odor. Related: Men Explain, in Great Detail, Why They Don’t Eat Pussy.

Mi amigo/My friend who started out with pussy before he came out of the closet, completely disagrees with today’s brainwashing hype about how wonderful pussy is. He says pussy was no big deal, a turn-off in fact, and he couldn’t stand the smell no matter how much she washed it. A smell of some rankness is always there. Also, he said: “She just lays there and does nothing usually except an occasional squeal.” He’s told me of how he and his guy friends when they were in their 20s and 30s were floating down a river on Inner Tubes. They made sure the females were in front of them (or down-wind) so that their menstrual blood would flow down-river and not into the guy’s Inner Tube. By the second day, he said the guys would have to stay up-wind from the females because it was a hot Summer week and the females were just wearing bathing suits. He also says that when he was in the US Army that the guys would use cans of whipped cream (the aerosol type), applying it in and on her pussy to tone-down the smell, if they had to eat pussy. At that time, he says that Black guys didn’t eat pussy. It was just the young white guys that did that. He also said that in those days that there was no him-tall-dominant/her-short-submissive with breeder couples. That they were pretty much the same height as most gay couples are today and always have been. He said that from his experience, because of a female’s emotional instability and where she acts like an emotional train wreck too much of the time, he found a female to be the worst travel companion one could have.

One might think that through evolution that the female sexual plumbing might have been “corrected” or redesigned? Although I don’t know how that might happen, but clearly it’s designed incorrectly despite all the drama and hype about how pussy is the best thing since the Earth was created, or at least that’s the impression one gets.

Here’s more information about stinky pussy or “vaginal odor” as the article refers to it.

Also, there are some guys who claim to like to eat pussy when she’s having her period, so they’re into blood. Here are images of that.

Those of the gay conversion crowd who claim “I really have no problem with gays” but who write very anti-gay stuff state that one of the many problems with “gay sex” is that he could never eat out a guy’s ass because “that is where he poops.” As if all gay guys are into eating ass, which of course they’re not. This begs the question whether he’s really ever been with a woman as he claims when often the girl’s asshole is right at the pussy (there’s an image of that at that link) and some guys eat pussy in one stroke upward of the tongue starting where? At her asshole. Straight and bi guys are into eating a woman’s asshole, so eating asshole is not just “gay sex.” Then back to her period, there are guys who brag about how they like to fuck their girl during her period. Here’s an image of that.

My straight neighbour alerted me to something else. He said that guys in their comments under pussy-eating videos like to talk about “that sweet cream” coming out of her pussy when the guy eats it. My neighbour said, “it ain’t always ‘sweet cream.’ What the guy is really eating is a yeast infection and the guy can’t tell the difference. Yuck. Here’s an image of that. Here are other random images of yeast infections. I asked him: Do you call that substance/mucous “sweet cream.” He said: As you would say, it’s marketing language. There’s nothing sweet about the taste of mucous. It often tastes tangy, salty or fishy or has some other flavour. But “sweet cream” is not one of them! I think that pretty much covers it.

Mi amigo says: Maybe the pussy needs to be made even more stinky — although he says he doesn’t know how it could be any stinkier — to keep guys away considering we really don’t need any more babies to be pumped out since the world is already overpopulated. Very true.

Brett Chukerman: Married to his boyfriend but says he’s not gay

File this under:
-The Century of Insanity.
–Subcategory: Going back in the closet with gay shame.

I saw Brett Chukerman the other day on HSN2 as I was channel surfing. I noticed him because my gaydar went off. In the ad I saw on the network for him, he looked like he and his female programme co-host were trying to be a breeder couple. Another gay guy with a female, I wonder? Heteronormative.

He looked familiar to me, but I couldn’t place him. Researching him I see he had done quite a bit of gay porn which — from reading some of HSN’s forum — the female viewers got riled up about when he was hired years ago. They said Brett hadn’t been properly “vetted” by HSN to have such a “checkered past.” (roll eyes) Conservative prudish (anti-gay?) females. Then on the show he was hosting later on, I saw a large wedding ring on his left hand “breeder” finger and thought wtf? Another gay guy married to a female here in the Century of Insanity and having gone back in the closet to “Assimilate with the breeders?” (Related: Why gay guys should wear their wedding rings on their right hand). I thought to myself: Oh here we go again with yet another gay guy who desperately wants to be a clone of the straights. Sigh. Another heteronormative gay guy? Seems so. Running from the word gay? Uh huh. People like him make me turn the channel because I see someone who is not fully comfortable with himself as a gay guy. Sad.

Researching him I found this:


Brett Chuckerman [sic] attended Highland Park High School… I was in the theater department with him. Never saw him engage in any explicitly gay activity, but he was overtly effeminate. He seems to be wearing a “mustache” now because he so badly wants mainstream acceptance, but back in the day it seemed pretty obvious that he was certainly homosexual.

I wasn’t at all surprised to find that he was acting in “gay” movies a handful of years later. I WAS however surprised to hear that he claims not to be gay… lol. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yes, he is. He and his partner Todd W Anthony have been together a while, and they have a son. They live in Palm Harbor, Florida.

End Quote
[Source: Is Brett Chuckerman Gay in Real Life?]

Then I found this bit of information where he and his boyfriend bought property in St Petersburg as well as this information: Here’s a picture of Brett’s boyfriend/partner that he bought the house with where they live. But please don’t think they’re gay, for heaven’s sake! They wouldn’t stand for that!

(Related: It already feels like we’re back where we started (circa 1970s) as well as this: The Tombstone on the Grave of the US Gay Community reads:).

Closet cases are fucking annoying to me, and then there’s the stress of being in the closet and living a lie. Trying to be somebody you’re not.

Perhaps Brett would say:

I’m married to my boyfriend and we have a son (translation: I’m married with children and we want to be traditionally heteronormative). I’m not gay. lol. (roll eyes) Please don’t call me that dreaded word “gay.”

I see someone who has some problems with his sexuality. Considering this, it’s odd he started out in gay porn. Sounds like the problems may have cropped up since then. Some people do flip out the moment they become a parent. Parenting changes some people into conservatives prudes overnight. I’ve seen that happen. The moment they become a parent, they start whining about the same behaviour they themselves engaged in earlier in their lives when they called themselves “a liberal” or “a progressive.”

Here in the Century of Insanity, I guess two gay guys married to each other are now considered a “straight” couple, eh? Isn’t “Gay Assimilation” wonderful? It’s given some gay guys with their gay shame an excuse to go back in the fucking closet by running from the word gay and living the life of a traditional breeder couple. As I’ve asked many times: This is what The Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement fought for for decades, is it? Makes The Movement feel like it was a complete waste of time frankly. (Related: It already feels like we’re back where we started (circa 1970s)).

You know, some gay guys are quite good-looking on the outside but it’s their insides (their personality) that’s quite fucked up and needs work so that it matches their model-polished veneer exterior. I dated a few guys like that over the years, and they were some of the most fucked-up-in-the-head people from a personality standpoint that I’d ever met. A friend of mine met one of these guys when he was with me for a short time. My friend later told me, “He’s good looking.” I said: ‘Well yeah, on the outside. It’s all cosmetic. But we won’t talk about the inside,’ and I knew things would not work out between us because of that. These guys spend all this time on their façade instead of working to make themselves a better, and more well-adjusted person comfortable with themselves and the sexuality they were born with.

To those gay guys who have a boyfriend/partner and a son and say they’re not gay? Someone needs to see a credible psychotherapist ASAP. Of course they won’t do that because they’re quite comfortable with being in the closet and living a lie and in some cases damaging the lives of other people.

As for Brett’s past, he seems to have been comfortable with his gay sexuality in gay porn series. But as he aged and found a boyfriend and got “the house” and “the kid” he seems to now be running from the word gay. Sad really. Also, to be the ultimate heteronormative and to be as identical to the breeders as possible, I saw a picture of Brett reading a book to his — apparently adopted? — little son but his boyfriend was not shown in the picture nor was any female (also known as “the wife” who might have been shown to give the impression he’s married to a woman). The need to have children goes right along with the traditional conservative institution of marriage. It’s part of society’s Breeder Brainwashing, which many gay couples have adopted as well as they ultimately conform to be as much like the breeders as possible. I never knew that was one of the goals of our proudly-radical movement. I thought we had higher standards than adopting and conforming to traditionally-conservative institutions. Ugh.

Update: I saw on HSN’s FB page an announcement that said that Brett’s son, Jack, was born “yesterday afternoon” (this was back in December of 2013). It didn’t say that Brett and his partner’s son was born. Of course if they were a breeder couple it would have said, “He and his wife welcomed their new son yesterday afternoon…” Or, “his wife delivered a healthy baby boy yesterday afternoon.” I don’t know who is being more closeted, Brett and his boyfriend or HSN? Instead it said, from their page: “Welcome Jack and congratulations Brett Chukerman and family! Here he is!! Our adorable son Jack was born yesterday afternoon and is an angel! Everyone is healthy and we are thrilled!” “Everyone” is healthy? Who exactly is “everyone?” Don’t you just love the closeted code language? Nothing about “the mother”/(surrogate mother?) or any female. Looks like he and his boyfriend have expanded their family since then
based on this image Please give it time to load.

Why I no longer write about Queer topics, and why am I now using the word “Queer?” That’s because there’s no hierarchy or politics involved in the word “Queer” as opposed to the hierarchy of that “LGBT” nonsense that’s saturated all over the internet. Also, Queers (and the word Queer) make breeders nervous and we enjoy every minute of it. (smile)

Then there are the fake bi guys:

Are most bi guys bi? No, they think “bi” makes them come off as more “straight,” macho and masculine as they run from the word gay. (I’m not talking about the genuine bi guys; I’m talking about the thousands of frauds pretending to be bi when they’re really gay and have zero interest in females.

Ashamed to be Gay

Kissing Tim Poster
Kissing Tim Poster

These two are hot.
This “Kissing Tim” poster
reminds me of the
“Castro Clone look.”
Anyone remember that look?
You never see that now in
today’s conservative, sanitised
and Disneyfied Castro,
which has been lost to the
straights. From what mi amigo
heard at his gym, guys are required
to now keep their shirts on so as not
to show any skin. (roll eyes)

Read: Bi Now Means Masculine And Not Bisexual

This article revisited: El 10 de junio de 2014/10 June 2014. In these increasingly conservative days, it seems that more and more gay guys are ashamed of their gay sexuality. How sad. We really are heading backwards in many ways despite some advances. Mi amigo said I could have titled this article, “Ashamed to be Gay” and that might be a more accurate title. I agree. He and I certainly noticed this increasing “Bi Fad” on the site I call ClosetList for awhile where most gay guys don’t say they’re gay but rather many if not most gay guys seemed ashamed of their sexuality by the language they use and the way they write their personal sex ads. They say they’re bi, even though most of them are likely gay based on the experience of mi amigo (see the article below). I did a search on ClosetList in its last days when that was around for sex personals to see how many self-identifying bi guys there were posting under the gay “Men Seeking Men” category in the San Francisco Bay Area as opposed to self-identifying gay guys. I did my search based on the keywords in guy’s ads. Here are the results as of this writing:

Ads with the word “bi”: 977
Ads with the word “gay”: 368
Ads with the word “straight”: 520

As you can see, the word gay has the least number of ads under the gay section, Men Seeking Men. How odd. Doesn’t that strike you as a bit strange?
(What’s Wrong With Gay Dick?) That’s followed by guys claiming to be “straight” when they are really bisexual or they are gay guys (and most pretending to be bi) looking for “straight” guys. There’s this craze for sucking “straight” dick with some gay guys. (My Question: How is “straight” dick different than any other dick?) I think one of the newest and most shallow fads is to call yourself something that you’re not. Call yourself “bi.” I think more and more muchachos are using the word “bi” because everybody else is using it in their ad so follow the sheeple. Just like using the ubiquitous word “discreet,” to fit in and to appear more “straight.” Because we all know how bad and terrible it is to be gay. Gay is bad. It’s bad, it’s bad. [Full-blown sarcasm intended]. “Gay is bad” is unfortunately the impression I get from reading many if not most of those ads on ClosetList. As some states (including California) now have same-gender marriage legal how ironic that it’s now bad to be gay in so many guy’s minds. So let’s all call ourselves “bi” even though many/most of us aren’t bi. Just say we are, because a guy is closer to being “straight” if he says he’s bi, seems to be the thinking. We have some fucked up in the head closet case gay people here in San Francisco (of all places!) and the Bay Area based on these ads on ClosetList. I didn’t realise there were that many (sexually) fucked up people out there, at least here. It’s very strange. As the gay populace becomes more and more conservative, it’s back in the closet time or call yourself bi. And pretend to be a “straight” (obnoxious) jock, rather than saying gym-toned or athletic. I remember after I came out decades ago, my many amigos and I didn’t go through all of this gay shame nonsense. We had none of that. Not one of us. But today, Gay Shame/Gay Discreet is happening in the former Gay Mecca known as San Francisco and the Bay Area. This is also happening in other US cities from reading those personal ads. There has got to be something in the water.

I ran into mi amigo/my friend a couple of days ago and the timing was good because I wanted to ask him his opinion about something: Are most bi guys bi? Here’s what he told me:

He’s a Queer boy and not bi (I already knew that). But when he does non-paid phone sex on his own—he’s worked in the phone sex industry—he told me that consistently when he talks with a guy who says “I’m bi” that the guy hangs up on him whenever mi amigo tries to talk with him about chicks and pussy. The guys who claim to be bi that he has on the phone consistently only want to talk about sex with guys (jacking off, sucking dick and fucking). He said it’s very rare to talk with a bi guy about fucking or eating pussy because the bi guys he’s talked with show no interest in that at all on the phone and hang up on him. The call can start out initially about chicks or “banging some girl” but then quickly goes to guys and if mi amigo tries to go back to chicks and to talk about pussy, that’s when the hang up occurs and the call ends. The so-called “bi” guy hangs up consistently. Mi amigo says he tells phone sex guys that he’s bi but he really isn’t. He says that is not uncommon. He’s Queer and has never had sex with a female and has no interest in females. I asked him: Could you have sex with a female? He said: Oh I suppose I could but my sexual orientation is Queer so that’s where my sexual feelings are the stronger. I could choose to have sex with a female and that would fall under the less-strong/weaker “sexual preference” category, but I wouldn’t necessarily enjoy it because I’m not into females and he said, “I’m a vegetarian and I don’t eat or like fish.” He continued: I would just be going through the motions if I were to have sex with a female. Many hetero guys are thinking about guys when they’re fucking their girlfriends or wives. (That’s true.) All that makes sense to me.

He said he reads CL ads regularly and he too has seen all of the supposed “bi guys” on CL (the site I’ve written some articles about). I said, do you think most of them are bi? He said: well they’re clearly looking for guys in their ads because they are on the “men for men” category—and often the “girlfriend is away or out of town”—so some of them could be bi or they are calling themselves “bi” as code for butch, masculine and that obnoxious “straight-acting” heteronormative language that some closet-case gay guys use. I think “bi” is just a fantasy for many guys who are not really bi, he said.

He continued: Years ago when I was doing phone sex I talked many times with a guy on the East Coast (of the US/los Estados Unidos/The Cesspool) who was bi and all we talked about was fucking and eating pussy. We talked many times on a phone sex line. He was a hot guy to talk with. Then years later, I had one other guy who claimed to be hetero and he was married to a female, but he was really bi (she didn’t know he’s bi) in the true sense of the word. After months of talking with him in phone sex conversations about dick and pussy we were getting too close and I had to cut it off because I sensed he was trying to become my boyfriend. But since then, whenever I’ve tried to replicate a conversation with another guy who claims to be bi, it hasn’t worked since the guy only wants to talk about dick. My new strategy is that when a guy tells me he’s bi and if I want to keep him on the phone because I like his voice and how he sounds, I make a point of not talking about pussy or chicks at all and that works well. They don’t hang up on me when I avoid talking about chicks.


So I then asked him since we were in San Francisco’s Castro: As the Castro becomes more and more “straight,” do you see GLBTQs going back in the closet in order to “fit in” and “be discreet?” (and that word “discreet” is saturated throughout CL ads).

His response: I’ve noticed the hetero couples walking by us as we’ve been standing here with their in-your-face we’re straight “look” (for lack of a better word). I hope GLBTQs don’t go back in the closet but I could see that happening. I think it’s already happening. Or will gay guys start “dating girls” and fucking pussy because they think that’s the “in” thing to do now and to fit in with the herd? Will they think: Gay is out and hetero is in so let me “turn hetero” (as if that’s fucking possible!). He continued: To that I say, “Fucking idiots and fucked up in the head.” They could do that (“turn hetero” so to speak) but they would only be back to living in the closet and living a lie and pretending to be something they’re not—what exactly was the former Gay Rights Movement for and about anyway?!—since their sexual orientation is gay. They could do that, but I’m seeing the same things you’re seeing. I’m seeing a guy hooked up with a female walking down Castro hand-in-hand and he looks like a Queer boy to me. (Yes, I’ve written about that too). He continued: Like you say, it’s a weird time in the US and in San Francisco. What is this place turning into? He said: I call it a collapse of our society and for those paying attention there are many indicators of that happening right before us. (He’s correct).

The Closeted Queer So-Called “Community” (2017 forward)

DISCREET is the opposite of “Out and Proud.”

Some readers have asked me via e-mail: Why are you no longer writing about Queer topics? Well, that’s because I don’t see any reason to. Why should I bother? I’ve written about Queer topics for years and it didn’t do any good. Nothing changed for the positive. There’s nothing else to say about it. Only a few people seem to care in the big scheme of things. As with some other topics I used to write about, I seem to be “fighting an uphill battle” or “a lost cause.” Several examples that come to mind explaining this and some of which overlap: I’ve become disgusted with what the Queer community has become and turned into. Today, they are mostly DISCREET (translation: closeted), conservative, pro-corporatist, pro-Establishment, DISCREET, mainstream, DISCREET, non-alternative, DISCREET, non-proudly radical, sanitised, DISCREET, shallow sheeple trying to emulate the boring (and often conservative) mainstream breeders. Queers today are the DISCREET opposite of who and what they were during the decades of the Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement.

1. Monitoring television programming, one would think that the entire world consists of breeders. One gets the impression there’s not one openly Queer person in el mundo/the world, other than that heteronormative, corporatist, pro-Establishment, Obamabot Ellen daily promoting silly, dumbed-down and “stupid-is-in” and making millions doing so. She didn’t care how many immigrants the Deporter-in-Chief had deported or how many breeders and Queers Mr Nobel Peace Prize had droned or killed in other parts of the world in his 8 wars as she gushed over him at every opportunity? Or is she oblivious to all that? And I know Anderson Cooper is an openly-Queer boy, but I’m making a point here. Most of the (closeted) Queer people before network cameras pretend to be breeders. They refuse to come out of the closet and announce that they’re Queer. Despite some advances that have been made for Queers over the decades, those advances are not reflected in 99.9% of corporate network television programming. All the programming on the español language networks I monitor is breeder-based. I am so tired of seeing him fawning over her, him making out with her, him holding needy-her’s hand, him holding her chin, him playing with her hair, her running over to him for more attention with one foot up in the back (she’s perched on one foot) desperate for attention, and him doing other things with her, when it’s more than obvious to me and my reliable Queerdar that “him” is really a closeted Queer boy. Such as the breeder-based dating programme that started on TV Azteca recently in the afternoons. According to my Queerdar, I’ve seen one closet case Queer boy after the other on there wanting to date a female. (roll eyes). Is this stuff for real or is staged just to create a programme? Do they ever have real dates? I don’t know. Mi amigo/My Queer friend says the same about the closet cases on television. In all of the Latino/Hispano/mexicano community, I only know of TWO Queer boys that are out of the closet. Just TWO. That’s it. Those two are Ricky Martín (Enrique Martín Morales) and Christian Chávez (José Christian Chávez Garza). All the others are closet cases despite the public being fed the wishful-thinking lie that “gay is now mainstream.” Yeah sure it is. That’s why I constantly read anti-Queer comments on political message forums and YouTube videos and everywhere else. “Gay is so mainstream” that’s why Queers are saturated all over my television. NOT!

I don’t watch the English-language networks but I would guess that they’re no different. I suspect 99% of the programming on those networks is breeder-based too. In the last few months I’ve read about one or two of those corporate networks planning to do a “gay programme” or bring back one they did in the past. Then some shallow, corporatist Queer organisation jumped up and down in celebration about this. Get. A. Grip. As some of us see it, it’s nothing but a “flash in the pan” in the big scheme of things and nothing to get excited about. Too often with these “gay programmes,” or when they feature a person who is supposedly Queer, they merely show stereotypical Queer guys and lesbians to continue outdated stereotypes. I’ll get exited when corporate networks changed their programming to where a large segment of their programming is Queer-based. I’m not holding my breathe for that to happen. But these little “token” gay programmes are meaningless in the big scheme of things as far as some of us are concerned.

2. 99.9% of the public — including Queers — use that cookie-cutter “LGBT” acronym nonsense because that’s what they see all over the internet. Even the anti-Queer far-right use “LGBT.” Some of us can’t stand the “LGBT” nonsense for several reasons:

1) to begin with, it leaves out Queers entirely…whatever nutball dreamed it up was prejudice against Queers.

2) “LGBT” is the hijacking of the original Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement by lesbians when they were not the dominant group of the moment so why are they getting “top-billing?” and

3) some people are asking: “What’s wrong with you gay guys, why are you giving “top billing” to lesbians? Why are you allowing that when you did most of the work during the Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement? Agreed. Yes, I fail to understand why lesbians get top billing. That makes no sense to me. I’ve read that the “L” was put first by one of those corporatist gay media organisations because lesbians were feeling neglected. (roll eyes) Oh the poor things. Well if their ass had done more during the Gay and Lesbian Movement they wouldn’t feel neglected. They deserve what they get, which is second billing as in GLBTQ, if one must use any acronym. That’s the way it should be written: GLBTQ. But personally, I’m starting to use the word Queer instead of any letters since this topic and acronyms feel like a lost cause.

3. The gay community to me and other Queers now seems dead and closeted. As I write in the article below, they’ve gone from proudly-radical and “out and proud” to proudly discreet which means either you’re closeted and/or cheating on somebody (or both). Looking at personal sex ads (on the site I call ClosetList), most gay guys today are calling themselves “bi” when they’re really gay. They think that “bi” makes them sound more like a breeder, more masculine, manly and macho even though they have no interest at all in pussy or in females but in today’s world lying and deception are in especially in personal sex ads where hardly anything is real about those. Calling oneself “bi” when one is really gay is a form of internalised homophobia because one is ashamed of the word “gay.” Didn’t most Queers work through this years ago during the decades of the Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement? Apparently not! And some of us see a major rise in internalised homophobia in the Queer commmunity today. It’s really pathetic what the Queer community has turned into. Mi amigo/My friend said the other day: “I get the impression that most Queer people are back in the closet.” That’s the impression I get too in the former Gay Mecca of San Francisco.

4. Just like with the breeders, from what we’re seeing most Queers today are wearing all-black or black and gray. What happened to the pretty Rainbow Flag colours, Queer boys? Today, it seems that most Queers consider the Rainbow Flag “too gay.” Yet another example of what I mean by going back in the closet with internalised homophobia. It’s as if Queers consider wearing colour an indicator that they’re Queer rather than a breeder and we can’t have that! No, the breeders are wearing all-black and/or black and gray and looking like white nationalists so the conformist Queers think they must do the same in order to “fit in” and “assimilate” with the breeders. Translation: Going back in the closet. Ugh.

5. In this new tech-zombie San Francisco, mi amigo (a Queer boy) has told me repeatedly about how he has made the mistake of fleetingly glancing at another guy on the sidewalk (no one cruises anyone anymore) — who apparently turns out to be a breeder — and the guy gives mi amigo a very disapproving, snarling angry look as if he’s about to say, “don’t you look at me you faggot.” Sigh. This anti-Queer behaviour did not happen in the San Francisco of the Gay Mecca. This has happened in the new Breeder Mecca and here which has taken over and replaced the former Gay Mecca. I should point out that people who are secure with themselves and their sexuality would not respond the way these breeder basura respond just because another guy happened to fleetingly look at them. Los pendejos.

So in conclusion, to me this all seems like an uphill battle and I’m tired of it and tired of wasting my time writing about it. All I see are breeder people (making out), or Queers (both guys and females) trying to pretend to be breeders and heteronormative so that no one will possibly think that they are Queer because we know how awful that is, right? (More internalised homophobia.) In San Francisco’s Castro, the former gay mecca, I now do a double-take when I see two guys kissing or making out because it is now so rare to see that. I even stop to watch briefly and appreciate them because it’s such a rare sight to see now here in The Breeder Mecca full of fleets of baby strollers. (Have these breeders never heard of birth control of any kind?) These days I expect to see breeders kissing or making out or nearly uncontrollably having sex on the sidewalk (as if they just met) in The Castro. The Castro has been ruined. The Castro today is nothing like it was when I moved here during the height of the Gay Mecca days. Get this: Can you believe that a group of Queers a year or so ago started a project to Queer The Castro? It hasn’t worked, but that’s how bad it’s gotten here with prudish and in some cases anti-Queer breeders taking over The Castro. It used to be that Queer boys and Queer couples walked by my window talking. Now it’s breeders with loud and/or screaming children walking by my window talking. And it seems to be a requirement with breeders that he has to be 3-4 feet taller than her — from my research that’s her requirement — and she has to be submissive to him as if she’s living in the Victorian era where females are supposed to be submissive and subservient to guys (in order to get his attention that needy and high-maintenance her constantly demands from him).

Upon reflection, it seems that Queers will have to have their rights eroded or removed completely to get them out of the closet again and off their electronic leashes and to return to the vigilance and activism of the decades of the former Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement. But from what I see of the apathetic and closeted Queer community today, I’m not holding my breathe that any of that is about to happen anytime soon. Because the attitude of most Queers today seems to be, “I’m like whatever” and “Where’s my phone?” Chau.—el barrio rosa

Do gay male couples exist?

Do gay male couples exist? Not from observing the US corporate media and advertising. This morning mi amigo/my friend was on some site, a political news site, I think. I glanced at his PC screen and there was this big ad image of a “him and her” couple in a fawning over each other position. We’ve seen images like that countless times. Too many times. I’m sick of seeing breeders shoving their sexuality in my face (a complaint they themselves made about Queers some years ago, but of course it’s perfectly okay when breeders do it; their hypocrisy is noted). But an image of a gay male couple in the same position? Never. The image I’m referring to was intended to display Mr and Ms Breeder Couple. The subliminal message of the image: “You must be straight and a breeder to be considered ‘normal’.” I asked mi amigo: Well it’s good that they showed us a gay male couple. Where are they? He said: I never see that anywhere. I said: Exactly. Because it’s as if we don’t exist in the corporate media and advertising and it’s also as if gay guys don’t exist. When they show a Queer couple it’s always two women. It’s always a lesbian couple because lesbians are considered “more acceptable” to the prejudiced and bigoted breeders in our society who have less of a problem seeing two women holding hands, kissing and fawning over each other because the thinking is: “That’s what girls do.” (roll eyes) Earlier in the morning I was researching something gay related — I forget what it was now — and the only images this gay site showed were that of two women. Lesbian couples. No gay male couples exist in their world either? I clicked off. I’ve had it up to here with this shit. I’d go so far to say that since gay marriage became legal in the US, that there’s been this overdrive push to heavily promote breeder/straight sexuality and breeder couples as a backlash to gay marriage, which frankly I rarely hear anything about anymore. Also, when they show gay guys on television, they’re made out to be straight — unless it’s a gay guy to be made fun of — no matter how much one’s gaydar goes off telling one that the guy is obviously gay. I’m thinking of a certain home shopping network specifically. These guys I’m talking about deliberately wear their wedding ring on their “breeder finger” (left hand) to make the audience think they’re straight, rather than on their right-hand fourth finger. (Related: Gay Wedding Ring Deception and Why gay guys should wear their wedding rings on their right hand). On the corporate media and advertising, I also see an excess of images of “him and her” and the “him” is a closeted gay guy — according to my very reliable gaydar — and he’s posing with “her” and of course they have a child. Gotta have a child (or a whole brood of them) as a closeted gay guy to prove that you’re really straight/a breeder. But if you were to say something to Mr Closet Case “him” about it, the claws would come out in defensiveness as he lives in that unhealthy closet here in 2019. But again, a gay male couple in advertising? No where to be found. It’s good that we’ve made so much progress, isn’t it? [sarcasm intended] Only lesbian couples are shown and considered “acceptable.” (Related: Gay Guys are not Equal). Is that what that revisionist history “LGBT” nonsense is about where lesbians get first-billing with the “L” being first in “LGBT?” When the bitches didn’t do most of the work of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and merely rode on the coattails of the Movement and hard work that was really led by gay guys and trans individuals? Has the “L” being first made “lesbians acceptable” even though the rest of us aren’t? If so, note to gay guys: Dudes/Gay boys, we could be the group considered “acceptable” if gay guys hadn’t allowed lesbians to hijack our Movement by moving their big bull dyke asses to first place and hiding gay guys in second place with that conformist “LGBT” lie/revisionist history nonsense that one sees spammed all over the internet. Just because they owned a hog doesn’t mean they had the right to take over our now-dead Movement. Ugh. Chau.—el barrio rosa

“This New City sucks!”

Well, when the neighbourhood (The Castro) began to slowly change I was very slow to talk about it. Was this a temporary change? If not, why even mention it? I had always talked very positively about San Francisco, the City I loved. I’d always had mixed feelings about The Castro (now the former Gay Mecca) because I didn’t always feel welcomed there even as a gay guy. It was too cliquish and conformist. I didn’t fit in. I remember the night standing in Harvey Milk Plaza that I saw something I’d never seen there before: A straight couple making out and kissing under the big Rainbow Flag. Seeing that stunned me, and I’m not easily stunned, shocked or surprised by much. But I’d never seen that in the Plaza or in The Castro ever. Up until then, the breeders didn’t flaunt their sexuality in our faces in — what was turning out to be — the dying Gay Mecca. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I asked mi amigo/my friend who was with me at the time: Why do they have to make out here? If I did that in their neighbourhood — even somewhere else in San Francisco — I’d likely here, “Can you take that back to the Castro? Get out of here! We don’t like that here (with a softly spoken: Faggots).” As it turned out, that first straight kiss I saw in the Plaza was the beginning of what we now see today: A Breeder Mecca and no longer a Gay Mecca. The conservatives around here couldn’t be happier, although you wouldn’t know that to look at their sour faces today. They’ve always wanted this, except it’s really hurt their business and backfired on them because there’s now much less foot traffic. There are so many closed stores now in The Castro. At night it doesn’t feel like a safe or welcoming place to be. They deserve what they get. And these new residents: Ugh. I don’t know where these snotty trash moved here from, but, they have no personality at all or a personality resembling cold cement. Snotty fucks best describes 99% of them. I think part of it is their ageism: They give some of us older guys the nastiest and disapproving looks even though we only fleetingly glance at them without them seeing us do that. On weekends around here, it’s a parade of young, white him-tall/her-short breeder couples. Streams of them. The straights are still continuing to pour in here from somewhere. Where are they coming from and why? That’s another thing we don’t understand. San Francisco is now the most expensive City in the US, so why would breeders want to move to the most expensive place in the country? To show off their wealth or what? The Bay Area is now dubbed “Billionaire Bay” and there are only so many wealthy people. Apparently they’re still falling for that “San Francisco is the city of innovation” myth since we are now the Tech Capital giving corporate welfare through tax breaks to predatory and parasitic millionaire/billionaire-owned tech companies and their seemingly-lobotomised ageist and sexist techies. Most of these guys (these new residents) try to look like hard-assed jocks, especially in the gym according to mi amigo/my friend. Some of them are homophobic yet deliberately moved here, and the female he’s with usually looks as if she has an eating disorder (anorexic-looking). And of course the needy and self-absorbed females with these Millennial guys always need his constant attention, his petting, required hand-holding, stopping every block to make out with her to re-assure her that he still loves needy and insecure her. jesus fucking christ, who has the patience for all of the shit that females require? Gay male couples are nothing like these breeders. The gay male couples seem more mature and secure with themselves. Some of us gay guys don’t go out much on the weekend now to avoid being annoyed with breeder sexuality everywhere we look. A gay guy in my apartment building recently told me that he avoids The Castro “gay” bars because there are too many straight females in them now. When most people around here talk about this change to The City and Castro they talk in code. They never come right out and say what I’m writing here because it’s as if they don’t want to offend the breeders. Well frankly, I don’t give a fuck whether I offend them or not. I’ve had it up to here with them. I know that things change (usually for the worse) and that cities change. But this change has been so extreme and drastic. Mi amigo/My friend heard two gay guys (he was able to find two gay guys at his mostly breeder gym) and one said to the other: “This new city sucks!” The other guy said, “No, they don’t.” Meaning these new residents don’t suck dick. They’re above that and too entitled and self-absorbed and expect to be “serviced.” Mi amigo was up on Twin Peaks the other day. It was nearly all breeders up there and many were making out of course. That’s required, you know. A Breeder couple = you must make out on Twin Peaks or at Ocean Beach. That’s because the corporate media have so brainwashed breeders that they must make out when looking out at any view whether it be the view from Twin Peaks or the view from Ocean Beach. When I was riding my bike up to Twin Peaks on a regular basis I constantly saw “him and her” up there making out. First it starts out with her needing to be held and leaning her head on his chest while looking at the view. Then he puts his arm around her to protect her….from what? Then she gazes up into his eyes with her limpid eyes. He looks down at her holding her chin and then comes the first beso/kiss. I think they’re pretty much all first dates that go up there. They look out at the view as if praying for their happiness as a (dysfunctional) breeder couple by looking at the view of the Bay Area. Note to breeder couples: Your happiness ain’t based on or going to come from some view. Your happiness, if you have any, will come from within. But I saw this nonsense constantly when I was up there. I didn’t see any gay couples do this shit. They knew better. And now here in 2019, if the one gay male couple mi amigo saw up there had started making out there would likely have been howls of, “You guys stop that! Take that down to The Castro.” At which point the gay guys would have had every right to respond to the homophobic bigots by saying, “Why should we take our making out down to The Castro? It’s not welcomed down there either anymore. Haven’t you noticed? And why the fuck don’t you take your sucking face which we don’t care to see either over to the Marina or North Beach (traditionally straight areas of San Francisco)? We’ve heard several longtime local residents mention that they have considered leaving San Francisco because they do not like this New City or The Castro — they say that The Castro has been ruined (which it has), there’s now no culture or art there, there is no Queer activism now (that’s dead) and they can’t stand the people there — but these local residents always run into the #1 snag: Where to go where it won’t be worse? So they say they’re staying here and putting up with it. The same here. (Related: Queering The Castro.)

San Francisco used to be a very Bohemian, welcoming, nonjudgmental City that welcomed the outcast, welcomed the nonconformist, welcomed the alternative and people who were not accepted anywhere else for various reasons. Not any more. This New City of conformist snotty Millennials who have moved here in droves have completely erased the Old City. Again, I don’t know where these snots came from but they are some of the most unfriendly, culture-less, seemingly-lobotomised and judgmental people one will find anywhere if one does not look exactly like them. And they’re usually wearing drab and depressed-looking all-black or black and grey clothing as if they’re part of some cult. They also seem to have been born without vocal chords and were never taught (or rejected) good manners and politeness. They think everyone owes them the world; they think they are very special and self-entitled. When I researched them awhile back, I read that their “baby boomer” parents brainwashed them with this thinking that they are very special people and deserve the best, no matter how fucking stupid they act. They have ruined this City with their “Conform! Conform! Obey” way of thinking. Most of them are straight or pretend to be (closet cases) with some homophobia. One sees very few gay male couples among the Millennials, and on the odd occasion that you do, they’re just as fucking snotty and unfriendly as all the others. They refuse to look at anyone who is older as if brainwashed with ageism. There’s no sense or feel of “community” at all now. That’s why some long time San Franciscans have been heard saying, “This New City sucks!”

“Assimilated” really means back in the closet (US)

And the closet cases among us do try so hard to convince themselves and the public that they’re straight. After a minute of research on this guy I saw on television, my search engine brought up a profile that read: “Husband, dad, ….” That’s the first thing on the guy’s mind to tell everyone that he’s a husband and dad, or a breeder? That seemed irrelevant to the site I was on. Of course anyone coming to this page would likely know that a “husband and dad” can also apply to a gay guy, but that’s not at all the intent here. Since most people wouldn’t even remember that gay marriage exists, this guy and thousands just like him want people to think he’s straight. He may have a wife and kids but that doesn’t make him straight. He’s still a closet case. And he too wears his wedding ring on the “breeder finger.” But even the lamest Gaydar(TM) can tell that this guy is Queer/Gay. I told mi amigo/my friend about this and he said, “But don’t you know? Gay is out, straight is in. Everyone is supposed to be straight now.” He wasn’t joking. That indeed does seem to be the way it is now including here in San Francisco. I can’t remember the last time I heard the word “gay” spoken in The Castro, the former Gay Mecca, or anywhere here! It’s as though the breeders have hijacked the Rainbow Flag. I’m serious….”the gays” certainly don’t seem to have much interest in it these days. In fact, they’ve run from it. (Related: The Rainbow Flag is now “too gay?”). And in some comment sections, people can’t even use the words “gay” or “Queer.” Instead, they write, “I didn’t know he was like that.” “Like that?” That’s language right out of the 1940-50s, an era we’re quickly racing back towards in case one hasn’t noticed.

It’s essentially back in the closet

I was talking with some amigos of mine. We were talking about how San Francisco has changed, for the worse. They said, “Have you noticed how the gay guys are trying to look like straight guys and how the straight guys are trying to look like gay guys, for some damn reason? Yes, I’ve noticed that. The problem with this is that you don’t know who is straight and who is gay because the gay guys give no sign or indication that they’re gay. Mi amigo/My friends says that’s exactly the way it is at his gym. It’s like the gay guys have gone back in the closet, and nobody looks at anyone, and is even afraid to. Look at the wrong guy and watch out! And you don’t dare look at any of these guys in any cruising way because you’ll get this nasty, chip on both shoulders look from the guy as if he’s saying: “Don’t look at me, you faggot.” Sigh. My friends were telling me that they’ve quickly looked at some of these guys and felt threatened for their safety — the opposite of the way it used to be around here — as if they were looking at the wrong guy at the wrong time. Because they were looking at supposedly straight guys who look like gay guys and there’s no way to tell the difference. So yes, it has essentially gone back to the way it was from the start before the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement even began. It feels like gay guys have nearly all gone back in the closet. I’ve read similar things about other US cities. It’s a really fucked up time. My gay friends asked me what I thought. Well, I’m just glad that I got to live through the Gay Mecca decades, a time where gay guys were out of the closet and lived in a safe and accepting area that I got to experience and a very important historical movement, which by all indications today appears to be absolutely dead. I’ve seen the same thing with gay guys. I know what my gaydar tells me, but closet cases can act just like belligerent and “don’t-you-dare-look-at-me-faggot” as straight guys. These are weird days and these days in San Francisco I have to admit that I rarely look at anyone because I don’t want to be annoyed by someone’s ugly look at me, especially the frown-faced Millennials. If they aren’t a piece of work! I don’t feel like having some nasty, belligerent look directed at me by what seems to be some asshole. Mi amigo/My friend says the same thing. He’s constantly telling me about the strange and nasty looks he gets from people. He’s an average looking guy. Nothing unusual about him but yet he gets these nasty looks from nuts as if they’re thinking, “Are you a terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrist?” (roll eyes) Loco./Crazy. Rhetorically, I asked: How much longer are they going to leave up all this Rainbow Flag symbolism in The Castro when it does not fit the area anymore? The Castro is now mostly straight/breeders. I see a stream of young straight couples looking like they just met — her requiring a kiss and make-out session from him every 10-15 seconds to reassure needy her that he still loves her even though they just met based on their behaviour — flowing by my apartment headed into The Castro. So the Rainbow Flag symbolism and history of the area no longer applies. I know they’re trying to exploit the tourists but all any tourists has to do is look around and see that the area is now straight so the Queer symbols is misplaced, and what they’re trying to pretend the area still is doesn’t exist anymore. It’s out of place. And how do breeder couples feel about making out around so many Rainbow Flags? As I’ve written before, it’s almost as if the breeders have hijacked the Rainbow Flag the way they seem to like to make out under them. But if I were straight, it would feel a bit weird to me as if I were in the wrong neighbourhood. Chau.—el barrio rosa

This “straight” guy was all hot for mi amigo

Some tourists visiting San Francisco stopped mi amigo/my friend to ask some questions about directions, and mi amigo “fucked” with the guy because he knew he was a Queer boy. The Queer boy was married to the female he was with. That story has played out millions of times throughout history. She was a little older than the guy and he was wearing a wedding ring on the breeder finger (left hand fourth finger). Mi amigo told me: The guy was obviously a closet case with a wife. He (the guy) was doing all he could to hold back and not have her see him show interest in me. Mi amigo and the guy flirted for a few moments when she wasn’t looking. There was this rather intense “gay vibe” between us, as the guy and I kept looking at each other, then looking down so she wouldn’t catch us heavily cruising each other. As they left, it was clear that mi amigo had made a rather strong and probably lasting impression on the guy and the guy will likely be jacking off to this for some time, and asking himself: Why am I with her? (My answer: Because of society’s Breeder Brainwashing which still brainwashes the masses with the thinking that “you must be straight to be normal”). Mi amigo told me: The guy had his shirt off, was fairly good looking, was probably in his 60s, but it’s so rare to see any guy with his shirt off in today’s male-body-image-phobic society where a guy has to be completely covered up from head to toe. What’s hard for me to understand about this: These closet cases are married to a female and deliberately come to a former Gay Mecca (or maybe they think San Francisco and The Castro are still is a Gay Mecca) even though it isn’t and they still remain closeted here. And as I’ve written before, it seems that most gay guys who live here have gone back in the closet judging by their closeted behaviour and their “discreet” and “down low” and “behind closed doors” language. Maybe if she (his wife) wasn’t with him (this tourist guy all hot for mi amigo), he would have acted completely differently. But the sparks were flying there between them for a few moments. Is she in denial that her husband is gay? That’s often the case with closet case guys. Or because of fantasies, if she hadn’t been there would this situation not been as hot for the guy? That can be part of the hot fantasy for closet cases. To do something that is “forbidden.” Mi amigo said he sort of felt that is what was going on. That the guy was energised by the spontaneousness of it all, with his wife present. On another topic, mi amigo is seeing more and more gay guys (per his reliable gaydar) on U-toob in their videos with their (can you guess?) with their wives. This is what the now-dead Gay Rights Movement fought decades for, is it? For gay guys to marry women and have “a wife?” The same closeted behaviour that has happened for generations. That’s why, upon reflection, at this point the Movement seems like it was a waste of time. So gay guys can pretend to be straight and a breeder. How is that any different than it was before the Movement began? Insane. In many cases, it’s so obvious that the guy is gay. Can’t she see it or is she in denial? I told him: I believe it’s called “going back in the closet.” Sigh. Then he commented on the few gay guys he sees in The Castro on his walks. He said “They’re so snotty. No sense of community. Millennial snots and all they do is look at their phone.” Like I’ve said, you can saturate the Marina district of San Francisco (a traditionally breeder area) with Rainbow Flags but that won’t make the Marina a gay area. The same with The Castro with its over-saturation of Rainbow Flag symbolism. Chau.—el barrio rosa

We don’t smell or have shit in our hair.

So why do we get the nasty looks we do? Mi amigo/My friend and I had dinner the other night with a gay couple we know. They’ve been together for nearly 30 years. They told us they’ve always felt accepted in San Francisco, until the City changed some years ago. Since the Tech Industrial Complex came in and raped San Francisco bringing with it thousands of (mostly) snarly, frown-faced/even angry-looking, cold, seemingly-lobotomised wealthy Millennials — most of whom honestly act like the worst of assholes, what is wrong with these people? — this gay couple told us they no longer feel accepted in the City they have called home for decades. To these new Millennial residents: No one forced your elitist and snotty ass to move here and it’s not our fault that you hate that fucking tech job that you fell for when it was marketed to you with the “San Francisco is the city of innovation” bull shit. This gay couple said, “It’s just really different now. We get the nastiest looks from people and especially from other gay guys, or guys that our gaydar tells us are gay. Or are they back in the closet and don’t like seeing a gay couple? We get these nasty looks regardless of the person’s age. We’ve learned not to look at anyone because of the snarls and disapproving looks we get. We don’t understand it. This did not happen in the Old City before tech came in. Maybe it’s that people here are so unhappy with their own lives now or most are having terrible days and are thinking about that when they see us. Whatever the reason, it’s not good. It makes us feel isolated and we also feel like isolating ourselves. We usually stay in on weekends when we know the Millennial snots are out in droves with their signature frowned face.”

With this gay couple, both guys are average-looking guys. Nothing out of the ordinary about either of them. They wear some colour in their clothing, but they’ve tried wearing all-black or black and grey which seems to be San Francisco’s Official Dress Code in this new conformist City where most people look like they’re going to a funeral, and they say they get the same nasty reactions no matter what they wear. They are a gay couple in their 60s and it’s not as if they’re out cruising anyone or anything like that. They told me they get the same reaction from other gay guys who look around their same age. One said: It’s become so rare to get a friendly, human look of content from anyone that we say to each other when that happens, “We’re shocked that someone actually smiled at us today – write it on the calendar that this happened.”

We understand. Mi amigo/my friend and I get the same thing. Our society has decayed to a level where just basic common courtesy and human kindness of minimal friendliness is a thing of the past in this new City of San Francisco, with few exceptions to that. It’s why some of us say about San Francisco, “It’s nothing like it was.” As an analogy, today’s San Francisco makes Manhattan look like Mayberry with friendly Aunt Bea and Clara and others. In other words, snooty and snotty Manhattan has nothing on San Francisco. This gay couple told us: “We’re both into boys, we’re gay” but in this new City we feel very leery of looking at other boys now. We don’t understand what it is that people are thinking or thinking about us when they see us.”

Well, you’re not alone. We completely relate to what you’re saying and we’ve heard the same thing from other people.

On another topic: Anyone else noticed this silly new fad in San Francisco where every pair of jeans a person wears has to look like they’ve never been worn before, as if people have the “disposal income” for skin-tight disposable jeans? Loco. Crazy. In the Old City, we wore jeans until they were very comfortable and had some holes in them — I still wear them whether anyone likes it or not, like the ones I have on at the moment — and that was considered sexy especially in the former-radical Gay Mecca, which is long gone. Today, that type of jean is sold as “Vintage.” But for the most part, gone are the “vintage” comfortable looking jeans. The conformist Millineals have to all look alike in their absolutely new beyond-skin-tight jeans, only to be worn once and thrown away? That’s the way it seems. It must take them quite a while to get into them and out of them, especially if the person sweaty, as skin-tight as they are to the point where the legs can’t breathe. They’re worn by males and females. Most of the Millennial females look like anorexic cases to begin with as if they have an eating disorder. And I’ve seen some females poured into these skin-tight jeans and they looked more like “a stuffed pig.” It was quite a sight. She thinks she looks good in them with that big ass and thick thighs? Also these skin-tight jeans are not healthy as that can encourage bacteria, fungus infections and other types of skin disorders. But judging by this craze, most don’t care about any of that. This fad overrides any of that. Fads often override “common sense.” Chau.—el barrio rosa

The Naked Guys Are Back (San Francisco’s Castro). Aren’t you Excited?

Well, three of them are. Mi amigo went into The Castro on Sunday afternoon, 14 April 2019. It was moderately crowded. About two-thirds Millennial queers and the rest breeders. Where did the queers come from, I asked, since they’re not here any other time? He said they looked like the “Bridge and Tunnel” crowd — so they’re just here for the cheap watered-down alcohol from other cities in the Bay Area — and there were some old queer guys with their walking canes from the Old City going from bar to bar. But most were snotty Milleneals wearing all-black clothing. They were wearing the ubiquitous lingerie and skin-tight black jeans as is the standard these days around here. There were 3 naked guys from the Old City cruising The Castro. Mi amigo saw no queer guys looking at them. Only the obnoxious straights were looking at them — as if they had never seen a naked person before — and were making fun of them. Yes, they (presumably prudish breeder women) come over here to a former queer area to make fun of queers, or the few remaining queers. That’s the bottom line. But the naked guys are still here apparently but they were getting nothing but hate, and comments from immature breeders passing by them. Three women who apparently know no history of The Castro were making fun of one of the older naked guy’s and his small dick size (it was cold out) saying to him, “You expect to get a girl with that?” Does this ignorant bitch always make assumptions about people’s sexuality she knows nothing about? Go back to your hick and prudish Breedersville, bitch. Fuck off, ya trash. You know that straight guys don’t walk around naked because they’re too ashamed with body-image issues and too prudish to do that. They don’t want any “faggots” to even look at their “junk.” This naked guy was wearing a leather cock ring, a very small one. But that bitch’s immature comment is not what one would expect to hear in a former Gay Mecca saturated with Rainbow Flags. Which makes some of us think that the breeders have hijacked the Rainbow Flag as well. Again, a comment about “getting a girl” is not what one would expect to hear in a former queer area and where there are still a few queers, on the rare occasion. These trash were assuming the naked guy’s sexual orientation when it was clear to mi amigo/my friend that the guy is queer and felt comfortable being naked in what used to be a queer/gay neighbourhood. So, dear reader, this is what the New San Francisco and Castro have become. The opposite of what it was. Script writers couldn’t make this shit up. But this is what the conservatives have wanted for years. I hope they’re happy now, but looking at their frowned faces, they don’t look happy.

One of the queer bars was having a straight event. You read that correctly. Yes, a straight event. Could someone please explain to me why a queer bar would be having a straight event? Why? Well, it’s the Century of Insanity where that type of thing happens, so I guess I should expect it. Always good to promote breeder sexuality in a former Gay Mecca. This City is full of straight bars so why the fuck does a queer bar in The Castro feel the need to have a straight event is beyond us! Well, they’re just trying to cash-in on the new Breeder Mecca which The Castro is most of the time. The other queer bars were packed with a mix of breeders and queers. Can someone tell me again why breeders go to queer bars? Is it to take them over? I have no interest in going to a breeder bar. There were of course the black baby strollers in The Castro, something I never saw in the Old City. And that brings us to another topic:

I got an e-mail from a local queer guy who told me he was down cruising on Market Street near Castro here in San Francisco and he never got a single
look from any guy because what few queer guys there were, they were looking at their damn phone. If one thinks one can “cruise” The Castro and pick up guys, you’re wrong. It’s impossible, unlike the days of the Old City where that was common. As I’ve written before, cruising is long gone here. I don’t see anyone cruising anything but their phone(s) and some of these addicts have multiple phones. Often the guy one is desperately looking for on that phone just walked by him on the sidewalk but neither of you saw each other because you couldn’t bring yourself to look up from that fucking screen. And when one does meet the guy, he has no social skills at all to talk and meet “in person” anyway, so why bother? All he does is stand there and stare as if born without any vocal cords. I suspect such a get-together would resort to texting each other sitting side-by-side on the couch, like so many couples do these days, queers or breeders. Mi amigo said yesterday: I do long for the Old City and its friendliness. Yes, I do understand. This New City sucks. Although the Old City wasn’t that friendly either, but compared to this one it was. It was far friendlier than this New City with its snarly, frowny-faced, chip-on-both-shoulder Milleneals where the words “hello” and “excuse me” are not in their vocabulary. Mi amigo said: It’s depressing being in The Castro these days. It’s similar where you think back on your past and no one you knew is there. Yes, I think it’s the same empty feeling I feel when I think about my disco days with my friends in DC or my experience in Orchestra Choruses, where the Chorus today is an entirely new group of choristers (where is the group I sang with today?), or in the case of the renowned University of Maryland Chorus, they’re no longer around. They were so outstanding so it’s sad to think they’re no longer around. They were disband by the University of Maryland some years ago. But I do know how he feels because I feel the same way. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Why would a closet case move to a (former) gay area?

Mi amigo/My friend and I went grocery shopping today and we couldn’t help but notice the number of closet cases in the store with females, as if they were a breeder couple. You may be asking, “In San Francisco you’re seeing this?” Yes, absolutely. Sounds loco/crazy doesn’t it? The majority of them could not shop without their phone. One wonder how these people ate before they got addicted to a phone? But “Why would a closet case move to a gay area?” is a question that continues to come up here in San Francisco. We continue to see young Millennial “straight” couples together where it’s obvious to us that the guy is queer. No doubt. He tries to hide it including his fleeting cruising and seems to go out of his way to avoid looking at another guy, or anyone really. With San Francisco’s reputation of being a Gay Mecca for decades, I suspect most people including these closet cases still think we are a Gay Mecca, even though we’re not. Most of these new residents seem to have moved here without knowing anything about San Francisco. The Gay Mecca is long gone. The Gay Mecca is now a Breeder Mecca. The breeders have taken over with their in-your-face hand holding and make out sessions under Rainbow Flags. So, considering we’re probably still seen as a Gay Mecca to most people who don’t live here, why would a closet case deliberately move to The Castro or Upper Market or hang out there when they have the whole City (of breeders) where they could be? Or is it because he thinks he might be able to “get some on the side” that she won’t know about. Living a lie, in other words. It annoys, frustrates me, even makes me a bit angry to see a gay boy with his gay shame living a lie here in 2019, not being true to himself and moved to San Francisco, of all places! Why would he move to San Francisco to stay in the fucking closet? Mind-boggling. You would think that a closet case would have moved to a place like Mayberry being that ashamed of his queer sexual orientation. Chau.—el barrio rosa

It’s hard to watch. Maybe it’s the same way where you live.

(25 April 2019) This sort of feels like another version of the last thing I wrote directly up above. I guess that’s because it feels like this can’t be overstated. Living in San Francisco where many things now are the opposite of what they used to be is hard to watch for us longtime residents who were active during and lived through the now-gone San Francisco Gay Mecca decades. Seeing all of the closeted gay guys with girlfriends/wives in Upper Market and in Cole Valley, some of whom (the guys) heavily cruise us “discreetly” and on the “down low” (closeted) when she’s not looking. In some cases she catches him looking and we’ve seen Ms Bitch give him an elbow in his rib along with a “Don’t you dare look at another guy” look. Listen Ms Bitch, you can’t control who he looks at. Fuck off. When will she realise that her boyfriend or husband is really queer but in the closet? And there are thousands more just like him. Why would someone who grew up during The Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement be in the closet? What anti-gay stuff did he hear his boomer parents say in conversations or say to him directly? Or is he merely following the perfunctory and ubiquitous societal “Family Script” laid out for him where he’s expected to be with a female and is pestered about, “Do you have a girlfriend?” That’s followed by “When are you two getting married?” That’s followed by “When are you going to have a baby?” Rather than have the courage to be true to himself and honest with people and come out of the closet he resorts to living a lie and pretending to be a straight guy because that’s expected of him by his anti-gay family and possibly friends. And the thing is, this closeted gay guy with a female moved to a City that used to be a Gay Mecca or did they hook up after they moved here, in his case, out of gay shame? That’s the irony of it all. Or did they move here because he was thinking he might be able to get some dick on the side? Well good luck with that! It’s not at all the way it used to be here now where getting dick on the side was easier to do, or at least dick that you want. Do these closeted guys not know that the Gay Mecca is gone before they move here? Most of the new snotty and arrogant Millennial residents seem to have moved here without ever having heard of San Francisco based on their behaviour and what we’ve heard some of them say, and their demeanor. With these Millennial straight couples, they sneer at anyone who is older than them, whom, from what I’ve read they blame for all the problems in today’s world. The fact is some of us have nothing to do with today’s problems and are not responsible for them because we protested and fought against them for decades before these Millennial trash that I’m talking about were even born. These Millennial straight couples (with the closeted gay guy?) apparently take no responsibility for their own miserable lives. Everybody else is to blame for their problems. Most of these Millennials are extremely ageist. With one closet case after the other we see variations of this. Overall, they are the unfriendliest of people as if they’re saying, “Get out of my City.” Listen assholes, some of us have lived here long before these Millennial trash were ever a thought. It’s rare to see a gay couple anymore and when we do, it’s usually a gay couple from the Old City (meaning an older couple) so we stop and look in appreciation of them for a few moments. But they’re usually just as snotty and unfriendly as the Millennials. There’s absolutely no sense of “community” here in San Francisco by any definition anymore, which is saddening and depressing, especially to us longtime residents. To tell you the truth, I never thought that San Francisco was that friendly to begin with, but the Old City was more friendly than this new lobotomised and culture-less City of San Francisco owned by Tech Industrial Complex. One wonders why all of these closeted Millennial gay guys moved here to San Francisco, the most expensive City in the US, — with girlfriends or wives? What idiots would move to the most expensive place in the country? That doesn’t seem very intelligent to some of us. But they’re probably all the techies with their “everybody’s doing it so we have to move there too” mentality, and with their revisionist history they say that they have come here in droves to “save a dying City and make it a modern city.” Considering what they’ve done to San Francisco, “Modern” means = cold, lobotomised, snotty and snotty, and elitist and a playground for the super-wealthy. It’s now called Billionaire Bay. That’s what they’ve made it. Even if San Francisco were dying before they arrived here (which it wasn’t), why did they feel it their responsibility to save a dying City? And why San Francisco? The reality is that the Old City was not dying whatsoever. So this revisionist history on the part of the elitist Millennials is just a head trip on their part. The assholes. And I always have to say this because of the stupid people out there: I’m not talking about all Millennials. Just the majority of them from our experience. I think there are maybe five Millennials who don’t act like the worst of human trash. I’ve just not met them, except one or two of them and we got along fine. They weren’t ageist, snotty or self-absorbed/entitled. But as for the rest, ugh, groan, I often ask: “Where did these Millennial trash come from?” And I would like to know that. What backwater cesspool did these pathetic samples of human beings come from? In the Old City, I didn’t know any gay guys who were in the closet. Today, that seems to be all there is. It feels like we’re back in the 1940s. It’s really stunning that a Gay Mecca would turn into this because the straights/breeders took over. Gracias for reading. Chau.—el barrio rosa

A Womanised Guy. Also, Closet Cases Go Overboard with Breeding to Prove They’re Straight

With Breeder couples, it seems that women dream of taking a guy and “taming him” and trying to “own him.” Rather than accepting a guy as he is, many busy-body and needy women feel it’s their responsibility to change a guy into what they want him to be after they meet him and force a family on him. The first thing a woman wants to know is: How much money are you going to spend on me, and how many children are you going to give me? These women don’t seem to understand that maybe it is they themselves who need to change and stop being so “drippy pussy” syrupy emotional and like an emotional train wreck about everything as well as their twisted and needy approach to men. It’s as if they’re always looking for a replacement for their daddy in another guy. Women and men are definitely different and having been around my share of emotional wreck women, I much prefer guys, assuming he hasn’t been changed or womanised by some “soft” needy woman. Guys are pretty much the same day after day; pretty emotionally stable from my experience. But women! I cannot say the same about women who are often all jacked up about the latest drama, usually of their own creation. They go from one trivial drama to another and barely have 1-2 days in between the dramas to recover. Take an anti-depressant and create another drama. Their life can often be one continual chaotic mess after the other. Mi amigo/My friend who started out with females before he came out of the closet knows all about womanised guys. He can spot them a mile away after a few moments. From being around him, I now can spot them quickly too. Women can’t just accept a guy for the way he is, they feel they have to make the guy to the way they want him and tailor the guy to their ways and their needs. Well, if the guy’s parents couldn’t change him — assuming they felt he needed to be changed — why does she think she can? It’s because she wants babies to give her more attention from people and the guy is responsible for the income to provide for the babies up until the age of 18, at least. Most guys have no clue of what they’re getting into with a female. Is that pussy and tits really worth it? It’s not according to my straight neighbour. Over the years, just having females have friends have been a challenge. It’s like they have multiple personalities and you never know which person you’re going to get at any moment: Is it the nice person that was originally appealing as a friend, or is it Ms Bitch who became the opposite of the nice person, or the person somewhere in between or nothing like the other two personalities inside the same female? Mi amigo says the same from his experience. A female’s mood can change as quickly as turning on a light switch and you don’t know what you said or did to cause this emotional change in her as she storms out of the room in tears. I’m thinking: WTF is wrong with her? I never had a guy act like that. When females talk about changing guys, they’re talking about income and meeting her emotional needs. Bottom line: A straight (or gay but in the closet) womanised guy comes off like he’s a female. He talks like a female and he talks frequently about “love” to the extreme. He’s very syrupy like a female and seems to be overloaded with estrogen rather than a reasonable amount of testosterone. The other day, the television was on and this closet case guy was being interviewed — he’s a musician — and I was doing some research on him. Mi amigo/My friend walked in the room and without me saying a word asked, “Who’s that gay guy on the television? Oh let me guess, he’s straight with a wife and kids, right? Since that’s the new fad these days.” I said: Well you’re not far off. In fact, you’re spot on. What you just said about him is completely correct. Yes, I too said he’s a gay guy from watching his body language and listening to him talk in the interview. He’s certainly no Mr Macho Straight Guy. The reason I started to research him is because on the bottom of the screen it talked about “fatherhood.” I asked the television: Him, a father? Or do they mean a gay guy who has adopted children and is a father? After some time, I found a picture of him with his wife (of course) and he’s pumped out 3-4 children (of course). That’s one thing I’ve noticed about closet cases. They seem to have to go overboard on having children. One is not enough. The thinking seems to be that the more children they have is a way of proving to everyone how straight he is and a breeder, so he needs at least 3. A gay guy (closet case) who lived across the street from me up until a few months ago was the same way. Mr Gay Closet Case and his wife were on their third child. My straight neighbour told me he had talked with the guy a few times and it was obvious to him that the guy was gay, but in the closet. The musician I mentioned who was interviewed on television has been completely womanised when you see that he wrote from his music tour this syrupy stuff: “Just one more night before I see your sweet face and can hold the people (meaning his children) we’re teaching how to love.” (Link). (roll eyes). Oh jesus, fucking christ. That’s what I call: Drippy pussy. The syrup flows. It’s all right to say that to the person directly on the phone but you don’t need to tweet it so the whole world sees it. Or was that why he did it? So that as many people as possible would see it and see the picture of him cheek-to-cheek with his wife and child and be convinced that he’s straight. What mi amigo/my friend and I saw was another closet case with a female and kids and the dude has been completely womanised. I wonder when guys will try to men-ize women so that not every other word out of their mouths is the word “love.” It’s a bit much. Then I found an image of this musician being kissed on the cheek back stage by another guy (who also looks queer) and the musician looked quite comfortable in his “queer pose” for the kiss. A genuine straight guy would likely be trying to move away from the guy kissing him rather than leaning into him and welcoming the kiss. It’s back to the 1940s where it’s “in” to be in the closet. No need for gay pride events or pride parades. Pride is over. Been there, done that. Although I suspect this guy hasn’t. And it’s not back in the closet for him. He never came out, I suspect. (Related: Closet Talk: Married Anonymous Guys Share The Awful Reality Closeted!) Chau.—el barrio rosa

His parents are trying to make him a straight boy

A breeder family lives across the street from me. I remember the day they moved in, probably 20+ years ago. This straight couple had children late. I think they’re now both in their early 60s. Their faces both look like hell now from raising two children. And they’re both as snotty and unfriendly as the Millennials around here. Their daughter is probably around 15, I’d say. Her phone seems to be her life. The boy (their son) is 10 or 11. He’s very interested in the birds in our neighbourhood which sort of clashes with the Mr Jock personae that his dad and mother are trying to indoctrinate into him. How many jocks do you know are interested in trees and birds? They live in the Upper Market area of San Francisco which was part of the Gay Mecca when the Mecca existed. This area used to be full of queer boys. Today it’s mostly breeders, some Old City and Millennial snots. It’s now a very unfriendly area. On one occasion awhile back, I overheard the boy’s dad say something to a neighbour about how his son was really into baseball. That’s odd, I’ve never seen the boy with anything having to do with baseball other than, today, wearing a black baseball cap. Years ago I heard the boy’s mother say how she loved being a “soccer mom” even though at the time neither of her children were involved in any sports because they were too young. I think her thinking was: “It’s not that you actually have to play soccer, it’s just that you talk about your children that play soccer, whether they do or don’t.” Based on how they dress for school, both children are in private, conservative, religious schools. From what I’ve seen of their daughter, to me, she looks like a lesbian. Have the parents detected that from her yet? The boy is also in the Scouts. They’re really trying to brainwash him. I sense that the parents are doing everything they can to “make our boy straight” with the baseball cap and Mr Jock clothing. Note to idiot parents: Your son’s sexuality was determined before he came out of her pussy. One cannot change one’s sexuality through brainwashing, including using sports clothing or any other type of clothing. And living in San Francisco — of all places — one would think you would know this considering you lived through the Gay Mecca decades here. You can’t make your boy “straight” by putting a baseball cap on him or any jock clothing or having him play with balls and baseball. But you can make him want to stay in the closet and pretend to be straight and live a lie about his sexuality — and possibly ruin many people’s lives by doing so by “getting the girl” and breeding and then later possibly coming out of the closet and going through a divorce and having to pay child support until his children are 18 years old — if he’s queer, because of all the anti-queer messages you’ve given to him through his upbringing. But I have seen other breeder parents in the neighbourhood do the same thing: Put sports clothing — especially a baseball cap because again, that’s supposed to immediately make any guy “a jock” — on their little boys to “make him straight.” Human sexuality doesn’t work that way, parents. Of course there are many faux “straight” guys, but in reality they are not straight. They are closeted gay guys, and merely wearing a baseball cap doesn’t make a gay guy want to fuck pussy. Now, should the girl go to her mother and say, “Mom, you know, I think I like girls, I think I’m gay.” Her mother would likely say to her, “Are you sure, honey? Well, bring any nice girls you like here to the house. I’d love to meet them. They are welcome here.” If the boy were to go to his mother or father and say, “You know, I think I like boys, I think I’m gay” their reaction would likely be: “NO! NO! NO! NO! Don’t tell me that. I don’t want to hear that. We will change that. We didn’t raise you as a sports jock, put you in the Scouts and have you in a conservative religious school to have you turn out to be a faggot. That is completely unacceptable to us. The boy says, “But mom and dad, you told me this used to be a gay area so I thought you’d be cool with it.” His parents say, “It was cool as long as no one in my family was ‘like that.’ This is completely unacceptable. We’re putting you in therapy ASAP.” The boy says: But I’ve seen you talk with the few remaining gay guys around here in a friendly way. His dad says: That’s only because they’re homeowners like us and they are not my family. I’m just being polite to them. If they were renters, I’d completely ignore them. It’s part of San Francisco’s class-warfare of “homeowners (wealthy) versus renters (poor).” The boy says: “But you told my sister it was okay if she brought girls here.” The parents say to him: “That’s different. She’s a girl. That’s what girls do. Some girls like girls. Boys are not supposed to like other boys. That’s weird. That’s not normal. You listen to us carefully: We have big plans for you as our straight son. You better be straight!!! You’re supposed to make us grandparents by getting married to a girl and being normal. So what you’re telling us is completely unacceptable.” Well, a conversation like that might take place sometime in the future. Or, both children will stay in the closet, if either of them are queer. Or perhaps just their daughter will half-way come out by bringing girls to the house. So far, I’ve only seen girls show up over there, but at this time she’s too young to be dating anybody I should think. Maybe her mother says to her: “No boys can come here. It’s too soon for you to be bringing boys to the house. Only girls.” Their possibly-lesbian daughter is thinking: Oh don’t worry mom, I promise I won’t bring any boys to the house yet. Just girls. As their daughter walks back to her room jumping up and down she’s thinking: I can bring all the girls here that I want! She doesn’t know how that makes me feel. How about that! In fact, you’ll never see a boy here other than my brother. Chau.

They hate this new City (San Francisco)

(mayo de 2019/May 2019) Mi amigo/My friend ran into an Old City queer couple today on his walk. He really enjoyed talking with them and they talked about an hour. He said it was so refreshing to talk with people who were born with vocal chords and had social skills and were friendly — unlike most of these new snotty-assed, angry-looking Millennial trash who don’t have the ability to talk — and he said talking with them was like listening to us talk about how San Francisco and The Castro have done a 180. He said: “They sounded just like us. So it’s not just us who have noticed these negative changes. They hate this New City, they can’t stand the new Disney-fied Castro and the people. They say, like you say, that they don’t care if every merchant goes out of business in The Castro because they are responsible for ruining The Castro along with corporate politician Scott Penis and the former (now dead) mayor. They mainly blame them for these changes. I won’t go into all that they talked about because it’s nearly all that I’ve written about over the years. They agree with us that the so-called queer community is now dead. Fin. The End. There’s nothing going on anywhere. They’ve checked out other cities (they said they looked all over the world) but said they’re staying here because considering how San Francisco has been ruined and the awful snotty-assed people living here now, it’s still better than the other places they’ve been. (Really?) They talked about how our Halloween was ruined and that the end of The Castro was the sidewalk widening project which was intended to wash away the history of the Gay Mecca, which it did, along with the gay neighbourhood. They kept blaming asshole Scott Penis — a heteronormative gay guy conservative politician charading as a “moderate” who doesn’t like to see dicks — and our ex-mayor for ruining the now so-called queer community. It’s as if Scott Penis moved here from New Jersey deliberately to ruin The Castro because he (living in New Jersey) didn’t like what he was seeing on his television about The Gay Mecca. Yes, I remember when he was being referred to as “Boy Wonder” in the neighbourhood and the conservatives were all but genuflecting to him when they passed him on the sidewalk in The Castro. It was quite a spectacle. The so-called queer community had already become very conservative so they en masse voted for this phone zombie asshole. That’s how he got in office for two terms. (Every time I’ve had the misfortune of seeing his face he’s on his fucking phone). I don’t pay much attention to politics anymore for my own health and sanity, but I don’t think that Scott Penis is being treated as the messiah figure in Sacramento that he was when he was on the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco. I sense he’s been relegated to a lower profile. About fucking time that people stop worshipping his homeless-hating elitist ass. When he was on the Board, one got the impression that he was the only person on the Board. You rarely heard about anyone else. It was always about messiah Scott Penis has spoken. Let’s all bow down and worship this new-found saviour. Ugh. You would have thought that he was the President of the Board even though he wasn’t. It was as if the corporate media contacted him directly and nobody else because it was his pus/his face that you saw on the television. Chau.

Most queers have become so fucking conservative (San Francisco)

What more can be said about this that I’ve not talked about for years? What brought this up was that one of the snotty queer guys in my neighbourhood bought a big new car today. Why didn’t he buy a small car? Not smart enough to do so? He’ll enjoy trying to park the thing — “Oh, I didn’t think about that!” — and it will turn into an oven when it’s hot out because of its colour. He’s probably in his 50s, maybe. Over the years, I’ve managed to get one smile out of him. I now completely ignore him to avoid seeing his constant frown. His partner is the opposite. He smiles at me and says hello. I can’t imagine how the two possibly met when they seem like such opposites in the friendly category. The snotty guy dresses very conservatively, his partner less so. Please keep in mind that these are queer boys who lived through the proudly-radical Gay Mecca decades here in San Francisco. Today, they are the opposite of anything remotely “proudly-radical.” Like most queers here today, if anything, they are proudly conservative, even if they align with the corrupt right-wing “Democratic” Party Cult, which often serves as enablers for the Republican Party Cult. So this new car that he bought looks like everyone else’s. It reminds me of the City’s dress code/clothing fad here: Conform! Obey! Wear black and grey! You should always dress as if going to or coming back from a funeral. His new car could be confused for a hearse. It’s this dull, depressing, drab metallic grey. Upon reflection, it fits his personality. An ugly colour really, but that’s what he likes, or was it to be conformist? It does match what little I know about his personality. The only reason I know he has a new car is because the fucking alarm sounded and I watched him stand there clueless and literally throw up his arms as if he didn’t care how long the alarm sounded because it announced to the neighbourhood that he has a new car! And that was the whole point of it wasn’t it? But who cares that he has a new car? This City is full of new cars with shallow and superficial people (Millennials) trying to “Keep Up With The Joneses.” He finally got the alarm turned off. But anyway, he could have bought something colourful like the colours in the Rainbow Flag, but maybe he’s one that finds the flag passé as most of the conservative now-dead so-called “queer community” does these days. There’s absolutely no feel or sense of community here whatsoever. Chau.

Another Closet Case Breeder Family Moves Into the Neighbourhood

It was clear to both myself and mi amigo/my friend that the guy we saw moving things into the condo across the street yesterday is a queer boy. But he has adopted the Jock Fad which means that he wears a baseball cap to try to look like Mr Heteronormative Breeder Jock. You don’t actually have to be a jock and work out or anything sports-oriented, just wear a baseball cap and you’re instantly Mr Jock. We saw another guy with him thinking that was his male partner, but he sort of disappeared and Mr Jock was doing all the moving in. Then today it’s a different story. Mr Jock arrived with “the wife” and 2 out-of-control young girls running around in a — what is a — strange new neighbourhood to them. “The wife” looks like she’s about 14 years old and Mr Jock look quite a bit older without his baseball cap on. He was doing all the moving by himself. Apparently they can’t afford movers or are too conservative. There are two queer couples in the building, one below them and another below them. So one queer couple will love having children running around above them. Lovely. And there’s nothing one can do to silence that. Mr Closet Case Jock has really dug himself in deeply with “the wife” and three children, and he must have started about 8-10 years ago considering the age of the oldest daughter. They are the typical Milleneals meaning inconsiderate and self-entitled of anyone else who lives here by allowing their kids to run around out-of-control with neither parent watching them. They were running all over other resident’s decks. Some people should not be parents, but I suspect Mr Closet Case and “the wife” are merely following The Family Script, heavily-pressured by their families to do as they’re doing. Well Mr Closet Case may explode some day and say “Enough of this shit? I want a divorce and see you in court and as for the kids….” Mi amigo asked: Why does he have so many children? I said: Because that’s what closet cases seem to be doing. To prove to others how straight they are, they go overboard on breeding. One child is not enough. They need an entire brood, as Mr Closet Case is obviously working on with all the expenses involved in that. But can’t afford a mover? And we’ve still not seen any furniture. Just stuff in boxes. I wonder how he felt as he was moving everything by himself with no one helping him? Did he ask himself, “How did I get involved in this mess? The bitch is not even helping me. I have to do it all. I have to do all of this just to get stinky pussy? She never cleans the thing out or washes it.” You made the big mistake bro, by not having the intelligence, courage and strength to be who you really are. There are thousands and thousands of other frauds just like you: Closet Cases. Too damn fucked up in the head and insecure to be themselves. What did these bigoted, anti-queer and prejudiced boomers tell their children to cause these Millennials to be such fucked up human beings? And the thing is, these Millennials came along during the height of the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movements, which their boomer parents must have hated and despised. That’s all we can conclude. This story will likely continue for years. Although, this breeder family may not be here for long. That condo has been a revolving door of tenants over the months as if it’s month-by-month. And this is not exactly an area where children can play so I’m not sure where his children will play since there is no backyard. Interesting that they (HE?) chose to move into what he may think is still part of the (now-dead) Gay Mecca area with a couple of small Rainbow Flags on a few homes. One kinda wonders why they (HE?) chose to move here, especially since he’s so effeminate at times? Hmmmmmmmmm? Update: “The wife” looks like she’s about mid-twenties according to mi amigo. She left and brought some stuff from their other place including garbage. She also brought garbage over here from their other place to fill up the garbage cans over here. The back of the vehicle looked like it was full of garbage as well. She must have started having children at about age 16. Her face looks very drawn. He’s much older than she. She’s in her 20s and he’s in his (probably) 50s or 60s. Was she looking for “daddy?” He’s balding with some grey hair which may also explain the baseball cap routine. We sense they’ve moved many times. They move as if they’re professionals at it. The queer couple is away so they’ll be in sort of a shock when they return and realise there are now rambunctious, out-of-control children living above them. One theme keeps coming up: Why did or are all of these closet cases move to this area? They could live anywhere in this City. They could live in the traditionally straight areas of San Francisco, such as North Beach, the Marina, Union Street area, Pacific Heights, anywhere really. So why The Castro/Upper Market? It can’t be for the transportation options since nearly all of these Millennials drive big-assed SUV type vehicles. It can’t be for the real estate or rentals which are the highest in the City. Well, because of the over-saturation of Rainbow Flags in The Castro and maybe from what they’ve heard about San Francisco (outdated information) they still think this is a gay City or gay Mecca, even though it’s not. That’s long gone. So, being closet cases, maybe they thought they could get some dick “discreetly” and on the “down low” on the side while “The Wife” is away or at work, and Mr Closet Case would still be following The Breeder Family Script required of him by his family. They wouldn’t know he’s cheating on her because he’s gay and getting dick on the side. But, if you’re queer and getting dick on the side and if you really enjoy the get-togethers, won’t that make going back to “her” even less appealing and make you realise what you could have had if you had followed your own gay sexual orientation and instincts, wishes and desire and come out of the fucking closet and not listened to your (bigoted/prejudiced/anti-gay?) family? I suspect that’s a lot of what we’re seeing here. I suspect all of these closet case get-togethers are done by phone because nobody looks at anybody anymore other than with a nasty snarl and few people have any social skills at all. So what do these Millennial closet cases do when they actually hook up with another guy when they don’t have any social skills? Do they just stand there and look at each other because they can’t talk? Or do they just grunt at each other? Mi amigo/My friend said: Well none of them look at me to cruise me. All I get are nasty looks from them. The same for me, which is why I’ve learned to look the opposite direction to avoid seeing their nasty-assed face. In fact, we’ve noticed that Millennials don’t even look at each other. They give each other the nasty-assed face too. These are some fucked-up people. Not all, but most. I always have to say that because I suppose there are a few Millennials somewhere who are not like this, but I’ve not come in contact with any of them, unfortunately. The overwhelming majority of Millennials who have moved here in recent years act like complete snarly-faced, angry, chip-on-both-shoulders assholes. What a pathetic generation. Chau.

“Out” but in (back in) the closet

I’m specifically thinking of queer boys here: Since “everyone” for the most part is assumed to be straight — even the most “nelly” and effeminate of guys — by most people in our breeder-brainwashed society, and because nearly all queers have put any queer symbols that they used to wear on their person back in the closet, even if the person is “out” nobody knows that other than the person’s immediate friends or family, if the person is “out” with them. So, he’s “out” but in the closet. He wouldn’t be in the closet if he were still wearing queer symbols on his clothes or backpack to let anyone who sees him know that he’s a queer boy, such as seeing his Rainbow Flag on his backpack. But you never see that anymore. I read this to mi amigo/my friend before posting it and he said, “You’re right! I haven’t seen queer symbols on people’s clothes or backpacks in years! That all disappeared. It’s also rare to see a Rainbow Flag on buildings or apartment decks around here anymore.” Yes, back in the closet, even if you’re (verbally) “out.” Because most people assume that another person is automatically straight (even someone where, to me, it’s obvious that he’s queer), a queer person can be out of the closet but still be in the closet. Why? Because he (again I’m especially thinking of queer boys here but the same can apply to lesbians) never tells anyone that he’s queer because the topic never comes up for him to say “I’m out and queer” and he may not feel comfortable bringing it up in these days, and nobody asks these days because of the strange, insane times we’re living in where “Everyone is assumed to be straight.” And these days it can be uncomfortable to ask someone, “Are you gay/queer?” It didn’t used to be that way during the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. It’s one of the many problems with that “gay assimilation” bull shit that those corporatist revisionist history “LGBT” know-it-all assholes didn’t think about. Even though same-gender marriage is legal in the US (at least as of this writing; don’t know how much longer since an Executive Order from orange can make gay marriage illegal….and don’t think the bigot won’t do that!), I still read the word “married” all over the place online and it means a guy is married to a woman by the context it’s written in. The guy doesn’t specify, “married to a woman.” Because as I wrote in one of my articles, gay marriage is too new for most people to even think about it when they think of marriage or wedding rings. Straight is assumed. So a guy’s sex ad, for example, will say, “I’m bi. I’m looking for straight, married or bi guys only.” Married in that context means married to a woman. And the guy is not interested in hooking up with any gay or queer guys even though he’s looking for queer sex. Or an article will say that some guy is “married” and it’s implied that he’s married to a woman. So a queer guy may say “I’m out” when asked, but the assumption is that he’s straight until then because he wears no queer symbols on his person or ever talks about anything queer-related so it’s essentially being back in the closet in our heteronormative breeder-brainwashed society. I never hear anyone ask, “Are you gay?” anymore anywhere around here. I think that would be considered offensive these days considering the number of closet cases we see in San Francisco these days, especially among the fucked-up Millennials. Occasionally I get these (what I call) “1940s closet case looks” from guys where he appears so afraid to look at me and will only do so at a distance. He looks like he’s wondering “Are you a terrrrrrrrrrrist?” I feel like asking the guy, “What fucking head trip are you on? Why are you looking at me like that? Do I have shit in my hair? Why is it that nearly everyone in this City walks around looking like they’re terrified and afraid of their own fucking shadow? What is wrong with people!?” jesus fucking christ. Then, when the guy and I are nearly face-to-face walking on the sidewalk he seems terrified of speaking to me when I casually say a friendly, “Hey.” He says nothing or grunts in response. A few moments later, I look and the guy is standing on the sidewalk and “cruises” or looks at me from a distance, never saying a word. No social skills? Is he shy or what? Well no, doesn’t seem to be. I’ve seen him talking with a few other people in the neighbourhood. But I don’t really have much patience for people like that. But “out” and in the closet is very real these days as I sense more and more queers are going back in the closet based on the 1940s-style closet case behaviour we’re seeing in San Francisco, of all places! Chau.

Easily Deceived by Rainbow Flags (San Francisco’s Castro)

I was reading a local restaurant review for a greasy spoon restaurant in The Castro. I shouldn’t have read it because I’m often annoyed at the gushing that many people write in online restaurant reviews as if they are being paid to do so, or have stocks in the restaurant. Restaurant reviews often sound like they’re written by the same person. I also read a lot of disinformation and ignorance in reviews, such as the case with the review I’m about to tell you about. The review was written by someone supposedly from Chicago who said she went to this restaurant in The Castro with her gay friend. She wrote that she knows that the restaurant is in the “gay” [sic] neighbourhood but there were a lot of heterosexual couples in the restaurant. Is that why she put the word “gay” in quotes? Did it never occur to this woman and her gay friend that The Castro is no longer a queer area? What made her think it’s still a “gay” [sic] neighbourhood? Might it be the over-saturation of Rainbow Flags intended to deceive people who don’t live here into thinking that The Gay Mecca still exists? All one has to do is to look around, spend a short bit of time here and one should be able to see that’s no longer the case. Some locals say the only way you can see the former Gay Mecca is by looking in your rear view mirror, because The Castro today is not even a museum piece of its former self. I was recently in The Castro at midnight on a Friday night and it looked like during the holidays. Dead, by comparison. During the Gay Mecca years, midnight on a Friday night was when The Castro was in high action with queer boys all over the place and a very sexual environment and heavy cruising. Today? Nada. Nothing. Many, if not most, of us longtime locals hate/do not like The Castro today. It’s been ruined by the conservative merchants and when conservative — who charades as a “moderate” — gay Scott Penis dreamed up that needless scheme of widening the sidewalks (removing all the queer history from the gay mecca years) and making The Castro “Children-Family-Friendly.” Translation: Sanitised for the breeders who were moving in. Welcome the (homophobic, prudish) breeders. Kick out the queers. Sanitise the windows of the sex shops by putting white stickers over any dick or ass shots on video covers. Yes that happened in The Castro and still does. The breeder prudes call the cops on the sex shops and the police go in the shop and complain about the “explicit” sex shots in their store window. It seems that prudes don’t have the ability to turn their head and look the opposite direction, if offended by seeing a dick or ass shot. Instead, these prudish breeder trash claim to be “Protecting the children/What about the children?” That’s funny, I’ve never seen any children looking in the sex shop windows. They make up stuff to serve their conservative prudish agenda. The same breeder trash who vote for politicians that cut programmes that help children. So much for “protecting the children!” So what made this woman from Chicago and her friend think that The Castro is still a “gay” neighbourhood. If I had to take a guess, I suspect it was all the Rainbow Flags intended to deceive tourists, and I guess that’s working to deceive suckers. Even though she saw all of these breeder couples in the restaurant I guess it didn’t dawn on her to ask: Is this now a breeder neighbourhood? Sure looks like it. Yes mi amor, it is now a Breeder Mecca especially when you see him and her making out at the corner of 18th and Castro and putting on a show there as if they’ve just met, or him and her making out at Market and Castro with the same behaviour, or him and her making out at the bus stop on 18th and Castro, or him and her making out after walking out of what is supposed to be a gay bar (all the straight bars in San Francisco closed?), or him and her sucking face during dinner in one of the Castro restaurants leaving some restaurant patrons saying “Get a room somewhere!; this is a restaurant assholes!”), or him and her making out in the Harvey Milk Plaza under the big Rainbow Flag (breeders love to make out under Rainbow Flags for some reason; trying to hijack it?) or a breeder guy walking with a female holding hands and he’s wearing a shirt that reads, “Fuck you, homo” like I saw recently at Castro and Market Streets. I had to do a double-take on that one. It’s still pretty bold to wear a shirt like that around here considering the few remaining queer boys still here (not many but a few). It wasn’t that long ago that the breeders were whinging about queers being “you’re in our face with your sexuality.” That’s exactly what breeders are doing in The Castro today. The breeders are in our faces with their breeder sexuality. I don’t really care to see straight people make out. Take it to the Marina district! No, they insist on doing it in The Castro. And they always act like they just met and can’t wait to fuck. It’s okay when they put on these big make-out scenes on street corners for attention (and that’s why some/many of them do it; exhibitionists), but queers are not supposed to do the same. Hypocrites! Therefore, one can indeed conclude that The Castro is a (not-so-covert anti-queer) Breeder Mecca as I’ve said many times. Mi amigo/My friend is constantly telling me about the fleets of black baby strollers he sees on his way to the gym near The Castro with 6 babies all on just one corner. Fleets of baby strollers in The Castro clogging up the sidewalks. Yeah, that really sounds like it’s a “gay” neighbourhood alright. Chau.

Gay male couples not allowed in mainstream advertising.

We’ve made so much progress, haven’t we?! [sarcasm intended]. Some of my commenters on other queer-related articles have compared these closet case days here in 2019 to the early 1970s as far as how it feels to them. I have to agree with them and have said the same. It wasn’t that long ago that the conservative merchants and (wealthier) gay guys in San Francisco’s Castro — who had become quite the prudish conservatives — were shouting at us some anti-gay brainwashing slogan they had heard someone else say which was: “Gay people can live anywhere. Gay is now mainstream. There is no longer a need for Gay Meccas.” Oh yes, I remember hearing that. I don’t hear it anymore, in fact, I don’t hear anything anymore. Some of us called bull shit on that and we knew what they were up to, what their agenda was. Because shortly after, the conservatives merchants and politicians began their agenda of sanitising The Castro for the wealthier breeder$ who were moving in and taking over and who wanted the sex stores to sanitise their store front windows so that these newly-arrived conservative prudes wouldn’t have to see dick or ass pics on video covers in the sex store windows. Also around the same time, the conservatives were telling us all that “it’s time for the gay community to mature.” Translation: Become conservatives like us. And that’s exactly what we saw here in lockstep with queers doing their best to emulate the breeders. Some of the conservative trash started whining about the nudity in videos being shown in some of the queer bars! They wanted that stopped too so their prudish eyes didn’t have to see an image of a dick or ass shot. “What about the children” they screamed. Oddly, they’re only concerned about “the children” when the topic of queer sex comes up. Ah yes, the conservative prudes (including queers) with their gay shame and body image issues. The major pro-Establishment and conservative gay rag went so far as to publish a letter saying that it was not the right time to be out of the closet. (roll eyes). You might think I’m talking about a publication in Wichita Kansas, but no, I’m talking about a publication in San Francisco that published that rubbish. No, it’s never the right time to be out is it? That’s what has been said over the decades in opposition to human rights. It’s never the right time according to these bigoted and prejudiced trash. Historically, since throughout The Gay Mecca decades The Castro has had a history of some public nudity. The conservatives prudes — including queers — wanted the few naked guys out of the neighbourhood. “Get out of here!” was their attitude. I watched out queer boys bullied the naked guys. These queer boys seem to have forgotten how it felt when they were bullied by bigots in their past. Of course, these breeder a$$holes could have moved to any place in The City/San Francisco, but they chose to deliberately move to The Castro so they would change it to the way they wanted it: From a Gay Mecca to (what it has become) a Breeder Mecca with fleets of black baby strollers with mothers wearing mostly Millennial all-black or black and grey clothing. That was the beginning of the end of The Gay Mecca Castro. The reality is that gay people cannot live anywhere even in the closet if someone suspects one is queer. And when you see a breeder guy walking hand-in-hand with a female through Harvey Milk Plaza in The Castro and he’s wearing a “FUCK YOU, HOMO!” shirt — as I saw recently — that tells one that one is not safe in today’s Castro. Being gay is not “mainstream.” If that were true, we would see images of gay male couples everywhere we look in advertising just as we see images of “him and her” breeder couples everywhere we look shoved in our faces, making out and holding hands. There is still a need for gay areas of cities, otherwise one sees what has happened to The Castro where some gay guys in order to “fit in with the breeders” start pretending to be straight, they start dating females, they get married to females and pumping out babies thinking that by doing so makes them “straight and normal” now. Mi amigo/My friend has seen many examples of this at his gym. Guys who were at the “gay gym” for years and hung out and hung around the other gay guys have been coming down to this other gym and talking loudly about their girlfriend and how they’re trying to get pregnant or already are, and being Mr Baseball Cap Jock. I guess they think this is something new and exciting — some new mind-fuck fad? — when in reality gay guys have been marrying females for generations to stay in the closet, pretending to be straight and had kids. There’s nothing new about any of this. This is just a repeat of that sad saga and society’s breeder brainwashing. So these gay guys who are now pretending to be straight worked decades in the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement in order to ultimately marry females and have kids? Insanity. They could have done that years ago without getting involved in the Movement. Our Movement as gay guys was not about marrying females and pumping out babies. Because the Castro is no longer a Gay Mecca, what we see having happened is gay guys caving into peer pressure and family pressure to follow “The Family Script” from their bigoted and prejudiced anti-gay families. And everywhere I look in advertisement I see images of “him and her.” On the odd occasion, I see images of him and her as well as “her and her” because lesbians are considered “acceptable” to the breeders. Gay guys are not considered acceptable, and NEVER do I see an image of a gay male couple (“him and him”) in mainstream advertising. I repeat: Images of gay male couples are never shown in mainstream advertising and that’s, in part, because gay male couples are not considered equals to lesbians. Lesbians can be seen dancing together in an ad because (as the thinking goes) “that’s what girls do.” When two guys dance together that’s considered, “abnormal and immoral” and they’re called “faggots.” I was researching a product I was thinking about buying and they showed images of a breeder wedding reception. All breeder couples were shown and two lesbian couples dancing or I think they were supposed to be. Two groups of women dancing with each other. No gay male couples were shown and you’re not about to see that in mainstream advertising. So there is no truth in the lies that the prudish conservatives have put out that “gay is now mainstream” and “gay people can live anywhere.” That is propaganda; bull shit. Chau. (Related: Sexual Freedom and Revolution and
The Naked Guys, also here and here).

Gay Marriage becomes legal in Taiwan

The headline I read was “Gay Marriage becomes legal in Taiwan; first Asian country to legalise same sex unions.” I would have said “same-gender unions.” I’m surprised it didn’t say “LGBTQQICAPF2K+” marriage becomes legal in Taiwan.” So if they can say “gay marriage,” why can’t they say “gay” everything else and stop using that silly revisionist history “LGBT(Q)” shit? I’ve never been able to find out what organisations and the idiots who work there got the entire world to start using this “LGBT” nonsense en masse. “LGBT” does not represent me. Whoever it was, did a thorough job. Because everywhere I look I see absolute conformist behaviour to that. It’s as if people copy and paste it. The thing is: I thought queers desperately wanted to be identical to the breeders with marriage and children and the “Amurkan Dream” house and 2 car garage, picket fence and swimming pool and room for a pony, no? Breeders don’t have any silly acronyms/letters. So why do queers? I guess that’s something that those “LGBT” conformist assholes didn’t think of. This is one of my pet peeves obviously, and I suspect it will be “LGBT” for the rest of our lifetime because this amount of intense conformist brainwashing of the entire world is not easy to change back to using the words queer or gay. But everywhere I look no matter where it is around the world, there it is: “LGBT.” But good for them in Taiwan, although I’m not hot on marriage of any kind. That’s because marriage is a traditional conservative institution. Why would queers want anything to do with that when during our Movement we fought against traditional conservative institutions. We were the opposite. We were proudly radical. Yeah well that’s all gone today. Then they wanted to be part of the US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine and to go kill other queers, although they probably never thought that one out before they joined since the people they would be shooting dead will not necessarily be breeders since there are queers all over the world in areas where the US Empire wants to steal their natural resources for Empire building and world domination. The Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement was pro-peace and anti-military, anti-war. So queers have done a complete reversal of who and what they were. Ultimate Conformity with the conservative breeders is what it’s all about now. But queers should have the same rights as the breeders. Now, I hope they’ve not ordered queers in Taiwan to “assimilate with the breeders” because we’ve seen what that has done in the US. It has completely backfired everywhere I look. Queers have gone back in the closet to “blend in” with the straights, queer boys are making out with females regularly now (I just saw an instance of that in the store I just shopped in) to “assimilate” as they call it with the straights by constantly using language such as “discreet” and “down low” and “straight-acting” and “straight-looking.” Heteronormative bull shit. Gay guys have married females in droves from what I’ve read. Mass insanity. If they were going to marry females in the end, why did they work decades for the Movement? Duh. Don’t try to figure that out. Loco./Crazy. Mi amigo/My friend and I just got back from shopping and in the store we were in there were two queer couples, which is unusual to see these days in San Francisco. Neither of them would give us the time a day. Neither of them would even look at us when we walked by them. They were snots. It’s one of the many reasons why I say the so-called “gay community” is dead because there is absolutely no feel or sense of community at all today. You can’t even get other queer boys to glance at you. Mi amigo mentioned them to me and I said, “Oh those snots.” He said, “Oh they were snotty to you too?” On another topic, in France, in 2018, a record number of physical attacks against queers were reported. 231 reported attacks occurred throughout France. There was an International Anti-Homophobia Day on 17 May 2019. It said that “LGBTQ Communities under threat worldwide.” There we go again. Why didn’t it say, “(Dead) Gay Community under threat worldwide.” If they can say “gay marriage” why can’t they say “gay community” instead of “LGBTQRSTUVWSXYZ#@#$+++++ community.” Although as I have pointed out, what used to be the the so-called “gay community” is completely dead. Or at least it is from all I see, especially here in San Francisco, the new Breeder Mecca. Related: Lea DeLaria: The LGBTQIA+ acronym is divisive). That’s the name of the game today: Divide, divide, divide to get us all to hate each other. Chau.

Why do so many guys I see today with a wife or girlfriend look gay to me? (Answer: Because they are).

[Pics] Wife Reads Out Husband's Affair Texts Instead Of Vows At Wedding

If the guy in this image isn’t a gay boy, then I’m not either! Why is it that so many of the guys I see today walking around San Francisco’s Castro and Upper Market holding hands with a female look similar to this (gay) guy, or guys who say they’ve got a girlfriend, wife or their new wife-to-be look queer to me? Like the guy in this image. The caption of this online was “Wife reads out husband’s affair texts and not the vows at their wedding.” I didn’t take the bait by clicking on this to read about his affair texts. Maybe the texts were his chat with other queer guys, I don’t know. But so often these days, guys who are with females in a relationship look gay to me. I see them all the time; they’re in their 20s-30s and walking with some ditzy female hand-in-hand. I watched a video awhile back where two queer boys were asking: What are straight guys doing in gay bars? And you go to approach the guy to show interest and the guy says, “Oh I’m straight.” Then WTF are you doing in a gay bar? All the straight bars in town aren’t closed. They also asked: Why are so many straight guys “trying to look gay?” I’d like to add to that: And why are so many queer guys trying to look straight? I guess it can be written off as “The Century of Insanity.” And these bitches they’re with who are hanging all over them are so desperate and needy for some guy to give them a attention. So when a closet case gay guy wastes years of his life pretending to be straight and pumping out kids, the bitch he’s married to is more than happy to accommodate the closet case because at least he’s giving her the attention she craves. In some cases, she knows he’s gay and just going through the motions. And just from what we can see of the guy standing next to the guy in the picture to the right, he’s queer too. I showed this image to mi amigo/my friend and he said, “I was going to ask: Who is that gay guy, and the one next to him?” So it’s not just me.

Which is stronger: The now-dead Gay Rights Movement or the Breeder Movement?

Well, considering the Gay Rights Movement is now dead by all indications and is even considered passé by most — “been there, done that, yawn” — which seems to be the attitude of most queers by all other indications, and the Breeder Movement is very much alive and shoved in our faces 24/7, 365 days a year for centuries, I guess that answers that question. What has become Corporate Pride, Inc. is one weekend, one Sunday a year. Then it’s back to in the closet the rest of the year for most queers with their “discreet, on the down-low, behind-closed-doors, nobody needs to know, not-out, straight-looking/acting” closeted language in sex profiles. All of that language is the opposite of “Out and Proud” that one may have heard on Corporate Pride, Inc. Sunday. I don’t know why I thought about this: Maybe it’s because I lived through the Gay Mecca decades in San Francisco, which was a drastically different time than here in 2019. For some reason, I had mistakenly thought back then that because of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and some accomplishments at that time that all future gay or queer guys would come out of the closet when they matured to an age to do so. Man was I wrong. Here in 2019, with few exceptions I see the opposite. It doesn’t matter where I look (including television), I see (what looks like to me) gay guys walking around holding hands with females as if they are dating or a couple. By comparison seeing two guys holding hands in today’s San Francisco is extremely rare. The vibe the guy gives off to me is that he’s gay but in the closet and with a female. That saga has been played out for generations. Then I realise that Breeder Brainwashing — everyone must be straight in order to be considered “normal” — is constantly 24/7 rammed in our faces no matter where we look. All ads I see show “him and her” regardless of their age. The heteronormative mind-fuck of Breeder Brainwashing is like a cancer, and because of this, it explains why I’m seeing what I’m seeing: Gay guys with females pretending to be a straight couple. When I see that, it feels like we didn’t accomplish a damn thing! Our now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement didn’t stand a chance in the big scheme of things. Today’s queers have removed any queer symbols from their person to let other queers know without a doubt that they’re queer. That happened — from what I can tell — after the order was given by the corporatists among us to “assimilate with the straights” following gay marriage becoming legal and queers being allowed (except for trans) to be supposedly open in the US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine so that queers can go out and kill other queers around the world. When a queer person shoots someone “in the line of duty,” that person s/he just killed or injured may have not been a breeder. The guy may have been queer, but I suspect most queers in the US Military never think of this. Today, it’s the opposite of the way it used to be where queers wanted nothing to do with war, militarism, US Empire-building and US world domination or the US flag. During our movement, queers were a pro-peace and anti-war/anti-military movement. Then, they call this new corporatist mind-fuck of fake-patriotism, flag-waving, marriage and military “Equality.” Both marriage and military are conservative institutions. Our movement opposed conservatism and conservative institutions. The conservative corporatist basura among us hijacked and ruined our movement in the name of “assimilating with the straights.” In the big scheme of things, our movement was a “flash in the pan” because Breeder Brainwashing lives on. Our movement doesn’t. Our movement is dead by all indications. Chau.

Gay guys like masculine guys and testosterone, but all back in the closet

Something occurred to me the other day. In general, gay guys are attracted to other masculine gay guys. I think it’s safe to say that most gay guys are not attracted to naturally fem guys. The fem guys must be having a hard time of it these days with all the “NO FEMS” language in gay guy’s online sex profiles. Because gay guys are attracted to other masculine guys including those who describe themselves as “a jock,” one wonders why some gay guys have fallen for the heteronormative bull shit of “I’m bi” — for those who are not genuinely bi — or “I’m str8” or “I’m going str8.” Or is it all just a lie? I think so. I remember when CL personals were around. From my searches, the overwhelming majority of guys in the Bay Area and elsewhere in the men-seeking-men category claimed to be bi. That meant that the majority of the so-called “gay community” (which is now dead) had somehow, miraculously changed their sexual orientation to having an interest in women. Does anyone believe that? I don’t. What most of these guys were doing was copying each other’s ads and labeling themselves as “bi” to fit in and to appear masculine, because they had fallen for the lie/stereotype that “gay guys aren’t masculine.” I contacted many of these self-described bi guys. They were gay. They were not bi, but I never called them on it. Whenever I deliberately brought up the topic of sex with women, they had no interest in women. Talk about pussy and tits? No interest. They only wanted to talk about sex with guys. I felt like saying to the guy: But I thought you were bi? Liar. Whenever I brought up women with them, they disappeared because they had no interest in women. They were just saying they were “bi” to try to come off as Mr Jock, Mr Macho. And why would they be bi to begin with? They’re into masculine. They’re into testosterone. They’re not into estrogen. This reminds me of what I read about many of the guys in Russia who don’t eat pussy because they don’t want to ingest estrogen because they consider that “gay” behaviour. When you think about it, why would any guy — straight, gay or bi — want to ingest estrogen to make him more feminine? Yet “straight” guys do that all the time when they eat pussy, the ones who do eat pussy. Some straight guys are repulsed by the idea of eating pussy because of the stench and all that mucous/slime that comes out of pussy. When a guy is eating pussy, he’s eating estrogen. Again, that’s why many/some of the guys in Russia don’t eat pussy. Are the pussy-hounds trying to “turn themselves queer” by ingesting estrogen from pussy? (Tongue in cheek). Mi amigo/My friend went shopping yesterday. He came back and told me about it. He checked out the guys in the store who he said were pretending to be straight but kept looking at him out of the corner of their eye — the way closet cases did in the 1940-50s — so no one would catch them looking at another guy. When they caught him looking at them, they quickly jerked and looked away, just like in the 1940s-50s. We’ve made so much fucking progress!! “A guy can’t look at another guy in San Francisco in 2019.” No, I’m not talking about Topeka Kansas, which you might think. I’m talking about San Francisco where this happened. And this happened many times he said. There was one queer couple in the store touching each other affectionally. He said that no one was wearing any queer symbols to give any indication that they were queer the way it was during our movement and when the so-called “queer community” was alive. As he said: Today it feels just like you’ve written about: All back in the fucking closet. That’s the way it felt in that store I was in. Such a different, depressing time. Yes, in many ways it feels like we’re back before the movement ever began. And during the movement, I would not have predicted that years later I would be writing this about the dead so-called queer community. I would have said, “Oh you’re loco/crazy. It’s not going to go back to that.” Well it has, just as other things are going back to the way they were decades ago. Chau.

So sick of breeders. They’re so “in your face.”

I never saw this in San Francisco in the Old City (of the Gay Mecca). I don’t remember ever seeing a breeder couple making out in front of me or anywhere. That just didn’t happen that I remember. Well, that was then. There does seem like there’s been a major concerted effort to kick out the queers and move breeders into San Francisco’s Upper Market and Castro. Towards the end of the Gay Mecca years we heard breeders complaining about “the gays are so in our face with their sexuality.” Well, it seems that “the gays” (as they call us) aren’t supposed to make out in public but it’s perfectly fine for the breeders to do so. Hypocrites. The most recent example: I went on my bike ride the other evening. I had to avoid a street I usually take because ahead of me I saw yet another “him and her” make-out session blocking the street. Yes, they were out in the street making out. I didn’t feel like dealing with them. As other people I’ve talked with have said: “I just don’t see breeders going out of their way to make out in any other area of San Francisco or the Bay Area except in Upper Market and Castro (the former Gay Mecca areas). WTF is that about? I think it’s intended to show that they have taken over and this is now their territory so: “You faggots fuck off and get the fuck out of here, understand?” I wouldn’t at all be surprised if that is their not-so-covert message to us. And these breeder couples are exhibitionist type who act oblivious that anyone else is around. In this instance it was a guy on a motorcycle with a female standing next to him and they were sucking face, even though where they were a vehicle could have hit them. I guess that wasn’t their concern. Idiots. We are never bombarded with images of him and her, are we? [sarcasm intended]. This scene I’ve described was being video recorded. As I rode back by them to go home, the camerawoman looked at the playback and I heard her gush, “So cute, so cute.” (Roll eyes, sigh). Oh yes, as if the world has never seen a “him and her” couple make out before. There was a time in this City where one would have seen “him and him” in this scene and not “him and her,” but not anymore. Breeder brainwashing is being heavily promoted in San Francisco these days. I think that’s why it feels and seems like most queers here are back in the closet today. Because they feel like a minority once again — and there’s no feel or sense of “community” at all now; it feels cold and lobotomised as if no one gives a fuck about anything like they used to! — in a sea of obnoxious “in your face” breeders. We queers felt like we were the majority during the Gay Mecca decades. But I’m sure this video will be a hot seller because, again, no one has ever seen seen a guy and a female make out before….anywhere, have they? [sarcasm intended]. Ugh. Chau.

Clueless about The New San Francisco

A reader who reads my site and also a certain conservative socialist site asked me to respond to this comment that they read on the other site:

Quote: I live in San Francisco, a city that prides itself on it’s so-called “progressivism” and yet all of the so-called progressives support the Democratic Party and a great many of them believe that Sanders is actually revolutionary in some way. The City is hip-deep in pseudo left identity politics. Support for Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning (a trans woman, whom you would think would garner massive support in the LGBTQ community) is practically nonexistent, apart from a hand full of us who are continually vilified or accused of being Trump supporters if we don’t go along with this charade. End Quote

My response: There’s not much to comment on there. From having read that site in the past, I “know” of the person who wrote the comment whose name was attached to the comment (I removed the commenter’s name from the comment). She’s in her early 70s and is one of the people on that site that defends sexism and chauvinism and any positions that they take. She’s one of their disciples. She’s as partisan-brainwashed as any “Democrat” or Republican of the two corporate parties in the US. Yes, she claims to live in San Francisco, but must not get out of her apartment much based on what she wrote. The City of San Francisco that she describes above is not the New City. She’s writing about the Old City as if she’s stuck in the past. Is this woman not aware that this City has shifted to the right in recent years? I’m not aware that the New Conservative San Francisco prides itself on being “progressive” anything these days. A friend of mine who has lived here longer than myself recently said, “San Francisco is quite conservative today; the things we did during the Gay Mecca days we couldn’t get away with today.” True. From what I can tell, the words “liberal” and “progressive” are now “dirty-words” here. I never hear either of them spoken. Just like the words “vegetarian” and “vegan” are now “dirty-words” in this New San Francisco where residents shout out, “More meat, more meat.” That doesn’t sound at all “progressive” or “liberal.” Some restaurants have removed their token vegetarian options because of lack of interest. The New San Francisco prides itself on being the Tech Capital and a playground for the super-wealthy. Period. It is true there are “identity politics” here but that’s true anywhere and mainly based in the corrupt “Democratic” Party. As for Manning and the now-dead so-called “queer community” and support for Manning being “practically nonexistent,” that’s because the “queer community” here is “practically nonexistent.” Where has this woman been not to know that? Has she not seen that the City has been taken over by Millennial breeders? Does she never step foot in The Castro? Although I thought that’s where she lived. Also, the trans “community” — which includes Manning — has never been that accepted as part of the “queer community.” Manning was abandoned by the “queer community” when she was in prison. Chelsea Manning has never enjoyed the support of the so-called “queer community.” Does this ignorant woman not know that? Some trans individuals have wondered when the “T” would disappear from that silly “LGBT” acronym shit. Most of the now-dead “queer community” want nothing to do with the “trans community.” They are looked down on, and some queers have suggested that trans be a separate group and not part of our queer group. (I don’t see that happening any time soon). Does this woman not know that some years ago one of those elitist corporatist queer organisations at the national level (that Human Rights Campaign group) threw the trans community under the bus which to this day pisses off many trans individuals? So, this woman speaks from a position of her willful-ignorance, which is rather typical at least among the commenters on that site. If one tried to correct all the ignorance expressed in the comments, it would be a full-time job. Gracias for your e-mail and thanks for reading. Chau.

I woke up with a dick in my mouth

Preface to “I woke up with a dick in my mouth:”

Things have really changed around here in San Francisco’s Castro (the former Gay Mecca) since I wrote this article some years ago. (Related: San Francisco is unrecognisable to former residents who come back to visit). Is anyone talking about waking up with a dick in their mouth anywhere in The Castro these days? Are you kidding? No, we never hear that anymore, although I’m pretty much keeping this article in its original dated form. We never hear “I woke up with a dick in my mouth” in conservative and sanitised San Francisco. (I’ll update this a bit: Here in 2019, I can’t remember the last time I heard the words “gay” or “queer” spoken in the The Castro). This City has done a 180 with tech gentrification. This City is now a Baby Factory. If Harvey Milk were alive and came back to visit The Castro, he would likely say, “What the fuck have you done to it gay guys? Why did you allow this to happen, and even encourage it? Why did you become conservatives why calling yourselves Democrats?” Yes, The Castro has been so sanitised, Disneyfied and stripped of what it once was with the help of the now-conservative GLBTQ so-called “community” — what I mean by that is that there’s no sense or feel of “community” here now at all — along with the conservative Castro merchants, most of whom deserve to go out of business frankly. It’s appalling what they’ve done. They have ruined The Castro. The Castro is no longer even a museum piece of its former self. They can saturate The Castro with Rainbow Flags but that doesn’t make it a gay area.

Mi amigo/My friend changed gyms for a couple of reasons: He was going to what was known as the gay gym and he left there because of a large fee hike and because it was a very unfriendly/snooty gym and becoming more and more “straight.” And the gay guys there were trying to be more and more heteronormative and acting like tough-guy jocks. Obnoxious. His new gym has some Queer guys in it but as he tells me, “Nobody looks at anybody. They’re all phone tech zombies. And the guys I always thought were gay and came down here from the gay gym I’ve heard some of them talking about getting married to a female trying to pretend to be “straight” to fit in with the invading “straights” population. Pretty fucked up. One of the reasons for gay areas in major cities was to give gay guys a safe place where they wouldn’t need to feel like this and could be open and honest about who they are as a Queer person. But that becomes less and less the case when the area becomes more and more “straight” with some anti-gay “straights” moving in (Related: His shirt said, “Fuck you, homo.” (San Francisco’s Castro)). Mi amigo is hearing more and more of that, guys he’s always thought were gay talking about marrying a female. Script writers couldn’t make this shit up! That story has repeated itself thousands of times over generations with gay guys marrying females, squeezing out babies and then comes the: “Honey, I’m gay and always have been. I’ve been lying all this time about my sexuality. I’m moving in with my new boyfriend. Meet you in court over the house and kids” with many people’s lives ruined. Mi amigo is also seeing some guys he thought were gay all these years making out with females on Market Street and in the gym, again, trying to be heteronormative to be like the obnoxious in-your-face him-tall/her-short, mandatory hand-holding breeders who are taking over who have taken over. As of this writing, he’s seeing less of that from the past because he thinks the gym has lost about 3/4 of their membership as people have stopped taking care of themselves and stopped going to the gym. Here in the US, “fat and lazy” is in, including here in San Francisco. The gym thing was just a long time fad here. It would appear that many gay guys are going back in the closet even in San Francisco and elsewhere, running from the word “gay” and calling themselves “WM” (white male) and at some point the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement will have to start all over again. Sad really.

Now for the article you came here for: Have you ever woken up with a dick in your mouth? I can’t say that I have. I think it would be rather startling, don’t you? I mean you wake up—or you’re trying to—and in this fog of waking up you slowly realise that you have—what feels like—something thick and with human skin in your mouth and your tongue is having trouble moving about and you don’t want to bite down because you don’t know what’s in your mouth.

I was talking with mi amigo yesterday and over the years one of the most common things (lies?) he’s heard Queer guys say at his gym has been the proverbial, “I woke up with a dick in my mouth.” (Yeah, sure you did, muchacho).

The “dick in the mouth” story is told after Queer boys in San Francisco have been to one of their many non-stop parties (parTying is their occupation and addiction) where they get drunk and don’t remember any of it. Well what’s the point of that? But that’s what much of the gay populace has become, which is why I no longer relate to much of the so-called “gay community” at all. (Well, there’s really no “community” or “community” feel at all anymore). The so-called “gay community” has become rather pathetic. Other than parTying, getting drunk and being bent over squinting at the biggest mind controlling device there is (also known as the smartphone 24/7 with their intense addiction to that, they don’t seem to have much of a life at all. As another Queer blogger I know says: It’s rather pathetic what my fellow Queers have become. Yes it is. Mi amigo has heard this “dick in the mouth” story countless times. He heard it again last weekend at his gym, which is why I’m writing about it. He told me he went into the gym and looked around and every guy he saw in there had his head down fucking with their mind-controlling device/stupidphones. Everyone of them. Clearly, they were working out their thumbs, but not much else. Then he went over to another part of the gym (a few guys were over there and not glued to their phone) and he overheard this guy tell another guy that his dick was in the other guy’s mouth when he woke up and the other guy’s dick was in his mouth. Does anybody believe that? I suppose it’s possible, but really! Then the guy proceeded to tell the guy he was telling the story to/lying to about how drunk he got and they both let out this loud, obnoxious laugh as if getting drunk and waking up with a dick in your mouth—and supposedly not remembering any of it—was the funniest thing they had ever heard. Even though as I said, this “dick in the mouth” story has been repeated probably thousands of times by guys in this same gym. These are supposed adults I’m talking about, not adolescents. I thought all that bragging about getting drunk and not remembering any of it ended after the teenage years, no?

A personal note to “dick in the mouth” guys: Just like internet trolls, you need new material desperately, muchachos. That dick in the mouth story has more than run its course. It’s predictable and at this point unbelievable, because it supposedly happens too often. So let me see …Oh I know, you could say that you woke up with the other guy’s fist up your ass and your fist up his ass. How’s that? You could replace your dick in the mouth story with that story. That happens all the time too, doesn’t it?! At least that would add variety to your stale and monotonous, “I woke up with…” repertoire. So give that a try.

Update here in 2019: We don’t hear any of that around here anymore so even though it’s written in present tense, it’s really past tense. In fact, the only sexual talk that is heard around here anymore is about breeder sex. Such as how some jock bro — including some guy mi amigo always thought was gay from the “gay gym” — is trying to get his girl or his wife pregnant. Mi amigo hears that breeder shit at his new gym. Amazing how a place can change so drastically from what it used to be.

Then there’s pussy. The way some heteronormative guys are going on about and marketing pussy, you would think that pussy is some new creation, some new invention like the latest and greatest phone that everyone must have. The Castro has become a Breeder Mecca, no longer a Gay Mecca.



The Rainbow Flag is now “too gay?”
[My Editorial: Apparently the Rainbow Flag is now “too gay” or seen as such since the supposedly gay (or is it now straight?) obnoxious sports bar on Market Street in San Francisco only flies the Rainbow Flag on Corporate Pride weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to give the impression to unknowing tourists that the bar is “pro-gay.” And they don’t want to turn off the anti-gay straights/potential customers by flying a Rainbow Flag 365 days a year. So their Rainbow Flags go back in the closet — where the male owner is? — the following Monday after Corporate Pride and they stay there the rest of the year until the next Corporate Pride weekend. Someone who has been to that bar described the gay clientele there as “Closet Cases Anonymous.” And the male owner of that bar comes off as quite the closet case, although he said in an interview, “I identify as gay.” (roll eyes) Identify? Identify? That sounds so corporate. It is too much trouble for you to say, “I’m gay” and cut out all that “identify” bull shit that the gay sheeple are using these days. You’re either gay or you’re not. That’s the way it usually works. What the fuck is there to “identify” with?]

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Lea DeLaria Doesn’t Want You Calling Her A Lesbian. “I am a dyke! Get it right. I don’t do that alphabet, LGBTQ thing. By the time you get to all of those letters, the parade is over!”… Previously, DeLaria said, “Part of me believes that this so-called inclusivity of calling us the LGBTQQTY-whatever-LMNOP tends to stress our differences, and that’s why I refuse to do it. I say queer. Queer is everybody.”… DeLaria has previously been outspoken about the numerous letters being added to the LGBT acronym, the current full status of which is LGBTQQIAAP2+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual, two-spirit). Insane. [Source]

25 comments on “I woke up with a dick in my mouth

  1. bryan

    i read your piece about gay guys with girls in str8 porn. wtf is that about? i’ve seen that too – prolly about 50% of the time. don’t know wtf is going on with that. is it gay for pay or what? but i see it in homemade vids, not just from prof. studios. even if you’re getting paid for the sex and are gay and having sex with a girl you still have to perform and make it look real. we’re living in a fucking upside down world. enjoy reading this page. i noticed you try to be super accurate and even go back and make corrections when you missed something or weren’t right. that gives you a lot of credibilty in my book. thanks bro.

  2. friendly guy

    hi, i’ve read your statements about milleneals and can soooooooooooooooooooo relate. i can’t stand them either. i’m usually a very outgoing friendly guy and will say hi to anyone, but like you this new city of sf sucks because of these fuking millennials. after getting probably hundreds of fuck you and fuck off looks from them, I now do the same back to them. when i see one of them coming towards me i put on my fuck you fuck off face and give it right back to them. not that they notice. i had some friends who moved away and came back to visit a couple of months ago. they experienced the millennials but they said the millennials in SF are just like the millennials where they live. definitely can relate to what you wrote bro. thnx.

  3. Philadelphia James

    Hi – read your blurb up the page about “Why are we still having Corporate “Pride?” I was a little shocked to read that and was about to rip you a new one until I read it all. You brought up things I’d never thought about. Good points esp thiis one – why do we have ‘pride’ in the sexuality we were born with?? Makes me feel different about the whole thing. Like “proud to be gay.” Why? It’s just a matter of fact that one was born with a particular sexuality.

    Sounds like SF has been turned into a completely different city from the one I loved….I visited out there a couple times yrs ago and loved it. So sad they ruined it.

    1. Queer boi


      I can’t relate to most queers today, wherever they are, not that I know who they are ‘cuz they in the fucking closet. It’s so fucking hard to tell who’s queer and who’s not and my gay-dar is pretty damn good, but shit, like pink barrio asked in one article – what the fuck has happened to my fellow queers? I share pink barrio’s deep frustration.

  4. Greg

    Interesting page you have here. It’s pretty good. I’m gay with some bi interests I’ve had on and off for about 20 years but could never have a relationship with a girl. I’ve had too many rocky experiences with women just as friends to know I would never want to be with one in a relationship. With girls my only on and off interest is in pussy and tits and that interest varies dependig on the girl. Some tits are hot to l ook at but those jugs hanging down like water bottles when she’s in doggy really turn me off to see that. The pussy can be hot but that depends too. Some women have a hot looking puss to me, others look nasty. Read your links about the smell of pussy. Yuck!!!! I think all these guys on other sites who gush over pussy or wanting to try it would change their mind after getting the first smell of it. i’ve never been with a girl. When I fantasize about it that seems to be enough for me. I’ve thought about trying to hook up with a girl to see if I’d like it but fantasizing about it is so much easier than going through all that and her expectations and demands on me. THen I think suppose she has some sexual disease like herpes which is incurable and I’m there to eat her out as a 1st time experience and end up with oral herpes in and around my mouth. Who knows what she has? Or suppose she’s already pregnant and then tries to lay that on me since she’d have some of my contact info. You cant trust women. A simple sex date with a girl can turn into a court order or something if she pregnant. I’ve never had any problem with gay guys though. Even if the bro wasn’t attractive to me or I to him we both agreed it was a no go and that was that. No hidden agenda like you can get with a woman. I’ve seen the pussy videos where the guy has to go through all these positions and fucks and fucks and fucks and still can’t cum. WTF? When I’ve fucked guys it takes all I have to keep from cumming very quickly. WIth pussy, it takes the longest time for a guy to cum. A video I watched the other day looked like fake cum. I checked that out and yes indeedy studios use fake cum. It looks like elmer’s glue it ‘s so thick and white. A guy was fucking this girl but the camera didn’t show him cum, and he pulled out and she fingered her pussy and out came this elmer’s glue looking substance and I said to myself that doesn’t look like any cum I’ve ever seen. The video ended. You can buy tubes of fake cum and porn studios use it. Like I said I could probably be bi in a narrow sense although outside of my home I never look at women. I’m always checking guys out. What I do look at and get annoyed with are the straight couples near me who flaunt their straightness. I have other taboo turn-ons but nothing illegal. That’s all I wanted to say. Good site, bro. I like what you write about. KEep going.

  5. Gary

    I read your entries about the “breeders” (love that term you use) iin your neighborhood trying to make theiir son straight by the clothes he wears and hobbies they put him in like sports and scouts. My brother and his wife did the same thing with my nephew. I’m gay and often told my brother that their tactics wouldn’t have anything to do with the kid’s sexuality. He just laughed at me. My nephew is now 19 and when he turned 18 he came to my partner and I and told us he’s gay which we had suspected for years. He asked for advice on when he should tell his dad. At first I said that was between him and his dad. But then I said he could tell him when we’re all together if he wants. That way he would have the support of a gay couple there at the table with him. He chose to do that and when he made his announcement turns out that my brother said he already knew and I jokingly smacked him on the head and rubbed it in that all that sports garb didn’t do a fucking thing to make the kid straight. He just smiled and said I guess you’re right. Is my brother anti-gay? Not in a hostile way but there’s something gone on with him. Sometime I wonder when he’s coming out of the closet?? We messed around some as teenage boys when mom and dad weren’t home. I reminded him of that but he said that never happened. I gave him details. You should have seen how red his face got.

  6. William

    Read your last 2 entries….been reading this page for awhile now….a sense of community in sf? Not a fucking chance of that. They have fucking ruined this city. I would leave but don’t know where to go…..same thing my friends say. closet cases? Yep, them too…..all over the place. You’d never know this was once the gay mecca. II don’t even like going out anymore because of fucking snotty people. Weekends are the worst. Best to stay indoors on weekends….that’s what I do. as miserable as the milleneals look they don’t like it is….but hey fuckheads, you made your bed now lie in it. Or go back where you fcuking came from.

  7. Your Straight Neighbor

    Me again. Nice seeing you yesterday and following through on my promise that I’d write a comment about what we talked about here you go….
    You were talking about how these days you can’t tell the difference between straight guys and gay guys, and that your friends watches videos each day where the guy looks gay but talks about his wife and even has her in the video. You said you see a closet case. Even though I don’t have sex with women that often these days, I do jerk off to a lot of straight porn. Lately I’ve been watching pussy eating videos. Compilations of one guy after the other eating girls out. About one-third to one-half of the time I’ve thought, “that guy looks gay to me…no doubt…. but he’s eating her out.” When she’s had enough she pushes him away and he still looks gay to me with sort of effiminate body movements getting up from her. They’re all in their 20s and 30s…my guess. You said that many millennial gay guys have gone back in the closet and have girlfriends or wives now and that your friend who used to go to the gay gym in the Castro has heard some of the guys from the gay gym who are now at his new gym down the street talk about their girlfriends or wives and getting pregnant. In these compilations, they all look like couples because I’ve seen one of these couples before in a few videos where he’s always eating her out. Don’t know what to think about this. These guys are either doing it for the money since they’re commercial videos (not home made) or it’s like you said a closet case or maybe he’s straight even tho he doesn’t look like it or bi who looks stereotypically gay…..who knows! I thought you made a good point tho: gay guys worked decades in the gay rights movement to go back in the closet and eat pussy. Like you said they could have done that from the beginning and spent all that energy they used on the movement on something else. See you around…. 🙂

  8. Your Straight Neighbor

    hola pink barrio – enjoyed talking with you earlier this week in the neighborhood. Read your comments about pussy and having had my share of pussy over the years I want to say this…..it’s too bad that we don’t have smell vision on our computers and phones with the smell of pussy coming rright over our devices because that right there would turn off the guys who fantasize about getting pussy but haven’t been with a woman …. they would experience what many of us already know. It can stink….no way around that….and it can stink in many ways…..and taste very salty. I’m one of the few straight guys out there that has never been turned on by the appearance, taste or smell of pussy. I wish I was gay….think it would be easier but no matter how much gay porn I watch it doesn’t make that happen…. just wanted to say that. Nice seeing you the other day. See you around.

  9. AndyChrist

    I want to comment on the ageist millennials. They’re known for their ageism….especially the millennials techies here in SF.

    One thing you’ve not talked about is how ageist the gay millennials are. I’m an older guy, guess I’m considered a senior citizen by some standards but most people guess I’m in my 40s or so. Sorry to say this but I go out of my way to not look at millennials because of the disapproving looks I get like they’re saying ‘how dare you look at me you old guy?’ They think they’re too special to be glanced at I guess. The gay ones do this to me. The new SF really makes us feel not welcomed. They have royally fucked up this city. There’s one miillennial that was an exception to this….he and I talked a few times about his dog he was walking. The next time I saw him he completely ignored me because he didn’t want to be seen talking with an “old guy” when he’s with his millennial friend. That’s the way it seemed. So fuck him, I don’t like people like that.

  10. Nobody You Know

    As for out and proud, your point is well taken. I know quite a lot of people and thinking back on the gay people I know, I can’t think of any of them who are out and proud today. They were back in the day but they’ve slowly changed. It’s not that they’re in the closet …. they’re not out like they used to be. Don’t quite know how to explain it. It’s like they have one foot out of the closet and the other foot in. I never talk about this with anyone because I can see some of them getting very defensive no matter how I try to approach it. I think many people I know wouldn’t like what you’ve said. Like that saying goes…”the truth hurts.” I know an older lesbian couple in SF and they can’t stand the new Castro and don’t like the new SF. Would like to move but don’t know where to where it’s not worse. Pretty much said the same that pink barrio has about it and the Castro.

  11. Joe

    Hiya, found this article about a week ago and could soooooooooo relate to what I was reading. I kept reading….have to say it’s good to see someone talking about what nobody else dare to talk about. Sounds like San Francisco has been lost to the str8s. Sad to hear that. Who would have ever thought that considering what SF used to be? Mostly agree with all I’ve read here. Don’t know what else to say. Thx.

    BTW….I can’t stand that “lgbt” shit either. I remember ACTUP! I think one of their chants was “We’re here, We’re queer.” It wasn’t “We’re here, we’re LGBTQQICAPF2K+”. What fucking shit is THAT?

  12. David in Breukelen

    You’ve written “reams” about how out there in San Francisco you kept hearing the conservatives say when sanitizing the Castro that gay people can now live anywhere and gay is now mainstream as a way of getting rid of the gay mecca. I hoipe these days those people are reading all the articles I see in the news about gay guys and gay couples being discriminated against…..so much for being able to live ANYWHERE!! Todays headline:

    Couple says manager turned them away from pre-paid couple’s massage for being gay. This happened in Naples Florida. Florida was also where tv viewers didn’t want to see the gay kiss.

    Oh YES, gay people can live anywhere.

    Lies, lies and more lies.

  13. castro local

    the castro has been lost to the straights.

    can’t add a thing. your take on what they’ve done around here matches what i’ve seen. i was out earlier today in the castro and market streets. hundreds of straights holding hands, two straight make out sessions at street corners. there were some gay guys….wonder where they came from?…..around the bay area? the straights were very much in the majority. saw 4 gay couples holding hands the whole time i was out running errands. the funny thing was that one of them started making out next to the straight couple that was making out as a “i’ll show you!!” lots of kids and baby strollers. like you say, nothing like it was. i’m an older guy so none of the gay guys even thought about looking at me. the new castro doesn’t have a good or safe feel to it to me. with all the straights it reminds me of cole valley but without the safe feel that cole valley has. some windows in the new condos were busted out and someone went along market street earlier this week and blew out with a gun many of the glass windows. some of them still haven’t been fixed. lovely neighborhood the straights brought with them. wasn’t like this when it was a safe gay mecca.

  14. D8

    I don’t know how I managed to miss this article. Thought I’d pass this along to you. You spoke about that gay supervisor who’s going to the state level for his next job? You’re correct. I read that Scott Penis is in campaign mode running for the state senate. One of the pictures he’s using for his campaign literature is of a straight white couple with kids supporting him. You’d think that a gay guy would show a gay couple (with kids) wouldn’t you? No, not heteronormative Scott Penis. Someone said that it will be good to get that slimeball out of city politics and that he can’t do that much damage at the state level. We’ll see.

  15. Nate

    Interesting post. I have a question for you – From reading yours and other sites, the mayor and one of the gay supervisors (forget his name) are directly responsible for fuking up San Francisco and the Castro district. Do you agree with that? Is there anything that can be done to put a stop to it? A business acquaintance of mine was there a few months ago for a conference. He used to live there and loved it but told me that he wouldn’t want to live there now. He didn’t have time to elaborate other than to say it’s not the same city. I asked him if there was anything positive he could still say about SF from having visited and he paused a moment and said the views are still nice, if they’re not blocked by condos.’

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola Nate. You asked:

      “From reading yours and other sites, the mayor and one of the gay supervisors (forget his name) are directly responsible for fuking up San Francisco and the Castro district. Do you agree with that? Is there anything that can be done to put a stop to it?”

      Yes I agree with that. They have accomplices such as the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars™ and immense greed, and the Tech Surveillance State Industrial Complex. The city is being ruined by the Techies Class Warfare and corporate greed. And the useless and irrelevant busy-bodied merchants/neighbourhood groups are accomplices to the sanitising of The Castro, for example. The city is now owned by a billionaire techie venture capitalist and the mayor and this conservative gay supervisor both work for him. They don’t work for We The People. Nothing can be done about it, in part, because they don’t care what anyone thinks about what they’re doing. They only care about their corporate owners. That’s the way it works with corporate fascism where the corporations/corporatists own the politicians and the same corporations/corporatists make the policies – the same way it works in the US at the federal level. We have corporate fascism—the mealy mouthed people call it an Oligarchy—at all levels of government today in the US. As of this writing, no one is running against the current alcalde/mayor. That despicable piece of work self-promoting gay supervisor will continue to help ruin the city for 4 more years before he goes to his next job to help ruin things at the state and federal levels. These people are basura, as is the case with parasitic corporatist politicians. They are the scum of the Earth. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  16. Ed in the Castro

    Hahahahaha. I hear 2 things at this gym. One is the waking up with a dick in the mouth story and the other is “I got so drunk and don’t remember any of it.” Then they go into the smallest details of what they drank, how much they drank, who hugged whom, who kissed whom, who sucked whom, who fucked whom,, etc. I think to myself for someone who can’t remember any of it you recalled every detail!!!

    The gym is not a very fun place any more. It’s very cold and impersonal and I think most of the guys who go there are Castro conservatives and are very pleased with what the Castro is today (a culture-less dead zone of zombies). I hope those who have helped to ruin it for the rest of us are now happy.

  17. Former Castro Resident

    I love the pictures on this page. Good art work.

    I lived in the Castro in the 1980s forward. I moved away about 10 years ago. I came back to visit friends over the holidays. They had told me before I arrived that they were thinking of moving away because “gentrification has ruined San Francisco” is what they said. They didn’t give me any details, they just said, “you’ll see when you get here.”

    I remember what the Castro was like when I lived there. That Castro’s gone. They’ve ruined it. They’ve ruined San Francisco too.

    In a post you wrote:

    “The merchants are deeply concerned about losing the GLBTQ identity of The Castro. ”

    My friends talked about. They say they don’t think the merchants give a fuck about the GLBTQ identity. If they did care about the gay identify they wouldn’t have tried to make the Castro like any other neighborhood the way they have. The merchants are fine with taking money from the straights who I saw coming in there and who I saw making out on Castro Street and making out in front of gay bars. I couldn’t believe it. I never saw that when I lived there. It made me irate. Do they think they’re in Pacific Heights, North Beach or the Marina?

    That’s what the gay rights movement was all about, huh? Straights taking over the gay area. I’m not coming back to San Francisco. I’d prefer to live with the fond memories I have from when I lived there because the new gentrified city of SF is not the city I lived in. There’s nothing there now but shallow empty people on their smartphones.

  18. XYZ

    Can you tell me what exactly are they trying to do to the Castro? What are they trying to make it into?

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola XYZ, the conservative elitists want The Castro to be this upscale (translation: wealthy, pretentious, “straight,” bougi, nose-in-the-air, “we only want people just like us here”) barrio. The conservative elitists are trying at every opportunity to remove any glimpse of the former Alternative and Proudly Radical city of the Gay Mecca Days. There are some who are trying to retain what remains of the former city. The merchants are deeply concerned about losing the GLBTQ identity of The Castro. Understandable, because who will want to come to a place that is a GLBTQ museum of its former self? And that’s mostly what The Castro already is. It’s been so sanitised. It’s nothing like it was when I moved here during the Gay Mecca Days. Gracias for your comment.

  19. bianca

    is this the same gay gym you wrote about where they painted over the rainbow flag colors in the gym? if so, how’d that go over? anyone protest it?

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola bianca, yes it is the same gym I wrote about here. I don’t think anyone noticed, and how would anyone notice when most are constantly on their mind-controlling stupidphone and engaged in that intense addiction. Mi amigo noticed the Rainbow Flag colours were gone immediately and told his amigos and they were surprised. Some of them may have complained but they were ignored by the gym’s management. No protests to my knowledge and frankly protests are sneered at and frowned upon in The Castro. It’s rare to see any protests of any kind in the lobotomised conservative Castro these days. If anything, I would suspect that the conservative gay residents would strongly support painting over the Rainbow Flag colours claiming that “they make the gym look too gay when we’re trying to be discreet, down low, straight-acting and straight-looking.” Gracias for your comment. Chau.

      For more perspective:

      The Gay Populace: The (new) Tool of The Right

      San Francisco was an amazing place!

      The Conservative Gay Heteronormative Populace

  20. Vance

    LOL. Hysterical.

    I think your friend goes to my gym in the Castro. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard that dick in mouth story. It’s lost its credibility.

    I don’t enjoy the gym that much now cuz no one talks to each other and some of them I’vve seen there for years and they can’t even say hello…..the same for when I see them out in the Castro. They just ignore you. The guys I consider good looking at the gym are snotty and unfriendly and on their smartphone. It’s become a pretty cold place.

Fin. The End.