Is he making out with his little daughter?

(6 March 2021) Hola a todos. I was telling mi amigo/my friend that I’ve been watching The Castro cams over the past weeks — at least when they’re working; they are 4 cams set up to watch Castro Street and the Jane Warner Plaza area of San Francisco’s Castro (the former Gay Mecca) — and from my observations I’m wondering if The Castro is becoming predominately Queer again? I don’t want to speak prematurely, but it’s wonderful to see all the Queer boys and Queer couples who are the same height. It must drive the breeders up the wall to see Queer couples the same height as opposed to their head trip where the guy has to be tall-dominant and she has to be short-submissive, to the absolute extreme, with few exceptions to that. There are still some in-your-face breeder couples in The Castro, but just from what I’ve seen on the cams, I’d say the majority of couples and people are now Queer. Wonder how long this will last? Or have the breeders been the ones who have moved away in droves as San Francisco “empties out?” One could wish! Go away! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, breeders!

On his walks, mi amigo tells me that the breeder’s height requirements have gone to the extreme. The female is so short that they’re holding hands and her hand is way up to meet his hand and his hand is down by his side to connect with her hand. I asked: Is she his little daughter? He said: As they make-out? The guy has to lean way down and over just to reach her mouth to make out. I said: Well some people are into public incest. Maybe he’s into making out in public with his little daughter. Some people are! Who knows. After all this is The City, you know. Mi amigo said: Well how would he fuck her? The alignment would be so out of whack. Most of his upper body would be lying on the bed past her head because her head would come up to about his belly button in missionary position. So most of his body would be lying way over her beyond the pillow. That sounds like real fun. No doubt that’s why the breeder divorce rate is over 50% after the first year. The guy always feels like he’s fucking his little daughter.

The breeders. They do have some weird shit. Where is it written that breeders can’t be the same height as they were mostly back in the 1950s? From what I’ve read, this new height requirement for breeders is the female’s fucked-up head trip. It’s part of her dominant-submissive “Daddy protect me” tendencies. Ah, so she never worked through her “daddy issues.” Gawd, this stuff makes me sick. It’s Mr Strong and Macho Daddy protecting little innocent wet-doily submissive her. Feminism is dead/nonexistent with these people.

But good to see The Castro becoming more visibly Queer. Let’s hope it continues.

Then there are the Queer boys with females holding hands. I saw one of them just now. It’s obvious the guy is Queer even by the weakest gaydar as he’s holding her hand. Who does he think he’s kidding, but himself? I guess he’s pretending to be straight and checking out guys out of the corner of his eye when she’s not looking. Who does he think he’s fooling with this “straight act?” And is she too dense to pick up on his Queer sexual orientation? Or is it a case of Denial on both of their parts? Chau.—el barrio rosa