“I’m married.”

Despite gay marriage being legal in the non-United States, I still hear guys say or I read in comments, “I’m married.” They don’t specify whether they’re married to a man or a woman because of the generations-long-standing heteronormative tradition that it’s assumed that he’s married to a woman. Historically, I think gay marriage is much too new for most people to even remember that two people of the same gender can get married. Either that, or many/most people don’t approve of gay marriage to begin with.

Since gay marriage became legal in the non-United States, I’ve only heard one guy say, “I’m married [pause] to a guy.” All other men, it’s assumed are married to females, whether my gaydar tells me they’re Queer or not.

Then, there’s the Queer wedding ring mess. Ugh. What a disaster that is where — even if a guy is married to his boyfriend — there’s no way to know that because he looks like he’s married to a chick because he wears his wedding ring on the same finger that the straights do. So how the fuck are you supposed to know what gender he’s married to, or is he trying to hide that while claiming to be “an out and proud gay man.” Yeah sure you are! He wears his wedding ring on the traditional fourth finger of the left hand. Again, that’s the finger that straights wear their wedding rings on. What hand and finger should Queers be wearing their wedding rings on: The right hand fourth finger. That leaves no doubt or confusion. But with the left hand fourth finger, you have no idea which gender the gay guy is married to. And when this is explained to some Queers, they refuse to move their ring to the right hand. Presumably they want to be thought of as “straight.” One foot still in the closet? To me that’s a form of being in the closet. Then when a gay male couple is together — both wearing wedding rings on their left hand where the breeders wear their wedding rings — they’re assumed to be “just two guys waiting for their wives,” or “their wives are not with them.” I get the impression that many gay couples want to be thought of as straight these days. They’re probably saying: Our relationship is no different than that of the breeders. Bull shit! Your relationship is hopefully far better than that of any breeder couples with their many dysfunctions and over 50% divorce rate in the non-United States. So don’t compare your relationship to the fucking breeders. They don’t deserve to be put on any fucking pedestal and worshipped nor should breeder sexuality be thought of as “the superior sexuality.” Fuck that shit! I won’t have it!

Which makes me think: Queers can’t even get their wedding rings correct. Apparently they want to be thought of as straight? Chau.—el barrio rosa

Here’s a Queer couple that does not want to be confused for straight. They’re wearing their wedding rings on their right hand fourth finger, which leaves absolutely no confusion. I know I’m repeating myself here but I feel I need to because there are so many thick and dense people out there these days here in the Century of Insanity. And they may show up here. And there will likely be some conservative Queers who show up here and they will insist that their wedding ring should remain on their left hand fourth finger so they can be confused with or thought of as breeders. (roll eyes). Sounds like closet cases to me. Yes, two closet cases can get married. That’s not unheard of.

The image above is that of a married gay male couple wearing their wedding rings on their right hand fourth finger, which removes any doubt or confusion over their sexual orientation. They’re not trying to deceive others into thinking they’re straight by wearing their wedding ring on their left hand — as straight couples do — which is what most people would likely think when the two are not together as a couple. Or even if they were together as a couple, someone could ask: “Where are your wives? I see you’re both wearing wedding rings (on your left hand).” Because traditionally, breeders wear their wedding rings on their left hand fourth finger. And even though queers see their relationships no differently than that of the breeders — and it should be seen as no differently except it’s probably far less dysfunctional than that of a breeder relationship with their high divorce rate (1 in 4 breeder couples get divorced as of 2017) — the fact is many in our bigoted, prejudiced and homophobic society do see queer relationships/marriages differently. Again (for the thick people), gay marriage is too new historically speaking for most people to even remember that it exists, that it’s now legal in the US, especially when the person opposes gay marriage.

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