Interviewing politicians and their newspeak

El 19 de febrero de 2014. Hola. Yesterday I watched the following video (the first video at the bottom of this page). El chico doing the interview is an artist-taxi driver in the UK and he (Mark) interviewed a member of Parliament, Sean Ash, in Mark’s taxi cab. Sean Ash is with the Liberal Democrats (tough luck) in the UK.

Mark’s interview with Sean Ash is the first interview of a politician I’ve watched or listened to in years because I can’t stand to hear politicians interviewed or speak for that matter. I don’t have the patience for their newspeak and bull shit. They are scripted, speak in newspeak, they are big on lies, deceit and the person interviewing them never (or rarely) calls them on anything. Instead the corporatist interviewer hack sits there dutifully letting all lies and deceit remain unchallenged and smiling/nodding approvingly, fawns over the political piece of basura and refers to the piece of corruption as “distinguished” and stops just short of genuflecting to the political parasite being interviewed. I can’t stand most politicians. Most of them are corporate parasites especially in los Estados Unidos/The US/The Cesspool/The Empire (whatever you want to call this place). So I was pleased to see Mark doing a real interview with this politician, rather than the typical corporate pabulum I’ve come to expect from hacks and shills who merely serve as stenographers for corporate politicians, the corrupt scum that they are. Chau.—rosa barrio

Sean Ash Liberal Democrat activist interview