Is he leaving office? Denial, delusions and wishful-thinking

Hola a todos. Unlike most people, I live under no illusions that he’s leaving office until he dies in office. This thug en la casa blanca/in the white house does nothing legally and with few, if any, consequences. He’s above the law and has made the US Congress purely symbolic. The Ds are mostly silent, no matter what he does. They’re useless. He overrides congressional decisions with executive orders. He ignores subpoenas and the Ds refuse to go after him. They serve as his accomplices and enablers. Let’s just admit it: There is little difference between the two corrupt corporate right-wing parties when one enables the other. But if it were a reversed situation with a Democratic president, the Rs and others would go after him successfully. Just like with the Supreme Court and Obama’s nominees come to mind. Yet this guy is going to have his nominee accomplished in a week or so to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. A woman nominee? What will that matter if she’s anti-choice as one should expect with a right-wing nominee. Hello? It won’t matter how people vote on an already-corrupt hackable system. And there’s no one to make him leave. I expect another 4, 8, 12 years or so if he lives that long.

And come on, is anyone willing to do what it would take to get rid of this guy? No, or very few are. And I’m not talking about voting on a corrupt hackable system. And if no one is going to do what it takes, then continue on with your delusions, denial, dreaming and wishful-thinking. All the things that one expects from the cult members of the “Democratic” Party Cult, the Cult which enables the Republican Party Cult.

So what happens when one tries to explain the above to a “Democratic” Party cultist? One hits the wall. They predictably drag out three cards on cue: The “Your Superior Intellect Card” and the “Attack the Messenger Card” and the “Why Are You Here? Card.” The “Why Are You Here” Card is to chase people away who are not part of one’s brainwashed cult and part of the echo chamber. They’re hoping that their denial will protect them. And they’re hoping their denial, delusions and wishful-thinking will remove the current white house occupant from power.

I’ve learned from experience that one either gets this, understands this on their own or they don’t and they have to come to this realisation on their own, as I did. It didn’t take any superior intellect. Democracy died for the non-United States back in 2000 during and following that stolen election where the US Supreme Court later selected illegitimate George W Bush.

“The left.” What left? I keep reading stuff about “the left” on sites that should know better. “The left” that they are talking about are the D-partisan brainwashed cultists who pretend to be “progressive” and “liberal” but who support the right-wing, pro-war, pro-corporate “Democratic” Party. That’s an oxymoron. A person on the genuine left would not support a right-wing party. So what is this “left” that they keep writing about? I think they are “the left” that believes in climate change and who have a “progressive” view on some social issues and that’s all it takes to be labeled “the left.” And the way the word “progressive” is used these days, clearly the word has lost its original meaning. The simple-minded right-wing label all Democrats “liberal, progressive and left.” Insanity.

What I’ve written here can’t be “forced” on others because then they respond as I’ve described above predictably on cue. Unfortunately, because of partisan brainwashing, most people/D-Party cultists will never get it, and nothing can be done about that. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Oh, and by the way, the female that he’s expected to nominate is pro-birth, just as I said she would be while these delusional Democrats were jumping up and down because he’s expected to nominate a female. It never occurred to these fools that she would be anti-choice/pro-birth.