“I’m Ready for Hillary.” Already?

En Los Estados Unidos/In the US, also known as The Imperialistic Empire and The Cesspool:

“The Republicans and Democrats are like two piles of dog shit. One pile attracts more flies on the odd occasion.”

El 26 de octubre de 2013. Hola. With over 3 years remaining in the messiah regime, (also known as Bush’s Fourth Term) some people are already gushing over that corporatist, hawk mujer whose name appears in the title up above.

As you may know, I can’t stand to write about the septic topic of politics. If I think about that septic topic too much or too long it makes me ill, literally. I wouldn’t even be writing about this if I hadn’t walked outside the other day and noticed this small truck parked outside my apartment building. I noticed the bumper stickers on it. There was a sticker with GLBTQ rainbow colours and messiah’s face in the center.  I thought:  Oh we have a messiahbot here.  All the other stickers were that of “Gay Incorporatedthat’s the best way to describe it and you can read about that here: the wealthy corporate organisations that serve as a front for the misnamed “Democratic” Party. One sticker said, “For the Earth vote Democrat.” Don’t you just hate ignorance? That person apparently has been paying zero attention to what their messiah and his useless party of corporatists have done. For a few examples of that, read the paragraph beginning with “Henry Louis Gates was on TV earlier this week…” from the article Who is Jeh Johnson, and Why Should Black People Be Hanging Our Heads in Shame? at that link (Black Agenda Report).

Then one sticker read, “I’m ready for Hillary.” Well jesus fucking christ, aren’t you a little early, Dembot? And I suspect your messiah would be offended to hear that. All of these useless basura/trash who continue to vote for these corporatist parasites continue to go from one parasite politician to another. No standards are involved; it’s all about “team” loyalty. We’re just in the 10th month of the first year of your messiah’s second term of 4 years. And you’re already ready for her when we still have over 3 long years to endure under the messiah surveillance regime you presumably voted for because of the letter D next to his name? Ugh. My thoughts continued: Well, having that sticker on this early (el 26 de octubre de 2013) can imply that you’re not delighted and pleased with your messiah’s regime which you most assuredly voted for twice I would guess, and it can also imply that you aren’t satisfied with him so you’re ready for that corporatist Hillary piece of work.

All of these “my D team” bumper stickers just seemed rather pathetic to me considering the state of things which both D and R are equally responsible for. But because of people’s devout partisan brainwashing they don’t seem to learn anything from the past. They remain cemented in their D or R partisan drivel and rut. That “Democratic” shill/hack with the truck has clearly been severely corporatised by “Gay Incorporated” and it doesn’t matter what the “Democrats” (as they call themselves) do, those political parasites will always have that truck driver’s unconditional and blind allegiance and support just because of that faux D next to their names. Just like those who say, “I’ve always been a Democrat and I’ll be a Democrat until the day I die.” (Same for Republicans). So it’s one recycled political parasite after the other. Since this trucker driver likes to live way in the future, it’s surprising they don’t have bumper stickers saying, “I’m ready for (candidate’s name) in 2020” and the same for 2024. I guess they’re waiting until the D-Establishment and its stenographers called the US corporate media choose a political corporate whore (no disrespect intended to sex workers) candidate for 2020/24 to run before they begin their gushing over those D-Establishment candidates.

La Dalia Amarilla y Naranja

La Dalia Amarilla y Naranja

Regardless, I won’t be talking about this shit after this article. These corporatist candidates of the wealthy and 1%—half of the parasites in the US congress are millionaires—and this corrupt system have all become so predictable, thoroughly corrupt and fucked up and monotonous. I agree with others who say: I’d much rather talk about dog shit than these corporate parasite politicians. They are both corporate piles of shit. It’s just that one attracts more flies on the odd occasion. Fin. Chau.—rosa barrio

I agree with most of what he says:

In the following video Russell Brand wastes his time talking with some braindead Establishment/corporatist programmed talking head muchacho from the BBC. This piece of work from the BBC doesn’t seem able to use any part of his brain to think past what the corporatists tell him:

P.S. Now, forget all about this caca and look at the pretty la Dalia on this page. There are so many pretty las dalias. Las Dalias are native to México, Centroamérica, and Colombia.

UPDATE (El 13 de abril de 2015):

Hillary Clinton announces presidential campaign