06.23.12 Hola. Locally, near the pink barrio, there has been an ongoing story involving one of the city officials who has been suspended from his job, and on a local website recently they had a video interview with the partner of the suspended city official. I didn’t watch the interview and have very little interest in the story, in part, because it’s been so talked about so much and rehashed and rehashed. I clicked on the comments for the interview and they were as expected. Mostly the usual right-wing trolls (who like to hate on the suspended person) rehashing and rehashing in detail the entire saga which led up to the suspension. I thought: don’t these trolls ever tire of talking about this story and one-upping the so-called “progressives” and trying to score points while dismissing the “progressives” that they despise? No, apparently they don’t tire of any of that, ever. Scanning the comments there was nothing new there. The new comments were the same as they have been throughout the saga of this story.

Then I went on another site and read the comments on a thread, and actually I don’t even remember what the thread was about. It must have been about Obama’s re-election. It was the comments that I especially paid attention to. They were a rehash of the comments that most people wrote four years ago, and four years before that and four years before that for the presidential election here in the Estados Unidos/U.S. There were many people critical of Obama and some of the same people were writing that they were voting for him again. That crowd was challenged by those who decided to waste their time challenging them (it was a waste of time because no one was about to change their mind). Then there were the Obamabots/Obamatrolls. An Obamabot is defined as a person who blindly supports and cheer-leads for Obama but doesn’t have a clue what he’s done. The Obamabots dragged out the usual Fear Card (the Fear Card comes out every four years as well) and they wrote, “remember the Supreme Court! remember the Supreme Court!…it will become even more right-wing” under Romney). Then there was the “vote Green Party” crowd and the “third party is a spoiler” crowd, and also the ubiquitous “vote the lesser of two evils” crowd. I’m sure I’m leaving out someone and what they were chanting. Again, every national election in the Estados Unidos all of this stuff is repeated over and over and over. It’s predictable. Then four years from now, those same comments will be written again (and changing the names of the sales people called politicians). I had enough of the repetition so I clicked off.

Then I saw this story around the same time:

Obama Personally Oversee Al Qaeda Kill List: Report

Does anyone have a problem with this? How is this any different than what some gangs do? Don’t they have a “to kill” list? Some appear to. It may not be on paper but they have a list. And if you or I had a “to kill” list and it was found out about, we’d be arrested immediately and thrown in jail. But when it comes to “the president of the United States,” it would appear he’s above the law. What happened to the myth called “we are a nation of laws” that the EE.UU. (U.S.) likes to lecture to the world? So Obama is serving as judge, jury and executioner in other words. Nice. (I’m being sarcastic). Even if a person is suspected of doing something criminally, the person is supposed to be arrested, a trial held and then sentenced. That’s the way it’s supposed to work under the system in the EE.UU. Only for some people.

The comments on one message forum about this story were typical for what I’ve come to expect for that site. Most of those posting perceive Obama to be a “far liberal” (they are as clueless as the Obamabots) and they were writing that this “to kill” list is coming from the “far liberals.” Ugh. Insanity. Obama is not a liberal or a progressive. Most of his policies are to the right of George W. Bush and anyone who has been paying close attention to what he’s done since he took office knows this. But because Obama has that symbolic D behind his name, the brainwashed sheep think “D = liberal” which is no longer the case. At the federal level especially, D is no longer equal to liberal. That’s outdated thinking. I suspect many posting there had been brainwashed by some right-wing gas bag vegetating at a microphone with a well-paid salary and health benefits.

Then there were the people who refused to believe anything (including facts) they were told no matter what credible information/links they were provided. I’ve dealt with many people like that in the past and they are a complete waste of one’s time and energy.

So on all of the message forums I’ve written about here, the comments were predictable and a repeat of the past.

Then I read an article from February 2012:
Poll finds broad support for Obama’s counterterrorism policies. The first paragraph reads, “The sharpest edges of President Obama’s counterterrorism policy, including the use of drone aircraft to kill suspected terrorists abroad and keeping open the military prison at Guantánamo Bay, have broad public support, including from the left wing of the Democratic Party.”

Sigh. The “left wing” of the misnamed “Democratic” Party is not “left wing” at all. That’s newspeak. Instead, they are apologists and excuse makers for the Democratic Party whose corporatist politicians most of the time serve as employees of the Republican Party. The thinking of many (most?) Democratic Party’s supporters (and Republican Party supporters) is, “my party right or wrong.” Of course, all or most of these Democratic hacks/apologists/excuse makers are “rah, rah” for Obama, yet they opposed and protested these same policies under George W. Bush (as they should have). And the people who support such policies under Obama are blatant hypocrites and they seem to be proud of their hypocrisy. These policies are fine under their “savior” Obama. The “left wing” (HA!) of the “Democratic” Party has done a 180 under their Obama. Insanity. All that matters to them is the party and their beloved corporatist pro-war salespeople called politicians with a D behind their name. Clearly, they don’t care what the policies are. They can be the same policies that they opposed under George W. Bush, but they will support those policies under Obama. Insanity.

Then I had the misfortune of seeing Obama fleetingly on Noticiero Univisión on Memorial Day here in the Estados Unidos/U.S. going through the perfunctory routine/events for that day. Memorial Day might mean something if salespeople called politicians didn’t keep doing the same thing over and over again (conflicts, wars, dronings and so forth). I asked Obama on the television: Why are you going through this memorial day charade Obama when people will continue to die because of your policies, just like under George W. Bush? And when those people are killed, you will do this memorial day stunt all over again and act all somber. If you were truly sorry, somber and had sympathy/empathy, you would change your Project For the New American Century agenda policies which cause innocent people to die in other parts of the world. You wouldn’t keep doing the same thing over and over again in order to end up at yet another memorial day event.

Someone once said:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Then speaking of the gullible among us who refuse to see that a saleperson called politician is trying to use them and buy their vote:

The Great Pretender Throws His Base a Bone

Obama backs gay marriage

Chau.—rosa barrio