“Independence Day” 2020 in the non-United States

Hola a todos. Because stupid is in, I suspect most USians have no idea what Independence Day is about, nor do they care. To them it’s just another opportunity to party and get drunk, eat unhealthy barbeque “food” and perhaps mumble the first few words of a nationalistic piece of music or two. Most would claim to be “patriotic” yet they likely couldn’t tell you who their US congressional Representative or Senator is or anything about them. Most people are merely brainwashed D or R partisan cultists. Considering most people’s infatuation with the British Royal Family, one wonders why people “celebrate” what’s known as “the 4th of July,” including the current narcissistic white house occupant who demanded a state visit and dinner with the Queen. And his visit was the usual embarrassment one has come to expect from him. He loves to “play military” yet never served a day in his pathetic and corrupt life when he had the opportunity to, citing bone spurs as the excuse. As I wrote in this article, the US should change their national anthem to “God Save The Queen” — the most glorious version you can hear at that link; it was arranged by Sir David Willcocks for the wedding of Charles and Diana — since most people have already forgotten about independence from the Crown long ago. And considering what I’m seeing in San Francisco, expect a major spike in COVID-19 cases following this holiday. It appears that many San Franciscans have violated shelter-in-place orders — even those who pretend to be devout about the health guidelines (hypocrites!) — and headed up to Lake Tahoe for the COVID-19 infection party up there. The shores of Lake Tahoe are packed as is the lake with boats close together. Then they will come back to San Francisco and infect others. I was out early this morning in San Francisco and along Market Street nearly everyone was wearing masks. This afternoon in Upper Market most were not, nor were they social-distancing. To them, it’s over as our infection rates rise. Stupid is in. And wearing your mask under your chin accomplishes nothing. Most of the mask-less people look like could very well be Tr*mp sewage. White, overweight, aged 30-60s. The orange thug-agitator/international bully/narcissistic Mob Boss called COVID-19 “a Democratic Party hoax.” Tr*mp Jr. said that COVID-19 would disappear right after the “election” (because it is a hoax). Interesting that Junior’s girlfriend — who was at the Tulsa Tr*mp cult rally — has tested positive for coronavirus. But I thought it was all a hoax? Junior has supposedly tested negative. Has he kissed her recently? And why are they testing for an alleged hoax? We’re told that the orange thug and Pen*e are “tested regularly.” Why? Why are they testing at all when it’s a hoax? Their actions — assuming they are tested at all — contradict their words. Does anyone believe they’ve been tested at all? We’re also told that they have instant test results. I don’t believe that. (Mayor London Breed of San Francisco went to an event where she was unknowingly exposed to someone who had tested positive for COVID-19, and Mayor Breed’s test took 24 hours to get the results back.) The behaviour and actions of the current white house occupant have been nothing but extremely irresponsible and immature as he plays golf during this pandemic. But it’s all about him and his constant need for attention. Chau.—el barrio rosa