In the former Gay Mecca, females try to pick up guys

When I moved to San Francisco’s Gay Mecca years ago, I never thought I’d be writing this article. Well frankly, I never would have thought that I’d be writing most of the articles I write to today on Queer-related topics. Who would have thought that I’d be writing about females trying to pick up guys in The Castro and Upper Market? (roll eyes) Maybe this is why one of my acquaintances (a Queer boy) told me (pre-COVID-19) that he avoids the bars in The Castro because “there are too many girls in them.”

And where the fuck did all these girls come from? Has no one had anything but female babies in the past decades? That’s the way it seems. Why aren’t they in the Marina? A traditionally-straight area of The City? There’s this over-saturation of females in San Francisco, particularly in The Castro and Upper Market. Where the fuck did they come from (move here from)? And why would they have moved to the former Gay Mecca San Francisco — saturated with Rainbow Flags — and why would they have moved to the most expensive City in the non-United States? Does that make any sense to anyone? How can they afford to live here, especially by the way they talk? Most of them sound like there’s not a brain in that blond head. And being blond seems to be a requirement.

Most of these females make themselves well-known and HEARD. Obnoxious is the word that comes to mind to describe them. They’re loud, shrill, and seem desperate for attention when they walk by my apartment. And hearing them talk — if that’s what they think they’re doing — most have ruined their speech by conforming to that illiterate-sounding “Valley Girl” shit that one hears around here where nearly all Millenneals say the word “like” every other word. Here’s an example: “It’s like, she’s like, he’s cuz like, I was cuz like, she was like, he was like, it was like.. cuz like, like, like.” They sound like brain-dead, illiterate fools. How the fuck do they hold jobs speaking in that way? I know that stupid-is-in in the non-United States, but: SHUT UP BITCH if you can’t speak intelligently. You’re fucking obnoxious and annoying. Also, they don’t speak in a musical way at all. They speak in a robotic, clipped, fast, choppy manner. Some of the guys speak the same way to conform. Some of the guys are “like, cuz like, like, like, cuz like” too. Where did these Millennial trash come from? Millenneals are all about absolute conformity from their “language” to their drab, funeral-looking black and grey “uniform” which they wear 365. I hope they wash it occasionally or do they have 7 copies of the same thing, one for each day of the week? They are terrified of pretty colours. Even their homes are covered in mortuary grey. Black, grey and white kitchens. Drab grey walls in the living room and bedroom. No wonder they always look depressed. If I had to live with those depressing colours, I’d be depressed too. Most of the guys who walk by my window are quiet until they get on their phone and then they feel the need to broadcast their phone call to the neighbourhood.

Speaking of phone zombies and that absolute addiction: Mi amigo saw a cyclist this morning with no hands on the handlebars because both hands were on his phone as he was texting breezing through a busy intersection. He ran a STOP sign — which gives all cyclists a bad reputation even though I stop at all stop signs — because his texting was more important to him than his life and safety. He had no way to stop had a vehicle come near him. I wonder how long he’ll be around? He was a Millennial. Typical. Brain dead. These days, I still see people walking by my apartment late at night on their phone as if they think they’re in the safety of their apartment, oblivious to muggers. These phone zombies seem to think that San Francisco is a crime-free City. It isn’t. More Insanity.

Mi amigo/My friend and I noticed this phenomenon with an over-saturation of females some time ago. We asked ourselves: Is the Gay Mecca becoming a Lesbian Mecca? Answer: No. These females seem to be straight. An acquaintance (Queer homeowner) told mi amigo about two years ago when they saw each other, “Welcome to the heterosexual Castro.” That homeowner sold his home and left the City, in part, because of this.

I’ve said to mi amigo many times: During the Gay Mecca years, all we heard was the quiet voices of Queer boys as they walked by our apartments. That began to change when the Tech Industrial Complex began its rape of The City and turned San Francisco into an extension of Silicon Valley and a culture-less, lobotomised City of phone zombies with no personality what-so-ever or any social skills. Thumb-typing on your phone is not an example of possessing any social skills, especially when the words “hello” or “excuse me” are not in your vocabulary. The voices we began to hear and hear today are most often that of loud, broadcasting “him and her” as the former Gay Mecca is now a Breeder Mecca and Closet Case Mecca. And on multiple occasions, I and mi amigo have found ourselves in a position where some female walking her dog — and it seems to be a requirement that every female in this City have a dog which she ignores while she’s glued to her phone — sees myself or mi amigo and starts this flirting routine as if trying to pick us up. WTF? This happened for mi amigo earlier today which is why I’m writing about it. He said that all his life he never had any chicks trying to hook up with him and then he moves to the Gay Mecca, that dies after gay marriage becomes legal and the majority of Queers seem to have gone back in the closet, and now chicks are interested in him. WTF? Why do these chicks assume that every guy they see is straight? They have no gaydar at all. And why did these desperate chicks move to the area still saturated with Rainbow Flags? Insanity.

The over-saturation of Rainbow Flags in The Castro are deliberately planted there by that useless busy-bodied conservative neighbourhood association to deceive gullible tourists into thinking that The Castro is still a Gay Mecca. There are still some Queers in The Castro, but aren’t the majority of them back in the closet today?

And that’s it. Maybe making no sense is now the new making sense here in the Century of Insanity.

Mi amigo said: Well there’s another way to look at this. Maybe all of these females moved here looking for a rich guy. Maybe that explains it. I said: Well, if they’re looking for a rich STRAIGHT guy why did they move to the former Gay Mecca? Why didn’t they move to the traditionally straight areas of The City such as the Marina, North Beach, Pacific Heights, Cow Hollow, Union Street area, Russian Hill and so forth? Instead, they moved to the area saturated with Queer flags where you don’t know whether the guy is straight or a closet case, and where the straight bars are full of straight guys. She’d be much more likely to meet a genuine straight guy in one of those areas I listed. I don’t understand the thinking. Chau.—el barrio rosa