Iraq II

El 15 de junio de 2014. Hola. An e-mail I received yesterday:
Do you think there will be a protest in San Francisco against this coming attack by Obama on Iraq?
My response: Oh I wouldn’t think so. San Francisco is not at all the same activist or proudly-radical city it was at the time of George W Bush’s terrorist attack on Iraq. This city is the opposite of that now. It’s a lobotomised city. Also, Obama has that “D” next to his name and San Francisco is still a “D” city. And most D’s don’t protest D’s (you know, that childish “my team is better than your team” shit) even when their D corporate parasite politicians do the same thing as the R corporate parasites (which D’s protested when Bush was illegitimately in office). The hypocrisy of D’s is disgusting. I can’t stand partisans. The lobomotised San Francisco doesn’t seem to care about anything anymore except parTying, the ubiquitous stupidphone addiction, parTying, texting, playing games on their stupidphone, partying, drinking coffee, getting drunk, Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) and parTying. That about covers it. In the New San Francisco, most couldn’t care less about Iraq—if they even know where it is!—being terrorised since it’s being led by their messiah Obama. That makes it perfectly acceptable. There might be a protest in Oakland since many former residents of the former Alternative and Proudly Radical City of San Francisco have been gentrified from San Francisco to Oakland. If there is a protest in San Francisco, it would most likely be by what remains of the Latino/Hispano/Mexicano et al communities (which are also being gentrified out of the city). They are the only groups who seem to protest anymore in San Francisco. And if there is a protest, it should be during the week when the federal building in San Francisco is open. It’s pointless to protest to empty buildings on weekends. Of course any protest would only be a purely symbolic protest anyway because to protest these days requires a permit from the city. Well, if a permit is required from The Establishment Oligarchy, then it’s not a protest. It’s a state-sanctioned charade (i.e. “we’ll let you protest but you have to follow our route and instructions”).

The so-called “gay community” used to be very heavily active in protests. But today: The conservative gay populace protesting? Ha! Not a chance of that. They’re too busy on their stupidphones scrolling through miles of sex profiles and pretending to be heteronormative jocks. If anything, the gay populace today would be for the terrorist attack on Iraq because their messiah Obama is leading it. Of course, they protested the same despicable actions when Bush launched his terrorist attack on Iraq – FUCKING HYPOCRITES. Chau.—rosa barrio
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Here’s a video from “what is is” titled: All Lies and No Truth



El 28 de agosto de 2013. Hola. ¿Qué tal? As you may know if you read this site regularly, I don’t talk about politics anymore. The topic literally makes me ill. So I’ll keep this brief.

I just wanted to make this statement on—what I’m calling—Irak II: Siria (en español) or Syria (en inglés/English):

Considering what’s likely about to happen en Siria, I had fleetingly thought about putting my LED paz/peace sign that I made years ago in the window. But then I quickly said: Why bother? Why waste the electricity? Most people don’t give a fuck, including most San Franciscans. San Francisco is a very partisan city for the misnamed “Democratic” Party. And because of how this city votes in every election (San Franciscans vote for the corporatist D-status quo), I would expect whatever the Messiah regime says regarding Siria will be believed by the adoring worshipers/supporters of the Messiah regime who live in San Francisco.

When the previous illegitimate regime was in la casa blanca, we had massive protests in the streets about this exact sort of thing and the lies used for that (I’m talking about the attack on Irak, or Irak I for purposes of this article). But with Irak II (Siria), I expect mostly lockstep support because the Messiah regime has spoken and they would never lie about anything, correct? There may be a small “protest” of some sort at some point. It won’t be a real protest because those taking part will likely have a city-issued permit for their “protest.” If one needs a permit to hold a protest, then it’s not a protest but rather a city/state-sanctioned charade.

I heard one corporatist political parasite say that los Estados Unidos/the US will take actions over the obscene chemical attack en Siria. That piece of work didn’t use the word alleged chemical attack. It’s terribly ironic how corporatist political hypocrites get all worked up over someone’s alleged chemical attack. Yet, for example, their own droning wars and killing of innocent people including children is perfectly fine and acceptable to them. Hypocrisy has indeed been raised to a new level en los Estados Unidos. This article speaks more about it and says it well.

And you can read about more hypocrisy in this article. There’s no shortage of hypocrisy. It seems that hypocrisy is all there is today.

Also, “Like so many places in the Middle East now: Beirut, Ramallah, Baghdad, Cairo, Damascus, huge swaths of the city now lie in ruins. Many of these war-torn cities will never recover. Is this our modern legacy for the future?”

As with many times before, The Bullying Empire’s intent here is really for a regime change en Siria (despite lies to the contrary from The Bullying Empire) and for the stealing of natural resources from other countries according to the PNAC agenda. It’s disgusting.

So I won’t be putting my paz/peace sign up. I suspect most people wouldn’t know what it was anyway, or what it was up for. Most people are too busy partying and texting and they are “like, like, like, whatever” or they would be thoroughly and unconditionally supportive of their Messiah regime’s agenda en Siria. If the previous la casa blanca occupant (GWB) were in office they’d be protesting. But this is their Messiah. I can’t stand partisans. They are such fucking hypocrites.—Chau. rosa barrio

P.S. Here’s one of the adoring worshipers of their Messiah.


El 31 de agosto de 2013. Mi amigo went to the Answercoalition’s protest today in San Francisco against The Empire attacking Siria. The number of people at the protest today were about 20-30 people and they were mostly the organisers. I wrote up above that if there were a protest in San Francisco that it would be a small protest (and I’ve heard no one even speak the word Sira/Syria). Nothing compared to the protest in San Francisco for The Empire’s attack (based on lies) on Iraq. Here’s a video of that protest:


Right is left and left is right

Senators who backed Syria resolution got 83 per cent more defense lobby money than those who voted against it, campaign finance numbers show