Independence Day 2022 in the United States of North America

This 4tb of July was more obnoxious than usual. In part, because on the classical music station I listen to, they were frequently saying, “Happy Independence Day” to their listeners. That got annoying. They also say such drivel as, “You’re always welcome here.” Oh good lord, people! Is that some new silly marketing strategy? And it was a bit odd really considering they broadcast worldwide online, so “Happy Independence Day” was only for the US listeners. Seemed a bit US- centric. Did they forget that the people in the rest of the world would have no idea what they were talking about? Then they were playing spirituals, such as, the announcer spoke “That was the Promised Land by the Tabernacle Choir of Temple Square.” Oh they were playing them, were they? Surely another Chorus trained in choral excellence has recorded that piece, no? And they used to be known as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, so they’ve been sanitised to just Tabernacle Choir? I don’t know, I don’t listen to them. When I think of choral excellence, they don’t come to mind. At first I was thinking: Is that Tanglewood? — the Tanglewood Festival Chorus — before the Boston Symphony Orchestra hired James Burton to restore the TFC’s choral excellence which had declined under John Oliver? These days whenever I hear a podunk Chorus I ask: Is that Tanglewood, pre-James Burton? And was this classical music station suggesting that the US is the “promised land?” That’s delusional thinking. There were other groups of spirituals played throughout the day. I fail to understand what spirituals have to do with the 4th of July. What’s the connection? “Patriotic” music, yes, but not spirituals. Do most people in the US even know what Independence Day is? I suspect not. If one were to tell them that it’s independence from The (British) Crown, I suspect you’d get a blank stare not knowing what you’re talking about. Others would say, “Oh you know, I love The Queen, God Save The Queen and the Royal Family and I wish we were still under The Crown. She’s a wonderful “lady.” Well, if you wish we were still under The Crown why are you celebrating Independence Day? Ah, the disconnect. In reality, to most people, Independence Day is just a day off to party and to get drunk and to have multiple gun shootings in parts of the US killing and wounding people. With some insane people screaming for “more guns, more guns, more guns.” And others repeating the tired and useless, “Thoughts and Prayers and more Moments of Silence” narrative. That’s the reality in 2022. And at night, people seem to like to live through what sounds like a war zone with booms and bangs of fireworks. Even the US national anthem celebrates “bombs bursting in air…and our flag was still there.” That’s important, is it? Here’s a suggestion: If you’re really all that hot on bombs bursting in air and war-fervor and noise pollution, why not take a trip to Ukraine where the real thing is happening with Russia’s barbaric war crimes on Ukraine. No make-believe there and see how you like that. Maybe living through that will help one work through one’s war fantasies and reconsider this silly Independent Day and what it has become: Just a day off to party and for bar-be-ques, and to pretend war. And of course more gun violence and more innocent people dead and wounded. Rather pathetic really.